hey everyone welcome back to Sundays at Tiffany's if you're new here my name is Tiffany from Beauty and the Beast uns and I have this little series going on where I am doing a Sunday video just something to kind of get rid of those Sunday's Gary's and get you ready for the week ahead whether it's cooking cleaning grocery shopping or just doing all the errands in the world my Sunday series is meant to give you a motivation for the week and make you feel a little less anxious on a Sunday if you want to check it out I have an entire playlist for Sundays at Tiffany's so on today's episode we are doing like a cooking meal prep type video to get you ready for the week ahead we're gonna be making some breakfast options and some lunch options and some snack options I feel like I usually say that I have a hardest time with snack options because it wait too long and I might describe it like a bag of chips or something like that so I think doing snack prep a lot of people forget about that and kind of fall off also if you're not having snacks you're waiting too long to eat and then you eat too much or you make a bad choice because you're starving so I really feel like we'll prep get you ready I do feel like we fell off the bandwagon a little bit just because we've had so many events and birthday so they haven't been eating the best that we can we leave for vacation soon so you know I always want to be on your game before you're in like a bathing suit but also just being healthy in general so anyway hope that you enjoy this video let's get right into it the very first thing that I did was I threw it's um a package of chicken thighs into the crock-pot with one cup of hot sauce any hot sauce you like and three cloves of minced garlic you can cook that in the crock-pot on high for four hours or on low for eight hours it's just insane easy the house smells amazing and when it's done you can literally just stir it and it falls apart and it's the perfect like type of chicken you can do this with salsa and taco seasoning you want a different type of chicken like that but shredded chicken in the past and my meal prep videos I've done the taco one as well as just like a barbecue ones but I do really like shredded chicken in my lunch meal prep I'm gonna let the chicken sit for a little while longer and just a really marinate and let's get into everything all right we're starting this at 7:03 p.m. the kids are asleep I'm gonna start off by baking it at 350 and let's see how long all of this actually takes us but let's say I really need to write the actually write these down in my little recipe binder but we're gonna making some protein muffins some apple cinnamon oatmeal cups and some egg cups first so we're gonna do these three things first before we do anything else we're starting with our protein muffin so we have one and a half cups of flour and this is the flour that I use it's gluten free measure for measure it's a best gluten-free flour you can use whatever flour you want but this is a flour I use I'm gonna be doing a teaspoon of baking soda 1/4 teaspoon of salt ok so now we're gonna do our wet ingredients we're gonna set cup of honey make sure it very lid on the floor that's part of the process I'm trying to like not scrape the edge of chose the metal against the metal it like gives me chill that I think it's a worst sound in the world and it hurts my teeth does that make any sense probably not now we're doing a tablespoon of vanilla a tablespoon of olive oil we're doing a tablespoon of milk this could be like almond milk whatever you want but this was close by so I'm using this just regular 2% milk now for the star of the show three ripe bananas I'm just gonna put these in a bowl and mash them up with my super expensive fancy piece of equipment which is my potato masher from Dollar Tree the less dishes the better so I'm literally just like throwing them into this bowl and mashing them up how convenient we made feeling two bananas at once so efficient sometimes Italia now this fancy piano manager finish it all up mash up nicely and I'm gonna add one egg in there as well as a 1/2 cup of Greek yogurt and I'm just using this Chobani nonfat Greek yogurt and now for our egg just mix it all together and then I like my wet ingredients to my dry ingredients I do have a KitchenAid mixer but I don't feel like pulling out right now which is really funny because it's supposed to help you all right so let's add our wet to our dry and then we'll add some chocolate chip in the best part it doesn't have a it's like a thicker consistency get our chocolate chips so the recipe calls for a half cup of chocolate chip but back together I'll do red cupcake liners since it's almost fourth of July short 100 almost like one of the weird things that Chris always does like you're always like if we're putting clothes like here and we will pick up the perfect amount of hangers every single time it's the weirdest thing so pop these bad boys in I'm using the kids plastic spoon because I just can't do the metal I just rinsed these bowls out because if you think them immediately all over again so I'm gonna put these off suicide because the other little Tufts that are making the oatmeal cups that we're making are also being cooked for 25 minutes on 350 so we'll just put these in together okay so now for the apple cinnamon oatmeal cups we're going to need 3 cups of oats and have right here make sure you fill them because it just makes it taste better you know check a teaspoon of baking powder we need one and a half teaspoons of cinnamon cinnamon is just another thing I can't have too much of like I love cinnamon so to make it so do a little bit more than one and a half because my plan is for all the kids to eat these in the morning I know that they'll love them 1/4 teaspoon of salt so we've got all of our dry ingredients here we're gonna do our wet so we are going first I have to clean up because I can't concentrate when it's a mess so we're gonna do 1 cup of milk two eggs we're going to do a half cup of maple syrup you might be the elf one teaspoon of vanilla extra life is short melt all of the delicious ingredient and then I need 1 cup of chopped apple and I believe they were recommended Granny Smith but I don't even remember what kind of apples I have I'm sure it'll be so now a same deal stirring my dry ingredients together a lot of time way of putting fruit in your muffins you want to coat your fruit with flour just so that it distributes evenly throughout the half in instead of either already you know anything it's sort of a banana muffin so my house is gonna be smelling so good let's do blue for these ones since we just did red for these I'm going to use an ice cream scooper it's a lot more of a Lennox comparative that banana chocolate chip mix and we make sure like I do like a small mountain all of them and then give each one one the leftovers instead like over family once here are Apple Cinnamon cups before and our chocolate chip banana protein muffin so let's get those in the oven they each say to check after 25 minutes so we will do that I'm starting to cook I'm just gonna pretty much clean up the dishes over here and then start our egg muffin recipe and the timing of batch to be those are coming out and eggs are going in okay it took me two seconds to clean up so we still have 20 minutes for both of these things so I'm gonna start on some other stuff so this is the kind of turkey bacon that I love this is my favorite brand Aldi has a pretty good brand too but this is my favorite non-algebra-ready that has about nine four minutes on it and so I'm gonna start kind of juggling a few things just to save time but I'm gonna cut up a bunch of produce some produce and I'm going to be making like carrots and celery that's never fun like little baggies of that so just cutting that and then I'm also going to be doing some roasted veggies I just feel like we have a good job getting all of our veggies in this is like amazingly to do is prepping it because if it's there you will