Healthcare Stocks SOAR After Joe Biden Condemns Medicare For All

Healthcare Stocks SOAR After Joe Biden Condemns Medicare For All

For most of this year, we have seen story
after story come out showing us and telling us that stocks for healthcare companies, major
pharmaceutical companies and hospital corporations have all been taking a nosedive during the
Democratic primary. That is, of course, up until just a few weeks
ago, because suddenly these health insurance stocks
started skyrocketing once again. And whereas people were afraid to invest in
these companies, suddenly something happened that came along and made them feel good about
investing in healthcare, basically putting their money into companies that are ripping
off American citizens. So what in the world good at have been that
made people suddenly lose all their fears about insurance companies and big Pharma and
hospital corporations? Well, according to CNBCs Jim Crazy Kramer,
sorry, the crazy guy who hosts mad money, uh, that thing that came along and ease their
fears was Joe Biden and Joe Biden surging to the top of the Democratic field after his
announcement that he was running after it was official. Made people willing to invest in these stocks
again and make a lot more money for the health care industry. Would she, why would Joe Biden do that? Well, it turns out, and Kramer verifies this. That is because Joe Biden doesn't support
Medicare for all because Joe Biden's not gonna interrupt the health care system that we have
in place today. Joe Biden likes that. Joe Biden, uh, through the affordable care
act helped create it. So yeah, he's not going to upset it or blow
it up because we're basically operating off the system that was put in place by the administration
that he was a part of. He served as vice president for eight years
to Barack Obama. The affordable care act is basically the only
thing that's left over from that administration that Trump hasn't killed yet. So of course, Joe Biden's not gonna push for
a medicare for all. They only got one accomplished from a complement
remaining. And that's what he wants to keep. And that's why these health insurance companies,
big Pharma Hospital corporations, they are celebrating right now. The fact that Joe Biden is the front runner
on the democratic side because they understand that if he wins the nomination, there is no
chance that their profit party that they'd been having for over a decade is going to
come to an end. In fact, they're pretty much guaranteed regardless
of the outcome of the election on another four years of it, at least make no mistake. Big Pharma Hospital corporations and health
insurance companies have been enjoying this massive profit party so that we've covered
in the trial lawyer magazine since its inception. Yeah, and they don't ever want to come to
an end and if they are out there celebrating a candidate, you can bet your life on the
fact that that is not the candidate you need to be supporting right now. It blows my mind how anybody can look at Joe
Biden and say, that's my guy. It blows my mind how a guy like Joe Biden,
understanding public polling that shows majority of everyone supports Medicare for all can
still say, nope, I don't support it. Like literally could be the issue that gets
Republicans to come to our side and makes progressive's happy and this moron says, no,
I'm not going to support that. And yet, in order to say that you have to
be a more on at this point, you really do. I make no apologies for saying that, but that's
what we're looking at here folks. Joe Biden is good for the healthcare industry
and what's good for the healthcare industry is horrible for American consumers because
as we have seen for far too long, when the health insurance industry is happy, it means
they're screwing us over royally.

43 thoughts on “Healthcare Stocks SOAR After Joe Biden Condemns Medicare For All

  • It almost makes you want to turn down medications, treatments and just die! Perhaps if enough people do that, the industry will discover that "oh sick people are our source of income!" But that's not going to happen because (and I understand) the majority of people want their loved ones to live. Big pharma knows this too of course.

  • Farron – corrupt, slimy biden, harris, mayor pete, orourke et al the corrupt dnc/dccc – corporate owned dems will NOT give USA citizens – decent universal health care, good educational policies, infrastructure repair, decent law for EVERYONE, etc. etc. etc. Like heinous H. clinton, pelosi, schumer – the "old guard" dems are actively, quietly, doing everything they can to sabotage citizen-backed politicians already in office – and will, as in 2015, rigged the primaries to make sure Sen. Sanders & Rep. Gabbard – will NOT stand a chance!

  • Farron Cousins, let me explain to you and others, New York City does NOT want #45 back. We would appreciate it if you and others would STOP attempting or announcing sending him back to our city, he is NOT by any means WELCOME here. He and his family are free to reside in a prison cell and that should NOT be one located within New York City. With that being said, the worlds biggest LIAR, CORRUPT POLITICIAN, SCANDALOUS INDIVIDUAL along with his family can rot/ die a slow death in the sewage system of Russia or China. Thanks for reading.

  • Joe Biden A oath breaking terrorist colluding with russia TRAITOR to america. Biden sold america out aided obamas crimes. It was bidens job to remove obama for his crimes and traitor biden refused. Instead the terrorist biden claimed his LOYality for the nwo. Gitmo. Waterboard. And execute this terrorist traitor oath breaking bastard

  • I think it's safe to say, we've lost America to these pissants still in charge for the past 6 decades which the "taxpayers" of this country elect over and over.

    What do we need the Constitution for, since the "people" just keep circulating the same old swamp water into the system?

    I put "taxpayers" in quotes as we know the "electives" don't pay taxes!

  • Lol
    Oh I thought this would have been true. You've got NO PROOF!
    No quotes.
    No clips.
    Not even a credible source.
    You are just using some RUMOR spread by someone even you think is crazy, that isn't backed up by anything. Why? Cuz Biden is beating Bernie and you mad, bro. That's it? This is how you guys helped Trump last time. Keep it up.

  • Biden is a cunt. If the Democrats nominate him over Bernie, decent people won't have anyone to vote for.

