Catch and Cook – SUCKER FISH?! Do They Taste Good?

Catch and Cook - SUCKER FISH?! Do They Taste Good?

hey what is up y'all I'm currently back in Delaware as you guys know last video I was up at the Poconos they got like so much snow there as you can see here in Delaware we did get some snow as well just like not nearly what they got out there in the Poconos it was so so cold up there yeah man it is all good like I am one of the biggest fans of snow I don't know what it is about it but it just makes me hat so pretty much as you guys can see I am at a local Creek right here I have a plan for today I'm gonna be targeting one species of fish in general and with that species we are going to be doing something a little bit interesting but hopefully we can catch some fish that I mean it is like the middle of December snow is on the ground let's see if we catch some fish here we are ready to roll now I am actually at a creek that I fished a lot during trout season this is one of the locations that they actually do stock the trout so maybe there are some holdovers in here but yeah this is a little sketchier here's no slippery mud and a steep hill are not the best combination whoo all right we are good so I'm gonna be heading over to this spot over here now over here under this bridge there's a slow-moving deep pool and that is like right after these little Rapids over here and this here like used to be my spot man like I used to come here in the summer a lot catch a bunch of different species of fish however I've not really tried the spot when the weather is cold such as this I really don't see any fish at the moment but I'm pretty sure the fish that I'm attempting to catch I mean it should be here man I just have a little hook I'm gonna put a little piece of Nightcrawler on the end of here a little split traps on here and this is my ultralite said I don't know man hopefully there's some fish in here that are hungry so currently guys I rod is in the water right there we should be good the drag is set pretty loose but I'm actually gonna go up there on top of that bridge try to get a better vantage point down into the water see if there's any fish here at all heard I'm on the bridge right now it is covered in snow and I just looked over the side right here lean climb up I'm sure if you guys can see that or not but the part of the creek right there is actually frozen like that's ice on top of the water pretty cold up here no are there any fish down here okay yes there are actually some fish down there and it is the species that we are trying to go for these dudes can definitely be difficult to try to catch I actually do have to change my positioning of my casting I was actually casting some pretty shallow water so let me go back here all right guys a fishing spot targeting these fish for powers I mean until the Sun went down he could see I was up on the bridge here but I could not catch the fish that was after so I had to come back the next day alright y'all it is the next day and we are back here at the exact same spot we are going to get on the species of fish today I just have feeling when I went on top of that yesterday over there I did see the species I was looking forward down below only one time did one of them go for my Nightcrawler man so I don't know if I downsized my hooks or what I have to do we're gonna figure that out we're getting on these fish man all right guys today we are not playing around we are not playing any games here I brought two rods today and I brought two different kinds of baits we have some mealworms that are leftover those are like to have dead ones from Cabela's then I also have the night crawlers that we're using yesterday as you guys can see there is still some snow on the ground not as much as yesterday after a bit of fishing in the same spot as a day that we fished before I I don't know man started to lose faith in this spot I could see that my target species was there but they just had no interest in my bait so I decided maybe it's time to switch spots all right guys I'm packing up and go to another spot here that I'm pretty sure these fish should be I don't know if they're gonna bite you too though let's see all right yeah I'm not sure if you see that or not but it is definitely starting to rain at the moment I'm here at the new spot I'm getting wet need to get under the bridge oh there's one got one on come here let's go first fish off the day come here buddy let's get him on land really click there we go guys first fish of the day bring him right over here whoo let's freakin go I've been after this fish for two days now I cannot catch it at the other spot this is called a sucker fish if you guys do not know what this is man basically these guys are just bottom feeders similar to catfish they're extremely extremely strong they usually put up really good fights and I guess they've just been like really difficult for me to catch he is like really strong I can feel it hey guys as you can see that is his mouth basically as I said he just goes around the bottom he kind of uses his mouth as if vacuum just kind of like going along just sucking things up that he wants to eat I'm so freakin happy right now today guys we are going to be doing a catch and cook with this guy right here I'm just like I don't know guys I've never seen anybody do a catch and cook with a sucker I mean these guys just look crazy and yeah man I think this is gonna be really interesting highly man I just feel so good all right let me get the setup here right guys I'm really still so happy this guy hey I was actually drifting the Nightcrawler on that one I had two setups as you guys know this guy actually hit on the Nightcrawler I didn't even see him take it all right let's get him cleaned here I have learned from previous experience like just clean the fish at the fishing spot I don't make everybody happy er the cleaning time will be like so much better so let's clean this guy really quick if you guys do want to know I gave him the one rod special so he is no longer with us he's not gonna feel any pain all right definitely interesting well these are our two filets right here they do have some bones in them I heard these fish they could be a little bit bony yeah there's