Bart Baker: The Parody Artist That Time Forgot

Bart Baker: The Parody Artist That Time Forgot

Hey This does anybody still remember bar baker while I’m subbing you don’t know who he is Bart Baker is a YouTube comedian slash Parity artist who created his YouTube channel some time in 2006 Now I’m preparing in likes of ariana grande mega trainer Taylor Swift Kanye West etcetera His parodies would gain tens of millions of views in fact Some of his parodies have even gone up to a hundred million views Like his Katy Perry Dark Horse parody and Miley Cyrus wrecking ball parody in fact Even Shawn Mendes who’s big in the modern pop industry is a fan of Bart Baker and wanted him to do the parody Of his song stitches and because of all this he managed to gain 10 million subscribers Becoming a diamond play button youtuber but recently things Ended up taking quite an unfortunate turn. His channel has been losing hundreds. If not, Thousands of subscribers, in fact he lost up to twenty thousand subscribers last month. So what happened? Why did this channel all of a sudden started dying? Well, that’s what I’m gonna be talking about here in today’s video I’m gonna going over some of the reasons why I think Bart’s channel could have died I’m not saying one of them in particular could have killed bart’s channel: But I’m just saying all four of them might have had an impact on his channel one way or another And I’m not making this video as any kind of hate message towards Bart himself And so if he’s watching this, I want to see him grow. I want him to still continue making parodies on his channel So with that said, let’s begin: Number zero beginning before i can go over some of the stuff that’s happened with his parodies nowadays, Let’s take a look back then and see what kind of stuff he’s been doing beforehand .before he started using Youtubers in his parodies, and before he showed himself on camera. He actually used elderly men and women for his parodies Some of them are funny, while others are just plain… Weird and creepy. I’m not saying that as an insult to those that actually were in the parodies. I’m just saying, it’s just weird the first-ever parody he did with he said elderly men and women was a parody of Justin Bieber’s eenie-meenie titled: “Teeny-weeny”. Oh… God, I wish I was making some of this stuff up. this was also around the time when he actually named his parodies like :”California gurls” turned into “California boys” “ET” turn to into “E.D”.Super Bass” turned into, “super fake” and the funniest one for me- “The one that got away”, he turned into “my grandpa super gay” ah Curse me and my stupid sense of humor. This was also around the time when he did original skits rather than just parodies like for example: “Extreme green screeners” a two-minute short film of two guys with very heavy country Accents doing a bunch of green screen films, and he also did a bunch of auto-tune remix es as well Which is very interesting. Some of them even gaining just as much success as his parodies, like “his chest the Bieber hit by water bottle auto-tune remix” I have To say, looking back at these parodies It’s really interesting to see where he started from. it’s also really interesting to see how much he’s changed as well So now that we know about the whole history of Bart’s parodies Let’s take a look at the stuff that he’s done now and see what caused his channel to start dying number one Hype one thing that Bart has been doing lately that has probably gone on to a lot of his fans His nerves is that he’s been hyping his parodies too much He’s made video after video about how he was working on a parody of little pumps. Gucci gang then when the parody came out It was alright. I just didn’t think I needed a bunch of trailers and sneak peeks over him replacing Gucci gang with Now look I don’t have a problem with people making trailers to show what they’re working on Even I do that at times. In fact, he’s actually done that in some of his older videos, even if they are very horrifying It’s just the one problem I have with these trailers is that it feels a little bit Over height if you get what I’m saying now Here’s what I think he could do to fix this instead of posting video after video you could just do one trailer in an upload the actual video either a few days later or the time period that the trailer says The video is gonna come out and he has done that before more specifically in his parody for Taylor Swift’s Look what you made me do and that’s pretty much it that’s literally the only example that I could think of and then after the actual parody is uploaded he can leave the trailer unlisted or Even better he could just have the trailer as a Twitter post his uploads Number two less is more Another thing that could have led to his channel dying is that he’s adding and removing so many different types of videos on his channel one of the first different types of videos on this channel was called but her comments and when she reads some of the comments that Were left on his parodies. Now these heavy videos aren’t that bad? In fact, they actually do go well with Bart’s personality But unfortunately, the series ended somewhere during or after his parody of Jacob sutorius sweatshirt and it’s sad really because these series of videos were actually really funny and that’s because these series of videos actually show how some people can’t take a joke with it cuz of parodies but Unfortunately, he had to remove it For some reason one way or another in that Term removing goes way more front of anything Because now whenever you look up about her comments Bart Baker on YouTube the only results that you’ll get are re uploads And that makes me want to ask why why did he have any for some reason? Well, I think I know the answer It’s probably because of another shoes he had on this channel titled faked I don’t really know how to explain the series