How to Brine a Turkey ~ Thanksgiving Basics ~ Brining a Turkey ~ Noreen’s Kitchen

How to Brine a Turkey ~ Thanksgiving Basics ~ Brining a Turkey ~ Noreen’s Kitchen

Hi everyone, I’m Noreen and welcome to my kitchen and today We are going to satisfy what so many of you have asked me to do show you how to brine a turkey This may not look very pretty now, but I’m telling you it’s gonna taste delicious when it’s roasted And I’m just gonna show you how to make this all you know get this brine all ready to go, so That you can have it ready for your Thanksgiving Day. Let’s go see how this all comes together I Have brined turkey for a long time we loved it in another video. I shared with you how to make this classic turkey Bryan gift in a jar we’re gonna be using that today to make our turkey brine it is about 24 hours before we’re gonna want to eat our turkey, so you can brine this for 8 hours at minimum overnight So I’m just gonna show you what I have here We have our classic turkey brine that’s already mixed up with our salt nurse sugar our chicken bullion There’s some spices and some dried fruit in there, and we’re gonna add some aromatics to this I have an onion This is just whatever kind of onion you want. It’s as mine as a sweet onion sliced up I have a granny smith apple sliced up I did not bother to core it because it doesn’t matter and I have two mandarin oranges that I just quartered and I have a couple of sprigs of rosemary and a couple of fresh bay leaves and that is what we’re gonna use now as far as the hardware for this project I have my cooler I have a bag of ice and I have Two of these ten gallon ziplock bags, and I have two already set up I put one inside the other so I have a double bag. This is just to ensure that it’s insulated and leak free But we are putting this inside of our cooler, so it will be easy to clean up if something does happen It’s cold here where I live now So we’re gonna just be able to put this cooler right outside in our carport or on our deck overnight And it’s gonna be perfect until we need it tomorrow when we roast our turkey We do have a big bag of ice is that like a 10 pound bag of ice Whatever came from the grocery store, and we have our turkey This is a turkey. I’ve had in my freezer since last year when turkeys were super cheap. It’s been waiting just for this occasion This is a 19 pound turkey. I got this for 59 cents a pound weight I got this for 39 cents a pound pardon me So this was a super deal and when your turkeys are that cheap and you have freezer space You buy two one for this year and one for another occasion But the one thing I will say is one thing I always do and you’ve seen me do this before Take this pop-up timer out because this does not measure the temperature of your bird properly And you’ll do that with a meat thermometer later on This video is only gonna show you and cover how to brine the turkey In another video, I’m going to show you how to roast it. I have a Murphy how to roast a perfect turkey video That is from 2011, and I think it’s time for an update So we’re gonna be redoing that video and we’re gonna be making turkey for dinner tomorrow, so that’ll be two weeks from Thanksgiving Where we having turkey where I have a lot of Turkey this month, but no worries, so we got our turkey. It’s Unwrapped and rinsed and ready to go and then we have our aromatics ready to go But what we have to do first is we have to mix up the brine And there are lots of different ways you’ll see lots of different people doing this But the way I do it I have very hot tap water Right from my tap and all I’m gonna do is Hopefully get this out I’ll put a link to the turkey Brion gift in the jar video And you can go check that out, so all that’s in here is kosher salt brown sugar Chicken bouillon powder you can also use vegetable bouillon powder or you can leave that out if you want and then you can use chicken or vegetable stock when you make your brine and It’s also got some peppercorns some allspice berries and some dried cranberries and some candied ginger And what I want to do is just stir this until it dissolves in that very hot tap water And then we’re gonna hit it with some cold water And then we’re gonna take all this stuff over to the cooler And we’re gonna fix up our tricky brine and we’re gonna let it take a nice briny nap Overnight until we’re ready to roast it so when this is all Dissolved I’ll come back and we’ll proceed Okay, our salt and sugar is all dissolved and what we’re gonna do now is we’re gonna add So that was a half gallon of hot water This is a half gallon of cold water Because you don’t want to put hot on that frozen turkey, okay That’s right absolutely hot water was only to dissolve the sugar in the salt now At this point if you want to make this ahead of time you can do that You can put it in your fridge. You can let this cool completely before you put it on the turkey We’re gonna be icing this immediately, so I’m not gonna bother to do that, so we’ll come down here. I Have my turkey in the double bag inside of my cooler So now we’re going to go ahead and put our aromatics in You don’t have to be particular about this just get them in there And what I like to do with my herbs is just give them a crush to start releasing some of those Oils that they have in there boom now, we’re gonna take our brine Get all that goodness in there all of it you want it all in there, and then we’re gonna grab our bag of ice And then it goes Just like that okay now what you want to make sure Is we’re going to want to flip this bird over for the breast side down Just like that And on the inside bag. I’m just gonna kind of get as much air out of there as possible and I’m gonna zip it shut and then we’ll take this bag, and we will do the same Done now this is gonna go outside and take a nice cool nap until we’re ready to roast it and that’s it That’s how you brine a turkey? We’ll come back in the next video, and we will show you how to roast the perfect turkey and it will be delicious, so Stay tuned for that video, and we’ll show you what to do after the turkey comes out of the brine and all that good stuff Okay, it is the next day and we’re getting ready to roast this bird off And I just wanted to show you Rick just pulled this bag right out of the cooler and brought it to the scene Look it still ice in this we did this at 5:30 last night, and it’s about 1:30 in the afternoon the next day So guess what we’re ready who’s nice and cool. Yeah Absolutely what you want to do? Is now you’re gonna take this out and rinse it pat. It dry and proceed as usual However, you roast your turkey, so that’s as easy as it gets that’s how you brine a turkey And That is how I make my brine and you’ll be able to get that recipe off of the website I’ll leave a link down below, and that’s this the whole procedure It’s super easy and I think sometimes people tend to overcomplicate it so that solves the mystery and takes all of The questions away for you. I hope if you have other questions that I haven’t covered Please be sure and leave them in the comment section below If you liked today’s video, please consider giving you a thumbs up I hope you enjoyed the video And if you’re new to my kitchen welcome always a pleasure to welcome a new friends in and please consider hitting that subscribe button And of course if you are trying to remember the nerine’s kitchen family Please remember to be sure to hit that Bell Notification button because we don’t want any of you to miss out on all the real food for real people Real easy recipes that we present all the time right here on our YouTube channel and straight from our kitchen I hope that you’ll continue to watch us as we proceed to have our make head Thanksgiving Make Thanksgiving easy on you and your family I hope you give burning a trick you try sometimes soon, and I hope you love it and until next time. I’ll see you

