Cashew Chicken Recipe ไก่ผัดเม็ดมะม่วงหิมพานต์ – Hot Thai Kitchen

Cashew Chicken Recipe ไก่ผัดเม็ดมะม่วงหิมพานต์ - Hot Thai Kitchen

today on hot pie kitchen we are making cashew chicken so at Mika welcome to hot side kitchen today we're making a dish that's been requested a lot because it's really popular in Thai restaurants overseas we're making cashew chicken or guy Pat Midna Mahima pan I know that's very long so let's break it down guy means chicken pot means to stir fry and Mittman wong hume of Han just means cashews okay so let's get going so the cooking process is actually very fast so we have to make sure that we have all our ingredients ready to go so first let's take a look at our chicken I've got here 400 grams of chicken you can use breasts or thigh the breast is about 2 medium size breasts now I know a lot of people say oh I don't like breasts because it's dry but let me assure you that chicken breast is only dry if you overcook it which is why it's important that you do not cut it any thinner than a centimeter thick that way you give yourself enough margin before it overcooks okay so there's that now I'll let the chicken we've got three-quarters of a cup of cashews roasted or fried if it's salted doesn't matter doesn't make too much of a difference spiritual ease or preachy fat sliced this is a pretty fat okay you can use any big red mild chilies if you want you can stop half a red bell pepper and then they slice it we've got here a cup of beech mushrooms traditionally we use straw mushrooms but I can't find the fresh ones here I can only find can straw mushrooms so these beech mushrooms work fine you can sub other types of Asian mushrooms like oyster mushrooms if you want we also have a half an onion sliced about a centimeter thick we've got three four cloves of chopped garlic and then we've got green onions only the green part it's about 2 to 3 green onions cut into you know 2-inch pieces like this about half a cup and then we've got fried dry chilies now these are just dried Thai chilies this is pre fried after I fry them after you fry them it takes a few seconds to get it to almost darken become crispy and then they develop a really nice smoky flavor so you can also these are quite spicy if you want it less spicy you can also use the bigger dried chilli cut them into chunks and then fry these as well okay so we've got seven to ten of these and then we have the sauce so the sauce I've got a tablespoon of oyster sauce and then to this I'm going to add one tablespoon of soy sauce I'm using Thai light soy sauce healthy boy brand for those of you who are interested and then to this I'm adding 1 teaspoon of golden mountain sauce golden mountain sauce is just a different kind of soy sauce you can use Maggi if you have Maggi if you're familiar with that but if you don't have it just sub regular soy sauce is fine and then I also have a teaspoon of fish sauce now you might be wondering why so many types of sauces you don't have to use all these too many types of sauces but each sauce not only does it give saltiness but it also gives different flavors so when I do a combination then I get you know the best of each world and the flavor becomes a little more complex so I like that and then we've got a teaspoon and a half of white sugar just to balance out all the saltiness a little bit and then I've got here a heaping tablespoon of roasted Thai chili paste or Nam prik Pao this is the same kind that goes into a myung if you made that okay and then finally a teaspoon of sesame oil toasted sesame oil now sesame oil isn't actually a Thai ingredient but this dish is more like a Thai Chinese fusion but Chinese has had a huge influence on Thai cuisine and this is one of the resulting dishes okay so you want to mix that sauce up really well break up the the chili paste so that it's ready to go all right so that's all of our ingredients and now all we have to do is get to the stove and cook it so first we're going to start off with searing the chicken okay I've got a pan here with a little bit of oil just to coat the bottom and I'm going to add the chicken you want to hear it sizzle that's a sign that the pan is hot enough if your pan is not hot enough it's not going to Brown then you want to make sure that the chicken is spread apart and if it's not crowded if your pans too small and you need to do this ambassador food in batches the key to browning is a hot pan chicken that's not crowded otherwise the same will gets trapped and prevents the browning from happening and then don't move it don't touch the chicken until it's already developed browning if you stir it it won't the chicken warm have enough contact time to develop that nice browning now I have to say that normally what you would do is dredge the chicken in flour and then deep-fry it okay that's a more common way to do it however I like to do it this way the searing way because it's using a lighter and healthier dish and it's way less messy as well but you can you're more than welcome to do the deep-frying method if you want okay so my chicken is nice and brown now okay what I'm going to do at this point I'm not going to finish cooking the chicken so you just check one piece you got nice browning she's gonna give it a quick pop oh I forgot to mention that I marinated the chicken in about a tablespoon of fish sauce you can use soy sauce if you want about 15-20 minutes not too long okay and I'm going to add little more oil so the chickens not done yet we just needed to get its ears to develop some extra flavor cuz browning means extra flavor now we're going to go in with the same pan with garlic and onion cook that until the smallest the smallest bits of garlic parse to turn brown started to turn brown now now we're going to add all of our vegetables why not all the mushrooms and the picture fat one mushroom escaped and the chicken back in and now he's gonna give it a quick toss and then in with the sauce and now is when you're going to finish cooking the chicken when the sauce is American another reason why you want to finish this cooking the chicken with the sauce is also because the sauce and penetrate the chicken some people like to use water chestnuts in this dish is actually pretty popular you bet but I don't like what it says not so no water just nothing here for me celery is actually pretty good in this dish as well you can play around with the choice of vegetables a little bit at this point you may add a little bit of water you can look to see okay if you wanted a little more sauce and that's out of the ten on for size of the pan and the heat of your soap if you feel like okay it looks like it would benefit from some extra water getting too dry a splash right now with the perfect the chicken is done now so we're going to turn it off so that the chicken stops cooking and then we're going to go in with our green onions and the cashews I'm adding the cashews and the green onions and that's the end because I want the green onions to remain green and fresh and vibrant and I don't want the cashews to become soggy with all the song and then now that it's all mixed up getting ready to plate we had such a beautiful dish you barely need any garnish so as you can see my sauce is pretty tight as far as consistency go some people like a little more liquid you can add some extra water and you can even up the measurements of the sauce a little bit just to get more sauce color okay and then I'm going to finish it off with the fried chilies now a lot of people like to toss them in but I like to put them on top because then that way they stay crispy and you might wonder like do you actually eat these you can eat these they're a little bit spicy but what you can do is just take one and just break it up break half of it up in your plate if you want a little extra spice and smokiness that's it that's cashew chicken or guide Mahima pan thanks for tuning in and don't forget the full written recipes on hot hi kitchen comm and I will see you next time for your next delicious Thai meal

