Food betrayal — don’t swallow the lies | Alan Lewis | TEDxBoulder

Food betrayal — don’t swallow the lies | Alan Lewis | TEDxBoulder

Translator: Ilze Garda
Reviewer: Denise RQ This is the webpage
for a popular national yogurt company. At first glance, you might think that your popular yogurt,
your most favorite yogurt, comes from a beautiful,
lovely place like this, and you’d probably be wrong. This is what a real dairy looks like. The cows in these dairies spend
most of their adult lives inside crowded barns or outside,
in dry lots with no vegetation. The stress of this environment
causes them disease which is treated with antibiotics
and other drugs. And this is not a particularly bad dairy, this is a common dairy run
by a hard-working American farm family according to industry best practices. The problem is a third of the cows
in this dairy will get so sick every year that the cost of their medical treatment
exceeds the value of their milk, and the dairyman has to send Elsie
off to the slaughterhouse where she’s ground up into this. How did we get from those
beautiful, green, sunny pastures to unwittingly feeding
sick cows to our kids? This is the work of the secret society
of the fibberati. (Laughter) The fibberati are well-trained experts trained in circumventing
government regulations and manipulating
your consumer expectations. If you have ever lifted up a food package, read the ingredient label
and felt that you were being lied to, that is the dark mark of the fibberati. (Laughter) (Feeble applause) Now, I’m one of those guys
that loves [his] job, I’m passionate about it, I work
for a chain of hippie grocery stores, and one of my jobs is to make sure we know what matters to our customers,
what products they want. So I work with farmers,
ranchers, and dairies, and this is how we are aware
of pastured dairy with the cows that live on pastures
during the grazing season, they live longer, [have many fewer medications]
and a superior milk product. This caused us to ask a question, “What if we only sold dairy products made with milk from pastured,
non-confinement dairies, those beautiful dairies represented
in the dairy advertising?” So we went to our biggest
yogurt suppliers, and we asked them a few questions,
“Where are your cows right now? What are they eating right now,
and where are your pastures?” Surprisingly,
most of the national brands told us to jump in the lake, take a hike,
“We don’t know.”,”We don’t care.” So we called their bluff. We removed their products from our stores, we put these in; these are the yogurts
from pastured, not-in-confinement dairies. Our customers loved this because not only these products
just feel better to eat in your bones, but our customers could actually
contribute and support the more sustainable, responsible
dairy management practices for just a few pennies more per serving. When you get hate mail
from the dairy lobby, you know you’ve hit the right nerve. (Laughter) But what is so revolutionary
about taking a dairy cow, putting her in a dairy pasture
where she can eat fresh grass? I’ve got two more examples for you,
I’m going to go through them quickly. This is a little more
close-to-home product, a totally fictitious company named LOSTCO. I buy this ham– (Laughter) I buy this ham, I bring it home,
I read the ingredients label, at the bottom it says, “Less than 2%
of each of these ingredients.” Well, you know, I went
to public school, I did the math: five, six ingredients means
that 10% of that ham can be chemicals. So what you do is you take
a pound of nitrates, phosphates, erythorbates, juvenile reprobates, you mix them up with hog juice – I’m not going to tell you
what hog juice is, I swear – and you inject that slurry
into eight pounds of meat, and Presto Change-o,
it’s what’s for dinner. This was inedible.
Little bit closer to home. So I’m the guy who calls
COSTCO and complains, and they send me to the big conglomerate
that makes this product. I’m talking to a guy, and I just imagine him there
in his blue suit jacket, his white shirt, his blue tie, his jeans, his black shoes, and his yellow hair, and this is what he tells me, “If I don’t cure it with chemicals,
it’s not a ham.” [It’s just a leg of pork.] Kind of leaves you breathless. Now, closer to home, Yucky’s Market; [its] famous saying,
“We test for antibiotic residues.” So, two sentences of science,
follow along. You take antibiotics
that accumulate in the kidneys, and you pee them out, got that? The government-approved
tests for antibiotic residues, test the counts of bacteria
in a kidney tissue when the animal is harvested. A good bacteria count means that the antibiotics have already
passed through the animal. The very proud guys behind the meat case
at Yucky’s, this fictitious place, told me proudly they personally choose the meat samples
to be sent out for testing, and I guarantee you there is no way that the antibiotic test on kidney tissue
is going to find an antibiotic residue on a porterhouse. This begs the question: why is Lucky’s testing
for antibiotics anyway? Well, here’s your hint. It’s no wonder that conventional
