Slow-cooked beef ragu

Now, this recipe combines two of my all-time favourite things – beautifully slowly cooked beef ragu and rigatoni. So it’s a pasta dish with that beautiful, juicy, yummy beef ragu. It’s really, really simple. What you need is one of these big cast-iron pans. We end up with all of our ingredients in here, throw […]

Sushi Roll From Office Supplies ASMR – How Cook

Sushi – One of the most famous Japanese dishes. You may be familiar with this dish, but certainly you do not know how to cook at Stop Motion Cooking Channel!


University Towers Kitchen

UTK is a scratch-chef driven kitchen, focusing on seasonal menus. Our customer service is driven by passion. We’re driven by chefs so if chefs are controlling the front of the house that means you’re gonna get the best, most phenomenal food possible in a comfortable, relaxed environment. UTK is also unique in the fact that […]

Kroger Delivery Kitchen powered by ClusterTruck

[MOM] Hey, I’m headed to get the boys. [DAD] Sounds good. I just got Sarah, we’re headed home. [MOM] Hey guys! How was practice? [SON] Great Mom, I’m starving. [MOM] Starving… Food will be ready when we get home. [NARRATOR] Kroger Delivery Kitchen provides the freedom for your family to live their day to the […]

Ranking Alabama Based Fast Food Joints | Bless Your Rank | This is Alabma

You ever eaten food so good you start dancing? Get them shoulders going first? That’s where I’m at right now. Hello. My name is Matt and welcome to Bless Your Rank; This is Alabama edition. Let’s start with the criteria to be in the competition. #1. You have to be headquartered in Alabama, so don’t […]

Health Care Reform with Laurence Baker

So I wanna talk about health reform, health policy for a little bit, that’s the topic that I do a lot of research and writing on. It’s a topic I do a lot of teaching on with undergraduate with graduate students. We have a couple of minutes together and so unfortunately we have to focus. […]

Angellica Bell the favourite to replace Matt Baker as he quits The One Show after nine years – Late

To view this video please enable JavaScript, and consider upgrading to a web browser that supports HTML5 video  Angellica Bell is the bookies favourite to replace Matt Baker on The One Show  The presenter revealed live on Wednesday’s programme he would be leaving The One Show in spring next year  Matt first started off on […]


Cake Rusk in Microwave Take Sponge Cake slices and cut into half. Pre heat Microwave at 180 degree C Grease Tray with Butter and place the pieces and Microwave for 26 minutes . Each side 13 minutes Now Turn the other side and cook for another 13 minutes Cake Rusks are ready for Tea Time. […]

Seth’s Mom Is Quitting Cooking After 50 Years of Marriage

-Hi, guys. How are you? -Hello. Got a gin and tonic. -Yeah. Yeah, you have a drink there. There’s your gin and tonic. I think you guys have a couple Scotches down there. I think they’re both here. -All right. -And we’ll do a quick toast to the continuing tradition. Congratulations on getting asked back. […]