45 thoughts on “How to Brine a Turkey ~ Thanksgiving Basics ~ Brining a Turkey ~ Noreen’s Kitchen

  • I've been brining my turkey for years. It not only makes the most moist turkey, it's also flavorful due to the salt penetrating the meat. It's so simple too. Alton Brown has a good method on how to roast a brined turkey.

  • Could you do this with a chicken? Just using less of the brine? My family does not care that much for turkey, but I think this would taste wonderful for chicken too!

  • I’ve never brined a turkey…..I guess I’m more of a baker 😊 Looks interesting though….May think of giving it a try 👍 Happy Thanksgiving ❤️🦃😊 Dolores…..The Baking Diva

  • This is one the best brining recipes I have seen on you tube! I will be doing this in December for Christmas (I'm Canadian, we had our thanksgiving in October) thanks for sharing!

  • Noreen that looks Easy and Amazing*
    Can I do this with a THAWED Turkey ? Or does it have to be Frozen? I am in Michigan so if Thawed would our weather work ? It is 42" now / 7:48pm. but going to get down into the 30"s late tonight . I imagine in a couple days. It will be about the same.
    Thanks Hun*❤🤗

  • Looking forward to tomorrow's video with your updated roasting method. I'd been doing the Alton Brown brine and hubby got tired of how 'soft' it made the meat so last year I didn't brine it and the bird was dry. Looking forward to trying your brine this year for something new! (If hubby wants an unbrined turkey he is welcome to go buy one and prepare it himself. Lol!) Loved the video and also love your make-ahead series, you have helped us out so much. Thank you, Noreen!

  • Definitely will impart so delicious flavors. Bet it will be tender and juicy. Thank you for sharing. Have an amazing day. 🙂

  • I'd be worried about the bags not being food safe. Sorry Noreen 🙁
    Your recipe looks amazing and I will give it a try .. tumbs up for sure !!

  • I love your videos… thank you for all… btw.. I love Rick in the background in a low voice giving direction! what an awesome guy to help.

  • Curious why the pepper corns weren't cracked to release some of the "goodness"?
    Everything else I'm totally with and think seems spot on. Not a criticizing, just wondering.

  • Do brines make the turkey taste salty? I’ve always wondered about that because I’ve wanted to try brining but I’m worried it would make the meat too salty. Sorry if you’ve mentioned this and I missed it. I love your videos!

  • This sounds delicious, but I have 2 questions!
    1. It sounded like you were putting a frozen turkey in the brine. Is that the case, or do I need to thaw the turkey first and then brine it? Will it still get all the flavor if it's frozen?
    2. Do you rinse the turkey after you remove it from the brine?

  • I'm using your turkey 🦃 brine for thanksgiving thank you so very much for sharing 🦃 happy thanksgiving 🦃🍂🍁🍃🦃

  • I use just salt and sugar. The aromatics, to me don't add anything. I doctor it up after it's brined. I also allow my turkey to thaw completely before brining. I like the overnight time frame too.

  • Last year, I brined using a food grade bucket. Sadly, I think my dad repurposed it! If you have a fire house subs, you can ask them if you can buy one of their pickle buckles! To wash the pickle bucket, use first soap and water and rinse. Then make a scrub using lemon and baking soda and rub it all over the bucket and rinse out. Leave in sun to dry!

  • There are a couple of really good questions here in the comment section. I’ve never seen this done the holidays always beg a traditional flavour but I do want to try it sometime. Happy holidays ya yank😁

  • I made the roasted turkey today for the first time in my life💃🏻 I used your advices in both videos brining and roasting and I just wanna thank you a thousand times😍 you are so honest and great person. Thanks for sharing your work with us. I felt as a queen today as the turkey was moisture and delicious👍🏼 thanks Noreen

  • I wanted to let you this was the first year that I brined my turkey I followed your recipe and my turkey turned out so moist. We loved it and I will always brined my turkeys for now on. Thank you

  • I certainly don’t want my turkey to have an orange flavor to it. I saw another recipe that called for allspice and cinnamon. There are very strange flavor profiles to be added to turkey in my opinion.

  • If I have a 12 lb instead of 20 lb will I use less salt and sugar? And will I brine the bird less than 20 hrs? Or do I just use your recipe and go the whole 20 hrs? Love your videos.

  • A few weeks ago I asked you how long to brine a smaller turkey. I did it just the way you said and it was delicious! I'll be doing it that way from now on. Thank you.

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