food sales are down, and it’s no wonder
that natural and organic sales are up. The industry has a response for this because they know that you’re figuring out
what’s going on beyond the scenes. They do two things: first,
they try to redefine natural. Here you have conventional,
here you have natural, let’s redefine it, bring those conventional foods
over to natural, so you’ll buy them. That lasts as long as it takes you
to lawyer up, sue them, and settle for tens
of millions of dollars; didn’t work out too well for the industry. The other thing that the industry does is “Well, let’s at least
throw them a bone, we’ll have a banned ingredients list.” Notice Simple Truth; if that’s green and white,
that means it’s healthy by the way. Just look for the green and white. So 101 ingredients that are suspect,
and they ban them; well, actually, it’s 99,
a couple are listed more than once, and by the way, that’s 99 out of 10,000 legal substances
in the Food Chemicals Codex. What the hell is going on? And for the video,
what the heck is going on? (Laughter) Well, I’ll tell you. (Laughter) The fibberati are over here,
talking about labels, and standards, and organic, and natural, and food safety, because they don’t want you to know
what they’ve been doing over here. Only a handful of companies now control all the fertilizers, pesticides, seeds,
and Ag-equipment sold around the globe. Same thing for processing animals,
processing grain, processing dairy. If you go to your typical supermarket, 7 out of 10 products you see on the shelf
were made in the same factories by the same people,
with the same ingredients, from one, four, five,
six global food conglomerates. They’ve taken away your ability
to choose what you eat, and that dairy farmer we saw earlier
has to operate her dairy that way, she doesn’t choose who buys her milk, and she doesn’t have a say
in how much they pay her. Even worse, farming incomes are down
drastically in just the last 10 years. So big food, big ag
are keeping more for themselves, even as grocery prices continue to rise. Ironically, you’ll be glad to know that a lot of that money goes to pay
for marketing and promotion campaigns to counteract and offset your suspicions
about what they’re doing. Now, back to my job which I love. I think my boss is here, that’s good. (Laughter) This is the fibberati’s biggest fear: this is Matt and Elisa, they produce
farm-raised eggs outside of Boulder, actually further outside of Boulder,
but in Colorado. These are the eggs in the pink cartons,
there is my plug. (Laughter) They have thousands of birds that ride around and live
in open-sided hen houses; that are on wheels and are rotated
through real, actual pastures where they can eat
real, actual bugs and grass. I’ve met a lot of these
peaceful people recently. They are fiercely independent, proud,
and they are rabble-rousers, but I need to take a moment and really explain to you
how they feel about being farmers. “I will not be your subsistence farmer. I will not indenture my family to anyone. I will not poison my soil with petrochemical fertilizers,
pesticides, or, God forbid, GMOs. I will charge a fair price
for the goods I produce based on the true cost of producing them, and I will leave a productive,
healthy farm to my kids.” When the fibberati hear the words ‘freedom’
and ‘independence’ from a farmer, it sends them into a panic,
so I’ll change the tables and tell you what the fibberati whisper
behind your back, “You are the real food elitists,
you value artisanal food that the rest of America
cannot begin to afford. You are afraid of chemicals
and genetic engineering that will feed the world. You have no faith in science being able
to solve the problem that it has created.” That’s how the fibberati
sow seeds of doubt. If you let them convince you of that,
if you believe that, then their job is done. Don’t swallow that lie. So let’s talk about elitism real quick. If your food choices ensure that a farmer can pay his bills,
feed his family, send his kids to college
and have a farm to leave them, that is not elitism. Elitism in the food world is being willfully ignorant
of the indenture of American farmers. Elitism is the corporation that seeks
the benefit from a food system based on the economic exploitation
of the American heartland, and that is the great betrayal. Now, here’s what I think. I think we’ve lost the food war, I think big ag, big food,
and the fiberatti beat us bad. There was no pitched battle, there was no détente,
there was no surrender, they simply, slowly, quietly,
took away our choices. I don’t think we are combatants
in a food war, I believe we are the resistance
in a food occupation. So this is my message: call the fibberati’s bluff,
join the resistance, don’t swallow the lies. Thank you, good night, and good luck. (Applause)

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  • 10 billion people and growing…need more space to fill with human beings and less space for farm animals. In the future, at some point, there will be no pastures. Populations will have to choose between starvation or pastures. Governments will make pastures illegal.

