hi everyone and welcome back to my channel so this is going to be another family grocery haul our meal plans if you want to see what our meals were like for this week then keep watching so before I get into this video I am quickly required to tell you as per the CMA guidelines I have worked with Tesco in the past however this video is not sponsored at all and our grocery shop was bought with my own money anyway let me show you what I bought this week is probably we're singing as well actually that we got our little own club car bounces through the post you know when you shop and point stop and that kind of thing so we spend about 90 pounds technically but we actually spend 75 in the end so it was quite good going and I stopped up with loads of snacks for like the half Tim and that kind of thing so anyway let's get into it so the first thing that we got where these and these are fret and flown a piece from Tesco these are easy fit so they like their version of pull ups and we bought them because they're a size six Daisy whereas the five plus ones normally but we've had a few leaks recently and she's like nearly done with potty training we've not rushed it which is taking our time but these they'll still do for nighttime and things like that and we just want to see you six is better for her then I stocked up on this because it was on offer and its massive to be honest with you this will do 40 washes and I think it was like 5 pounds something like that I've never ever used this before so I'm hoping that it's nice it looks quite nice anyway and then I also got some comfort creations and fabric softener this has two in one and I've just realized it does that mean it's probably already got a popular softener in I don't know but either way won't go to waste anyway and we've got it and I have all of this is still covered by the way so the first thing that we picked up is a jar of hoisin sauce this is the Lee Kum Kee range and then their sources are really really good like they taste more authentic than others then I have some garlic powder here we have some panko breadcrumbs visual coke Zero some Heinz baked beans because well they are the best beans and we don't eat bean so much but when when we get them I like to buy these when I can and I've got some bowtie pasta or fowl I think it's called and then we have some medium egg noodles as well along with some spaghetti there got two jars of these Passat is because they were on offer as well I've got a jar of bean sprouts and then also not jar attendant bean sprouts and also attend a sweet corn as well there and then the final thing was just to stock up on some soy sauce so this is the reduced salt version which that's actually all they had then everything over here is where like we've kind of stopped up on extras along with like the big washing powder and that kind of thing the only frozen can be bought this week were these garlic baguettes from the hearty food company and then as it's half Timbers and half Tim is two weeks where we live and I just start to pull lots of snacks to have in the cupboard and if we don't meet them all in half term then they will last for like the future as well so it got more of these animal biscuits Claddagh love these as a kid and these were only a pound got some prawn crackers for a meal I thought I would try these eat real quinoa chips they're sour cream and chive flavor they're really nice I got some Ritz tomato and him crackers because they would be quite useful for lunches when the kids are off so like with cheese and crackers and then like some veg and that kind of thing I've got two packs of these brioche rolls and I brought the is it pesky a brown and I brought them because they are a bit nicer and they were on offer as well and then I got these after eight bytes and munchies does anyone remember when these after 8 bites were just like mint munchies do you remember that's why I bought them because I saw these first and then the one hunting for these and they're pretty much identical but we like to do movie nights now and again with the kids and it's always nice to have some light snacks in and then over here we have some pom bears that we run off there and some lights that were on offer as well these are really good the honey glazed BBQ I'm all about barbecue flavor things absolutely love them got a Warburton's toasty but as we got meridian peanut bars and usual ones marks they were still on offer at the moment so picked some more I've got some strawberry bites with yogurt flavored coating and then I have some sweet cinnamon porridge just because I used to eat porridge all the time when I was at work and these were on offer and I thought I might as well just give them ago there's 10 sachets in there and I don't have to faff around with like measuring things out too much and I don't could probably make it myself for less but I just really fancied the like taste of these like sweet cinnamon right on my street and and I got Smithy's chocolate slices because they were on offer as well and the 30% less sugar and I just thought why not give them a go see what they like so that's a lot of snacks that we wouldn't normally get but I think they'll do as well and it's why I use the vouchers on really then everything else is over here so I'm going to start in the corner and we have some large British free-range eggs I got a 12-pack of them got some buttermilk here I have some smoked pork sausage this is a family packs it's like a big one and some cream fills from our tray some ham Grana Padano cheese and some strings and things as well and then a ball of mozzarella and me twice this week we haven't got loads you've already got bacon left in we've already got like some fruit