How To Cook Pork Hock With Crispy Skin Schweinshaxe Recipe || Glen & Friends Cooking

How To Cook Pork Hock With Crispy Skin Schweinshaxe Recipe || Glen & Friends Cooking

welcome friends if you’ve been watching
the series where Jamie and I break down the pig here on the countertop you will
have seen me cut this pork hock off of the pig perfect and then we’ll just take
the knife and finish off the cut okay and I’ve been searching around for
a recipe to cook with it because I often don’t cook with pork hock in fact this
will be the first ever pig knuckle that I’ve ever cooked that isn’t cured and
smoked usually when I see one of these it’s cured and smoked and I put it in
soup and I absolutely love it in soup especially a french-canadian pea soup
but I’ve got a fresh pork knuckle what am I gonna do with it I thought about just turning
it into pork stock where I used the trotters and some of the bones and
that’s what I’ve got here but I thought no there’s too much good meat on this so
I’m gonna make this in a pseudo German style dish which is just braised in the
oven or sort of braised in the oven and we start off by scoring the skin just in
a crisscross pattern you just want to get through the skin to the fat and over
the course of the cooking this should open up and create a wonderful
crisscross pattern of crispy skin you want to get all sides okay so I’ve got
one clean hand and one hand covered in pork so with the clean hand I’m going to
spread a salt and pepper over the hock covering it all and then rubbing it in
you want to get the salt and pepper everywhere now of course there’s lots of other
spicing that you could use here caraway seeds would be fantastic I kind of like
caraway seeds but I’m on the fence and I thought I’d leave them out this time
just so that I could taste the rest of what’s going on with it the caraway
seeds overpowering it so I have a cast iron sort of it’s a small herb reserve
and to that I’m going to add a layer of onions right on the bottom then I’m
going to put the pork hock in and I’m going to stand it up on top of the
onions and then around that I’m gonna spread some sliced apples and hopefully
it won’t Teeter over too badly let’s get the rest of that in there to that I’m
going to put in the pork stock if you don’t have pork stock you could use
chicken stock or you could just use water I know that it pretty much various
points during this process I will be adding water to this you’ve got to watch
it and make sure that there’s always a little bit of liquid in the bottom of
the pan okay so I’m going to slide this in the oven and it’ll probably take
three to four hours your favorite pork I can smell the
sauerkraut though well so it’s um it’s served with sauerkraut and the apples
and onions that it’s yeah sauerkraut and apples always call them oh I know one
another really well so as much as that’s a nice presentation I’m immediately
going to take it off so if you serve up some sauerkraut there giuls
oh look at that skin beautiful sorry did I make that face I did make that face
they make that face so this looks really good it’s nice and moist it’s really
moist okay go how much Happel would you like
with your sour yeah a little bit just to take the bite off I find that the apple
really helps the sauerkraut yeah I find the same okay so a little bit of Apple
go on top fat take that one okay that’s nice what’s moist it’s got
lots of flavor mm-hmm still pork but that’s okay that’s
what the sour credits for so I never see pork hocks at the mainline grocery store
except smoked cured and smoked and I’m surprised that I’ve never searched that
out because I really like that I like this dinner this is a and it’s so easy
to make cuz it just goes in the oven and you forget about it ah yes always a joy
and then you throw the sauerkraut in I always like sauerkraut mm-hmm this is
really good so we’re not gonna say much more about this because it’s obviously
we’re just gonna keep eating it so check out the videos where we’re breaking down
the pig get yourself a pork hock and make this it’s excellent thanks for
stopping by see you again soon you okay the skin don’t do it no oh the skin
he’s not for me I totally understand people love it but no it’s just so
crispy mm-hmm it is not the skin it’s the I just the texture is not for me
yeah amazing that’s worth making this dish forget
about the meat just the skin yeah but you can only eat one bite you know that
three bites in that’s just too much mm-hmm doesn’t matter even one bite
makes it worth you

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  • Thanks for watching Everyone! ^^^Full recipe in the description box^^^ Have you watched our Mexico City Tacos Al Pastor Videos? Best al Pastor in Mexico City:

  • At this point, every video just gets an instant like!! Thank you for the great content, keep up the good work!!