definitely quite a bit of Bones and hopefully when we cook them up they'll just be thin easy to break yeah guys not too bad man I think we filleted that fish pretty well I'm just so excited you guys don't even understand man because tomorrow is supposed to be frigid snowing and just like all that stuff man so we're gonna wash these off my hand is literally on fire from being so cold in that cold water hold my gosh I'll just put these in there right there ready to cook it's been a while since I've done a actual catch and cook so definite let me know if you guys are liking this let me know if you guys like to see more of these guy guys a sucker is in the bag ready to cook when we get home man I don't know why I'm just really excited for this so just throw the remains of this guy right back here in the water somebody else can eat them and I'm just so happy that we caught one dude guys I think I do bite there's one got another one on come here buddy this is another one what is this yo this one's bigger oh my gosh come here Joe it's a trout what the heck yo no freakin way what in the world did I just saw what I just caught a freakin oh gosh terrible fish handling skills he's going right back into the water what in that all right oh that is the second species of the day I was literally not expecting that I did not think that there were any more trout left in this water all right that just made my day all right there now I was going to release him but I do just have to apologize for like my handling right there I know a lot of people get upset about that and by the way you guys my hands were wet – I actually just washed them off so like when I touched the fish they were waste that doesn't really matter but I just kind of dropped him this day just went from like down here man I am this ecstatic right now how that's just what you got a love about Creek fishing man you never know what you are going to catch guys I got another fish on come here what do we got here the herd species of the day what in the heck we got a little creek choker oh that is do you guys go man third species of the day I'm pretty sure that's just a tiny little creek show could be some kind of fall fish or shiner I'm not exactly sure I just tell you guys not really good at like identifying these species but there he goes back into the water we have a little bit more time to fish here let's just keep tossing it man all right yeah well I'm pretty much officially out of time to be fishing here today I'll do one more cast there we go fish on come here what do we have is that route what the heck is this oh my gosh guys second trout of the day wash my hands guys oh my god holy crap yet again another trout from this hole over here what in the heck is going on as you guys can see there's another beautiful rainbow child he's trying to squirm out of my hands just like the first one day let me give you guys a better look just cuz he didn't get any like really good look at the first so a nice beautiful rainbow trout oh my gosh I cannot believe that there's like rainbow trout in this little creek right here like this is just oh my gosh I cannot all right there he goes you guys heard me say it man one more cast you guys know I come here a lot last couple times I was here they were not like any fish here let alone trout so this rain this snow must be doing some good it's pushed us some fish down from upstream and it's like I don't know man if you guys are wondering when the state did stock the streak it was back in the middle of October I'm not sure if there was like another private stocking that could have happened somewhere around here but yeah man October now we're in December like I cannot ask for anything more man trout fishing in December I'm cheesin right now unfortunately guys that is all the time I have to fish here today yeah guys let's get back to the house we got to get this catch and cook started man all right yeah I now welcome you to chef first state's kitchen today on the menu we're gonna be serving up some fresh sucker fish get this started here there's a pretty much first thing that I did what I got home was just kind of rinse these things off keep a good scrub it under the sink and as you guys can see right here these are our nice two pieces of meat that we did get from our little sucker fish alright so I think what I'm gonna do here since I have two pieces of fish is I'm gonna cook the one side just like normal without much on it you know like some butter some lemon just some like normal fish ingredients and the other side we're gonna kind of you know soup it up you know give it the works give us some breading just give us some good stuff on it pretty much I just want to see how this fish tastes I mean I don't think I've ever seen anybody catch and cook a sucker fish before I don't think I've ever heard of anybody eating a sucker fish either I mean they are bottom feeders similar to catfish so I'm wonder if it is gonna have like that catfish flavor now I've never had catfish but everybody says it's good maybe if it does taste like catfish like it'll be good I don't know what to expect – you're mean these are gonna be for the souped-up version so I'm just gonna crack an egg right and just like that whisk this up a little bit I'm just gonna dump some flour in here I'm just gonna spice it up a little bit put some parsley flakes in there salt pepper shake it up a little bit so now all that we're gonna do we're gonna take this guy right here is gonna be our souped up one we're just gonna kind of put him all in here I'm not gonna cut them up or anything I'm gonna dip it once in here once in our flour concoction I'm going to pit one more time in the egg wash just like that that should be pretty good over on this plate over here that guy is ready to go all right guys I just dumped some olive oil in the pan I'm just gonna wait for that to heat up and get hot and then we'll be ready to throw that guy on our so pretty much I put this pan here I'm just gonna put that on high for now and I'm just going to cook up some of this butter right here just let that melt right now with that butter up I turn on the wrong one all right now while that butter is melting I'm gonna bring you guys back over here this oil should be hot