Best Strawberry Cake Ever, with a Cake mix, Gelatin and Strawberries! CVC Baking

Best Strawberry Cake Ever, with a Cake mix, Gelatin and Strawberries! CVC Baking

you hey yo it's t me with carmella hooks Happy Easter umm I'm about to start a strawberry cake I have my oven preheated this is one of my favorites at Easter time either like the strawberry cake or the strawberry cream cheese pie that is in my second cookbook it's both really good and easy recipes to make for Easter I'm a little late most people have already cooked but my mama's been really sick all week and so I'm just now really getting a breather and time to put stuff together it's been wild at the Nichols house so if those who are busy with family I understand but watch later and those that have already been to a sunrise service or you're at home right now you can watch me make Easter dinner there's a lot gonna be cooked today all right the first thing like I said we're gonna do is make my strawberry cake this is that old-fashioned strawberry cake that a lot of you are gonna remember from the 70s again I'm gonna start out with a white cake mix first I like to fit in my liquid ingredient so we're gonna start out with 1/2 a cup of water 3/4 cups of oil and I love these measuring cups it's so nice to be able to see what's in the cup without having to get down at eye level or pick it up ok 3/4 cups of oil 4 eggs oh and while I'm thinking about it come on practice women throw it in there I've gotta get some strawberries out of my dog's own freezer then I've put up last year so what I'm gonna do is get these out rip some real quick every point you so I did I think this was going to take my flow so let's do this least everybody's getting fresh strawberries right now I'm gonna fly some thin just like I would for a strawberry shortcake but then after there's after they might wait for a minute with all sugar in them then I'll kind of smash them up and we can throw them in this cake mix and we're going to throw a few in the icing as well you're gonna use about a half a cup of these in your cake and then you're going to use about a half a cup of this in your icing as well or maybe a cup I don't remember I have to look at the paper so a lot of people think that they got take their strawberries out one sit all day with some sugar on them and shortcut method to that is to do what we're gonna do this morning you don't have to wait on like you think aren't those pretty and red these are only a dollar like 30 something at the grocery store yesterday I went to so deep oh pretty strawberries for Easter that's for sure she cheap and pretty I'm gonna save a couple that's we want to slice up some for the top of the cake for those of y'all who are getting the tuned in today thanks for tuning in we are chris's at church with the kids and yes I normally go to church but my mom has been very very sick we've had to call in hospice this week we've had crawl this week she's well she was in the hospital this week momma was it has been wild in her house this week I have to say I have a cup of sugar on me I will stick them in the microwave Merkel's apple and we'll start mixing up the cake okay that's how you gonna do that right there I haven't been home all week and it's so Chris has been doing the cook in this week and the cleaning yesterday I didn't get the clean a little Mama's vital signs started going up really high yesterday her her pulse is really high so I'm afraid her sepsis infection may be coming back all right this is God 3/4 cup of oil 1/2 a cup of water for eggs okay one white cake mix one box three ounce box of strawberry gelatin we're gonna start mixing it up while the strawberries are getting soft this yeah that's all there is to it now all we don't just throw the strawberries in spray a a I'm using a classic white cake mix from Aldi and she was making cucumbers you know cucumber with your vinegar and your sugar and all that and that's something I'll ever eat she says it's a staple in their house and they eat all the time this time of year and so we thought that was interesting she put red onions in it my poor Kris my poor husband Chris if he eats anything with red onions that are raw oh my gosh he cannot his stomach cannot handle him and so he was like oh my gosh did you imagine me with those red onions that vinegar he said it would kill me but now most people of course it wouldn't it wouldn't hurt off the thing out of the force and let me go for our icing and we'll make our icing in a second yeah I'll probably did a lot of the cooking will even go see mama and then come back and to eat with my friend if I get done in time if not then I'll just go sit with mama tonight I was gonna cook a little bit yesterday this is a strawberry cake going in those of y'all who are just tuning in I was gonna cook a little bit of this yesterday and I did it because my I had my girls prom pictures and I had to when I got home oh it's not good yesterday we were there for a while so we're putting this cake in the oven y'all this cake strawberry in the oven home and it's a slab and so I've been standing a lot on concrete no it's killing things it's killing my face I've got to fix my hair no I'm gonna touch my hair but this looks kind of crazy don't like my little headband I thought it was cute for Easter it's not something I would wear any just about any other time I just found it this morning it was probably my mama's cakes in the oven now I think we don't have to make for a while it's such a beautiful day and yes it's sunny but it's not that hard I've got the eggs ready these are my strawberries that are gonna go in the icing to go on the strawberry cake and yes it fell in the middle it went quite ready but it'll be gooey and yummy and delicious I mean you can see the cake has pulled away from the edges so it's ready I asked this in the pan easy peasy almost a we're gonna make it happen I got a little pink bits and pieces of stuff I've been cooking that should be I will add a little bit to it will have about a stick of butter okay so now we're gonna use strawberries and sugar let's just go ahead and clean like a madman all right I'm gonna go ahead and grab my strawberries to start with now I've had several people make this cake and I'm like oh my thinner so just watch it you know and if you can't get all of your strawberries into I said and get you a strainer strength some of the juice off the strawberries the other s : Hey all right that's 2 cups of powdered sugar we still have one and I have to go and so I mean my icing is really not that runny so guess it's just according when you make your strawberries don't put any water and I'm just sugar I think it's then I hope that the rest of these I'll just run through a strainer so y'all can see an example of what I'm talking about Louis my bros me okay and then if you get bit to this point in your hacen and you still have some left and you don't want to get too thin just do it this way you know just smash them Musha mash them smash them however you say it get the liquid out of them as much as you can and then add them in to the other a supplement what it is with me and hand mixers period it is so good if I actually got extra I say much is final Amanda's something with it well think it's not to do cuz anything strongly is good it's a little bit more right here now we're just gonna take a strawberry and slice it and just make it pretty on the top and I'm really not going to you know like chop the strawberry and stand it up with it sleep on me Oh Matt I'm just gonna put some strawberries on top be done with it if you're having a function like we're having there should be none of this especially if you're taking it to church or something if you make this cake and people get you see you're bringing in it you're not gonna have any left at all so take home okay it's one of those cakes I mean like we can make an old-fashioned terrible I say on the stovetop ice white homemade layers take it to a function and only the people that really reckon that's the cake from flown the gun it's gonna get a piece so then you have a lot of leftovers with this cake it's gonna be going you can make the into the strawberries while you're chopping just save about four or five knots i strawberries for the top I know that pastors are you say it she made this one or not this is a real popular cake back from the 70s early you know late 60s early 70s that your mama always made and so this is if you're looking for that recipe and you have a long time this is it this is the one we're going to try to get we're gonna do that after we sign off from y'all we're trying to eat you

