Full Day Of Eating ft. PROTEIN PANCAKE RECIPE w/ Brandon Harding

31 thoughts on “Full Day Of Eating ft. PROTEIN PANCAKE RECIPE w/ Brandon Harding

  • How many calories does this meal give You? Tired of cooking sweet potatoes, peeling them boiling them when I could just whizz these up in a few mins! 👊💯🤙
    527 cals not bad

  • Just wait when you get older your facial hair will grow even faster that looks like it’s about a day and a half for me

  • Shock…another u-tuber who can’t b bothered to reply to questions??…lol…these ppl need to remember that without the audience he wouldn’t even have a channel making a living for him in the first place!….I’m not the sharpest tool in the box, but even I know that’s not how you run a business…👎🏻

  • So i just tried your pancake recipe and dude! it's really good. Thank you for sharing on how you make this kind of a food.


    Just started lifting/working out again and my biggest problem always been eating right and man this video seriously had all my answers…

    Thanks again for this truly wouldn’t understand how this video just changed my life eating wise and just love your overall attitude and now you got another subscriber looking up to you!

  • Two shakers, Three tubs protien,Three Pre Workouts, EAAs, BCAAs over two hundred dollars worth of stuff yeah i'd say you'll be with ghost shortly.

  • I am gonna make It a little easier :
    100g oatflower
    3 eggs
    30g Protein powder
    And some unsweetend Almond Milk, sweeten It with some liquid zero calorie Sugar.
    The batter has to be smooth and you should be able to have 3 pancakes from the batter.

  • Hey mate…would those pancakes be ok to make in bulk? Would they still b good if they was frozen and defrosted when needed?…

  • "1 month post show, controlling my rebound" eats junk every day and has a relentless obsession with food…not trying to purely hate man, just maybe consider seeking help with your food focus/disordered eating, makes us question whether your heart is actually in this/you mean it when you say you want to make the olympia stage eventually, or just be an influencer

  • I can't believe it's not butter spray has 900 calories per bottle and 90g fat…tired of correcting people on this.

  • I am new to your channel and I really like the content you upload. I am Mexican, I am a teenager (17 years old) and you have become a motivation for me

  • Don’t get me wrong Brandon but you must have fucked your re-bound if you’re maintenance is 2600 cals, I’m 2 weeks post show and I’m eating 5-6k cals and I’m not gaining any weight, around 700 carbs, 400 protein, 50 fat on training days, lol

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