hi guys welcome back to my channel today we are doing something that is actually very highly requested on my channel something that I really really wanted to film and it is a grocery haul A+ meal plan I mean talking about food is one of my fav things as you can probably tell by my channel so firstly if you are new my name is Sophie I made three videos on this channel every single week on Sundays Tuesdays and Thursdays and I would love it if you could join our wonderful family here on YouTube because we make lots of videos like this and we have the best community on the platform also if you're excited for the video give it a thumbs up because it really helps my channel I'm actually currently in my gym gear hence the weird attire so today I'm basically going to run you through my weekly meal plan so it's not too strict but it's quite a good meal plan that keeps me in budget but also keeps me eating healthily as you may or may not know I'm starting a health kick because I'm just not happy with the way I'm eating at the moment I'm not happy with my body so we are on this nutritious good for your body health kick that just gets you in shape but also it gets like your body really healthy and younger for longer because at the end of the day we want to be younger for long this is kind of like the second video in my long get fit with me series the first video I released last week and it was sort of what I eat in a day and I will link it down below for you take versi let's run through at my weekly meal plan and then we'll go into all of these products all of the groceries the fun myths ah can't wait so grab a cup of teas I'm looking around balls so let's just go you're usually on a Sunday night I like to get a notepad and a pen and write down at my weekly meals or what I kind of want to plan to eat that week just so I stay on target Mills from Monday to Friday because normally Saturdays and Sundays are a bit here to miss we might be eating out friends or family and we're probably going to get more gluttonous things like roasting and stuff for Sunday so I don't normally plan Saturdays in Sunday I tend to write down just my lunches and my dinners from Monday to Friday because those in the mills that I need to plan because if you don't plan those what I'm eating and I tend to eat anything in sight my breakfast I tend to just always have the same kind of thing some fruit maybe a hawk respond cereal a smoothie something like that so we will start from the top so Monday this week I have planned for my lunch to have one of the slim well Aldi ranges and I will probably have one of those the portions are absolutely massive let me just tell you that so I will have it then for dinner we are having a tofu stir-fry if you want see more recipes and also how we make the tofu stir-fry either follow me on Instagram or comment down below and just let me know you want to see kind of dedicated recipe video mini little bonus videos throughout the week and you the actual detailed recipe and how we make it on Tuesday at 4:00 at lunch this week I'm going to have a smoothie and also some hummus sounds like a weird combination but I will make a nice smoothie so I put off now the Cardo in their spinach loads of fruit water just like really pack it out that's just kind of drinking a smoothie I don't feel like I've eaten enough so I will then grab some cut-up carrots and some hummus I can chew on something crunch on something you know for me it's all about feeling like I'm eating a lot Wednesday this week for luck I'm having a tuna salad with the ten off its spring water tea and our billion of loads of salmon leaves and maybe some dressing things like that and for dinner we are just going to have some pasta with a homemade tomato sauce lots of basil onion just all that good stuff for you Thursday this week I've put my lunch as out because I'm going out on Thursday for a meeting and I will be having lunch while I'm out the dinner I'm having a slim well curry because it's a Thursday night I tend to slip into mode eating unhealthily because it's getting near the weekend and for me Thursday nights it's like the weekend is basically here I'm just gonna start eating unhealthily so I tend to save the slim well curry because that feels really luxurious when you're eating it just feels really good ride ate for lunch I'm going to have veggie sausage rolls too probably but the veggie sausage rolls are kind of a treat for a Friday it makes me feel like I'm really treating myself and then I'll have a side salad and some hummus and carrot sticks again and for Friday dinner I take away because for me like Friday is your treat day I don't tend to get takeaways on Saturdays or Sundays because we like to make nice dinners but for a Friday night you know when you've had a long week working or at school or whatever you're doing you kind of just want to put some good TV on maybe sit in the garden or something and get to take rain let someone else make your dinner for you it's a Friday night you got to live your best life okay now moving on to this section which is everything I have bought for the week I will run through everything I've bought plus the prices also run through kind of how we're going to make them into dinners and lunches and also my snacks because snacks are a big thing in this household most of this stuff is actually from Aldi with a few other bits here and there I got these blueberries a pack of blueberries which were 94 p which i think is okay for blueberries these are from Aldi and I tend to just snack on these or throw them in a smoothie blueberries actually have loads and loads of antioxidants in they are so good for your gut and your body in general for large green bananas I always go for the green bananas because they last the longest and these I will snack on I will either have one of these large ones in the morning for breakfast with something else also add them to smoothies because I just love bananas they are the supreme fruit comment down below if bananas your favorite fruit as well I picked up this large batch of asparagus this is actually from a farm shop local to us we go to the farm shop to buy loose vegetables and dairy products or meat products because one is supporting your farm and two I just know that it's come from like a more ethical background these are fabulous just lightly fried with lots of salt and some garlic so delicious and yeah I mean we tend to get three asparagus quite quickly in this house we will have them with a dinner like a veggie burger and just have them on the side I picked up this