by now but be able to tell cuz if you drop a little piece of oh gosh all right guys the oil should have cooled down by now so what I'm gonna do is take this piece of our fish right here I'm just gonna put it right there in the oil all right there we go not an explosion that time all right man this is some multitasking going on right here but all's I'm pretty much going to do is the skin side down I'm just gonna put this guy in alright guys so we have 1 2 guys cooking right here they don't call me chef first date for nothing Mario I'm gonna put some of this lemon juice in here just like that all right this could definitely use a flip right here I'm just going to turn him around boom I actually looks and smells pretty good to be honest alright cuz I think it is now time to give this guy a flip in the oil I think this guy right here should be about ready all right guys these are both the size of the fish this one has a little bit of breading on it this one has no breading on it but it was cooked in butter and lemon I don't know man this you get the more natural taste of the fish but this one I don't just looks a little bit better it kind of looks like a croissant I don't know what that's about yeah guys in the comments below definitely let me know what you guys think about these two right here which one you think looks better which one you think will taste better I'm really excited to try this out here here we go let's go test these out here really quickly I'm just going to show you guys up close this is what the butter and lemon one looks like that is just flaking apart like awesome I cooked this one really really well then over here this one is I don't know I said it looks like a croissant well I kind of like feels like one too oh actually no when you go in there that is some flaky white meat actually in there looks like a little hotpot all right then well that is our two fish right there this is a sucker fish from the local Creek very very fresh I'm excited to see how this thing tastes here hi guys here we go first time ever trying sucker fish this is a definitely new experience for me I'm not exactly sure how to feel about this I think first I'm gonna go with the lemon and butter one it just kind of smell better and it looks it looks really good honestly so I'm just gonna put a little piece on the fork just like this there are some bones in here but that'll be alright we'll just pick them out so here we go may have first time ever trying sucker fish just caught today at the creek let's give it a shot here that is like really really good to be honest I did not expect it to be that good I don't know how to explain the tape you just really get that butter and lemon taste so I'm gonna try this next one over here my little croissant let us see how this one tastes here this one I don't know if I cooked it right with all flour and thing usually I cook with like panko breadcrumbs or like I already mixed bread crumb bag this was just kind of like flour and some random stuff thrown in but when I open it up I don't know if you guys can see that or not but that is just like white white meat like this looks really really good here is our breaded Suckerfish oh yo now that one yo let me just tell you guys right now that dude I I should sell guys I'm not even joking as weird as it might look and as weird as like I don't know it looks kind of weird I'll admit but this is probably the best fish that I ever cooked hands down right it has a nice salty crispy flavor and just the inside meat is just like tastes really really good me just try the meat in here because this doesn't have any butter or anything one thing I will say about this fish very very bony but I mean that's to be expected I guess yeah even the meat like it just tastes good I didn't put any butter or anything inside of them all right well I mean overall guys I'd have to give this fish like a super super high rating I am going to finish all this fish off but before I do that may I just want to thank each and every one of you for watching this video I really do appreciate all of your support if you guys do not already know I do have a brand new vlogging channel where I just like film my daily life the link to that is in the description and I'll also put it like up here somewhere definitely let me know if you guys would like to see me do some more catch Kooks in the future and if you have any suggestions for future videos or for future catching Kooks definite let me know in the comments below overall man today was just a great day it was a great redemption day to yesterday where we got skunked looking for the sucker fishing today we actually managed to catch one there were a bunch that I saw but man these things are really really hard to catch at the moment I don't know if it's because the time of year or just I don't know what it is but this thing was like really really hard to catch I'm extremely happy to actually have caught one yeah guys I don't know if I did mention this or not but the species of soccer that this is is a white sucker usually these fish are pretty common on creeks and stuff like that I know for a fact that a lot of people like to use these kind of fish as bait I mean whether they're fishing for lake trout are just like bigger game species a lot of people this is like their favorite bait right here but as you guys can see it can be bait chaos be dinner man so that is what we're gonna be doing here today I'm just gonna be eating the rest of this and yeah like I said guys thank you so much for watching we had a lot of luck today at the creek I mean we caught some trout we caught a to trial I didn't even expect to catch one we also caught another species I'm definitely gonna be on the search for more trout around the area now that I know there are some still left around expect that in the near future you guys did I already know t-shirts you guys can buy your very own first day fishing t-shirt that will be in the description as well my Instagram Facebook Twitter all of that is in the description as well as the link to my second channel my vlog channel yeah guys that's pretty much gonna be here for today so thank you guys for watching I'll see you next video

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