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  • You are such a great teacher. Your explanation and demonstration is perfect. I love watching these videos and have tried several. Always great.

  • This channel is amazing. Your cooking tips are legit improvements on my tactics in the kitchen. I can't believe how much I've learned watching like, 4 of your videos! Haha! LOVE your channel – and it's progression and growth has been amazing to watch too! Augh, love it. Totally awesome videos on so many levels.

  • Without proper sauces you can not cook Asian foods…
    Chinese cooking wine, sesame seed oil, cornstarch, grapeseed oil, oyster sauce, hoisin sauce , sugar, salt, white pepper, are must for every Asian dish..

  • Sue and gambo channel easier for you Americans to understand…it is made easy for making Chinese in your kitchen…
    This nice lady complicates the cooking compared to sue and gambo channel…

  • Speak English not European and you will get happy subscribers…remember in this country the average level of understanding is at an 8th grade level

  • Hi pai,i am fan of yours!greetings from 🇱🇰 srilanka ,i like all your vedios ,best chef…..

  • "Med Mamuang Himapan" is quite a mouthful when compared to "cashew-nut". I'm sure there's a good story behind that etymolgy.

  • Hi Pai! i had this dish at a Thai restaurant yesterday and I loved it so I came to check if you have a recipe for it and walah! But the thing is they served it with more sauce/gravy so can you tell me how to make mine with more gravy? How many spoon should I add sauce wise xp

  • I can't find the Thai Chile Paste at the Thai Market. They have the sweet fishy one and some dipping paste for bread. Can you send me a link to the product? Thanks. Great show.

  • Hi Pai, thanks for the recipe! Love the colorful host of ingredients. I didn't have chili paste, so I pounded 2 roasted bird's eye chilis and a little bit of lemongrass along with the garlic into a fine paste, which I fried with the onions. I also added a handful of Thai basil leaves at the end. The hint of lemongrass and the anise-like aroma of the basil added a very unique layer to the flavors of the sauces. 🙂 Let me know what you think!

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