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19 thoughts on “How to Install a Pull-Out Kitchen Faucet | This Old House

  • I can't believe that this has 30 dislikes, this man is a true professional and knows what he is doing and is not afraid to get his hands dirty. I agree with the previous person that a double bowl sink would be better for the kitchen, but then again she might be one of those "proper" women that do not wash dishes but do them in a dishwasher where a double bowl sink is not needed.

  • Who has a switch for a disposer under a sink on the far end backing of the cabinet? Talk about safery ir accidental turn-on. . . That is just ridiculous and really unescessary. I hate people who think probability of sth happening or going bad is always at 100%.

  • it was just all way too easy and wish you would explain and show how to do it really more detail needed for this video. This video needs a different name like, "Quick overview (if that's a word) on what's involved exchanging kitchen faucet" thanks anyway for posting snippet from old house episode

  • Well done Richard l imagine this video was made 4 to 6 year ago, l wander how much can cost this work in California and how long could this take any one can answer ?

  • Love the video. He did great work. And I know she had to pay a pretty penny to get that pipes done. How much would you say it cost to have this done

  • Did she not want a deeper or split sink? Perhaps it is a wet bar sink. Looks like he scuffed a couple knuckles. Thanks for sharing.

  • Cut the supply lines with a bolt cutter… a lot quicker than using a hack saw on your back…  I hope he is not installing a Moen faucet.  I made that mistake once.  After about 2 hours of work the Moen kitchen faucet leaked.  Not my connections, but up in the faucet.  Had to replace AGAIN and deal with Moen local rep who thought his product was God's gift to plumbing.  Never again…

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