hello my karma babies hi guys how are
you today okay so I showed you what we have I have a salad today I’ve got
lettuce tomatoes cherry tomatoes cucumber I have some peppers in here
pickles some red onion I have some chicken chicken thighs fried chicken
thighs and for dessert I have egg custard
it’s called egg custard and I’ll show that to you when we get to that okay so
I’m gonna get started eating I have to drink some cranberry juice so guys have
you been Oh guys we’re still here at rehab this is the third week and final
week we’re coming down to the home stretch I’m going to show you some clips
you’ll see how well grandpa is doing oh happy days oh happy days he is doing so
good so I’m not gonna eat all of this salad at one time so what I’m gonna do
guys is I’m gonna have half of it now okay sorry guys my camera cut out on me
okay I have some peppers here these are like the
and peppers I don’t know if you’ve ever had those but they’re really good
they’re yummy YUM so what I was saying was I’m gonna eat half of this now and
then I’m going to have the other half for dinner so I’ll eat one piece of
chicken just drop that okay one kiss chicken now and then I’ll eat I’ll put
that over there that’s about half of it so I will eat one piece of chicken and I
have a little cottage cheese I love cottage cheese but I really I’m
not crazy about the small curd I like the large coat so I’ll just put a little
scoop of that on my plate yes I know I don’t think anybody else in my
family my cottage cheese except for me so when I buy it I have to eat the whole
thing myself mmm I love it so guys so guys I am going
to start eating I didn’t bring a knife and you know that I’m not I’m not at
home like I said I’m still at the hospital so you know things are limited
but I’m gonna miss it tomorrow will be our last day here we are going to be
leaving tomorrow and I’m gonna actually really miss the hospital I’m gonna miss
the people here I’m taking my chicken and put it down here do you put ketchup
on your chicken I do let me move my shrink out of the way I want to make
sure you guys can see this I put chicken on I put I put ketchup on not all the
time but I do put ketchup on some other time okay and of course no I had some
hot sauce I don’t know what I did with it I know I had some hot sauce guys oh
boy maybe I took it back to the room I’m in the conference room I’m not actually
in my room in Thomas in Thomasville I am actually in the conference room so I
don’t have everything that I need all the time but it is what it is right guys
it is what it is here oh I see the hot sauce hold on I did have my hot sauce you know that I
really enjoy but like I said I’m leaving tomorrow so I packed it up already it’s
already packed up and it’s in the truck sitting in the truck I packed it up so
I’m gonna use Tabasco sauce I like Abascal sauce too so but I don’t I
really don’t have a a knife I don’t think so I’m gonna be taking big bites
like this big bites guys hmm I really like this dressing hmm there’s steak house dressing cans
ranch I really like that trestle Johnny salad
so as you can see I’m gonna have half of this now and half of it for dinner you
know we’re in the hospital to you you know have to pay for every meal and this
is so much that I couldn’t eat this all at one time so I did bring a cooler from home a big
cooler on rollers on wheels that I could pool mm-hmm yeah me so that’s what I’ve been keeping in the
room and I put you know when I’ve gone home to make the green juices for
grandpa I put them in the cooler with some ice on it I have the cranberry
juice in there and anything else that you know really requires refrigeration
I’ve just been keeping it on ice and a good thing about it is here they have
you know if they have a big ice machine at the nurse’s station so I just go up
there and ask them for some ice I put it on my in my cooler and that’s how we’ve
been able to you know maintain delicious celery and there’s you have a little piece of
chicken on the side you guys were probably like grandma what
are you doing hmm I am really gonna miss being able to go
to the cafeteria and go I’ll take that bat and back they’ve really made my life
easily the last couple of weeks well a total of this Saturday today is Thursday this
Saturday we have been away from the house for an entire month
sorry guys I couldn’t shoe that couldn’t chew it that what’s asked and I couldn’t
really chew it I like it to be really crispy sometimes if it’s too soft I
can’t do it so it this Saturday will be one month that we’ve been away from home
an entire entire month Wow I tell you everybody chicken have a bite of chicken hmm I am so happy from high school so
much better cottage cheese mmm
dude what cottage cheese yeah a nice fella
what a beautiful salad I don’t eat fellows as often as I should mmm-hmm tomatoes are great I’m gonna start eating more salad and really trying to encourage Grampa to
eat more salad he’s not a big salad eater
I think that’s probably why I don’t eat a lot of it because you know who wants
to make two or three different meals tomatoes are yummy so we decided we go back home there gonna
be some changes you’re going to eat better we’re gonna do more things we’re
gonna be on the outside more instead of being in the house weather permitting of
course just to go for a walk that’s the beautiful blessing just to be able to
get up and go for a walk have you ever heard that saying I don’t
know what I’m looking so dark in there today guys well I’m doing the best I can
I don’t have lighting here I know you’ve heard that saying you don’t miss your
order to the well runs dry we both realize excuse me we both
realize now how fortunate and blessed we are you know to be able to get up every
day to go outside to enjoy the beautiful fresh air oh and
I’m gonna be going live again soon I’m not quite sure with I have so much fun when we went live have so much fun mm-hmm swim house come to videos with me are
not lucky she wants to she said karma babies have been praying for me so much
I want to have a few meals with them I got a few things to tell them you know
him he’s got a few things to tell you I tell you he’s lived a life so get ready you get ready cranberry juice is good for you and we
get the the natural one without you know artificial sweeteners one thing about it
cell it will fill you up quick okay guys I’m going to put this aside I
have mainly a lot of tomatoes left it’s good just a quick lunch so I do want to
save a little room to taste this custard this egg custard I mean pick it up and
show it to you so you can see how beautiful it is have some huh oh yeah me so I’m gonna
eat half of this have you ever had any egg custard pie I’m sorry guys I dropped it that hmm yummy I got
one of these for grandpa to the 80s so that’s how it looks
oh it’s so good so creamy look at that it is delicious with the light beautiful
crust on top ma’am I just simply melt in your mouth
it’s a custard I might want to be this whole thing but I’m gonna eat most of it
I might take another couple bites and then I’ll have something to look forward
to at dinner time hmm ma’am this is homemade here at the hospital one of the
ladies in the hospital made this and I’m telling you it is defined when I say
define oh my goodness I need to walk out of here with this recipe
mmm so good okay guys well that was a quick lunch I
enjoyed it as I always enjoy being with you guys I always remember my karma
babies how others treat you is their Karma but babies how you respond is
definitely your karma and I want you to take the high road every single time
my babies I love you and I will see you in the next video my love bye bye no
granny loves you


