hey guys so this week's cook with me Wednesday is going to be freezer meals I used to do freezer meals every now and then right before my twins were born and then when they were still itty-bitty and I have not done it and probably at least a year most likely two years if I can remember back that far who mom brain for sure so since I picked up all this chicken from Zaycon Fresh I wanted to go ahead and create some meals now not all of the meals are going to be chicken I do have some other meats here as well I'm going to show them to you so here is everything that I purchased for the dinner so I've got my VidCon fresh chicken since it was already frozen I pulled it out so it is a little bit easier for me to reap it into bags then I do have some different kinds of pork and beef here and steaks and things like that and then this is everything that I had to purchase I do have some stuff on hand though and I did if you guys saw yesterday's video I did go to fans as well and take up some things there so I don't have everything pulled out I did get support from Sam and I got some canned items as well but first thing first freezer meals you have to get your storage bags ready it's really hard to write the directions and all of that on the bags after they're filled so when you're making freezer meals write on your bags first before you fill them so I'm going to go ahead and write down all the meals the date and any cooking instructions on the bag with my permanent marker before I actually get set up to start filling them okay you guys so I've got all of my bags labeled and now I can start putting them together I'm going to start with the chicken first I put all the other meat in the frigerator just because I didn't want everything to be sitting out during this process so I'm going to do all my chicken recipe first I have 20 bags here I'm going to be putting together 10 meals and I'm doubling each one so first up is chicken and gravy so all this is super simple I'm just putting a jar of gravy a can of cream of chicken and then some salt and pepper in a bag with two of my jumbo Zaycon fresh chicken breast and I'm doubling it and then that's two dinners for me now I will have all the links to these recipes down below this one these are like my notes that I'm going on but I wrote them all down from the computer this one suggests serving over mashed potatoes so that is how I wrote it on my little baggie so when I pull this out or when I'm meal planning and I'm looking on here I can say oh okay this would be good with mashed potatoes and then I'll pick a vegetable so I wrote that on here I'm just going to cook it on low in my crock pot for eight hours the day that I want it for dinner so I'm going to go ahead and get these bags put together and then move right along all right chicken a gravy ready to go in the freezer next up is the yes Tet chicken soup so that chicken and gravy is probably going to be the easiest one because I was just dumping everything in the bag this one obviously it's more ingredients and I need to do some chopping so I'm ready to get this chicken soup together and I've got two bags of the fiesta chicken soup in here are made now this one you need to pull the chicken out when it has an hour left to cook to shred it and then put it back in here to finish cooking and since it's a soup you know it says you can garnish with cheese and tortilla strips I'm actually think when I make this I'm going to make some rice as well and just add rice in here just so it's more like a chicken tortilla soup I'm excited about this one though I've never tried this recipe yum yum yum okay guys the next step is lemon garlic chicken so other than the chicken that I went put in this bag here's the other ingredient and then this one the recipe suggested serving it over rice or a noodle if I actually already purchased two bags of egg noodles so I'll have those in my pantry and already ready for when I'm ready to cook that for dinner so I'm going to go ahead and get this together and lemon garlic chicken is ready for the freezer all right last chicken fries our meal chicken and dumplings so this is everything that's going to go in this bag – the chicken I'm gonna give the chicken over here in a minute now this one is another one where you're going to cook for a certain amount of time then you're going to take it out shred it and put it back in Plus this recipe has extra things that you're going to need to finish this meal before you're done cooking it so this one's also going to need 1 cup of milk and some total 3 grams biscuits so I already have both of those in the frigerator the biscuits that way I have them on hand when I'm ready to cook this so let me go ahead and get it all bagged up and chicken and dumplings are bagged so that is all of the chicken recipes I'm going to do a little bit of cleaning up just kind of like my mess I have some mess behind me I'm not going to show you that it looks gross the kitchen is a mess but I'm going to clean up a little bit and then pull out all the pork and get started on the pork bags so I've got a total of 8 chicken meals so we've got 2 4 6 and then 8 awesome all right you guys now we are starting on the pork chops you might hear my dog talking around they're eating their dinner so first we're going to make some honey or mono pork chops here's all my ingredients so I'm going to get to bagging it up okay you guys I finished the pork chops they smell so good I'm really excited to try these so the serving suggestion a suggestion is to serve them with potatoes mashed potatoes baked potatoes whatever so I just wrote potatoes and when I'm making my meal plan again I'll just decide what I want to have on the side but they smell really good okay you guys this last pork when I messed up on I did not I forgot to double the recipe when I was making my grocery list so I'm going to go ahead and just make one of them and if it's good I know I'll have because I did pick up two of these I know I'll have a second one of these in the freezer or I'll just use it as a separate me all different meal create something different with it in the future so I'm just going to making one of these and it is the green chili pork tacos so I'm excited about this because normally when I make tacos for my family I just we've either had chicken or beef so this just sounds good and then look at everything that's going in it mmm so I'm going to go ahead and back it up and show you guys what it looks like in the bag all right so here is my one bag of green chili pork tacos so since I have all the chicken and the pork done I'm going to go ahead and like smush them and mix them up just because it does come out a bag easier and cook better and things like that like if I were to set this in the freezer and let it freeze like this it would be kind of gross and I'm not quite sure if the flavors would blend that well in a crock-pot so I'm going to go ahead and spend some time and just you know smush them and mix them up and get them all nice and mixed I did do that a little bit to the pork chops just because it smelled so good when I closed it and it's like I'm going to go ahead and get these marinating so I'm going to do that and then I will be back okay moving on to some it said beef or recipes so right now I'm going to be making it two bags of pepper steak super super easy I just have is basically stir-fry so I have some stir-fry meat here I've got some broccoli stir-fry you can put whatever you want I think the recipe calls for like peppers and onions but just for my kiddos I know they'll like they love broccoli so I got one with broccoli and then we've got the rest of the ingredients here so I'm going to go ahead and bag it up pepper steak is bagged up another little tip I have for you guys check the bags before you start mixing everything together because I almost spilt this one out I closed it and then I started pushing on it like this and I noticed that like extra air was coming out and it was open so this bag right here was like open so it's broken it won't close at all so instead of just dumping everything into a new bag and having a label and all that I just double backed it so that'll still be good alright moving right along okay guys next up is cubed steak with carrots again I'm making two of them here's all the ingredients now this one calls for baby carrots but I this is just cheaper for me so I buy the big carrot and I just chopped them into it you know little like bite-sized pieces and all that and I'll add it up in here just because I needed so many carrots this just ends up being cheaper buying them in bulk like this so I'm going to get these bagged up and there's a cheap steak with carrots all ready for the crock pot okay you guys well I got 15 out of the 20 meals that I wanted to get done today but I think I'm gonna call it quits I do have everything that I need to make two for ya four of the other ones but it's time for me to put my kiddos to bed and I have plenty of time tomorrow so I'm just going to go ahead and break it up a little bit so this is what I'm going to share with you guys for today's coke with me Wednesday I will show me cooking or not cooking but prepping and putting them in the bags everything on the vlog Channel for the rest of the meal but this is what I got done today look at all of those oh my gosh I'm so excited yay so this is 15 meals and then the other five that I did not get to I do have two marinated and grilled beef and actually it's only grilled if you are going to cook it when you make it since I'm going to be freezing it I'm just putting everything in the bag and it is a crock pot meal but this meal is also really good if you grill it right after you marinate it and all that good stuff so I need to make two of those tomorrow I might go pick up the things that I need to do so I can go ahead and make big green chili for tacos the other bag so I might do that and then I have a sloppy joe recipe that I need to make and this is the only one where act have to actually pre cook items so I'm going to hold off on that until tomorrow just because I know that's going to be a little bit longer but if you guys love freezer meals and the ease of just spending a few hours in the kitchen and then you're set for the month give this video a big thumbs up and you try to intrude freezer meals that you guys have let me know down below I'm always on the lookout I do have a Pinterest board of recipes that I'm looking to try I'll add that if you guys are interested in checking it out if you are new to my channel I would love for you to subscribe and stick around I do post daily if you missed yesterday's video I'll have a link to that in the corner here and I'll see you guys tomorrow with something new one last look at my freezer meals


