Guess The REAL Gross Food (GAME) | 2 FOODS AND A LIE

Guess The REAL Gross Food  (GAME) | 2 FOODS AND A LIE

– Some foods are too weird to be true. – Let’s talk about that. (groovy electronic music) – Good Mythical Morning. – All your classic throwback
and discontinued Mythical tees are now available on our Amazon store. Check ’em out, – Now sometimes tellin’ a little white lie can be a good thing like
when you don’t wanna hurt someone’s feelings when
they ask what you think of their new poop emoji tattoo perched on their left eyebrow. – Hm, or, say the cop banging on your door asking if your grandma
robbed those six banks and you say, “I don’t know, officer,” when you know dang well
that grandma did that ish. – (chuckles) Or say you’re
a Mythical team member and you’re takin’ part
in a new game about some of the craziest, most
unbelievable food creations in the entire world and the
only way to do your job well is to convincingly lie to me and Link. That would be a little
rude but technically okay. Speaking of, it’s time
for Two Foods and a Lie. – Look at us, lookin’ at
three Mythical team members and three cloches or food
helmets as I like to call it. Matt, Jordan and Emily
are going to each tell us about a super weird or
crazy food that was created and sold somewhere in the world. The only catch is, one of
them is gonna be lying to us. The dish they’re talking
about is completely made up and we have to guess
which food is the lie. – Yeah and we can ask each
team member one question and then we have to make our guess and they’ll lift their
cloches and ironically, the only dish that does
not exist out there in the real world will be revealed because it has been created in our very own Mythical kitchen. – Nice.
– The other two cloches will be empty. – Okay the points will
increase with each round and if we guess correctly,
we get to try the food and the winner of the game in the end gets to make a political
attack ad about the loser full of lies and post it on Instagram. – All right let’s get lied to. – [Rhett and Link] Round one. – Okay so the theme of this first round is crazy pizza creations.
– Ooh. – All right Matt, tell us what may or may not be under your cloche. – Sure so as you guys
know, restaurants like to show off a fancy bloody
Mary but there’s one restaurant in St. Louis that’s gone
a little bit too far with a product they call a pizza Mary which is a bloody Mary
that’s actually a pizza. – And it’s in St. Louis. That’s not my question. – Oh oh that was a question. Well it was a statement but you asked it in an inquisitive way. – I was just verbally
processing in question form but it wasn’t directed at Matt. – It’s in St. Louis period. – Yeah, it wasn’t even in any question. How does that even work? – Well you mean like what’s
in it or how does it taste? – Yeah how’s it constructed? – Well instead of a glass, what they do is they bake pizza dough and
they have all sorts of herbs and spices around the rim of it that’s mostly crushed red pepper. Inside it’s got a mix, a bloody Mary mix that’s mostly house made marinara sauce and 17 different secret
blends of herbs and spices. – 17 different blends?
– Mm-hmm. – So it is a bread bowl of sauce. – (laughs) Yes, kinda sounds like a pizza. – That gets you drunk. – Mm-hmm, exactly.
– Oh. – So yeah it does get you drunk because like any bloody Mary,
it’s got vodka in it, it’s a Hangar 1 vodka
but with an infused mix of Parmigiano-Reggiano. Which is–
– I’ll take it. – I think a type of cheese. – Yeah I think it is a type of cheese. – So it’s cheese vodka.
– You can tell he’s telling the truth.
– Quit asking questions, man. – Oh I’m just verbally processing. – You can’t help but ask questions. – To myself!
– It’s your default. – It’s like so. – Oh, it’s got cheese in it, okay. I think we’ve asked all our questions. Let’s move on to Emily, what may or may not be under your cloche? – In 2018, Italian chain
restaurant Villa Italian Kitchen launched a limited edition wedding bouquet made out of all pizza ingredients. – So was this dish primarily
served at the restaurant or at weddings or at
weddings at the restaurant? – It was a promotional dish
for, people could win it for a perfect, you know, day of– – [Link] And then take it to their wedding?
– A wedded bliss. – And throw it. – Yeah take some hot meat–
– To find out who got a pizza. – And in front of your loved
ones, eat it or throw it or– – Okay. All right. – I guess my question is why? – Because love, Link. – (laughs) There’s your answer, buddy. – Love and pizza.
– Okay Jordan. – So there’s a pizzeria in
Brooklyn that serves their pizza in a pizza box made of pizza. It’s called the pizza box pizza. – So it’s a–
– Pizza box. – I’m not doing that, see. – It’s a pizza in a box and
the box is made of pizza. – How much does this cost? – It costs $40. – Oh that was quick, ’cause he made it up. – Does that make it true or not? – $40. – Do you know if the pizza
box has any non-pizza things to make it boxy or is it all pizza? – I will say that the box
itself is made of mostly a deep dish pizza and
the lid is garlic bread. – That changes everything. – So I mean it totally just
fits that this is in Brooklyn. This is the most Brooklyny
thing of all time. – Is the pizza box–
– It needs a little mustache or something. – Is the pizza in a pizza box
in then another actual box? – No, uh-uh, the actual box is the pizza and they bring it to you like that. – You already asked
how much it costs, man. – I got you man.