  • I'm happy your leaving there. My father has been in the hospital since father's day he suffered a stroke and he's in Florida I'm in New York so I'm glad Grandpa is doing so well.

  • Hey Granny you are a wonderful woman and a great wife. And I’m praying for you both. You remind me of my grandmother so much 💕❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • GM Granny,
    Looking beautiful with that bun!
    Cottage cheese only showed up when somebody was on a diet. It's edible, but not something I look forward to. 🤗 Egg pie and Coconut custard pie is delicious.
    I know you're going to miss the help with Grandpa. Looking forward to seeing more of him.

  • I’m glad he’s doing good and being getting to be going home here soon tell daddy to be careful when he goes home and he needs to wanton you mama we’re he doesn’t wined back in the Hospital ok I love you and daddy very much . 😊😉😌😘

  • Y’all will be so glad when y’all get back home and get to rest like you are use to and get to see collaged your cat 🐈.

  • So glad grandpa is finally going home. Will he have in home physical therapy nurses come in? Our hospital cafeteria has a salad bar but they charge you by the weight of your salad, and 50 cents per dressing pack you get. It is so crazy.

  • When I was working in the hospital that was the go to meal we would get chicken on the day they had fried chicken chicken strips and just fixed a salad off the salad bar and we'd eat half and take the rest home

  • I love a good garden salad..but you can keep that cottage cheese 😊….Thank God Grandpa is going home….God is so good

  • I am so happy grandpa karma is feeling so much better and going home god is going to always bless you and yours because you are such a amazing woman real trooper god bless

  • Good luck to Yall GrandmaKarma, you are such a sweet spirit. I enjoy your channel to the highest. God blessings to Yall! ❤️

  • It's good to see you as always Granny Karma !!! Good News ! Grandpa is going home soon!!! I Hope & pray that they continue with the Help you need for him . I am looking forward to seeing him again in the video! He's a Trooper!!! The Meals looks so good! I do know about the "EggCustard" My Grandmother use to make them all the time in Georgia! They are soooo delicious! My sister and I made one for Christmas !!! You know Granny this is a "Bitter Sweet Situation " I am saying that because you had all the Medical Attention you need for him and that was a bless within it self . It also gave you a piece of mind . The Good News is that God will continue to bless you and Grand PA and there is no place like HOME !!! Wishing You & Grand PA a Bless Day !!!