  • Soon people will be eating feed products no different from animal feed products. These products will be proteins from worms and insects and chemically formed. Why? Because you need to feed an exploding population that has poisoned the Earth and it's food sources. Enjoy your big bag of Human "Chuck Wagon".

  • Don't worry, a big bag of Human "Chuck Wagon" will have sugar in it so that kids will eat it, even though it is made of soy and worm protein.

  • This presentation is waste of time. Just as easy as he claims that the fibberaties are whispering in our years about food elitism, anyone can claim that this dude is poisoning us with the idea that sustainable farming and community gardens are the solution to the huge food debacle. It’s nonsense to think that community gardens can be a solution. Who wants to really farm day in and day out for their food?? Yeah, that’s why there’s more and more people moving from farm to cities….to work in community gardens. Please, get real w/ this issue and blame capitalism and greed. Think about your privileged position and stop wasting food. And if you really wanna make a change, drop you cell phone and grab a shovel.

  • Cuz bono? Ah, always good to know who signs the speakers paycheck. No dairy farmer loses 30 of their herd annually and stays in business.
    And Despite the boots, this guy has no idea how to cure a ham.

  • The ultimate resistance is eschewing meat and dairy entirely, and reach back in our history to return to real (ie organic, seeded, original) fruit. Whole-food, plant-based and as natural as possible is the warrior's path against today's manufacturers world.

  • We will simultaneously solve ALL of the worlds great problems by ending SLAVERY in ALL of its forms.
    Embrace Liberty and individual sovereignty.

    NONE of the worlds great problems will be solved until we end SLAVERY in ALL of its forms.


  • This is a fantastic talk however one element of corporate kabal missing from this talk is : "when the people of one country finally discovers how slimy we are instead of changing our practices its cheaper and often more profitable to move to a country that is oblivious to our slimy nature" its no secret that multi national american bussinesses love harsh dictators for this very reason. Im making a jump here but i think you can see how the two go hand in hand.

  • Grain is force fed Anhydrous ammonia twice a year. to replenish the ground they plant peanuts and then sell you them as food because nuts soak up toxins in soils ENJOY

  • Their is a problem thoe . if everyone starts going for the better safer products thoes manufactures will eventually have to mass produce witch will put them in the same position as the current industry leaders . we don't have the land to feed the population this way especially with climate change destroying farm land . ultimately humans are doomed 😞

  • It is about money but you can't feed the masses without industrial farms, it would be anarchy if you cut out mass farming.

  • Russian state policy is memed as entirely organic and gmo free….but sanctions stop it being easily exported …so it is said

  • I am one of those small farmers he is talking about. Corporate farming is a threat to my very existence. But trust me, I would not sell anything that I would not eat myself, or use any chemicals that would potentially harm myself or others. I keep up on the science and research and if anything is questionable I dont use it up to and including chemicals approved for organic farming. I would rather deal with a few crop losses then be accused of destroying the land and the lives of people

  • the fiberati are everywhere. the media is the biggest group of fiberati for the same reasons that the food fiberati operate—-control. power and money

  • I agree that it wd b best to live and grow food that way but the biggest problem is that every year there is less and less farm land and more people 2 feed the world we all can't have grass feed beef and dairy or can afford it and I've been milking cows 4 17 years don't have much to show 4 it ether u can't expect kids now a days 2 want to work 7 days a week a not make any money I wish things where not this way but are population worldwide is getting out of hand all it's going to take is one bad year 4 ag and boom u got a war on ur hands

  • We europeans are also   losing  the war , behind our backs the so called "european union" is Killing our agriculture (same way as in US) , our democracy  our traditions and cultures …they have the lobbies , the politicians and most of the media on their side …they are lying and lying and lying …..and all opposition is labeled as extremist .(left and  right )

  • This is sort of an entertaining and propaganda filled video Indiana they have a thing called Amish people Amish people have cows dairy cows and they conduct their business a lot like you showed in an industrial dairy farms because that's how you have to do it if you want to sustain your business to any kind of industrial standard and make it profitable beyond selling spare gallons of milk to your neighbors yes it's slightly inhumane but it's no more inhumane then the same people selling us electric cars they give us a 150 mile fence that we can drive around inside of

