How To Fuel Your Ride | Emma’s Banoffee Pie Overnight Oats

How To Fuel Your Ride | Emma’s Banoffee Pie Overnight Oats

– This is the first in a new series of GCN nutritional videos. These are all recipes that are simple, quick, easy to make, cheap ingredients and quite tasty for how healthy they are. First one being, banoffee
pie for breakfast. Yep, that’s right. Something that tastes
like cake, for breakfast. And it’s all based on oats. (fast-paced guitar music) You need to soak it, ideally overnight. So it’s actually perfect to make the night before a long
ride to eat in the morning or you can put it in a pot
and take to work with you for after your training session. The only ingredients
you’ll need for this are some fine porridge
oats, some low fat milk, some low fat Greek yogurt,
some muscovado sugar which is really tasty stuff. If you can’t find muscovado sugar, then any kind of dark brown sugar is okay but muscovado’s delicious. A few drops of vanilla essence, a banana, pinch of salt if you like, some coffee and if you’re having a bit of a treat, a square of dark chocolate. So if you’re gonna eat
this breakfast at home you can make it in a glass and then it actually
looks pretty cool as well. Super simple, you tip your oats into your tall glass. Try not to spill them. Stir in just a pinch of salt and if you have problems
with your blood pressure, and you’re avoiding salt then leave this stuff out. But if you’ve done a long
ride there’s nothing wrong with a bit of salt. Pour over a large espresso, so about 50 to 60 mils of coffee. Add a few drops of vanilla essence. Just a tiny bit, otherwise it’s super
strong vanilla essence. The next step is to add one tablespoon, which is about 15 grams
of muscovado sugar. This mixes with the oats, the coffee and eventually the milk overnight and it goes all creamy and delicious when you let it sit for long enough and it tastes like
toffee, coffee, oats, yum. (upbeat guitar music) Next up we add 200
milliliters of low fat milk and if you’re vegan you can
use a non dairy alternative although beware, it’s got
less protein than usually. Once you’ve given your
oat mixture a good stir you just need to peel
and slice your banana. For the nutritional value I
have calculated this recipe based on an average size banana which is apparently 100 grams when peeled. Now simply layer the banana
on top of your oat mixture and the important thing
here is not to stir it because you want a layered effect for your banoffee pie. Obviously the oats are still a bit liquid but don’t worry, all that
liquid will be soaked up by the oats, overnight. The next step is to mix, second spoon of muscovado sugar with your 150 grams of
low fat Greek yogurt. And should probably measure
out your muscovado sugar because it’s a bit rough
like this but never mind. (upbeat music) Muscovado sugar mixed with
yogurt is absolutely delicious. It makes this lovely caramel,
toffee, treacly tasting creamy topping, it’s
actually really healthy. Now simply pour your yogurt toffee sauce on top of the banana
and again, don’t stir it and it should just about
fit in a pint glass which most people have
lying around at home. And there you have it. It’s pretty much done. All you need to do now is leave it to sit in
the fridge overnight. The oats will soak up all the liquid and they’ll taste deliciously
creamy by morning. Now the really cool thing is that despite tasting like cake, this is actually really quite healthy. It’s got 29 grams of
protein in this pint glass which is about the most you
can absorb in a single sitting. It’s also got nearly 800 calories so it’s definitely a hearty breakfast. I recommend it for before a long ride where you’re not gonna have
too much intensity early on or after a super hot training session and if you want to make it a
really luxurious breakfast, simply grate 10 grams, so that’s one square of
dark chocolate on top and then it’s like a real
banoffee pie, it’s delicious. (upbeat music) There you go, cake for breakfast. You can find all the nutritional values for this recipe down here. If you liked it, feel free
to give us a thumbs up and if you want to see more videos about nutrition in general, why not check out this ask
with Professor Jeukendrup where we’ve put your questions to him. (upbeat music) Mm.

100 thoughts on “How To Fuel Your Ride | Emma’s Banoffee Pie Overnight Oats

  • That banana isn’t ripe at all, and you wouldn’t need the sugar if the banana was fully ripened, but good recipe all in all

  • Made it yesterday and had some this morning after my morning ride. As said it's delicious but it really packs a punch. I could hardly manage half of it as it's really filling, but it got me well through the morning without any inclination to have snacks before lunch time! It's also a great substitute for hot cereal in summer.