– Don’t let him, don’t let him slip in extra questions. – Oh sorry. Just look at his face, he’s
so cute and so inquisitive. – Okay now it’s time for
us to decide which one of them is lying. We’ll indicate it on our white boards. – (sighs) No more questions,
Link, only internal. Only internal questions. – There’s no clear liar in my assessment. – No no, they–
– This is difficult. Great job, guys. – Thanks. – Now I’m writing down
the name of the liar. – Okay I was writing
down the name of the dish but I’ll do–
– That’s too hard. – I’ll do the name from now on. – Okay, all right. – You ready to reveal? Let’s just show ’em.
– Yeah. I said that Jordan was lying. – I said that Emily was lying. I don’t think the pizza
bouquet is a real thing. – All right and let’s find out. The liar will have the
dish under their cloche. Oh you lying dog! – We were both wrong!
– We were both wrong! – [Matt] I’m the liar! – Dang it.
– I’m very manipulative. – [Link] And look, there it is. – [Matt] Yeah. – [Link] I don’t even
remember what that is. – That’s a pizza Mary.
– This is a pizza Mary. – Oh yeah.
– Yeah yeah– – That’s stupid.
– It’s a bloody Mary pizza that does not exist until now. – Obviously a lot now that I see it. – It shouldn’t exist,
it is an abomination. – Let’s see the real ones.
– Yeah let’s see the real ones. Oh okay there’s the pizza.
– Whoa. Boxed pizza.
– Yeah, see that? – Too much bread, and that’s real, man. – [Link] Oh man that’s smart. – [Jordan] Her garter is also bacon. (laughing) – So Matt, you get the
reward of drinking from that. – Oh, I see, all right well– – Do you have a straw or something? – Well it’s got this
big thing of pepperoni instead of a straw. – Oh yeah just suck that up.
– Go for it. – I don’t want to.
– Suck on the pepperoni. – So Matt, how long have
you bene a sober vegan? (all laughing) – Mm. You know actually it’s pretty good. You guys should try it. – Yeah your face says it all. – [Matt] Anybody wanna try it? – [Rhett and Link] Round two. – This next round is all about crazy coffee creations I’m told. – And for this round we
only get one question each for the whole round so we
can only ask one question of one person. – Yeah ’cause you’ve been
asking too many questions. – Yeah.
– Matt. – A food truck has made breakfast easier by inventing a burrito
that has espresso beans. – No. A burrito with espresso. I’m just talking, I’m not
asking him a question. Okay, is that all you wanna tell us? – Just keep it inside, man.
– All right. – Keep it inside. Emily. – In Sweden, people put
cheese in their coffee. It is called a kaffeost. – Okay.
– Okay. – A cafe in Japan is
breaking culinary barriers by serving an iced coffee ramen
that has other ingredients floating in it, including salami,
fish cakes, and ice cream. – So that list that you
just gave, fish cakes, salami, ice cream, all of that in one or you can choose between that stuff? – It’s all optional,
you can add that stuff. – That was my question.
– I know. What else is in the burrito? – So you’ve got Monterey
Jack cheese, all right, you got scrambled egg ’cause
it is a breakfast burrito and then you’ve got a
bacon braised with coffee and then also espresso
black beans which are just black beans stewed in espresso. It’s actually got the
caffeine of two Red Bulls so, yeah so that way it goes
in and immediately out. – [Rhett] Okay, okay got it. – Emily, we didn’t ask you a question. You wanna add anything? – No hey, that’s a question. – Okay, sometimes people
put reindeer meat in it. (crew laughing) – Aw, you gave it away! – I think you may have just
given it away, I don’t know. Uh, okay. Going on instincts. – Yep okay let’s reveal. Three, two, one. Jordan is lying.
– Jordan is lying. – Shall we? One, two, three. – What?
– I’m the liar. – Why you gotta be the liar all the time? – I always lie.
– Dang man, do you have a problem?
– I have a problem. – Here’s the thing is that I
knew that yours was the lie until you answered the question
in such a specific way. – Well it’s easy. That just seems like an easy, decent idea. – I wanna make a correction. Sometimes they eat
reindeer meat on the side. (Rhett laughs) – [Matt] That’s where the confusion was. – Yeah, you ruined it, Emily. – Sorry. – Dang it okay.
