hey guys it's Road today I am in a very special kitchen dream come true I am filming in southern France and Julia Child's cottage some of you may not be aware of this but Julia Child is one of my biggest inspirations she was fearless in the kitchen and she was so passionate about cooking and food I thought what better way to honor her memory and her life's passion than by making a few recipes from her cookbook in her former kitchen so today we are gonna be making two recipes from the cookbook that she worked on while living here mastering the Art of French Cooking volume two we are gonna be making a strawberry sherbet and palm Anna which is a potato dish let's get started we are gonna start with dessert we're gonna make our strawberry sherbet first the things you will need will be 1 quart or about 4 cups of fresh strawberries 2 eggs but we're just gonna be using the egg whites 1/2 a cup of sugar and the juice of one lemon which will be about 1/4 cup now let's put it all together the first thing that we're gonna do is cut off the top of our little strawberries here I've got a little cutting board and then I'm gonna take a sharp cutting knife from right behind me oh this is so neat I just love her kitchen she put pegboard up all around the kitchen and then hung all over tools and her husband Paul drew an outline around them so you'll know which tools go where now we're just gonna cut off all of these and we're gonna put our little strawberries in this bowl right over here and we're just gonna do this to the rest of our strawberries our strawberries are now ready and I set a few off to the side in this little Bowl I picked out the little strawberries to be little decorative toppers a little 1o which is the name of this cottage it's named lumpy June which means the little one in French the next thing that we're gonna do is we are gonna puree our berries if you don't have a food mill at home which is what this is this is Julian ah this is her food wheel this is so cute you could just use a potato masher mash them up and then strain them through a sieve but because we have this here I'm gonna use it I like to put just a few berries in at a time and then get your workout on here we go I'm getting quite the arm workout that means I can have seconds and we're done the food mill mashed all the berries caught all the seeds and as you can see down below we have fresh strawberry puree now I grabbed a measuring cup from the pegboard and you want to make sure that you have two cups of strawberry puree if we don't have enough we'll have to make some more no perfect oh look at that I don't even know what to say right now this never happens to me we've got our lemon here and on a little cutting board with a sharp cutting knife I'm just gonna cut it in half and then we've got a hand juicer right here put it right on the top of the juicer and again you're gonna use those arm muscles flex flex flex it beaches that way do the same thing to the second half we've got our lemon juice our strawberry puree and I'm gonna take our sugar for this part I need to whisk so I'm gonna grab one off of the wall I mean I'll grab a little one just this little one right here I'm gonna pour the strawberry puree and our sugar into the big measuring cup with the lemon juice at the bottom then whisk together until the sugar has dissolved in a small mixing bowl we are gonna put both of our egg whites and with a hand mixer we are gonna mix them together for about 2 to 3 minutes until soft peaks begin to form so I'm really gonna whip these eggs into action I'm just gonna crack my egg but the egg whites fall into the bowl I'm using the jiggle method I'm jiggling the yolk back and forth letting the egg wag drip into the bowl they mix together here we go [Applause] this is what your soft peak should look like now we're gonna pour our liquid mixture into our egg whites and mix together until it's well combined now I'm gonna pour it into a glass pan you can really pour it into any pan that you'd like but I like this one Oh perfect now we're gonna cover our sherbet with food plastic wrap and pop it in the freezer for about three hours after your sherbet has frozen you're gonna take it out of the freezer take off the plastic wrap and as you can see it's kind of separated the top and the bottom so what we're gonna do is we're gonna scoop it into this bowl I have over here and using our hand mixer again we're gonna mix it together this will make our sherbet well combined and fluffy oh this is also where I'm working on patience don't eat it right now row all in the bowl and now again we are gonna be using our hand mixer and I'm gonna mix together breaking up the ice crystals until we get a smooth even texture okay now we're gonna pour it back in the pan I just really quickly wiped it out so that there wasn't any extra residue just gonna scoop it in here and it's almost ready to serve hmm Oh YUM put a little food wrap on top and now we're gonna pop this into the freezer for one more hour and then it's all ready to serve and while it's freezing we're gonna start on our palm Anna's our potato dish for our second recipe we are gonna be making a savory potato recipe called palm Anna I am using the recipe from Julia's cookbook but I'm adding two of my own twist in her recipe she makes them all together kind of like a potato cake but I'm gonna be doing individual sizes because I have some friends and so everyone can have their own little bite and I had to add some herbs I found a little herb garden on the side