pack of mango chunks again this is for me for snacking I snack so much and if I can snack on sweet fruit then I won't be tempted to go for things like sweet cereal or sweet chocolate bars I just need to find like sweet fruit and I'll instantly grab those as soon as I'm starting to feel a little bit peckish or a bit snacky and that kind of stops me from picking on the bad stuff like chocolate bars and Cadbury mini rolls because they are a favorite of mine so this will probably last me something over three days because I'll grab like a handful at a time and then looks like quite a lot in there this was 1 pound 79 for this I know it's a lot cheaper to buy the mango and cut up yourself but for convenience I got this today picked up a load of loose Tomatoes these were again from my farm shop I think they were like 10 peach or something ridiculous you rarely find loose tomatoes in a supermarket picked up three pepper one yellow pepper and two red peppers these peppers were from Aldi and there are 50 PE these will be fabulous for cutting up and putting in our hummus or we're going to use them for our veggie fajitas with our dinner later this week veggie pitas are really easy to make and I can insta story them when you watch this video if you want me to see it I picked up from Audi again this large bag of oranges this is the matrice pick oranges they are actually the cheaper oranges you can get an Audi this back was 95 P I think and the other bag is like one pound 95 and again snacking they are sweet I like sweet fruit because it makes me feel like I'm having let's I picked up two avocados because avocados are life in general and I love them I just eat them all the time but normally we make this avocado dinner which you guys might have seen in my what I eat in a video day and it's a really delicious dinner we basically cut up two avocados and sesame seed bagels put the avocados on the sesame seed toasted sesame seed bagels salt and pepper balsamic dressing and a side salad and let me tell you it's a game-changer it is so nice these avocados from Audi are actually 95 P each so they're cheaper than any other supermarket I have currently found so now I always get my loose avocados from Aldi this is a little bit random that these are sitting here and but we picked up some OTS now Oh teas are biscuits you can get in Aldi and they are so delicious they are hobnob juice you may have seen them in some of my Aldi versus branded etc titles and that absolute delicious so much better than Hobnobs they're really really cheap I think a pack is like 65 patiently I will have one of these with a cup of tea to be fair I know one sounds like not enough but one of these are actually more than enough because they're quite big and they're quite thick I also popped into signs for us today and we picked up some organic humus the organic chemists from Sainsbury's is really nice and it was currently on offer which is why I picked it's uh-oh I've only got two days to eat it so I need to eat this soon but it's delicious I really like this hummus and again this will be like snacking with my peppers and some carrot sticks just bits and bobs like that from Sainsbury's also we picked up the organics lightly salted butter this is for cooking purposes we do put butter on things because at the end of the day real fat is good fat and yeah what's the life without butter moving back into Aldi I picked up a large bag of baby spinach so this will go into my smoothies smoothies are really easy to make all you need is a blender some kind of smoothie maker some spinach frozen fruits normal fruits water bit of honey maybe they're just so easy to make I make them all the time I've also featured them in a recent video which I've linked down below we will also add this into dinners such as the veggie fajitas and the kado and bagel dinner this bag is 85 piece so quite affordable and it will last like quite a few different types of mills I also picked up a bag of the Audi nature's pick vegetable stir fries so I've never actually used this one before but it looks really handy because it has the cabbage the carrots just the bits that you throw into your stir-fry and it was only 85 P for this bag so it's super affordable and then we also picked up a bag of watercress spinach and rocket this is my favorite favorite salad and it's just really easy to put some nice olive oil but all balsamic vinegar on this bag was 65 P really affordable also from Audi we picked up some spring onions these are British spring onions it was 85 P for all of these these will last probably about 2 mils they're absolutely perfect for adding into dinners or on top of salads because they have so much flavor it's like really satisfying to eat they're also really really good for you they're not good for your breath but who cares these 3 things I bought for snacking after breakfast I normally want to snack before lunch I used to pick up something really unhealthy maybe a Cadbury's mini roll or biscuit I've started buying bars so if I think my brain thinks I'm eating a chocolate bar or something and but the bars are actually natural food that is all natural no hidden sugars nothing like that and I normally try and snack on one of those bars and I don't do this every day it's just when you kind of really need something so the first pack I picked up is this pecan pie raw fruits and nuts bars and these are high in fiber really tasty full of flavor and because they're raw and natural they're fats in it are good for you they're just normal fats I wouldn't recommend eating these every single day but they're you know they're not the worst things you can eat it's a pack of five bars there's one pound 95 so it's definitely more some of the more pricey snacks that I have I tend to really try and grab the fruits and the vegetables and things before I go to back to things like these I also found these which are really interesting because I have never seen these in Audi before but they had quite a few of them and I feel like if you have kids or if you're like me and love to snack then these are really really good the brand is called that's it and that genuinely is it because this is just made out of literally apple and banana which are pressed together there is actually nothing else in it as you can see the sugars are hot quite high because apples and bananas are naturally high in sugars but everything else is really low I'm really interested to try these I will let you guys know how I feel about them on Instagram or in the comments if you ask me down below okay they're quite small to