properly but let’s just say it’s a Youtube version of tosh point-o and I do mean that In fact, it basically is what I just said. It’s just a YouTube version of tosh point-o Of course You have all the teaser videos and then you have official audio videos for some reason that go on for 10 minutes long I know Bart is just bringing new things to his channel So that way it stays fresh for awhile but it just seems like a lot of the stuff he’s doing on here is just the hidden miss and Here’s what I think he could do to fix this for one the schedule needs to be based around his parodies if he wants parodies to still be the main focus on his channel that needs to Be what the schedule should be focused on and then maybe about a week after the parody gets uploaded He could do a video about by her comments and then maybe about a week or two after that gets released He could do another episode in his bake series, but that’s just what I think he should do. He could change the schedule However, he likes Number three advertisement Sometime around 2016 to 2018 Bart’s channel was under fire in Simek But because of his content he was going to have a channel taken down soon Which means he couldn’t make money off of those videos and no money equals null parody because of how much he needs to buy input into these videos in order to comment this he got himself some Advertisements mainly from a program called brave if you don’t know what brave is It’s basically Google Chrome 2.0, but it’s mainly focused on security and privacy I would like to go more into it since it is more secure than Google Chrome, but this isn’t a brave review This is a Bart Baker review. So what does brave have to do with Bart? well He’s been promoting it non-stop on his YouTube on his Twitter and I’m pretty sure his Instagram as well Not to mention his second channel. Simply titled bart has Braves desktop icon as his profile picture I don’t mind people having things that they like as their profile pictures but when your profile picture it’s basically the thing that you’re promoting that’s Pretty sad and a lot of people seem to think that this is a bad move on bar and I wouldn’t blame him He’s basically turned his social media into a marketing ploy for brave So here’s I think you should do don’t promote it way too often. You could still be sponsored by brave Just at least have the sponsorship at the end of a parody or something and not have it be a separate video That’s like with like begging subscribing begging and donation begging just put that stuff all the way to the end You could still keep it. Just put it to the end Number four little Clorox and finally the last thing that I want to bring up that could have killed Bart’s channel is His side character little Clorox if you don’t know who little clark’s is He’s basically Bart Baker just as a SoundCloud rapper and I do mean by that this is literally Bart Baker in disguise His YouTube channel at the moment. It’s a little over 58,000 subscribers I don’t know if this is just him doing it as a parody but it seems like he’s taking this a little bit too seriously In fact in one of his videos, he says that he is sponsored by little Clorox So simply put he’s saying that Bart Baker is sponsored by Bart Baker This video is brought to you by lil Clorox subscribe now and hit that Bell so you don’t miss the best music videos on YouTube now for the sake of this video Let’s say he’s taking this seriously, let’s say he’s actually trying to be serious about his little clogs persona Well if that’s the case It’s a pretty hypocritical persona for him If you don’t want to talk about in his now deleted parody of Kanye West’s bound to he made a joke about Kanye Thinking he’s Jesus and dressing up and posing like Jesus Why you think they’re named my new album deeds though, but in his little Clorox song Savior you see him literally crucified on a cross Now this part alone makes me still question about if he’s trying to be serious about this or not But he’s been promoting it so much on his main account so much in fact that he dresses out the videos as if they are official videos on his Bart Baker channel the all they just do is Link you to the video on his little Clorox channel. It’s just really really sad. So how should Bart fix this mom? He should just keep the below Clarke’s music on his main channel He has done original music before and he’s made an entire album before though Clarke’s simply titled celebrities So if he could keep then on his main channel He should also keep a little orcs on his main channel Plus. At least I’ll add some more at least interesting content to your channel If Bart is somehow someway washing this please understand that I don’t want your channel to die I actually do like your content. I just want to see you grow I want to see you still continuing your channel to this very day. Still doing your actually hilarious parodies But at this point your channel is let’s just say falling for grace. So take whatever I said with a pinch of salt Hey everybody, thank you all so much for watching. I hope you enjoyed this video from beginning to end I personally enjoyed making it so I hope you enjoyed it too big Thank you to my good friends lemma /a knockin 64 for again helping me with this video if some of you enjoyed this video I’m sure you’re gonna like some of the other videos I have in this channel So be sure to hit the subscribe button and the notification about for that speaking of which we just hit 75 thousand subscribers Which is just insane. I can’t believe how far this channel has come when it came to making videos so I would just like to take the time to say thank you all for making this channel the way it is and if some Of you are wanting to donate to me. You can go over to my Kofi page in the description below So with that all said, thank you all so much for watching and I’ll see you in the next video. Bye You