of the cottage and I couldn't help myself so I'm gonna be adding some herbs to this recipe I went outside and I picked some fresh thyme and some lemon thyme so to make this dish the things you'll need will be one and a half pounds of small potatoes 6 tablespoons of butter a couple sprigs of thyme lemon-thyme two garlic cloves some freshly ground pepper two teaspoons of salt two teaspoons of minced thyme and one lemon wedge now let's put it all together the first thing that we're gonna do is slice our potatoes crosswise into thin rounds and when I say thin I mean very thin thinner than 1/16 of an inch thin I'm gonna first cut my potato in half because that just gives me a little bit more control and then from here you just slice those fins look at that little potatoes so then you're just gonna do this keep slicing to the rest of your potatoes scoop up the last little potatoes then I'm gonna take my little lemon and squeeze the juice all over the top then using your hands we're just gonna toss together the lemon juice and potato slices time to prep our pan and this is where in the recipe it differs just a little bit because we are gonna be making individual little potato cakes and in her recipe she's making one large potato cake so here I have a muffin tin I've cut these little round circles out of parchment paper and I'm gonna place these on the bottom of each muffin tin then I'm just gonna break off a little bit of the lemon thyme and thyme and I'm just gonna place it right in the middle and I'm just gonna do this time and time again until the whole tray is full the additional herb that I'm gonna be adding to this recipe is some minced thyme over here I've already cut them up so this is ready to go and then I'm also gonna be adding some garlic because are you Italian I like to add garlic to things this happens a lot and that's okay we are gonna mince these I'm gonna show you how to do it one at a time take one of the little garlic cloves on top of a little cutting board and then I've got a wide sharp cutting knife you're gonna place this on the top I like to do it near the base where it's the thickest and then with the palm of my hand where I have the most strength I'm just gonna go pop pop it down right the top and the pop just gonna peel off the skin then we're gonna chop it up Mincy good here we go all of our ingredients are prepped now you're gonna take your minced garlic thyme and butter a small saucepan and a stirring spoon over to the stovetop turn the heat to medium and melt your butter then reduce the heat to low and stir in your garlic and thyme cook until fragrant for me it was about two minutes turn off your heat remove from the stove and take it back to your workstation our melted butter is a fresh off the stove so be really careful you don't want to burn yourself now you're gonna take a little pastry brush dip your brush into the butter this smells so good fresh garlic and butter yum-yum-yum-yum-yum and we're gonna paint the edges of each muffin cup once that's done we're gonna pour half a teaspoon of this butter mixture into each muffin cup now we're gonna pour our herb garlic butter over our potatoes oh that smells so good now's a good time to add your salt so just salted in some fresh pepper next using a spatula we are going to lightly toss time to divide our potato slices evenly amongst all of our muffin tins we are going to layer all the slices one on top of each other I like to use the smaller slices at the bottom and as you work your way around I like to use the larger for the top you're gonna fill each cup a little past the top because when these bake they sink down just a little bit our potatoes are almost ready to bake but before we've got to put some aluminum foil over the top and this is so our potatoes won't Brown too much while they bake no it's time to bake you're gonna heat your oven to 350 degrees and bake these for about 30 to 40 minutes our potatoes are done baking they're fresh out of the oven that's why I'm gonna be using my oven mitts you don't want to burn yourself this is the final step on this little baking sheet over here I've lined it with a piece of parchment paper so that the potatoes won't stick to the bottom gonna flip it right on top of our potatoes all right time to be fearless we're on Julie kitchen here we go one two three done whoo yeah oh I needed those back oops Oh beautiful and just remember there's little pieces of parchment on the tops you're gonna gently peel those off before you eat them but then they are ready to serve to dull here are the two recipes that we made today we made something sweet and something savory for savory we made the palma on a potato dish and then for our sweet dessert treat we made a strawberry sherbet this was the perfect dessert for this time of year because right now it is somewhere in France and it is 82 degrees and this treat look at this it's so light refreshing yum yum yum yum yum I'm gonna take a scoop of this a little strawberry to top it and I'm probably gonna go enjoy a little cup outside I'll be posting lots of pictures of these two recipes on Facebook Twitter Instagram and Tumblr and if you guys make these recipes please take a picture and send it to me I get a big kick out of seeing your creations it just makes my day it was an absolute honor to bake in Julia Child's kitchen I am on cloud nine this was amazing I hope you guys enjoyed the video thanks for watching bye bye and a bone Appetit [Laughter]


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