  • Heyy granny I love u❤️😘😘 I enjoy watching u I promise u have a sweet spirit😊❤️😘😘 food looks delicious

  • Hey Granny Karma !
    I'm So happy Grandpa Karma is Leaving the hospital !🙌🏾💙God Is Soooo Goood !! 🙏🏾
    I'm Looking forward to having meals with you and Grandpa .
    That egg custard did look amazing
    My Grandmother
    Always made her crust and everything from scratch ..
    I miss it .
    I could taste it like yesterday , just seeing it . My grandma ate cottage cheese
    My mom likes it as well
    I've never tried it .
    My Grandmother was
    Born and raised in Memphis Tennessee
    ( Shelby county)
    My Grandpa , Arkansas
    ( Little rock)
    So I'm used to things
    Like .. Homemade cornbread , sometimes with cracklin at the bottom
    Spinach , turnip , mustard greens
    I love the turnip bottoms so my Grandma would slice them add butter or bacon grease
    It was amazing
    You guys remind me so
    Much of my own
    Grandparents .
    I got my parents to
    Watch your videos
    And now they're hooked, lol
    They also send they're love and prayers to you
    And Grandpa Karna 💙
    I know you're happy to leave the hospital
    You and Grandpa
    Have gone through
    Soooo much !
    I encourage you
    To look back
    Bc when you realize
    That the only way
    You Got through it all
    Was Because God Himself held your hand
    🙌🏾🙌🏾 it's a Beautiful feeling !! To realize it
    Meditate on it
    It does soo much for
    Your spirit
    I love you guys ! 💙

  • Heyy granny I love u❤️😘😘 I enjoy watching u I promise u have a sweet spirit😊❤️😘😘 food looks delicious

  • Love you alot Granny Karma 🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹

  • Granny, my grandmother taught me all about enjoying ketchup on fried chicken. She's a southern girl born and raised in South GA. You remind me so much of her!  Glad things are mostly on the up and up for you and grandpa. God is so wonderful!

  • Hello GrannyKarma you look beautiful.GrannyKarma you are eating good.Yeah GrandpaKarma gets to come home tell him hello as well.

  • you are blessed.  my dad had a situation that landed him in rehab for a month… I was in another state and my mom did not drive at night.  it was challenging but we made it.  he is great now at 74…

  • Hey Granny Karma My baby cousin  was Born Feb 6th At 12:22pm and she is very beautiful….. also i am glad that grandpa karma is doing better that is good to hear….. 

    god bless you both 
    love ya guys

  • Hey granny , do you think grandpa karma will do vegetable smoothies with fruit? I bought a ninja and I’ve been making spinach , apple, grape, celery , blue berries , cilantro , carrots and a little apple juice with ice .. I love vegetables but it has enough sweetness where he will not only drink it, he should like it. Plus so many cancer killing elements in these vegetables and it’s super nutritious . I’m loving it. My skin even glows and I loves 5-10 pounds! That food looks so good in the hospital but I really don’t like seeing you and grandpa in there. I can’t wait for you to go home ? How’s shana doing and your daughters? Anyways please get grandpa karma out of there ! Bless you guys!

  • So very glad that you and Grandpa will be home very soon. Salads are delicious…I will be eating more of them as well. Love you both <3

  • Praise God he is ok god is good and worthy to be praised !!! I'm still praying for you and my family is eating better too love goes to you we love you ❤❤❤❤❤

  • Please, let us know a little bit in advance when you'll be going live. I don't want to miss it again. Looking forward to hearing what Grandpa Karma has to say. Hugs and kisses 😘💝🌹💐

  • That meal looks so good😋 I love cottage cheese. The large curd also. I find that people either love it or hate it. So glad Grampa is coming home soon❣️❣️❣️

  • Work in food service in hospital you can order a guest tray where I work it cost $5.00 get drink dessert veggie bread and salad and Entree

  • I have to say, the hospital food does look good. I bet you can’t wait to be home again with your wonderful husband and get back to a more normal life.😊💕

  • Grandma you are a strong woman. I am so glad that grandpa is doing great God is a just God and he knows how much we can bear be bless…Stay strong you and grandpa.

  • So glad to hear Grampa is doing well and so very nice to see my beautiful Granny Karma!😆 sending you guys lots of love & blessings from one of your biggest fans in Humble. Texas! 😙

  • Granny Karma, you are truly a loving and dutiful wife. So glad he is coming home! There’s truly No place like home!

  • Enjoy your .Will be waiting to see your next video. I’m a 67 yr Mississippi gal too living in ky now.keep up the good work thanks for the smiles💯

  • Hi, Grannykarma, that looks so good, I am hot dogs with cole slaw and onion rings the funyans onion not have spell it right. take care love you.

  • I trained at a Hospital it is now gone, they had the best food, Great big breakfast with pork chop rice and gravy GrannyKarma One you probably know about that, I used to love to eat their food, That food looks really good. Tell GrandPaKarma to get well soon.

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