Dish Racks | Choose Your Favorite

– If you have an apartment that can fit this, just get a dishwasher. (upbeat music) – Welcome back to Choose Your Favorite, our favorite show where we choose our favorite stuff. Here is the first one. This one is a bamboo folding dish rack, there you go. So like that. – Nice. – That’s […]

Aloo Chatpata Recipe in Hindi by Indian Food Made Easy

I believe potato is best ingredient to make snacks So today we will make a very different potato snack which is potato chatpata These are all the ingredients required to make potato chatpata To begin making potato chatpata recipe we will mash 4 medium sized boiled potatoes in a mixing bowl Mash them real good […]

TOP 10 Must-Try FOOD in a JAPANESE Convenience Store

Dal Palak Recipe| Quick and Easy Recipe | Marathi | With English Subtitles

Welcome To Rahul.Patki and Shweta.Patki’s KHA PI TU channel. so we are going to show today very yummy and tasty recipe the name of the recipe is dal palak it tastes very yummy so let us see now how to make Dal Palak One bunch of Washed Palak it has been chopped turmeric salt Red […]

Muslim Street Food in CHINA | Shanghai’s HALAL Street Food HEAVEN – BEST Islamic Chinese Street Food

What’s up and welcome guys, I’m Luke Martin with chopstick Travel calm and today I am in Shanghai, and we have come to a really cool market This is the Friday morning Muslim market so we are right inside the who she mosque and this market was actually closed down for a short period of […]

Food Alphabet Phonics Song for Kids | Do You Like Apples? Song | Learning Food and ABCs

Dream English Kids Hello. My name is Matt. What’s your name? It’s great to see you. Let’s sing the Food Alphabet song. Are you ready? Here we go! A, a, a, apples Do you like apples? Yes, I do. B, b, b, bread Do you like bread? Yes, I do. C, c, c, cake Do […]

Veal Schnitzel Recipe (Kalbsschnitzel)

Veal cutlet Pounding the veal cutlet until thin and wider Salt Pepper Flour Egg Bread crumbs seasoned with salt & pepper Fry at medium-high until both sides golden brown The crust should be crispy I serve with Zigeunersoße (Gypsy sauce) & salad Guten Appetit!

Turmeric Tonic | Praveen Nair | Maahek Nair

hi guys a very warm welcome to bodyprocoach Nutrition. I am maahek nair and today I’m going to be sharing you my secret detox drink so whenever I go on a detox I usually make this drink and it is excellent healing drink extremely tasty and highly nutritious let’s quickly go and see the recipe […]