Don’t Mention Health Insurance to Millennials – Jaboukie Young-White

Don’t Mention Health Insurance to Millennials - Jaboukie Young-White

I've been traveling a lot for comedy recently which has also been pretty dope but it's kind of weird at the same time cuz I've noticed that like my race just changes from city to city like when I'm in Chicago people just think that I'm half black half white when I'm in New York people think that I'm Puerto Rican but when I'm in CVS everyone thinks I'm stealing which you know is very frustrating because I am and I don't want them to catch me but also like why do you think that I'm stealing I look like I'm in a brochure for a very expensive liberal arts school leave me alone you know that joke it's much harder now that I have glasses definitely I want I would highly recommend health insurance for sure and I once I once set that in a room full of Millennials and I've never felt a crowd turned on me so quickly like if a millennial gets hurt we just like rub two crystals together and just like hope for the best you know that's why I love all those articles of like older people just trying to come to terms with the fact that Millennials are just poor like the best one I've seen so far is why aren't Millennials buying diamonds the industry is in peril and it's like one time I spent more than $40 on groceries and my bank thought someone stole my debit card like I would love to get a chain but first I gotta stop looking at salmon as a high-risk investment you know like there's levels I moved from Brooklyn to LA recently which has been kind of cool this window yeah la la I've been doing all the LA stuff I started smoking weed again which has been really cool I really like my favorite strain is forbidden fruit for sure just because that was my nickname in Catholic school so like I feel a deep connection to that one but I don't drive those like living in LA is weird so I just got to like uber everywhere and for the first time the other day I had a over driver that had a 3.9 rating like are you murdering people I like got out the car like zigzagging in my apartment just in case you like it's like blow darts me taste my phone gives himself five stars these drivers be thirsty you can't trust them you can't I also started doing yoga recently too and I love how yoga has just basically become a slow electric slide for white people at this point like to the left take it back now and now maintaining that breath one hop absolutely the thing I miss the most about Brooklyn probably though is just public transit like I miss the trains like there's this one time I get on the train I'm on a date and the only other person in the train car is just drying his socks on the handrail and I was like you know what I got two piles of laundry that I've been moving from the floor to my bed from the floor to my breath like I can't judge you know he found a schedule that works for him but I noticed like two stops later he's just like staring at us and I was like hey and he's like where you from and I was like Chicago and he's like oh you know Jim Jim now you know boo-boo you know Chris you know Sam fingers and I was like what does your group of friends look like then somebody is known for the fact that they got ten fingers and then some other dude is just Chris you know like that's true diversity right there but we didn't have any mutual friends like friend request denied you know and me and my date were getting up to leave the train and we were like holding hands or some gay and then the guy comes up to us and is like oh okay I get it you wanna kiss me you probably wanna kiss me probably what it's like this dick right but you came cuz I'm straight gangster and I was like word cuz you sound bicurious gangster asked me to suck your dick on this training I feel like that's pretty low in the list of straight gangsta priorities so we both got off the train safe made at home found the guy on Grindr we're all the loving polyamorous relationship right now it's going great thank you thank you thank you one day at a time communication is key you

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