eat it you know one of those types of things okay the timer it's going off in this time I just like washed all of my produce got that ready got out some other ingredients we're gonna be needing peeled this and did some more dishes so let's see what these look like and I also I have bacon in the microwave for our egg cups that is perfect let's grab these out okay so how do I not eat all of these right away smells like heaven in here okay so let's do our egg cups I got the bacon I just did four strips of turkey bacon microwaves it now I need to eat eggs I find that the brown eggs are so much harder to crack than the way egg like a little shell in there it's Abed though she'll never killed nobody and then you can just do like however much salt and pepper that you like in the grab up it's taking everything is eaten I eat one of those chocolate banana muffins stay strong I want it to be like my reward for finishing this video to better I can watch don't mix other terms and we're going to watch to make Chris is out I celebration of sobriety for your brother obviously all mixed up put that off to the side and literally this is the easiest thing ever I we store them in a fridge and then microwave them for like 20 seconds and just grab them on the go it's so easy I'm gonna chop up this bacon quickly that's a lot of delicious bacon I'm probably gonna wind up spending almost like a little bit over two hours on this video but I was also like I said like cleaning and recording take a little bit longer about two hours in the kitchen and we have lunch and snacks for the week and I really do think it saves you money because you are everything is planned for so there's no like I'm starving there's nothing in the fridge let's go to chick-fil-a but two things my go-to but I'm gonna spray this down and then I'm going to put my vegetable in the bottom which my vegetable choice for this is going to be spinach always put your vegetable on the bottom it just helps it cook better put all of your ingredients or I cups in the bottom and I was going to pour it to egg mixture over it rookies done here hoping I'm gonna drop a piece of bacon maybe I'm gonna put the bacon on it begin feel like four strips of Spanish spiced turkey bacon doesn't sound like a lot but it goes a long way I like we like our bacon super crunchy if you couldn't tell crispy I guess it sort of crispy bacon or our eggs in top this with any time t0 great we're gonna throw these in I was gonna check them around 25 minutes as well it's like the theme tonight I cleaned up some more the egg cups have 15 minutes and now I'm just gonna cut everything for our roasted vegetables I am not roasting the broccoli I used to really love roasted broccoli and now I just like hate it and cutting it up just so that it'll be like super easy to throw it and cook for the kids because they actually do like broccoli most days you never know we're going to get with toddlers up so anyway I'm going to cut up an onion really small nice I can sprinkle it over the vegetables and I'm roasting because it gives it like a really good flavor it just like kicks it up a notch instead of just like plain old of vegetables so I'm gonna do that first so recently I watched Gordon Ramsay on YouTube it was like suggested for me and and one of the things that he said was to never cut these off first like never cut them and I believe it was cut both sides and then went from there and then he also showed me someone had a cut and onions elects a team a smaller knife okay this is my first time trying it so let's hope that I do not cut my fingers off I really does work so much better how little of that Isis are the die-cut little that I are so I can't ask my this little guy is important you learn something new every day don't yet now the bees I'm super excited about and it's really funny in saying that I'm holding this but I grew these by myself so hopefully but it feels a little much mushy up here same with this the motions cut those parts off good I grew this my selfie bags and my container gardens super exciting for me next we're doing some Brussels authors come into these carrot chips because they're getting ready to go bad I wouldn't recommend doing your zucchini with any other vegetables unless you were making it like a boarder with foil because they get their water and link into things I'm gonna do a little bit of olive oil perfect timing said Elinor this little button she wants singer she's not going back down but look they look perfect pump it up to 425 before I got to nurse Li just grab one of these um oatmeal muffins that we're very but very mild sweetness since they only sugar is from the apples and the maple syrup so would you like really sweet stuff I've made the add a little bit of sugar but it's perfect for me and perfect for the kids but good nurse her mom like real life and nurse Ella she's not back and sleepy I can still hear her a little bit like there but I came downstairs I cut up all the rest of my carrots and my celery I'll insert that clip and then I took our roasted veggies out they look really yummy I just had two more things to do we got to make our lunch bowls and our yogurt bark so I cut out my strawberries and I just sprayed like some cooking spray on some wax paper and I have a good little class under there for you at work I like to do Greek yogurt is for the iron arm from Janet and the kids don't mind it at all but that is perfect anything that's like frozen you can tell my kids like you know they know it's funny ogre part but it's like ice cream or it's like a popsicle and that one math can make the one it more and they love it I do this wax paper because you can just pull it out so leave enough room pull it out so you can lift it up off the bottom and like break chunks off so you can put whatever toppings you want on it chocolate chips are really good on it but then you have to let it fall out for a while because they get really really hard kind of it's routine last time we did to a bear our kids to really do love cool berries but it's one look like picking them up you do whatever kind of food talking why it can even melt chocolate and drizzle it over which I may actually do for a special treat for them kind of keep microwaving this until it's smooth enough to go on top and by the way I use half of that container of yogurt so you just keep putting it on for like 25 seconds or 30 seconds to 10 million memories until it gets like tonight's and I melted it but be careful cuz this one I'm gonna just pour it all on and spread it out and it's not like drizzly like mag and chocolate with a hard shell on top that looks like it's kind of definitely entice them to eat it now we're just gonna go ahead and freeze this and it'll be ready by them or anyone with makeup okay so I just have two cans of corn and two cans of black beans I'm going to mix this quinoa and brown rice blend with it just will make it feel like there's more rice than there actually is by mixing it it looks like this now just topping it with some mexican cheese and if you want after you're done warming it up getting this it turns a little like a little bit [Applause] that what we all not bins need to be refrigerated though these ones don't have to be refrigerated I was going to get my cute little muffin stick but these muffins don't antibody tomorrow oh it's pretty pointless so it is about 10:30 at and they a little bit later than I wanted but behind some of mishaps with Ella waking up and you know just cleaning up and filming all of it but I really do think that shouldn't take you under three hours and like I said it's just super helpful for not eating out and making healthy choices and I bet you all enjoyed this fund and don't forget to subscribe let me know in the comments below what we should do next Monday spoken don't ever forget you're golden [Applause] [Applause] 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  • Love these ideas! I just made ribs in the oven today and they turned out sooo amazing omg I was proud of myself haha