be honest but I feel like if they're really sweet you won't need much and I also picked up these pee low bars these are hazelnuts and cacao so it will feel like I'm eating a chocolate bar a little bit I love anything with hazelnuts in also hazelnuts is so good for your skin and your hair I can't even tell you these three things will probably last me like 3 to 4 weeks and then I will need to replace them but yeah they're just they're just grateful just grabbing when you're hungry I also picked up three red onions and three white onions from Aldi and these were 95 P each onions are really really used in this house we use them all the time with dinners and with salads and in sandwiches so these will always get used onions in my house is an absolute staple okay I found these in the foodie markets in Aldi they are the superfood chia seeds so citria seeds are so good for you they are a good addition to cereal smoothies or salads I tend to add mine to your smoothies because you can't really notice they're there these are amazing for your gut like if you have trouble using the bathroom yeah sorry for all the toilet talk but if you have trouble using the bathroom or if you have bad like indigestion or IBS or something like that chia seeds are really good for helping that they're so easy to add in your diet you can add them in smoothies in cereal roasting chicken just throw a load on top of the chicken so that's just like some ideas you can use obviously if you just want to grab a handful one day and just shove them in your mouth that's all good ok we have some frozen fruits I just want to personally thank all of you guys who have recommended we buy the frozen fruits from Aldi because they are so affordable compared to everywhere these are just absolutely vital for my smoothies because they make them nice and cold and thick so I bought a big bag of the four seasons summer fruits this has frozen raspberries blackberries black hearts and red currants in there just great for making you a smoothie look beautiful like the smoothie goes his lovely red pinky color and as it's summer I've started picking up more summery fruits from my smoothies so I've got a bag of these mango chunks to just throw it in my smoothies that were really sweet in a towel for these two bags it's 1 pound 95 each okay as Tesco had these on offer I picked up two bag also picked up walnuts but I can't find them but these are pecan halves and they're just great for snacking again if you are having a really hungry day nuts are so good for energy and they are great for just grab it ok moving on to more freezer stuff as well I have bought some of the slim well range so if you want to know what I actually think of all of the slim wild range I'm only going to test the vegetarian section because I don't like buying frozen ready-made meat meat Eve Mills and it's just a personal preference and I'm going to test them all out throughout the week and that's going to be an extra video next week which you will see when it appears in your subscription boxes the first one I picked up is the three bean and vegetable chili so this kind of looks like it will taste like chili con carne it says a single generous serving let me tell you these things are big the camera doesn't really do it justice that these things are so big there are so much in there I can't actually eat this all by myself so I tend to have it and I eat one half one day in the next half the next day if you like eating big portions but you're trying to find big portions of healthy stuff check out the slim well range because they are actually really quite good for you they're low in saturated fats and yeah I don't know I just feel like these are a good alternative for people that actually struggle with portion control I also picked up the vegetable biryani so this is kind of like a curry it's got loads of rice in it's got sweet potato and then we have the sweet potato slim well curry just look how healthy it looks like seriously look all that veg here they are the famous Aldi vegan sausage rolls now I found these last week put them on my Instagram stories and you guys went crazy like no one knew aldia just snuck these in their store that they are selling for vegan sausage rolls for 1 pounds and 19 pence that is so much cheaper than anywhere else I've seen before I've tried them oh my gosh I'm not going to tell you too much because there's going to be a bonus video but all I can say is there's a reason why I've bought another box of them I picked up some country real al chutney this is actually for my local farm shop and it's yeah it's delicious really nice very luxurious this is 3 pounds 25 pence charlie is just so nice like garnish with anything with cheese on tap a big pot of Sun Pat's peanut butter from Sainsbury's as well I think this pot is like 3 pounds something this will last a long time I tend to have hot cross buns with peanut butter in it and it's delicious and yeah as you can see I've already opened it because I was hungry I also picked up this really random thing this is a fruit fly trap now normally I don't like to kill in the sex of any kind but this you kind of put this gel in here and leave it next to your fruit I thought it was just really good it's got no chemicals it's safe around animals and I've got two pets so I thought it would be really handy and yeah this is from Aldi and also from Aldi finally after you guys kept messaging me on Instagram I found the pixie woo face tonic joobs and these bottles are huge they're so big it has aloe vera and ginseng in it and it's just good for like evening out your complexion but I'm also going to try the healthy glow retinal toner yeah I'm really happy with these I think they were like 1 pound 20 each which is so much cheaper than the pixie we version ok guys so that was everything in today's video I hope you enjoyed if you want to see more dedicated foodie making recipe type videos let me know in the comments down below you must let me know because I don't know otherwise also if you are new make sure you say hello in the comments because I like to get to know you guys and we're such a nice community lots of people have actually made friends on my community and it makes me so happy you guys best thank you so much for all of your positivity don't forget to smash the thumbs up just before you go off the video because it really helps my talent out and then I'm linked down below those videos you can watch anyway I need to get eating every hungry thank you for watching I'll see you again very very soon and I love you very much