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  • Weird…why is all the print on the food items printed backwards? Thanks for sharing your recipe…love strawberry anything…thumbs UP

  • Strawberry are good any ways you eat them this looks so good ……thanks for sharing can't wait to try this recipe….god bless

  • Never liked the cucumber salad with vinegar. I just slice them and drizzle some bottled vinigerette dressing on it.

  • That looks like my Cuisinart mixer. You had the beaters switched. Only one has a flat metal ring at the top, in your case the one that repeatedly fell out. If you switched positions both would stay put. Hope that helps!

  • I made the Strawberry cake .OH MY GOODNESS!!!! thank you for sharing! I can't wait to try another one of your recipes ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Oh Tammy my heart goes out to you & your family , I pray to the Lord to mend your broken heart . You have a lot of precious memories to share of your mom and what you have learned doing her cooking such a wonderful gift she left you .As bad as it hurts us we can't be shellfish and we need to let our loved ones goes praise the Lord they will live on in his praises oh how wonderful no pain , no more hurting and she will be there to welcome you with her loving arms opened wide , thank you Tammy for taking the time to respond to my comment, again my heart hurts for you , be well and keep going honey, life is too short and you have a lot to give back with your moms gift, you make your fans happy with all the beautiful cooking you share with us ๐ŸŒน

  • I watch you every time you post a new video , first I want to say bless your momma and you and your family too , I know times are so hard trying to take care of the one you love so much and ascots king care of your family to , I was told about 6 months that my dear husband only has about 4 months to live , we had our 53 year anniversary this May 29 so sweet lady I know how tough it is being a care giver and a mom and a wife to your family but it has been 6 months and I still have my husband with me , the dr said. He can't believe my husband has made it pass the time he told me , I said your a great dr but God is better , he is a healer and knows when he will send for my husband until that time every time we spend together is a wonderful blessing . I'll say a special prayer for y'all just wanted you to know and I love you dear child of God