  • we have lost the food war knowing quite a bit about the Midwest farming corn production soybean production how agriculture the mom-and-pop farm doesn't exist the family farm has been bought out by the corporate farms and the novelty farm is just that a novelty

  • Revive your WW II VICTORY GARDENS-FARMS-ORCHARDS for both indoor and outdoor cultivation. If you live in an area that has polluted soil, then put a lot of lime to lockdown the pollutants so that the plants will not absorb them and add azomite whose trace microwaves will neutralize all heavy metals and toxic agricultural chemicals. And do no use GMOs and do not use Hybrids, use only natural genetic heirloom varieties whose harvested grains, fruits, nuts, roots, etc can be used as an "INDEPENDENT" source of seeds and become a self-contain farm. Plant several willow trees and use them as a source of young willow shoots to be used for making willow rooting hormone water used to propagate-root all plant cuttings.

  • The audio is not working for me. Is anyone else having problems with hearing him? FYI, other videos are playing just fine, so it’s not an issue with my audio system, it’s this particular video.
    Edit, I’ve looked through other comments and learned that people have been having a problem specifically with the right earbud. Sadly for me, my left one is broken.

  • Research plastic eggs. Lab grown meat and milk from bugs. A catastrophic food crisis is coming soon. World wide cold weather crop losses the past 3 and 4 years are causing food shortages and rioting around the world. You won't hear about it on your local news or the lying mainstream media. You need to go to the countries local media to get the truth. Next year the United States will see an astronomical increase in food cost. Check out ice age farmer and adapt 2030.

  • Lab grown meat is no different than the fake poison they feed us now. If you think they won't just add 85% poison to it you're a sheeple. Ask yourself why the countries billionaires are buying 1,000 of acres of farm land and investing in indoor vertical grow farms? Bill Gates and Jeff Brazos have invested hundreds of millions of dollars into indoor vertical farming. Gates and a few other billionaires have been quietly purchasing prime farm land around the country. So it doesn't matter what you do, a few billionaires will still control everything. The civilization reset is on its way. Research magnetic reversal and the grand solar minimum. Be prepared. Learn to grow and preserve your own food. Learn water purification/filtration. Learn how to hunt, fish and butcher your own meat. Get out of the cities. Come out of her my people. Laugh if you want. It has happened many times before. I'll be eating while others will starve.

  • sadly i have watched mulinational companies lobby governments to destroy the small farmers that do it the old way .the regulations quotas.and demands enforced by suits in offices ie;health units are shutting down farmers markets if they find natural fertilizers in the fields .they use things like the clean water act/laws ,land use laws,green space laws,non sustainability laws to ban anything but chemicals .they are banning heritage seed to farmers and not allowing them to market non modified product . a farmer by law can not butcher their own animals and must send them hundreds of miles to a government approved site with no guarantee you get your grain fed pasture raised animal back

  • So lucky to happen upon a Talk by someone about a real issue – a very serious matter – and so well humoured. This is going on Facebook + Twitter !

  • This was a good talk and good to watch… but I'm turning off on these "TedX" things in general. Where is the Q & A session after the speaker has finished his talk? Many may have questions that weren't answered, and a few of these speakers need to be raked over the coals for the lies/exaggerations/misleadings they (may be being paid to knowingly) put out there.

  • lol, as it turns out the modern small government Libertarian is just a well armed hippy. I'm gonna make T-shirts!

  • now its been 5 years
    his call for joining the "resistance" seems eerily prescient and scary now
    didn't age well

    BUT I agree about supporting local farmers, which thankfully seems to be a strong long term trend now.

  • An excellent presentation .
    Much of the problem relates to overpopulation relative to resources .
    Probably the worst threats to any mammalian species are extinction and overpopulation .
    An ideal society would maximize nutrition which is naturally produced and naturally processed .
    Could we feasibly achieve that nutritional utopia with the current population ?
    Could we also supply the impoverished nations , without implementing adverse technology ?


