FNAF Plush Episode 89 Freddy's Happy Meal

FNAF Plush Episode 89 Freddy's Happy Meal

where is chica with that Mackey's I want that happy meal now here Freddy he's your huh the happy meal you were crying about oh yes happy me a happy meal happy me me me a happy meal happy meal happy meal oh yes wait where is it wait it's gonna be here what are you or not Freddy I know but one thing what is it Freddy where is my toy I always get toys with my Happy Meal I don't know they might have forgotten to put it in no no you better get me my toy that's the only reason why I wanted this happy meal so you're saying I drove all the way to McDonald just to get you a toy yep Freddy are you hungry police in tomorrow's tomorrow's since when did they serve tomorrow's and McDonald's that's stupid I want my toy Freddy Freddy I'm not going back to McDonald's just steal your stupid toy nah I don't want food I want my toy I want a toy a toy a toy a toy that's more like it ladies Friday okay Freddie I got your stupid toy thank you wow that had well you kind of deserve it Oh do it choice for toy toy toy toy toy toy toy toy toy toy toy toy toy toy wait what is this what is this Jacob I what is this check on your Happy Meal box and you'll see hmm chickens so lazy what is this hmm secret life of pets – oh yeah the movie like with a different voice actor for max yeah yeah chica I didn't want this what do you mean now Freddy I wanted this dog buddy I didn't want this stupid dog pretty it's ready please just eat your happy meal and clean it up it's on the floor you know chica I don't accept of that I want nobody I was not just yelling chica yes shut up genius comes a nose yelling what is they on the bill I don't really know I wanted to do I wanted stop yelling at me stop you tell me I want the toy fine do every popco for this this is a good show we have this over there you want one for me yes you're hmm chica I'm gonna get me that toy fine I'll just get back off and give me a toy what okay put a picture next to me that is a commercial burger and this is a burger that you get look at this okay come back come here what is this what is this burger flat this is not a good burger yep what is this McDonald's what is this you right you right can't even get my toy right now burgers it looks bad it's so hard to peel off that bun Oh Gingka what do you want Gingka what is this would you eat it I mean no because you threw it on no cheek meat no what do you mean why isn't there anything in here because it was cheap chika when I say I want a big burger you get me a good burger me Freddy has only $1 $1 you could get to that better bet on a 5 bucks and then the amazing taste but look now I'm here stuck trying to eat a burger with tomato sauce that's flat but woman where are you going drink my coke oh wow trying to get out of the situation you get me a good burger chica Freddy no no more just have to watch this now and me this embracing the grand if you would I mean those on the ground I mean we have nothing to eat what's the cheeks bony hey I mean I'm not sure if I'm gonna eat these you'll be fine Bonnie oh you need it anyways nothing else it wait I gotta use the bathroom no no phrase lift I mean party does the burger over there huh you know what that means he left it so unexpected oh okay oh yeah oh god this really does look like a cheap burger I mean it's burger oh that was such a nice bathroom break now that I mean my burger Jake aah oh my god what do you want Freddy what do you want Freddy I'm done arguing with me what is this it's a table why is it supposed to be on the table ah no nothing no chicken what was on the table some McDonald's are you didn't when he no no I wonder they know Jacob why didn't you do to my burger did you eat it I know you did Freddy I did not eat your burger I don't wanna die on a burger diet now now give me back my burger you could buy me one if you already ate it Freddy why you saw me cuz you wouldn't get me a better burger cuz chica your burger good time yes you did now I'm gonna cry I'm just gonna eat my fries alone oh wait Jacob what where are my fries fries oh yeah you did Tony's boxing it could be chica just gonna play him like toys with my stupid – wait wait am i toid Oh Jane who stole my stuff I'm gonna ask Bonnie and Fox Barney foxy what is this where's my fries of my tomorrows doing here we're born in foxy were Barney foxy get out here but Butchie pretty easy hide Oh follow this way you want on me are you stupid no he's gonna find you I've been up here Bonnie and foxy foxy Bonnie only its do like save yourself just get up talky oh okay you can't match it you stole my happy I'm gonna hide it here good luck foxy oh we're gonna go see oh just retrieve a foxy can you find me a happy meal Oh what is he on about

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