– So it’s cheese and what? – And coffee.
– I could feel that was real but Jordan, oh gosh, see? – [Rhett] Ice cream balls. – What is that, ramen
just soaking in coffee? How’s it taste? (Rhett laughing) All right, Matt, speaking
of how it tastes. You get to taste that too. – This is real–
– Do you like coffee? – Well not in my food. – It all goes the same way.
– I think it’s gonna be good. – Oh no! (Rhett laughs) Oh no! (Emily cackles) Oh it’s worse! It’s worse than you can imagine. – [Rhett and Link] Round three. – All right for this round
I’m told these crazy foods are bad so whoever doesn’t
guess the lie correctly has to eat the thing as a punishment
even though Matt seems to have been punished the entire time. – (laughs) Yeah. And there’s no questions this round, Link. We have to make our decision based solely on the presentation of each person. – Oh gosh okay.
– Starting with Matt. – You can put a lot of
things on sushi as you know. Avocado, orange slices,
but the trendy new thing to put on sushi is insects. Insect sushi. Now the Japanese have
known about eating insects as a health benefit for a long time. In fact, Emperor Hirohito was rumored to have actually eaten rice
and candied wasps together. (Rhett chuckles) – He’s going with history,
he’s trying real hard. – Candied wasps.
– Candied wasps. – His handy–
– Breaking out the emperors. – Mm-hmm.
– Hiroshito, okay, Emily. – I can’t wait to tell you about
the very real haggis sushi. Yeah, it’s made of ground up sheep organs and put between some rice and seaweed. And you get it in Edinburgh,
Scotland from a cafe that is like a
Scottish-Japanese fusion cafe. (Rhett chuckles) – Cafe. – Oh oh, cafe, yes. (crew laughs) Jordan. – My real thing that I
would never lie about– (Emily giggles) Because lying goes against the Bible. (Rhett chuckles) Is a sushi dish from a
world-renowned restaurant in Japan, I’m just touchin’ it for fun. (Rhett laughing) – Well yeah, open it, let’s see. – Everybody’s gettin’ nervous.
– It’s a world renowned sushi dish made entirely of fish eyeballs. – Oh gosh, I don’t wanna eat any of this! – The taste has been
described as savory boba. (Rhett chuckles) – I get it. ‘Cause of the balls.
– Yeah. – Okay, that’s all we have to go on. You can ask all the questions
you want to yourself. You wanna think out loud, ask questions. – Why am I here? – Just go for it. – Okay, I’m ready. Three, two, one. Once a liar, twice a liar–
– Jordan. – Always a liar, Matt. – Three, two, one. – Yes!
– No! – Yeah! (all groaning) – [Link] What is that, eyeballs? – Yeah, don’t neglect the balls. – Link, you lose.
– Gross. – And that means you get to
eat that fish eyeball sushi. – Do you want a cloche? – Yeah I’m gonna need a cloche. – Wow, just put some ginger
on there and it’ll be– – [Emily] Should he get some soy sauce?
– The cloche of shame. – I don’t even like sushi. – Oh it’s not sushi it’s fish eyeballs. – Smells awful.
– And you also get to deliver a political attack ad. Look at that.
– Oh there’s the Japanese insect sushi.
– Yeah it’s a real thing. See I don’t always lie. – Oh you’re trying to distract. Put the ball back–
– I ate it. – On there, man. You know what, put the ball
in there and put a good amount of wasabi and you won’t think
about that fish eyeball. – That’s a good idea. – Whole thing.
– You got it, you got it. – Oh.
– That sucks. – Oh.
(Link gags) – [Emily] (chuckling) Oh God. – It’s hard. – Yeah yeah you gotta chew hard. You gotta chew real hard on that thing. – That’s too hard to
eat, it’s like a crystal. – It’s like a crystal.
(Emily laughs) (Link gags)
(Rhett groans) Okay, I got nowhere to go. (laughs) But I wanted to leave. (laughs) – The sushi is a lie. – Okay guys well thanks for lying to us. Thanks for liking,
commenting and subscribing. – Now you say you know what time it is. – [Matt, Emily and Jordan]
You know what time it is. – Hi my name is Warley. – Ashley.
– Daphne. – Ryan.
(girl mumbles with mouth full) – Stephanie.
– And we’re in BBQ’s in New York City and it’s time– – [Together] To spin the
Wheel of Mythicality. – The whole crew got together. Click the top link to watch
us all play two truths and a lie in Good Mythical More. – And to find out where the Wheel of Mythicality’s gonna land. – [Rhett] Wanna paste my face in a text? – [Link] Or slap what
the crap as a response? – [Rhett] Now you can with Rhett and Link stickers for iMessage. – [Link] Available now
in the Apple App Store.

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