Guizhou Braised Laziji, Spicy Chicken (贵州辣子鸡)

If you’re familiar with Sichuanese food, you’re probably familiar with Laziji – Sichuan spicy chicken. It’s one of those dishes that’s basically synonymous with heat – in a proper Chongqing version there’s like more dried chilis than there is chicken. But today we wanted to introduce you to a dish from the neighboring Guizhou province […]

Le Willi Waller 2006 – Têtes à claques

Hey, my friend! Do you love eating potatoes? Mashed potatoes, fried potatoes, Cheez Whiz potatoes? Well, Uncle Tom got a great gadget for you, potato lover! The “Willi Waller 2006”. With the Willi Waller 2006, you won’t peel potatoes three times faster, nor will you peel potatoes four times faster. No! With the Willy Waller […]

Motto Takes Over The Fish Station | Season 18 Ep. 13 | HELL’S KITCHEN

The Final Four Are Tested | Season 18 Ep. 14 | HELL’S KITCHEN

2016 winning jockey George Baker’s St Leger Tips

My tip for the William Hill St Leger is Kew Gardens. I thought he had the perfect prep for the race last time at York when things just didn’t go his way. I think that was a perfect stepping stone for the St Leger. He has got the profile of a horse that’s able to […]

Cooking Papa Matt’s Egg Rice (Eng-subbed)

Today’s dish is super simple Let’s make egg rice and this is for myself preheat the pan first olive oil oops, the pan is overheated too hot you’re going to use soy sauce later so just little bit of salt here prepare some rice this way, you can place rice on a plate nicely actually […]

Bhindi Ki Bhujia|Okra Recipe|Bhindi kI Sabzi By Student Cooking In Urdu/Hindi.

Assalam-o-Alaikum !.welcome to student cooking.. Today we are making BHINDI KI BHUJIYA. Notedown the ingredients of bhindi ki bhujiya BHINDI/OKRA=1/2 KG (CUT INTO THIN SLICE) ONION=2(MEDIUM SIZE ONIONS CUT INTO SLICE) SALT=1 TSP CUMIN SEEDS=1-1/2TSP GREEN CHILLIES=(4-5 CUT INTO SLICE) OIL=1/2 CUP Lets start are cooking with BISMILLAH HIR RAHMAN NIR RAHEEM!. TURN ON THE […]