  • Such a good video! These all sound amazing. Can you please tell me if you defrost or start from frozen? Maybe I missed that part

  • One of my family's favorite crock pot meals is homemade Swiss stake, been making it this way for years

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  • This is a wonderful idea. I dont know why I always thought of prepping meals as cooking them too and it sounded so time consuming. This is much better.

  • Okay, but how does the cooking part work? Can I take a bag out of the freezer and dump it straight into the crockpot, or do I need to thaw it first?

  • Won't it give you food poisoning and cook very unevenly? Since its frozen I thought it will stay too long at low bacteria friendly temp.

  • Wow do you know that you could make moms supper happy especially working moms take like 2 bags put in freezer at work make moms happy.

  • how long are freezer meals good for in the freezer? I would be worried about prepping too many wasted meals.

  • All this food is processed and fatning – I won't ever do them BUT I do admire your style easy peasy – wish I would prep more

  • I love freezer cooking!

    For anyone that doesn’t eat pork, you can use chicken or turkey thigh meat in place of it as this part cooks at the same consistency as pork.

  • Yay, I just found you, I have been looking for some new dinner ideas. Going to try these this week. Can't wait either, they all look so yummy, thank you. Looking forward to seeing what else you share.

  • So one bag feed your family? How many people are in your family? I am curious if these would be big enough for us. I have a family of four and the kids are teenager and in sports so they do tend to eat a good amount of food . Also curious what the budget was in total for all the meals.

  • As a vegetarian skimming through this video i’m just like :/ cmon not one option! i suggest trying out eating more vegetables.. not trying to be preachy but that is a LOT of meat. especially if you have kids around.

  • Sorry to many jars for me
    I like everything from scratch it’s longer but better for you
    Make your own broth, ticking it for sauce and gravy
    Make your own tomato sauce not jarred
    Your ideas are very good

  • Nice vid, great plan, but you don't seem Familiar with the recipes, e.g., "the recipe says…" Not criticizing, but I would think you would be doing this with tried & true recipes rather than use all that meat on some untested recipe. Still, I'm sure it will all work out, and I appreciate your planning ahead. I still use my Mom's 1970's-era crockpot, it still works great, (though I also have 2 others at this point). Have done crockpot meals for ages, in a job that is usually 9 to 12 hour days over the last 20+ years. I am retiring this month (whew!). I plan to check out your other videos. Best Wishes!

  • I think i might have missed part of the video – How do you go about cooking these? Do you defrost before putting into the crockpot, or do you put it into the crockpot straight from the freezer? Do you empty the bag into the pot or do you cook them in the bag?
    Looks like an ingenious idea, I'll have to try.

  • Great video! Do you cook any of these recipes in your Instapot or just crockpot! Thanks for sharing. Hugs, Judy ❤️

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