we’re in Berlin, Germany we are so
excited to be filming a bunch of food videos here let’s get food hunting for
this one Berlin the capital of Germany has a vibrant food culture in this
three-part series we’re hunting down the best local food and eating
where the locals eat, in this video we’re showing you some of the city’s best
artisanal food including delicious cinnamon buns, gourmet sausages and
mouth-watering gelato before hunting down a traditional meal
of fried chicken from a restaurant that’s been around since 1888 you don’t
want to miss this video get ready for some incredible food I’m Thomas and I’m
Sheena and we’re Chasing a Plate we hope you’re hungry
let’s eat! in this video we wanted to show you two
different sides to Berlin’s food scene so we’ve been eating our way around
Berlin over the past few days and filming a ton of videos and we’ve come
across a lot of local artisans producing really great food so in this video we’re
going to show you some of this more modern local artisan food and then we
thought it’d be really interesting to finish with the traditional so really
hearty German food so starting with the modern and ending with the
trad, we’re standing right outside our first spot, it’s a bakery called Zeit Für Brot
which means time for bread and they do a really really
delicious cinnamon bun let’s go and get one this first stop is a very modern bakery
and this place is really famous for its artisanal sticky buns, on the weekends
you will see lines out the door and up the street waiting to get these buns so
we’ve ordered two versions of the buns this one here is their absolute classic
the classic sticky cinnamon bun so that’s just plain cinnamon flavor and
then we also got peanut butter and jelly so you can see the peanuts on top and a
huge scoop of jelly or jam on top of that one and we’ve got some coffees to go with
them so I am going to get into this cinnamon one so their classic
cinnamon bun so it’s quite a bready cakey texture, let’s just get a bit right
off the side there oh yeah look at that so packed with that sticky
cinnamon mixture oh yeah I’m gonna go for the whole thing ohhh it’s so sweet, so good the texture of that bun is incredible like I said it’s sort of a bready, cakey
mixture sort of like a firm cake mixture and then the cinnamon flavor is
so strong nothing worse than having a bun like this where they skimp on the
cinnamon and this is packed with cinnamon it is delicious it’s got a little
bit of a crunch from some sugariness it’s in that sticky sauce and then that
very strong hit of cinnamon and I love that bready texture and it’s nice
and moist as well so not dry at all just moist, sticky and packed with cinnamon
flavor we also ordered the peanut butter and jelly bun so there’s a huge glob of
strawberry jelly on top and then some raw peanuts and then I think there’s
peanut butter swirled throughout the bun let’s just crack this baby in half and
see what it’s made up of all right so as Thomas said it’s quite a
cakey texture ohhhh I can see swirls of peanut butter in there okay let’s just get a get a big mouthful, big glob of jam, some
of those peanuts strawberry jam and peanut butter is the
most amazing combination it’s one of my favorites and this totally hits the spot
it’s got a really really strong peanut butter presence and then the jam is really
soft and gooey and sticky and sweet and then the texture of the bun is just
beautiful it’s really, it’s cakey but it’s still very light yeah that is good we’ve come to a different part of town
to visit Markthalle Neun which translates to Market
Hall number nine and this place has been here since 1891 so it’s a real
representation of Berlin’s modern food scene so inside the market hall you’ve
got a number of permanent vendors local artisans like cheesemongers, wine
merchants, bakers and then they’re all standing alongside food businesses which
are selling Asian food, African food, pasta all sorts we’re here to eat sausages
from a local butcher, let’s go we’ve ordered our sausages from the
butcher Kumpel & Keule they’re really well known for good quality meat and
being really transparent about it so it’s owned by a young group of guys the
shop’s made up of big windows and you can watch them actually breaking down the
animal and what’s really neat is that you can choose anything from the cabinet
and they’ll cook it up for you so we went with the sausages because you can’t
come to Germany and not eat sausages so we got the salsiccia so this one is
made up of veal and pork there’s some fennel in there sage and lemon rind and
then we went for the bacon bratwurst which is made up of bacon, pork, roasted
onion and also some Worcestershire sauce and it comes with a huge splodge of
mustard and also some bread and some micro-greens and some tomato on the side I’m going to start with the salsiccia so the one with the lemon rind and the
sage so the butcher was telling me that they make their sausages fresh every
morning okay Wow so much flavor, so quite chunky in
its texture there’s a really good amount of meat and fat in there it’s a
