Food Chain Fishing Challenge 2 – Tiny Crabs to Giant Eagle Ray

Food Chain Fishing Challenge 2 - Tiny Crabs to Giant Eagle Ray

the first thing we have to do today for the food chain challenge is to catch Sansa this now these are little crabs that live in the sand they're right underneath my feet right now I'm going to use this steel grape mesh or just Santa regular what we call it and we're going to scoop sand and catch it whoo-hoo we got some so these are the sand please guys all right so these little guys right here fish love these things they're like little crabs and they are just primo bait almost every fish we eat these guys I keep these guys alive in our bucket right here I've got some water stand put them in there and you can see them crawling around oh I'll go crab do that Oh get him oh man a crab you got a crab people Oh primo Revathy don't hurt my please now buddy don't you dare hurt my fleas you don't hurt my fleas you understand now that you got no closet so tough anymore oh oh my gosh it's over this is a record for me I have never caught that many big sand fleas and one scoop that is like I could do that every time my ass I Christmas Day that's amazing that's it oh yeah part one of a food chain challenge is complete we got our sand fleas we got about probably 100 of them look huddling here in that bucket now it's time to grab the ride so I don't think we're in the fifth reach this thing she's a great fancy beach but I haven't seen a lot of action here we're gonna head a little Sal and try to catch some fish part two of the food chain challenge catch bait we're gonna be using our black to bait surf fishing rigs and we're using sand fleas these rigs I designed them myself they're actually really awesome these floats keep the bait suspended the bait hits perfectly in the water and you will catch in a ton of fish I grab to look at those Sam please oh my god they get any better I'm gonna show you guys how to bake these things so you see the back here's the Bonneville right see this this piece right here like little triangle you can go right down here how you gonna gently put them on the hook you don't want to crack their shell so you're gonna gently film on the hook like so just gently slide them on and there he is he's on there I got my mallet I always forget something and today it's the rubber mallet so gotta do it the hard way but just had a little bite on the main rod right there and unfortunately he's gonna get hooked but there's a lot of fish here is a lot of fish jumping the water is a really nice color so you've got a really good chance here getting some fish there jack well dine while we're doing the food chain challenge down there look 500 yards we see these bus pulling up look at that right there there's jet oh my gosh this giant sack almost up it's the one right now oh this is what you want from the beach sometimes you got to put things on pause whether your pompano fishing or whatever be ready and I'll whip a little roll my god you the jacket yeah all right take the mullet they're chipping bullet Wow nice jacket holy bleep or Jack Barnum I hope that he hook him in the mouth huh it's a nice break from the food chain challenge got a jack crevalle how about eight ten pounds and they're still biting so turnkeys got shark bait oh my gosh there we go haha fucked up I think they're heading headed toward that student Oh No oh my gosh we got our roster to go off bro right so hard right now here we go nice jacket blah these guys like so hard we got plenty of bait with that one over there so we're gonna let him go see you buddy I think these jacks means there's definitely fish here the fact that these Jackson here means there's other fish here so we'll get some new fleas out there and see them get one yes oh hi this Sean baby yeah what do we got what do we got what we got when we got oh my god kidding me this is a saltwater catfish now they got these crazy spines you see this right here if you pull this back this thing is razor-sharp and he will stick you and it is some of the worst pain ever occur saw ten minutes it is just miserable but he is fantastic bait so we're going to shoot him we're gonna try to get a few more these guys and we're gonna move on to the next stage in the food chain challenge the second debate landed in the water guys literally I thought to think I never landed I said why is this thing so slack the second I hit the water I had a fish on here come oh hello kitty o-silk at Wow hello that's phenomenal bait another catfish rakaats and fleas we got catfish now we're gonna look for a giant stingray this is our seal cat there's the bait using our jack of all we caught on top water has Chum normally is to be a great bait but we did not catch him in the process of the food chain challenge so he is coming today I'd much prefer to use the Jack catfish oh he's gonna eat it oh here we go there we go oh my gosh here we go here we go oh this is it this is it we got him we got him yeah we got gonna stop break me off get stop oh shut your mouth shut me off come on come on bro whoever says stingrays can't fight on the couch no nope nope nope nope turn turn turn turn turn turn ah I got you there he is oh my gosh do a run that was insane back in the mono getting good you're safe for now huh guys I was literally 5 feet I'm getting broke off see that symbol right there he got a straight for that sailboat and tried to break me off TV our Father stingray before an easy here are incredibly powerful I had full drag on that fish that TV drag reel Dre he could see who's pulling me down a dock I get 45 pounds of drag on that fish he just took me all the way through the mono into the braid you know what's broke me off on the boat and I'm just gas it's not real I had to put everything I got into it so you want to break me off he's over a hundred pounds oh my gosh she's huge oh ah now he's going to the dock no you want to dock gotta stop him fresh when I'm turn up turn ah turn-turn you bow hold on oh the books it's gonna look this scam come on come on we're on the wall or on the wall on the wall no I'm gonna dock this is one of the most strongest fish powerful pound in the ocean it's like hooking in a fighter jet oh my gosh oh my god yes spit run that way big Bubba Oh Oh hook anybody come on well you look like a duck look at this beak he's got right here little sensitive he is beautiful animal there are a lot of fun to catch our honoree up they give you everything they got just reviving them right now and get them nice and healthy I'm gonna make sure you gets to let go the food chain challenge love doing these challenges guys we're gonna do a lot more of those make sure you guys like this video if you haven't already subscribe click that subscribe button right there thanks for watching

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