left in the fridge as well and some veggie left in the fridge so we didn't need to get too much this time which is quite nice and I've got some British turkey breast mints this is 2% fat but 5% fat lean statements and then I got a big jumbo pack of chicken breast Phillips for recipes that I'm gonna do it this week then I have some red chilies here a cucumber we have some British coriander and flat leaf parsley two limes some ginger we've already got some garlic left hand so I didn't get any more garlic this week I have some onions red ones white ones and then for fruit this week we've got satsumas because they were a pound I got some pears because you don't often get pears and I thought the kids would enjoy them the usual bananas got raspberries blueberries and strawberries at the back there the avocados are still on offer at the moment for like 30 something P so I've got two more of those two large heads of broccoli for one pound 31 some sweet gem lettuce and then also some spring onions and then finally some baby chestnut mushrooms so now onto the meal plan I have it on my phone here I hope you don't mind I'm just gonna be referring to it while I talk to you but for Sunday's meal we ended up having mozzarella stuffed meatballs with spaghetti and a homemade tomato sauce with garlic bread is really really easy to do and if you want to see like how I made it if you actually check out my recent weekend vlog which I will leave link down below you can see me and Daisy they're really really easy and they were pretty good as well if I do say so myself on Monday we had homemade southern fried chicken with chips smoky beans and gravy I bought the Mayflower southern fried like chicken gravy from bnm and it was actually really really good so if you ever see that when you're going for light or the bits or the Mayflower curry sauce as well which is amazing really really worth picking that up then on Tuesday we ended up having incidentally the Mayflower Chinese chicken curry with egg fried rice and prawn crackers it's so so worth a try you have the curry in like a little Tupperware box almost you just mix it together with water and then you cook off chicken onion and peas and then add the sauce and it tastes amazing I made a fried rice with it as well and it was so so good they're definitely worth the tribe he's not had that before and again as I said I get it from bnm then on Wednesday we had Asian chicken lettuce cooks this is actually a recipe of mine from my blog I used to plug ages and ages ago don't do it so much anymore but I will leave that link down below and it's a nice light low carb meal if you're looking to like cut back on carbs or just have something a bit lighter that day then on Thursday I had a smoked sausage i'm sanna pasta with garlic bread I say I had we had and it's literally the Matheson's make sausage that I bought you just chopped it up and I fried it off with some onion some garlic some fennel seeds and then I added in a big bottle of passata along with like some sugar and a bit of balsamic vinegar and seasoning and a bit of like mixed herbs as well just to sort of bring it all together and I clipped that down and then just had it with some pasta mix through and then some garlic bread really really good and the kids really liked it as well and that's actually it for the meal plan that this week because we're actually off on holiday tomorrow at the time we're filming this so tonight the kids have had hot dogs because that's their like go-to favorite treat on a Friday and we are actually going to have a takeaway once you finish packing got them all to sleep because it's just kind of tradition for us and yeah I'm really excited to go away and I was thinking of doing like a grocery haul from holiday because we're staying in accommodation that allows us to sort of cook ourselves I will say by the way if you want to see what we're up to you our away we are working with alfresco holidays over in France for the week so in exchange for a stay I am and some content for them I'm just going to say that now so that if you do go over to Instagram which is probably the best place to go then at least you know the score if that makes sense and yeah I'm really really excited to be working with them and I hope that I can bring some brilliant content so yeah have a lovely rest of your week whatever you're up to and I will hopefully see you really seen


  • Hey Charlotte, I’m so glad to be catching up with your videos. I’ve been in hospital and the wi-fi was a bit hit or miss, so I missed you! Hope that doesn’t sound too mad but I do really enjoy your videos. Have you ever tried Branson Beans? I never thought I’d eat anything other than Heinz but I do really like the Branson variety. Also, have you tried the Lee Kum Chi char-su-pork sauce? Delicious 😋 I love when you get a Tesco’s voucher! Hope you are having or had a fabulous holiday, a week in France sounds fabulous 🤗

  • Heinz were the only beans I ever bought until I tried Branston beans, the sauce is much thicker and tasty, give them a try, they are often on offer.

  • Weren't the After Eight bites originally called Mintola? Always love your meal ideas. Thanks for sharing. xx

  • I love the smell of Bold but my kids are allergic to everything so it’s Persil non-bio or nothing for us 🤣

  • Love these videos as we spend approx £70 a week for myself partner and 10 month old! And on a mummy group on Facebook some spend that a MONTH! So I’m hoping to reduce our spend and plan better x

  • Can’t believe they discontinued the mint munchies they were so good. I’m not a fan of the chocolate on the normal ones now – they seem to have changed it 😑

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