27 thoughts on “HEALTHY MEAL PLAN & WEEKLY GROCERY HAUL | June 2019

  • Have you thought about trying a pure peanut butter such as the meridian one (Aldi do their own version for around £1.25) it's literally just peanuts instead of the added sugar, palm oil etc much healthier and yummier 😋
    Would love to see a review of the toners as well I love the pixi ones but haven't managed to get my hands on these yet. Your skin is always so clear and amazing 🥰

  • Love it that you support you local farmers market. Don't live close enough to one anymore but when I bought from them in the past not only was it nice to know that I was supporting them but the food such good quality and so fresh! Usually well priced because their fruit & vegetables always in season of course. Great video. Happy Sunday xx

  • Love everything you bought. I'm very curious about the 'That's it bar' was it good? Thanks for the chia seeds tip.

  • Love it. I am all about this life, very similar to what I like to eat. Avocado though is a healthy kind of fat, but it's still fat. It's something you really shouldn't eat too much if you want to lose weight. 🙂 But it is absolutely delicious indeed. Do you still walk every day? Love that idea. If you crave sweet things: mash a banana, mix an egg with it, put some wheat flour in it and bake it. Here you have a healthy pancake, I eat it when I have a sweet tooth. I do put cinnamon and a pinch of salt in it though and I bake it in some butter. It makes it taste like pancake a lot more instead of it tasting very much like banana. And sometimes I put a mix of grains and seeds and oats in it, even healthier and fills you up more. You could even put a few very pure chocolate chips in it while you bake it or pour some honey on top of the pancakes. It sounds a bit naughty (definetely smells like it), but it's not even bad and it's delicious. All made of healthy things (they say a bit of pure chocolate every day is healthy).

  • definitely going ti make the smoothies and travel down to an Aldi to pick the frozen fruit up! have you heard Waitrose are now selling package free frozen fruit? 💕💕

  • The Aldi staff in my store all know me as the girl who buys frozen strawberries and mushrooms salads and flavoured water in bulk I'm predictable because they're fruit and veg are great priced and taste great the vegan sausage roll to me I did like nor the Gregg's ones think it just me though! I do like Aldi 36p wholemeal bread just like Warburton wholemeal to me though I don't eat a lot of it most goes to my local duck pond as it goes off easy good for not wasting money too 😊

  • It’s nice to see a haul including natural fats like butter, so called ‘vegetable fats’ (which is actually a lie to start with, as theres no vegetables used in their creation) are so bad for you… worse than simple carbs! I was wondering if you have watched ‘The Magic Pill’? You may be shocked at what you see if you haven’t. It’s been on my ‘watch list’ for ages but now I’ve seen it I feel bound to tell everyone who cares about their health to watch it… it’s truly shocking. X

  • Have you tried the Aldi vegan burgers ('beef' or 'chicken')? Only 1g of saturated fat. They are ….they taste like proper beef burgers from what I remember. I have them as a treat once a week.

  • Im not sure if there is any farm shops near me but that's a good idea about getting loose veg from them xxxxx

  • Morning guysss! You might want to pause the video a few times as there’s lots of recipes and meal plans throughout the whole vid haha! Let me know what you think and if you want to see any other dedicated videos 🥰xxxx

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