  • According to ancient Sumerian text the planet Nibiru crosses through the inner solar system every 3600 years. It also says that Nibiru is responsible for the formation of the earth and the asteroid belt due to a collision with a large rocky waterworld known as Tiamat. Check out the video 1.1 Tiamat & Nibiru Battle [Enuma Elish] – The lost… youtube, if this is of interest to you.
    ps Nibiru last crossing was in 556 bc. so its still 1000 years away folks.

  • Stop eating cows…make slaughter houses of glass. …ppl will be disgusted with themselves for eating such beautiful and gentle creatures who feels pain and has emotions just like us.

  • I notice that his final statement was edited. I wonder what was cut from his solution suggestion that didn't make the final cut.


  • Something wrong with how a chicken looks and tastes though I do not know why !! Could it be what a chicken is fed or injected with or both ?

  • I'm no fan of the big corporations, but this guy has more innuendo, conspiracy theories and half truths in here than you can shake a stick at. I'll address just 1: sick cows cost money, antibiotics cost money. Sending a cow to the slaughter house costs money. Any dairy that had to give antibiotic to a third of its cows in any given year would go broke. If antibiotics are given, that milk has to be dumped. Every farm's milk is tested for antibiotic residue every single time it is picked up. If a farmer makes a mistake and ships contaminated milk, he will have to pay for the whole truck load, which will be over $500,000. He will take the greatest pains not to let that happen. I service dairy equipment in the state of Ohio. I get onto a lot of farms. Some I wonder why I'm helping them stay in business. Most are reasonably well run. Size had little to do with that though. Both small and large farms can produce high quality product. This fellow really does not understand the reality and economics.

  • The 6 largest companies in the U.S. control most of the U.S. food production?
    So how far into the future before such dystopian monopoly experiments with demented recycling of Soylent Green?…smiles

  • Lactose intolerant? No. Cow milk intolerant is more accurate. It's not made for human consumption. Drinking it for life is absurd and hazardous to ones health. Cows don't drink cow's milk for life. No creature on Earth except humans drink baby milk for life.

  • All nice to say, and I agree with the principal, who wouldn't , but explain the logistical and economical plan to feed the nation instead of just crying how wrong it is , you just uncovered what you call a massive problem without providing any other solution than "your the resistance act accordingly" what happens when the whole town comes and wipes Billy's egg farm clean out of eggs in one day? How much does he charge the next day when he has to buy eggs in from outside his farm to appease the masses who are "acting accordingly" and the demand is so high ? Or does he just tell people no more eggs? How much do eggs cost from state to state ? Does it depend on how many egg farms there is in the state or maybe one gets so big that dare I say it starts mass producing eggs to feed the demand? It's nice to take the moral high ground I guess , I might stand outside with a sign tomorrow saying "cancer is a killer" and cite how many deaths are due to cancer and explain the neurological degenerative effects it has and how horrible it is and then go and watch some tv , but I'm a good person because I've acted accordingly

  • Except dairy is awful for us. Milk is for infants and babies…and if you're not a baby cow, then you shouldn't a be drinking or eating it. Common sense stuff, but Big Dairy has done a great job brainwashing the public.

  • Great video on why the meatindustry is unsustainable. We need more whole food plant based, because that is the only option.

  • This doesn't just apply to food but racism, medical, entertainment and every other industry is manipulated by these people and Satan is there boss

  • It is a difficult situation when healthy foods cost more than processed foods. I believe most people would prefer to buy the healthy foods but can't afford it. I know cost weighs in tremendously in our household.

  • I'm a professional chef of 35 years and I am required by law with my degree to know more about nutrition than a medical doctor. If you want to cause a revolution in America all you need to do is learn how to cook your own fresh food at home with natural organic ingredients that do not come in a package . Your health will improve, you will save a ton of money , you will get to know your family because you share a meal at the table and best of all you will eat independent of the corporate fraud in our nation.
    You vote with your dollar in America's consumer society- you can bring these corporations to their knees if you don't buy into the marketing hype and the products – plain and simple.