  • Do you ever pick out clothes for the week ahead? I use to pick out clothes, meal prep, clean, and work on my planner every Friday night for the following week. Now, I have stopped and trying to get back into it. I didn't know if outfit pick out could be an idea. 🙂 Enjoyed your video. Have a great week next week, Tiff!

  • I totally get the hurts your teeth thing! What hurts my teeth (and ears) is the thought of eating off the wooden spoon that comes with those ice cream cups. Ugh… I hated it since childhood

  • Would you tell me where you bought the clear veg/fruit divider container at? I've been looking for it everywhere and cant seem to find it. 🌻🤗

  • You are a wonderful mother and housewife. I admire you very much and I follow you. My name is Jamila from Saudi Arabia

  • Being mom's of children close in age we do snacks alot and just started a new rule no snacks 45 minutes before a major meal like lunch or dinner! Great options and I always do at least a dozen hard boils eggs every week to either eat whole chopped in salade or quick egg salade sandwiches!

  • How long do your egg muffins last in the fridge? Thanks for the video and inspiration to “ get it together” before the week gets crazy!

  • I’m going to make everything you just made. Thank you so much! You are awesome! Love you and your family ❤️ next week a self care maybe. Reveal your new July family planner😁Special touches to make your space relaxing, share any music you like to workout to or even if you get any of your self care from store share we love it! 😘

  • Great job on growing your own veggies. Ugh. I suck lol. It’s not easy! 🥴
    Also. Look on Pinterest for zucchini boat recipes. My Mom always made those. Lots of different recipes! 💋

  • OMGOODNESS, I totally understand the teeth hurting chills thing.. I thought I was cray cray!!!!( well maybe I'm still cray) °tee-hee°
    Love your content!! 🙏😁❤
    Just WOW!!

  • I use the silicone cupcake liners. You just have to spray the insides with oil and your cupcake/muffin will literally pop right out and can use over and over.

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  • I totally get your hatred of metal against metal! My teeth get the same feeling with nails on a chalk board and Velcro coming apart! You could try using a rubber scraper rather than a spoon to get it out of the measuring cup! They sell small ones at my local dollar store that are a similar size to a spoon. I loved the videos and thank you for the fun recipes!!

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