Episode 405 – Health Benefits of Epsom Salt

Episode 405 - Health Benefits of Epsom Salt

I hope you're having a great day well today I want to talk about magnesium sulfate also known as Epsom salt now you can get a 20 gram sachet that'll cost you less than 10 rupees in fact it would cost you just seven rupees in any pharmaceutical any pharmacy shop across India now how we can use Epsom salt towards our benefit magnesium sulfate magnesium sulfate is basically made out of magnesium sulfate and oxygen now when you soak magnesium sulfate or Epsom salt in water it releases magnesium and it releases sulfate ions this can be absorbed easily into the human skin an Epsom salt or magnesium sulfate has numerous numerous health benefits now a lot of people in the olden days and even until now they mix epsom salt with water and drink it because it acts as an instant laxative for constipation that's not something where a fan of that's not something that we recommend people to do it certain cleanses allow it to happen under supervision but we don't do it because it acts as a very very strong laxative now what happens is you may use it in SOS conditions but when it comes to constipation you want to correct certain behaviors and your lifestyle ranging from your fiber intake to your water intake to your exercise and your sleep and all of that to solve it laxatives are basically just treating the symptom but you never correct the behavior and it still means you have constipated just because you pass a motion with a laxative doesn't mean that you're not constipated so we missed the root cause and we only treat the symptom and that creates more problems in the future coming back to magnesium sulfate now why it is so important for us to do a soak in Epsom salt if not once a week you can do it once a month but I'll tell you why it's so important and you don't have to have a bathtub to do this you can have a bucket where you put about 50 grams to a hundred grams of Epsom salt in that bucket you fill it up to knee level and warm water and you soak your feet up to your knee level in Epsom salt this is especially good for the elderly for our senior citizens for our parents who face a lot of knee pain a lot of cough muscle pain a lot of Payne a lot of water retention in their body I should actually just say our elders and our senior citizens because today young people in their 20s and 30s face those same problems because of a sedentary lifestyle and wrong eating habits and too much of processed food magnesia has a function of over 325 functions in the human body ranging from the heart health ranging from your heart health to your blood pressure to your brain even to your brain and the amount of neurotransmitters that you require for normal neurological action to happen from your skin to your hair to your liver function your kidney function everything requires magnesium in the human body and most of us are depleted in magnesium because of poor lifestyle now you can do a normal blood test to check your magnesium levels but that is a biomarker many people may have normal magnesium levels in their blood tests but they are still depleting magnesia so when a lot of people wake up with cough pain in the morning type coughs or the stiffness in their legs they have magnesium deficiencies you put them in magnesium or magnesium rich foods or an Epsom salt bath and the pain disappears immediately so that's another way to know if you're deficient deficient in magnesium if you do an Epsom salt soak and most of your pains disappear you already know what idiot deficient in magnesium and then you start looking at magnesium rich foods like your green leafy vegetables your almonds your walnuts your peanuts unsalted pistachios all of these things are naturally rich in magnesium or you can do it in magnesium magnesium Bard now a lot of athletes today soak in Epsom salt baths post their training because the beauty of Epsom salt is its able it's it's highly anti-inflammatory it can reduce your pain it can reduce muscle soreness it can reduce inflammation in your tired joints and India tired muscles so you can use the sports training of you're recovering from surgery or you already have knee problems and inflammatory issues and pain in your body epsom salts Oaks can really really help you with that with your sleep a lot of people who do epsom salts baths and then they go to sleep they report having the deep sleep possible again there's a science behind us because the more magnesium we have within the right quantities in our body it is again a precursor to melatonin and melatonin is what produces what puts us to sleep every night so I always tell people especially if you travel a lot you're staying out of hotels today most hotels have bathtubs and you can fill up the bathtub you can put some epsom salts especially if you're a jetlag you're traveling a lot and you're just soaking that Epsom salt warm bath for about five to ten minutes and then you can literally guarantee yourself a beautiful deep calming sleep and waking up very very fresh the next morning because it reduces the fatigue in your tissues your joints your muscles it helps you sleep better so that's something that you can do as well so from muscle pain to soreness to joint pain to low magnesium levels when you're in that magnesium soak or that epsom salts so you can even just take that water and wash your face with it because it has a natural exfoliant in it and again it is natural and naturally anti-inflammatory as well now for children with autism and for children with epilepsy and even adults with epilepsy we have seen the immense benefits when I'm gonna say soaking in Epsom salt is gonna take away your orders in my epilepsy we're trying to say that parents have reported a calmness and their children when they have this Epsom salt bath whether you're autistic whether you have epilepsy because again magnesium plays a critical role in autism and in epilepsy as well and sometimes only deficiency if this one trace mineral magnesium can lead to several problems in the human body so it is so important to have these children even soak in a bucket of Epsom salt water or in a bathtub of Epsom salt water as well now what we need to understand if we soak in Epsom salt for 10 to 15 minutes we want to make sure that we have a whole glass of water post that because you also lose a lot of water in that soak of Epsom salt and warm water so you want to make sure that you stay hydrated but these are the simple benefits of something called magnesium sulfate now you can buy these sachets use them at home carry it when you travel it's a simple lie style change that you can make highly inexpensive now if you don't want to do that tomorrow's video we talked about the benefits of soaking in seawater natural seawater you keep that video for tomorrow because sea water is highly therapeutic which is why when you go back into the 18th and 19th century most patients were asked to spend about 15 to 20 minutes soaking in seawater of course if you have access to it the right way and we talked about the health benefits of that tomorrow but until then you can get magnesium sulfate called Epsom salt in your normal local pharmacy you can stop those soaps today for yourself for your children for your senior citizens for your parents whoever it is who's going through these symptoms if you don't have any of these symptoms it's still a good thing to take an Epsom salt soap maybe once in 10 days once the 15 days just to keep your muscles relaxed and to get a good night's sleep have a great day everyone until next time eat smart move more sleep right and breathe deep

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    You have been one of the greatest influencers in my life , i have come across.
    I salute u for the generosity.
    Appreciate if u could reply me for the one and only question of mine.
    Can the pregnant ladies follow all your videos and lead a holistic lifestyle.
    Respect ur viewpoints on the same.
    Keep posting as ur videos are precious to this world.

  • The very alert you give always while MgSO4 soaked bath to keep enough hydrated I feel scared to go for it as where I stay people suffer from dehydration a lot.But now after hearing today will definitely give a try once to see the result. Thanks.

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  • Very good and important Video!!! I use magnesium chloride hexahydrate
    instead of the sulfate. Keep on the great work!

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