  • So until these monsters are either stopped or their heads put upon a pike, what exactly are we supposed to eat. I can't spend what it costs to eat only "organically" 'cause those guys are crooks too. It seems we've come to a point in this country where your chance of being swindled is no longer a chance at all, but a near certainty. If you buy a product or service you are more likely than not being swindled in one way or even many ways. Try to avoid it? Like removing all hope of getting an honest product. Super glue is currently sabotaging their own product. Thats right and I have seen the proof personally. They secretly removed the small pin located under the cap of the bottled version they sell in thrift stores. This small insignificant little change causes the glue to dry out VERY prematurely. You know, so you can go and buy another bottle that will also dry out long before its ever empty. I remember when Americans had pride in the products they produced. And consistantly of much greater quality than all imported products. It is just too sad to watch my country crumbling away bit by bit because a few are uncaring, greedy pigs. The table needs turned, and a rug or two pulled out.

  • How many people would use dairy products if they knew that the milk contained PUS?!?! I first learned this in college but dismissed it as "gee, what a nutty professor!" But then I got severe arthritis in my hands and back and thought it might be that I was eating yogurt every day for lunch. I remembered how milk constipated me as a child and how terrible my asthma was. At this point, I could not open a door knob unless it was lever-style. My dear husband had changed all the doorknobs in our house for me. I could not open a jar, got a neat-o can opener which opened jars too because of course, spaghetti sauce in the jar tastes best, right?

    Did some research on milk, listened to videos Dr. Walter Veith and all the other videos I could find on milk. They also talked about the PUS in milk. So I got myself some vanilla soy milk and decided I was going to try this for a month and give up cheese, ice cream and yogurt. In one month I could again sign my name. I could open regular door knobs and after 3 months, unless the jar is stuck really tight, I can open most jars.

    Our body is designed to heal if we stop the food poisoning. That was 15 years ago. Then I began to transition to vegetarian and finally I am a vegan. Feel so much better as I could not always manage the arthritis in my back. Going vegan, I lost 55 lbs. and if my back gets sore, usually a good nights sleep is all it takes now to feel alright again. I am 66 and my blood pressure is normal, my cholesterol is normal, my blood sugar A1C number now shows I have no sign of diabetes, whereas I had been pre-diabetic.

    My husband's also gone vegan with me and he is doing better, as he would not give up milk and ended up with prostate cancer stage 4 and has to be operated. They got the cancer but I told him he can't go back and eat the same way so he is following my lead and he's lost weight, his blood pressure is under control now also and both of us take no medications whatsoever.

    If we stop the food poisoning, the diseases go away. Listen to Dr. John McDougall.

  • The is no pie in the sky, no bluebirds singing in pretty gardens, and no brain cells between this guy's ears, or the ears of those in the comment section. Get real, people. Read a book. Learn how to do research on Google. Do something to get rid of your childish ignorance.

    All the community gardens in history couldn't feed five percent of the population of the United States, let alone the population of Chine, India, and other such countries. There isn't enough land in this country to plant enough community gardens to feed my grandma. Unless you want to buy a few million acres, of course.

    Nor is there enough land for enough bluebirds singing, pie in the sky, free range chicken and dairy farms to feed enough people to even matter.

    It's real simple. Either we have megacorporations and giant farms, and caged chickens, and bare ground feedlots, or only the rich can afford to eat, which is fine because there won't be enough food for the poor, anyway.

  • I have no faith that some of the scientists who want to feed the world will be turned to more sinister purposes.

  • Even better: the lecture at the Moscow GcMAF conference of Scott Tips.
    Search for it in Youtube.
    In the 2nd half he explains how they mis-use the codex alimentarius.

  • Don't eat anything man made or alerted in any way shape of form. The american Indians had it right, If Columbus arrived here today you would be able to drink from every stream and river! Who were the real savages?

  • Grow our own food, take back our choices and take control of our own health. Greenhouse agriculture is where we can make a difference. And using in them nutrient dense toxic free methods of growing fresh food. I've been hunting for years for solution to running greenhouses cheap, finally found what I was hunting for in the most unexpected place, right under our nose and we failed to recognize it.

  • You know nothing about dairy production dummy. Those cows were in the  bales to be milked which is done twice a day then they are  moved outside. Anti biotics  if  given that milk that is produced from that cow is poured out.   The issue of sodium nitrates in cold cuts meats in all north Americam meat is true as it is banned in Europe  as it  causes colon cancer. The processing of food is when the chemicals are added.

  • This is not true. I have seen many dairy farms and they look nothing like what he is saying. They picture is where they are fed twice a day,and then let out into fields to grade.

  • the question now is can we produce all this food the proper way and not have it cost 10x as much. Most people are struggling these days with living expenses.

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