How to Cook Stuffed Roasted Chicken \ Gordon Ramsay | Almost Anything

How to Cook Stuffed Roasted Chicken  Gordon Ramsay | Almost Anything

I’ll be showing you a roast chicken
recipe to die for hold the drum the slices stay through but first like any
good chef I’m always looking to get great ingredients at the right price my
shopping mantra is simple first rely on your senses make sure whatever you’re
buying it looks smells and really feels good if you get the chance taste it
before you buy it second is to recognize that knowledge is
crucial the more you know about where your ingredients come from and how they
produce the better so asked lots of questions and learn you’re never too old to learn from
experts and when it comes to buying great birds the one person knows what to
look for is award-winning fifth-generation master butcher Dani Lib
game poultry is a great meats because there’s many different types of birds
it’s worth tasting the variation and flavours between different first two
birds is massive Turkey’s a great lean meat that’s available all year round not
just for christmas anybody who’s worried about eating fatty
meats it’s a really healthy flavor some meals game birds people don’t try them
often enough once their shots they’re hung up for a little while but a few
days at least it means that meats going to be more tender all adds of flavor to
the birds we’ve got a wood pigeon and a Red Lake Partridge both really good and
cooked really quickly when you’re buying a chicken some of the things to look out
for is obviously the smell and when you’re smelling a good quality chicken
you can tell the difference the skins are nice white color and it smells like
a fresh chicken II smell when you’re buying from a good butcher
you’ll find you tend to get the giblets as well which is basically the neck and
other organs this is great for making gravy
once you have cooked it you can use all the offcuts for other things stir fries
Curry’s pass the dishes save the bones use the bones for stocks and soaps a
really packed full of flavor and remember there are lots of different
breeds of chicken all have different characteristics and flavors so shop
around and find the ones you love here are three of my all-time favorites the
label Anglais these come from an old British breed
they’ve got smaller breasts but the meats delicious the black leg a
fantastic French variety succulent with bags of flavor and really meaty thighs
and the poulet(Bird) De Bresse, this is the rolls-royce of chickens rich gamey and
delicious one for special occasions I think people should maybe try and buy
less meat but aim for the best quality you’re only going to get out what you
put in by putting the best quality into a dish you’re going to get the best
results no matter how season(er) chef you are there are always new ingredients
and recipes to get fired up about so if a tired old recipes getting you down
spice it up with fresh ideas and flavors my next recipe
is an old classic roast chicken but with a simple twist it takes on a new life
and it’s guaranteed to impress one of the things I love about cooking and that
keeps me excited after 25 years behind the stove is that there’s always
something new to learn every day new ingredients new techniques and new
cuisines start off with a stuffing it’s amazing how exciting I stuffed roast
chicken can be because it keeps the chicken incredibly moist and gives a
delicious texture inside the bird we’ll start off with cured sorriso this is a
traditional Spanish sausage and it’s garlicky spicy incredibly meaty that
gives a little bit of sort of richness to the stuffing get our cereza in start
cooking that down and get all those oils out touch the water all over there to
get it going right onions chops and the onions to the Sarita and in a
matter of seconds they’ll change color as they soak up all the flavor but
lovely spiciness has been stolen from that sausage now the onions smell
incredible garlic garlic in fresh thyme just hold it down and your fingers on
there and it’s a really nice way I’ve taken off all those nice fragrant little
time flowers you can hear it cracking in the background
these are cannellini beans and they’re waxy very soft so delicious but very
dense but for stuffing the so robust nothing breaks down drain them off
in there gonna take on all that juice as well from this freezer no season now
because if they dense so need some help that looks like it’s a dish on its own
I’m doing up sweet now on sweeten things up a little bit tomatoes half dried in
that sweetness up the stuffing beautiful the stuffing is ready look at the color
everything but Spanish it looks delicious
now stuffing the chicken I like taking off these little knuckles as the chicken
cooks the skin stretches over the bone you can getting a really nice drum and
take off those little wing tips as well salt pepper so important now your
stuffing when I go right inside the chicken push it down
this really helps to cook the bird evenly because you’re pushing out all
the empty spaces in the carcass and take a nice large lemon push the lemon in
pick up the parcels nose and the skin over olive oil on top
salt pepper teaspoon of paprika sprinkle it on and then put your hands sort of
rub that it you see what the paprika is doing to the chicken foot it’s like
sweet spicy marinade it’s like you roasted yet but it looks delicious 400
mil of white wine same quantity of water that helps the chicken to steamed
chicken in be generous with the thyme sprigs make sure the fall is folded tightly
around the roasting tray so the chicken steams in the oven keeping it moist and
juicy into the oven cook for 1 hour at 180 degrees with a
foil on advice take it out and remove the fall lid then give it another 30
minutes to crisp up that skin it’s so important to make sure you take that Tim
fall off with half an hour to go beautiful pierce the open squeeze it in
that delicious gravy mix that into the tray and sip that that’s a really nice
fragrant lemony spiced roasting juices to finish before we cut up the chicken
take out amazing stuffing mm-hmm incredible I’ll have that we chicken
over potatoes any day and then just get your chicken roasting
juices now to cut the chicken out hold the drum the slice straight through
and there’s a wonderful drum under thigh through the wishbone off slice with the
point at an angle so you can see the texture that amazing roast chicken
just take my cooking juices It give you nice sort of lemony flavor over my
chicken there you go a delicious very charming stuffed roast chicken Please Sub & Like . 🙂 you

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