  • So cool! I had to laugh at the end, cause it is really exactly the same here in bavaria about the skin – some really really love it – others, like me, don‘t like the texture! 😀 But there are people, who eat way more than just one or two bites of the skin.
    The biggest difference to how I know Schweinshax‘n are the apples, especially in the Sauerkraut. I can somehow understand, why you say it fits, still it feels a bit weird to me. But well, thats how I grew up…I should try it at some point with an apple!

  • I've schweinshaxe twice before and both times it was never all that good. Skin got crispy but meat inside was always dry and tough. That being said yours looks really good.

  • a trick to make the skin turn really crispy is to poke it all over with a needle, there's special tools for it they use in restaurants. That's how you get the small bubbles all over.

    You'd usually add beer to the sauce as well, most of the time a dark beer.

  • You mentioned Quebec for the Pea Soup. Hocks are easy to find here in the majority of supermarkets.

    Love the contrast of reactions at the end for the skin 😂😂

  • Every year my brother and I go to a local Oktoberfest and this is the dish we eat. Juicy meat, crispy skin, its got everything we love about pork!

  • Glen , I found a recipe from 1932 called Peanut Butter Soup with 3 ingredients which are peanut butter, milk, and tomato soup. Nowadays people just dip their peanut butter sandwiches in tomato soup during the cold months.

  • the full german like dish would have much less sauerkraut, some boiled potatos and most importand good mustard for the meat, also one haxe for each person 😉

  • This is an fall saple in Switzerland but I've never seen a guy cook such a huge version the haxe is usually cut to potion portion size pre cocking

  • Man, I have been benging on this show for 2 weeks now and its really gotten me through a poor house moving experience. Only just realized now this is todays episode! Keep it up, this format is great.

  • This is something my mom and dad made while I was growing up. My family would duke it out over the crispy skin. This brings back memories, I need to hunt down a fresh hock! Funny enough, our sauerkraut recipe has onion, apple and caraway seed in it. I make it with schnitzel. A+ As always.

  • I met this dish in Germany (Franconia) and I LOVED IT! Moist, Crisp Skin, Unctuous Fat!. I also like it with mashed potato. And I use fennel pollen rather than caraway seeds or dill. Buy online, direct from a producer.

  • Just an idea, you should do some 100% carnivore recipes once in awhile to dip into the carnivore community and increase your exposure. The community is getting really huge quickly because of all the data coming out against carbs, sugars, vegetables, antinutrients etc.

  • That looks really good. I think I've seen fresh pork hocks in my local grocery store in WV. It never occurred to me that it would be a source for the skin, which is popular enough in Italian-American cooking to be available in the grocery stores in the northeastern US, but virtually impossible to find anywhere else.

    I need to try this recipe. There's not enough good German food in my life.

  • schweinshaxe, try it with cider next time. one of my favorites!! And yes sir, the cracking skin makes the whole thing worth while!!

  • Using the trotters for stock is kind of a waste, just cook them properly. Or try Fergus' trotter gear recipe, it'll change everything you think you know about pork flavors.

  • The Asian markets in my area carry fresh pork hocks, half-heads, etc. You may want to check for such a market in your area.

  • Question: For someone that DOESN'T LIKE sauerkraut – AT ALL!! What would you say would be a good substitute?? or is there even one?

  • We have a similar dish in the Philippines called crispy pata (pata is the Tagalog term for pork hocks), usually served at a drinking party. Yeah, peeps will end up fighting at times on who gets the crispy skin first.

  • Yum! This is very similar to a "Yankee" New Year's Day dish I was introduced to many years ago, and still make. Goes very well with the Southern favorite, Hoppin' John. Everybody needs all the good fortune they can get on New Year's Day! Have you tried your hand at chicharrones or "burnt ends" made from the pork belly?

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