  • Nice recipe I’ll be swapping out the the milk for hazelnut milk and the yogurt for coconut yogurt. As for the vegan one being low protein please give us a break with the protein nonsense. There’s over 2000 different types of protein in the body. The human body can make all of them apart from the 8 essential amino acids and the reason we haven’t evolved to make them ourselves is because they are available in abundance in our food. What’s the medical term for protein deficiency? And name a U.K. hospital with a protein deficiency ward while you’re at. The whole protein thing is marketing. The fastest you will grow is when you are a baby drinking breast milk which is 80% carbs very low protein, but a baby will double in size in 6 months. So please GCN stop push the protein thing it’s carbs carbs carbs cyclists need because bonking sucks massively and makes cycling miserable 😩🌶🌶

  • Really loved it! Went out on hard ride and felt good. Only one issue – 90g was a lot if oats. 60g would be enough for me as a breakfast before the ride. Really full!

  • I have just made this in a sealed lunch box to take with me for after gym breakfast tomorrow morning. Cannot wait to try it. Licking the spoon has to do for tonight….

  • No dairy, ever. It's bad for your respiratory system, which you need to climb mountains. It promotes hormonal changes that affect areas like your prostate, which you need to stay on the saddle. It also promotes cancerous cells. Dairy it's as bad as it gets. When I hear comments like, "if you are a vegan, do such and such…" it makes me think of a few alternatives, like " milk tastes great, but if you want optimal performance, without the risk of health problems, use such and such". Ahhh to dream…

  • For the record, a British pint glass is larger than a US pint glass, so the given measurements won't fit for those of us in the US! I had to scale down slightly to have any room for the bananas and yogurt!!! Excited for the morning though!

  • soy milk has the same amount, if not more protein than cow's milk, rice, oat and almond milk are lower in protein

  • I made this with a few changes. The full recipe would be way too much for me under any circumstances, so I cut it in half. I'm not a big coffee fan, so I mixed about a teaspoon of unsweetened cocoa with warm water instead of using coffee. I also used nonfat greek yogurt instead of lowfat. It's delicious and easy and actually, I'm only eating half of a portion and saving half for tomorrow!

  • I think this recipe is a little out of touch with modern views on carbohydrates versus fats. i would leave out the sugar and use full fat yogurt

  • Just had for my pre ride breakfast. Super nice porridge. Definitely will make this again. I made it with unsweetened almond milk and it was not too sweet. Would recommend this. Thanks for the great videos and advice GCN.

  • Wonderful that Emma, thank you. Will definitely be giving that a go. I've just watched the carrot cake porridge vid too – if you've got more they'd be very welcome. I'm loving where GCN is going these days. 👌

  • Made this Saturday morning. Ate it afte post-ride today. Really nice, definitely recommended. Not sure about pre-ride though. Would sit a bit heavy on the stomach

  • I thought the glass was much larger than a pint at first. I think it was the scale of the glass to Emma that was throwing me off.

  • I gave this one a try and it turned out great! skip to 1:20 to see me make it!

  • Made this last night for my morning commute and it was great. I probably put too much coffee in so it was a little bitter in places but really enjoyed it and will definietly be making this more regularly before heading off on my bike. Great recipe!

  • Tried this before London To Brighton at the weekend, used 40 grams of oats and cut sugar back , really impressed with the taste. Could become my favourite pre ride breakfast, luv the fact that it can be prepared night before.

  • I very rarely comment anything anywhere really. But I can't help it this time. 1) I did this and it was absolutely DELICIOUS! Even with a bit let sugar it tastes absolutely amazing. 2) Emma has got the gist of this being a presenter thing and to be honest, it seems she's been doing it for many years! Keep it up GCN!

  • It is a widespread myth fueled by the supplement industry that your body isn't able to absorb any more than 30g of Protein per meal. For more info on the topic read "A guide to flexible dieting" by Lyle McDonald.

  • Thank you Emma! Tried this and loved it (although it was way too much for me to eat in one sitting, will probably cut the recipe in half next time). Can I request you do a recipe with Peanut Butter next? Yummmmm

  • Yeah, tried this recipe and it’s just horrible. Cold soggy oats topped with sickening sweet goop. Should have known better trying this when I saw that it filled a pint sized glass. Who eats that much for breakfast ever??

  • Tried it this morning. SUPER filling (I wasnt able to finish a whole pint worth so I may halve it) but it tasted awesome too! Thanks Emma more please!