  • Prayers for your mom !! Iโ€™ve made this a couple of times and we love it ๐Ÿ˜ but tonight I tried something different I used blueberries instead of strawberries and it was awesome thank you so much for this recipe ๐Ÿ˜Š

  • A few years back all the cake mixes changed and they are not good anymore. That classic strawberry cake recipe we all grew up with is forever gone in my opinion. I haven't found one cake mix that works with this anymore ๐Ÿ˜ข

  • I'm making it. Thank you so much for the recipe, my daughter-in-law loves strawberry cake, it's her favorite, I'll make this for her. it sounds and looks delicious. oh and by the way where did you get that measuring spoon cup thing? loved watching your video and listening to you talk, I understood every word you said, I'm from the south too. good luck to your mom and God bless

  • On those mixers there is a specific side for each blade.ย  Look closely at them, they are different at the points they are inserted. There is a right blade and a left blade.

  • Hey! Love your videos and cooking lessons! My early years were in the south! Love the food and way of life. I now leave in Southern Ohio, right on the Ohio River. I share love through cooking too. Prayers for your mama, you and your family. Godโ€™s blessings and peace to you๐Ÿ™๐Ÿป.

  • I got possums and many critters not to mention birds .. theyโ€™d eat that stuff out cooling off for sure lol . Looks delicious. Prayers for your momma

  • I think you may have over mixed your cake. That and liquids from strawberries may be why cake sunk in middle. It normally make cake dense and tough too.

  • Tammy I am so sorry about your Mother you are all in my prayers. I have missed you because I am a little behind on videos but you know I adore you! Hope you are having a good week with your Mom. I am going to make a strawberry cake but mine is a little different. The strawberries are so pretty right now.๐Ÿ“๐Ÿ“๐Ÿ“๐Ÿ“๐ŸŽ‚๐ŸŽ‚๐ŸŽ‚ Hope you talk to you soon๐Ÿ˜โ€”Tressa Daigle

  • your strawberry cake was a hit for mothers day!!!!!! made your baked beans last week… five star… my next venture is your potato salad!!! I always mess up the potatoes.. hope your mom is well along with you and your family. hope your mothers day was beautiful and had memorable memories.

  • Thanks, Strawberry Cakes are my FAV! I love your recipe …But Can I add alcohol to it at some point???? Maybe to the icing mixture??? hmm …

  • I was trying to find a strawberry cake for my sister she loves them this looks like a good one. I live in Georgia too I make my Chicken and Dumplings just like you do. My whole family loves them my sweet Granny taught me how to make them. I sure miss her. Watching you cook reminds me of my Granny and my Mama. I learned to cook from them.

  • $1.30??? FOR THAT AMOUNT OF STRAWBERRIES??? WOW…Here in ontario that size sells for $5.00 sometimes $6.00!!!!

  • I made this and it turned out really well. I thought it might fall in the middle since the batter seemed wetter than usual, but it was perfect. Today I made an orange version with orange Jello, a can of mandarins, fresh orange zest and juice for the water.Thanks for the recipe ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Hello lady, while watching this video at 1am I was with one eye closed and one eye open struggling to stay awake…. I just got to say that I love your video, your accent is very cute. Just like mine when I speak English, I was raised in Mexico and I have the accent like rhe actress Sofia Vergara. I love your kitchen, your attitude, and your spirit to bake. Thank you for taking your time to teach us. I am definitely going to make this cake. God bless you.

  • Do you know how to make a butter roll. It is a pastry pocker filled with sugar and butter baked and then a ice cream custard type pour over it. My mom's dish, we are from Mississippi original.

  • Thank you for an extraordinary recipe. This is a beautiful cake. My prayers are for your Mama. All our Mamas are special and most deserving. Please don't be offended if I add her on my prayers that our heavenly father look after her, and returns her to the best of health.

  • God bless you Tammy, Iโ€™m a new sub just came across your channel, I LOVE Strawberry ๐Ÿ“ Cake it got me to your channel ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿคฃ

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