Grocery Haul, Meal Plan + Today's Question – July 19, 2019 | Cooking for Two

Grocery Haul, Meal Plan + Today's Question - July 19, 2019 | Cooking for Two

hey this is Stacey from let's cook out welcome back to our channel if you're new welcome we're really glad you're here this is a regular feature I am headed to Kroger on a Friday I have been going to Walmart son but I'm not feeling that great today so I think I'm just gonna go to Kroger get a few things on my list pick up some of the Friday and Saturday specials show you a quick haul when I get back we've got a few menu ideas and a question of the day at they even thanks for stopping by I'm back from Kroger I got a couple of the two day sales I got a couple of the two days sales I meant because I wanted to get these ribs and the ice cream so I'll go over it is really hot here so I need to get my cold stuff up I got some milk for Tim some orange juice for me because I got Walmart brand last week I did not like it as much as my Kroger it's it's fine I think I'm just used to Kroger cheese I like the way it tastes I got some buttermilk for recipe some eggs I did have a coupon just saved 75 cents off a bag of Tillamook shredded cheese and it was also on sale so it's 250 – 75 cents and I will try to put some prices below I was almost out of almond milk you hardly ever see me buy salt but I was almost out of kosher salt an OG packet to resupply my pantry because I used the only one I had this week the ribs that were on sale they were worked out to about five or six dollars of slab these will go in the freezer for summer into Labor Day into football games I did get that 99-cent container of ice cream I did find a few things that were marked down I send this is a called boiling Bo a LAN I do like these black cherry sodas I have bought this brand at Big Lots before I think that's a good deal if you'll notice here here's one of the things I didn't catch but I went back to customer service these yogurts are supposed to be marked down the Cho Bonnie's – 49 cents for some reason they marked one one up to a dollar fifty so I did get my money back and they did not ring up one of the slabs of ribs at the sale price so I ended up getting a $5.25 back in cash because I took the time to check my receipt make sure I got the sale process and I went back and and got that fixed so that's something I don't always do but I do encourage you to check your receipt I got a markdown kroger brand little classic cheesecake for 99 cents we didn't need it my thighs don't need that but for 99 cents I can't even buy the cream cheese to make a little small cheesecake this was last Friday's free Friday download these hamburger buns for a recipe were free for me I did have a printed mailed out coupon for a free Private Selection bread or buns I think everything else is produce and the sale prices I'll put below the cherries are on sale this week the blueberries the strawberries I need some onions some zucchini for a recipe carrots and celery or for the big tub of hummus we're just about to finish from Sam's Club Tim like celery and I like carrots and some lettuce so a quick Kroger haul and I've got some menu ideas for you next a few quick menu ideas I'm still typing them up because you would not want to try to read my handwriting right now my hand is better but my handwriting is still atrocious so in the next 8 or 10 days we've got a family get-together I'm going to do some ribs in the instant pot Tim's gonna grill out some hamburgers I'm going to take the rest of the buns and either make sloppy joes or maybe crock-pot chicken Caesar sandwiches to use up the rest of the bonds with those zucchini I'd wanted to make a zucchini pie but my Bisquick apparently biscuit can go bad you'll have to see that big fat flop in the what's for dinner video on Sunday so I'll probably end up making stuff zucchini will have some kind of Taco Tuesday at some point Tuesday or another day enchiladas or quesadillas I still got some flour tortillas in the freezer Tim likes things like hamburger steaks so I'll make something one night like that Pam and then another night if you'll let me I will do some Asian items since I do have a lot of things from Trader Joe's I've got a recipe for some baked chicken a couple things of risotto I got a box in the pantry and a frozen Trader Joe's mushroom risotto in the freezer I also have a new recipe for a creamy shells and beef that I'll try at some point this is subject to change but a few menu ideas I hope they help I've got a question for you next this week's question is going to finish up our three-part grilling summer series in the first one we asked what kind of grill or smoker do you use in the second one we asked about entrees so the third one is your favorite side I understand this would have a different answer based on what your favorite entree was but feel free to answer in any way you like you can pair it with whatever you like most to cook on the grill what kind of potato salad coleslaw pasta salad grilled vegetable fruit salad what's your favorite summer side that you like to do whether you grill out or not even if you don't have a grill or you don't grill out what's your favorite summer side dish I did not asked him I would pick a pasta salad I hardly if you watch our channel on her Labor make them because he's not fond of them I also love to go to our family get-togethers when somebody brings a broccoli salad or I think it's called a grape salad I love that thing I never make those because Tim's not a fan and I don't need to eat the entire thing myself but he loves a good potato salad we both love coleslaw and make a couple of different kinds my favorite being our crunchy Asian slaw and I'll leave a link to that that would probably be my favorite year round although I tend to make it more for cookouts and stuff in the summer so leave us a comment with your favorite summer side dish and as always thanks so much for stopping by our channel we really do appreciate the support hope you're having a wonderful and truly blessed day see you next video

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