really good balance and you can really taste that fennel and that sage really strong
herb flavor hmm that’s really good I’m gonna grab this other sausage so this is the
one with bacon, pork, Worcestershire sauce and some roasted onion so this
sounds like my sort of heaven I love bacon, I absolutely love roasted onions
when they get all caramelized and sweet let’s dunk this into this mustard so I want
to coat it in the mustard let’s go for it Ohhhh oh that is a good sausage, ohhh that’s
incredible, the bacon flavor so the smokiness of the bacon and the onions the
sweet flavor of the roasted onions they both just scream in that sausage that is
really good really strong flavor oh that is nice these were really expensive
sausages but they taste incredible I find with sausages you pay not much you
don’t get much for your money but when you pay a lot you get incredible quality
meat and incredible quality fresh ingredients these are really good and
like Sheena said you can not come to Germany and not have sausages they have over 1000 varieties of sausages just in their cuisine so sausages are a
huge part of eating here and these are some really tasty, really fancy sausages sausies at the butcher done that was
really good and we have actually eaten at a butcher here in another video in
Germany I really like that the butcher also doing the cooking it’s
really neat so we’ll link the video up there the one that we did with at the
other butcher now we’re gonna have another artisanal thing here and that is some
ice cream and this looks really good we picked up an ice cream cone from Rosa Canina who do the most beautiful organic ice
cream I went for butter caramel with stone salt and cinnamon oh my god holy moly
the favours are really pure so that has just got the most beautiful rich
buttery flavor and then a really strong hit of stone salt and then the cinnamon I had this the other day and I just had
to order it again it’s got such a beautiful sweet earthy cinnamon flavor
and both of the ice creams are really creamy and I got apple and cinnamon
so apple puree oh wow so the Apple is really really
sour the ice cream is not too sweet and that cinnamon flavor comes through
really really strong it’s reminding me of the cinnamon bun that we had this
morning the cinnamon flavor is so strong they have not held back on the cinnamon
it’s a beautiful texture it’s a little bit like a sorbet texture this ice cream
not super creamy but really really tasty this is very good that’s it for the artisanal part of this
video we’re now gonna head for the traditional foods and we’re gonna head
to a tavern that’s been around since the 1880s so very, very traditional and we’re
walking through some of the most beautiful parts of Berlin to get there it’s time for some hearty traditional
German food and this place that we’re visiting has been around since 1888 and
they’re really well known for their crispy chicken and I am totally ready
for a beer let’s go we’ve been sitting in the beer garden at
this restaurant and we’ve started in on our beers because they cook the chickens
to order so we waited about half an hour for our crispy chicken and holy moly it
looks really good and they’re really keeping it simple here it’s literally half a
crispy chook, a couple of slices of brown bread and then we ordered some
sauerkraut on the side so sauerkraut is fermented cabbage now if you have
watched our videos in the past you will know that I am a fried chicken fiend
so I am super excited about this meal all right so what I’m gonna do is just cut
into it, holy moly it is super tender it just ripped apart really easily
all right this chicken is so moist but the skin is super crispy so I’ve cut
into the drumstick let’s taste this thing whoa that is really good fried chicken
the skin, it almost shatters as you bite into it it’s so crispy and then the
meat is really really moist I can see why this place is famous, I’m gonna get into this sauerkraut because I reckon that the sort of pickled flavor is
gonna really balance out the fried chicken pretty well all right so I’ve got a piece of this um
crispy chicken skin and then a mouthful of that sauerkraut the sauerkraut is
really really soft, juicy so it’s been cooked right down there’s no crunchiness
whatsoever so sauerkraut is the fermented cabbage and it’s got a beautiful
sourness, vinegar-iness it works perfectly with that fried chook all right let’s get one
more mouthful of this fried chook the chicken has a lot of flavor
and I just love the contrasting textures so you’ve got the soft meat and then the crispy
skin and I love the simplicity of the dish, they’re good at fried chicken
and that’s what they serve so half a fried chook, couple of slices of
bread and then sides if you want it and pretty much everyone in the place has
got just an order of half fried chook I’m loving this we’re gonna get into our
beers and enjoy our fried chicken, prost that was a great day of
fooding, haha fooding, eating…


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