  • Looks like you social terrorists don't have anyone that can beat Trump . You'll get "TRUMPED" again in 2020 ….then soon after run out of the country .

  • This viewpoint is a little too absolutist about Biden. I would place faith in his compassion. It could be he is taking this stance explicitly to get votes from the other side. I do know one thing about him. He has no malevolence in him. Nor does he have any overweening greed. He'd follow Obama's example, because he saw it working well, from the front row.
    Please calm down. Biden isn't an "either/or" person. Neither should we be. I'd probably support one other candidate in the primaries, but as the nominee. I'd support Biden gladly

  • I hope Biden will re-think his posture on Medicare for All. He helped pass the ACA, to his credit, because at least we NOW DID HAVE a healthcare plan that wasn't draconian. Many uninsurable people (like me) could have insurance. In its time, it was a humungous victory for all Dems. Biden deserved to be proud. HE STILL DOES. Medicare for All won't take away his great accomplishment. It will be simply taking the gougers OUT of the ACA, in the only way possible: to make it another government program, like Social Security.
    PLEASE, Mr. Biden, millions of people love you – including your part in the ACA. But ACA isn't enough. It never was. It was a first step to get people covered, but it was flawed by including the private sector. That's NOT YOUR FAULT, Mr. Biden.

    But to get it passed at ALL, the Dems had to get ONE Republican vote, by allowing the private sector to keep on insuring people and supplying their meds. Everything that is wrong with the ACA is being caused by that one concession without which ACA would never have been passed at all.
    The health insurance companies and big pharma are back to gouging, as usual. There is only ONE way to stop the gouging, and get the gougers out for good: Medicare for All. Put the whole thing under Medicare. Insurance companies be damned, it will be the government deciding on who can have what care. It's like Social Security – it doesn't seek a profit. It just does its job. The big pharmas will have only ONE customer (with few exceptions for the rich), so they'll still have to be allowed some profit, but won't EVER be able to gouge again.
    If the private sector could be trusted, we wouldn't have to make that move. But their ONLY concern is profit. Which means charge all the market will bear – and then some – and pay out as little as possible. Medicare doesn't HAVE a profit motive. So it runs much cheaper, and its only concernis to provide good health care on claims.
    A powerful example of how the private sector hurts people REAL BAD is our present "privatized" prison system. Their goal is MONEY, and that means paying out for the prisoners as little as possible. They even abuse people in their care, with no accountability.
    Any service for the public that requires public trust can NEVER be privatized. Not EVER.

  • What does Biden know how unaffordable healthcare is in spite of private insurance? Needless to say healthcare is out of reach for uninsured ones.
    This is why he should not be the nominee.
    Healthcare is not affordable to the average man in spite of private insurance.
    Also many private plans including Obamacare ones have gone narrow network and are delaying the care deliberately in order to book profits.
    We need to provide affordable insurance and only Medicare can do that.

  • This is why progressive voters have no interest in the likes of Joe Biden. They do not support common sense practices or policies that benefit the people; they support whoever is lining their pockets. Let me be clear before anyone comments I'm "looking for a hand out or freebie from taxpayer dollars" I am not on Medicare/Medicaid. I am a retired vet I have insurance through the VA and I have health insurance through my employer, but that does not mean that I don't see things clearly and want things to be better for us all. Healthcare is a right not a privilege and these companies need to be reigned in. Tired of seeing people, ESPECIALLY children die because of corporate greed.

  • Joe Biden have betrayed the liberals base, he is nothing but Democrat in sheep GOP clothes. I’m not supposing him, he sucks. Too old and stupid.

  • You mean to tell me that hospitals and doctors offices are for-profit institutions ???
    people think that these people that work there are good people they just doing a job the people running and managing the place are the ones making all the money..

    Interesting Healthcare wages have gone up 15 to 30% over the last four and a half years funny how other marketplaces are going down and wages but Healthcare wages are going up…

  • God I can't believe you guys are going to elect the Chump again, so now I have to hope Biden &/or the Chump dies soon…

  • Its political strategy..he's playing them..if he wins he'll change it!!..and besides ,can Bernie catch up?

  • Big surprise… Honestly why is Turd Burger Biden running in the Democratic primaries…? Remember the saying “ one of these things is not like the other”…? Octogenarian Joe opposes basically every policy most Democrats are running on… If you’re a Democrat or a Progressive like me and actually want watered down policies Republicans could support by all means vote for the establishment hack Octogenarian Joe… I’m a Progressive Democrat so I’ll be voting for anyone else… I can’t support a TURD like Biden…

  • It's not JUST about the 1994 Crime Bill – it's that the argument Trump and the Russians put forth against Hillary Clinton back then and Joe Biden now WAS THE TRUTH!

    Bill Clinton and Joe Biden ARE responsible for the US mass incarceration AND the prisoner slave labor issue AND the unbelievable growth of private prisons!

    Joe Biden is unelectable and will lose to Trump!

    Bernie Sanders or Elizabeth Warren or God Knows ANY DEMOCRATIC CANDIDATE BESIDES JOE F**KING BIDEN!!!! in 2020.

  • Everyone from progressives to republicans want this! Think of the landslide! But Joe says no. Trump for the win, again.

  • I'm a registered Independent who loathes Republicans. I will never vote for them.

    However, Democrats have gone to the dogs. All they have running in 2020 are corporate puppets like evil Biden and a pack of ragtag, power-mad neo-Marxists. I won't vote for any of those clowns either.

    Unless some sane Democrats enter the race, a write-in vote for my neighbor's cat is starting to look good.

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