Greek Food Review | Trying Traditional Greek Dishes in Santorini, Greece

Greek Food Review | Trying Traditional Greek Dishes in Santorini, Greece

alright alright good afternoon guys it
is time for lunch slash dinner here in Santorini what’s
the plan yes–you we didn’t have a proper lunch and we were hiking a little
bit early for dinners before five o’clock so yeah this is freedom between
that time zone and we’re starving so we’re gonna go and try some Greek
classics some of our favorite Greek food yeah we’re also gonna be trying some
local Santorini dishes yes and we have a favorite restaurant like we’ve been on
the island for almost a week now and there’s one place that we’ve been back
to like four or five times yeah I know it’s a place we went to the
first night it’s just really good food awesome service we have such a such
friendly waiters inside and they always give us like something extra like a
little extra special thing like free dessert or something and just been great
so we want to go back we’re gonna take you guys there let’s go let’s go and
this is the place they have a menu outside but let’s go in and see what
this is all about what’s the order what to order that is always the dilemma when
you come to a good restaurant you know I think we’re gonna get a whole bunch of
appetizers and a main so we can eat when in Greece you just have to go with the
Greek beer you do and I know we’ve been here about five or six days and we’ve
gone on like three or four really big hikes one of the big today yeah I feel
like any time I do a big hike like I really earned my beer it tastes so much
better and so having an Elfa beer this is just perfect everything we do to be feta cheese and
come to this clay pot with tomatoes and red onions olive oils next to LA it’s
next-level feta it’s taken is taking normal feta to a whole new level
then we got the grape leaves vine leaves those are one of my favorite these are
so good thing my favorite green and they are stuffed with rice and meat usually it’s kind of like a fury llama beans
that comes with sun-dried tomatoes chimes olive oil we just please a little
bit of lemon on top lots of pita with oregano and then Sam’s
Maine extra service oh yeah that’s for free Sam order the chicken noodle yeah
so it’s basically the shape chicken and then you also get salad Ziqi sauce
onions and fries marquita or pita so we we we have a feast of feasts eat the
feet and why don’t you just start going in I’m going to dig into a farmer beans
yeah that is my feeling won’t tried it on the first thing let’s do this let’s
true I’m gonna get you trying everything and then you’re gonna get entering
anything everything so if father beans first what do you think
good I never knew I like fava beans so much we gonna get a little bit of the
sun-dried tomato capers let’s just get all the holy verse happening right there on its own yes okay moving on let me do
the the vine leaf next so many options which ones you choose oh man maybe I
should have got a knife and fork stick it by today
oh wow you don’t take the whole thing sit you look inside this one I think
it’s just rice there we go rice and spices is it good really yes
okay so tend to come with me this case moving on so next you’re gonna try the
fake feather oh this one is so good that’s my favorite and this is our
favorite had the feta cheese on its own when it comes with oregano yeah it’s
still really good but this is just the wheel ah
scrub some tomatoes as well come on I’m so much talk to him yeah try this at home like if you have
invited cheese lying around for a salad consistently I want to I want us to try
to learn how to make yes yeah at home for sure so we’ve had a really nice
breakfast the other day it was like scrambled eggs
we don’t feta in tomato Wow you know what we like feta so much we could eat
it on anything yeah decisions just can’t get up all
right I’m gonna mix it up you started with fava beans I will start
with the great break oh you can tell it’s been coated and olive oil really that’s a good idea just stuffing the
whole thing in there there one bites there’s a one butter for me not so messy
and also I loved it tzatziki sauce yogurt base with cucumber it’s just so
refreshing it is it goes perfectly with them yeah I love how much that we’ve
supported a lot of wine lots of lemon really taste that notes onto the top of
the this I feel like it’s the best for the gamers yes the appetizer in the
house papers make it really salty though yeah
yeah yeah hey look a sun-dried tomato really I like it but it’s not my
favorite no I mean oh man it click and that’s
that’s I still give it a really high score but oh yeah this is my favorite
yeah this is my favorite I’m all about all about the feta cheese that’s so good I could probably better
oh so good so salty and I think when when it’s been baked and like some
juices and sauces like this it’s just absorbed all of those flavors
and can be talked about the colors like look at how vibrant all those dishes are
the greens yellows reds how’s that beer boots really good I’m gonna fill it up to the top yeah
guys it’s time to try the mean in the main I mean I’m feeling I feel like this
could be two people hungry said one hungry Sam yeah it’s usually enough for
Sam yeah on the plate you have like a base of pita plus the pita that they’ve
brought us here and then the shaved meat which is nice and crispy yeah I like
eating it with a bit of tzatziki and maybe a fry I mean the price tagging
along Wow most wonderful that’s not good
I like Lily put paprika on the fries and ball yeah kids it a little kick doesn’t
it is it a little bit yeah if you were
buying this a street food yeah you would get it in like a cold pita and
they just wrap it off that’s right but here it’s more like right I’d see I’d
see the amount they’ve given us is the caverna probably three or four that you
would get on the street they give you a lot of you are here here we go Sam
yeah so I’m aiming for the perfect right here so I’m grabbing a little bit of the
same chickens putting that onto the bread oh no what I need you can serve as
a give him a minute to savor sorry guys
that was a monster right I just love that shave chicken life to me that is
the ultimate and then to combine it with the pita bread salad I think the sauce
and fries it’s just like you’re getting a lot I’m not doing on things all really
tasty you got a little bit of yogurt on your face there probably do and you know
what like we just have so much beauty and I’m so hungry yeah yeah I like pasta
this morning and did like so much actual size guys I love no problem Paul yeah I
feel like we’ve been climbing a mountain every single day there’s a lot of cycle
to do in Santorini also about this dish I should mention there’s a lot of
different varieties getting at souvlaki rompilla chicken souvlaki lamb Tsubaki
pork Tsubaki you know if you prefer your meat on a skewer
Touche that’s the difference between the year the euro style and the block I want
it on the skewer get the sebuah key if you want to shave like this Genaro I
like both but I’ve been enjoying the gyro love them yeah I like the year
because the meat is usually crispy yeah and juicy yeah so yeah that’s my
preference delish English this is how I feel right now
I need a nap what this restaurant is so lovely that we bring you complementary
dessert each and every time without fail you get some Greek yogurt with honey
sometimes it has figs today it looks like caramelized or like candied lemon I
think could be not entirely sure so we’re gonna try some that was so much
food guys it’s like so much dude I’m just like mini coma good Wow you saw them I know he’s
preparing it you saw them putting like copious amounts of honey you’re looking
at with my name and yeah this is something that we’ve been having for
breakfast as our snack desserts Ricky oh here it never gets tired though
ever gets tired never never well feeling bloated should we pan down
to the belly oh we should not so that came to 33 years but we’ve been coming
so often that we’ve been giving they’ve been giving us basically a 10% discount
so they shaved it down to 30 euros plus they gave us that free dessert Plus that
extra bread close just an outstanding meal you can imagine those two beers
three appetizers that big main to share and dessert at the end
yeah those outstanding value and we just love those guys they’re so friendly yeah
it’s just one of them it’s one of those restaurants you go in and they make you
kind of feel like family or friends yeah and you just want to go back and they
treat you so well they take care of you every time mm-hmm and we’ll be back one
more time with one more time yeah with the whole game yeah my parents involved
so that’s how much we like this place highly recommend coming here if you’re
visiting thira on Santorini Island so we’ll see you guys in the next video
Tata for now

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