  • Hay GCN I am an avid cyclist but I am a freak of nature as is don’t like coffee or tea what could I use instead of the espresso in this very yummy sounding recipe.

  • Great! Looking forward to future videos like this. Hoping you can show some healthier foods without added sugar/ etc.

  • I've got a 35 mile either way commute in quite hilly Cornwall. Don't do it every day but couple time a week and always looking for some recovery when i get in. Thinking you may have just helped me find it!

  • Tried this and its absolutely amazing! got a little bit naughty this morning and stirred a spoon of Peanut Butter through the yogurt and muscavado sugar… Tasty 🙂

  • I have just made this recipe after a couple of hours of hard work on my bike. I used unsweetened soy milk and soy yogurt. It's absolutely Deeelliiiccciiiouuuusss ! Yum ! I think that it's a lot more food that my body after a ride. I have some leftovers. I definitely think this would be more suited as a nice post training recovery meal or could qualify as a treat. Half of it was enough for me.

  • Tried this for a 5 hr tempo ride this morning. Made it last night. Was real easy to make. Tasted great and most importantly, brilliant pre ride breakfast fuel. Thanks Emma and the GCN team. keep the videos coming please!

  • Thanks a bunch for the suggestion, Emma, you've nailed it (once again). I've tried it and not only was it awesome, it also improved my pre-weekend ride routine. If I have to mention something negative, it's that I assumed it would make me as fast as you and it did not pan out that way…

  • Overnight oats have become my go-to breakfast the morning of a big ride. I usually combine oats, milk, cinnamon, vanilla, honey, and whatever fruit I’ve got sitting around.

  • I tryied IT! 😊 its amazing pre-ride meal. I recommend to eat at least 1.5 Hour before ride 😊 thank you Emma

  • Made this when ye posted the video, definitely a 'serves 2' recipe, making it again this week, for a race with an early start…half before, half after…

  • why cow milk and yogurt (it's got so much nasty hormones in it and it is incredibly cruel) ? if you need more protein just add almond butter, also coconut sugar is even tastier than muscovado sugar and some say healthier. but I thought most people eat twich as much protein but only half the fibers they need. so not sure if you really need more protein….

  • @GCN: I'm on a marvelous cycling trip with my mates in the Fr. Alpes, the only downside…how to recover fast after a day-in-day-out 2000+ ascending trip?

  • Just tried it, tastes very good although I found it was a little too liquid even after a night in the fridge. Next time I think I'll cut the milk by 50ml or so, to see if it gives a more "solid" result. It is in fact a lot of sugar, but it isn't a problem if you take pre or post ride, or occasionally. Thanks gcn, great job Emma and thumbs up from France!

  • I tried this recipe (minus the espresso but with everything else) and found it very bland. I used chopped oats and they really overpowered every other flavour. It would taste better with loads more sugar but that wouldn't be too healthy.
    I still ate all of it over a couple of days, it was not bad, just not delicious either.
    Next to try – the apple pie smoothie!

  • Wonderful, gosh what a nice treat to eat! Emma, your a great bike rider, AND you know how to make goodies, why, what could anyone ask for more, I've mentioned it before but must say it again, you my friend are a jewel 🙂 🙂 🙂

  • Some people have a high tolerance to sugar due to it being used in most food these days, but that is still a lot of sugar.
    However, the 30g of protein absorbtion per meal is a myth. Way more then that can be absorbed if required.

  • As I see some people are complaining about the amount of sugar and consider this recipe unhealthy for that reason. Correct me if I am wrong, but as I know it depends on the person. Would be unhealthy for a cyclist who needs 3000 calories a day, because (s)he is 5'6, weights 120 lbs, rides 6-7 hours a week etc. but another cyclist who needs 7000 calories a day (6'3, 170 lbs, rides 15-18 hours a week) then more sugar would be specifically necessary, because eating only complex carbs, like 5 huge plates of pasta and beans a day would cause some stomach problems.

  • I made this recipe and it was delicious! I was really surprised how tender the oats had become by the morning. I didn't use the sugar, instead opting for some healthier honey instead. I also added chia seed and made mine with soya milk. But yes, as a pre/post ride meal it's fantastic.

  • Tried this for brekkie before a 20km intense mountain bike ride in the Blue Mountains NSW Australia – worked a treat & absolutely delicious – thanks Emma & GCN 🙂

  • Emma's Oat Cuisine is inspiring. I'm perfecting an oat biscotti recipe which I'll share here as soon as it is share-worthy.

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