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  • I used to be a huge Bart Baker fan, I will occasionally go back to his old parodies for nostalgia purposes. Parodies aren't the funniest thing anymore especially today when pretty much everything appears to be a parody of itself so the joke gets pretty run down. That being said the dude is still getting a few mil on his parody videos after all this time. I gotta say good for him.

  • I forgot about him until he followed me on twitter lmao (im pretty sure he has follower bot because i never tweeted him or anything)

  • I guess I just grew out of my Bart Baker phase, it was funny when I was a kid and could hardly understand what the fuck was going on, but now I only see unfunny and gross content from him.

  • Parodies are now just a niche. People got bored and the fact his parodies got really cheap comedy. 🙁

  • i’m watching this in bed at night with my phone a few inches away from my face and i must say, 3:58 gave me a fucking cardiac arrest thank you very much sir:)

  • you forgot to mention the kanye blackface. maybe people started realizing him painting himself a different skin tone is racist?

  • This isn’t why his channel died, but the real explanation that I would give is also complicated, and I don’t want to be that annoying YouTube commenter who goes on a page long opinion

  • Bart ain't got no happiness in his heart, he ain't have no videos, I don't really check at all for his channel.

  • So basically, no one knows what happened to him after the Lil Klorox fiasco. Maybe he really did get that dumb face tat and is going through hardcore depression or something else, the crisis right before your midlife crisis, idk.

  • brave browser truly is much better then chrome. im earning money while watching ads that i normally have to skip. its really cool 🙂

  • You can't really do parody videos anymore, seeing how using half a second of the actual song gets your video copyright claimed or a strike on your channel

  • He said on Twitter that he moved to china and started making Chinese tik tok videos there's proof on his Twitter

  • Actually the main reason is Lil Kloroxx he said he will make more parodies but never was seen to make more videos

  • I watched him for such a long time. I watched him for about 5 years and i always perfered his parodys over the real songs to.

  • Honestly Bart is basically the Jason Friedberg & Aaron Seltzer Of Youtube so no fucking wonder his channel is dying

  • long story short, people cannot take it anymore from anyone making fun to other people .. i do love Bart he is good i know him for long time but .. people change .. i do hope he can come back tho

  • Bart Baker's parodies were good in the early decade but in the recent years, they became malicious… Very malicious. They went from funny to borderline odd and obsessive ESPECIALLY his Taylor Swift parodies where he always showed that he did not like her. Her fans started to notice this and boycott his parodies, hence the decline. As a parody artist you should take the subject of the song and over emphasis on one of it's concepts or ideas. Instead he would make every TS parody with the same boring concept that she "has a lot of exes." This gets boring and repetitive. He instead should've taken the message from the song and over emphasized on one of it's concepts. Then you'd have a parody that still holds true to the song so that the audience you're targeting wouldn't boycott the video. Overall his career decline was simply his ego. He was so confident in Lil Kloraxxx that he lost his career. Now he's on some Chinese video service struggling for scraps.

  • parodies were overdone. its the easiest form of comedy within a video platform, because under technicality, anyone with a camera could parody music, movies, shows, people, and so on. Now the production value can be the determining factor between sucess and fall out. There was a youtube era where numerous parodies were EVERYWHERE. Suddenly if you were a mid-20s guy with a camera, a decent house, some old neon wigs, throw in a heavy dose of overly exaggerated behaviors and actions then, boom! Youtube sensation. Brendan Rogers, Bart Baker, Shane Dawnson, Key of Awesome, Olga Kay, SMOSH, Fred, Onision, smaller channels, and eventually the dynamic got old. There was only so much more they could add and you could tell with the higher production value eventually they'd hit a wall. All content creators in any genre (video games, authors, painting, music, movies, sculpting, comic books, etc) eventually reach a point in their career where they have to take a break. Now some, like ERB or Jacksepticeye, take a hiatus or just a break to collect themselves. You get to a point where you're no longer creating content for yourself and your passion, but just to get them over with. Some artists move on, while others move over and continue on. Parodies are pretty scarce at this point with a lot of the channels either evolve into something more or they kind of fade out. Not to mention youtube's platform has become very limiting. Many people aren't enjoying it or being a creator on it so some channels are straight up leaving the platform for better prospects elsewhere. Its fickle. Fads die out, platforms evolve or devolve, people's preferences change and you gotta either update or become obsolete.

  • I'm a huge Weird Al fan, because Al does quality over quantity. He's creative and goes higher than vulgar, potty humor.
    Al is smart, talented and asks every artist he parodies and pays them royalties. If they say no, he doesn't do it. Al does a LOT more than parodies. He writes songs for movies, tv and commercials and originals for his 14 studio albums.
    I'm going to my 5th Al concert in a couple of weeks. He's a legitimate singer, composer and musician, actually more talented than just about any performer I've ever seen.

  • everyone I want you to know that this dude who uploaded this video is completely wrong the only reason Bart Baker's channel is dying or already dead is because f**** YouTube keeps on bullying him and are trying to kill him off and YouTube keeps on trying to destroy his channel maybe it's because YouTube's just being an ass to one purpose like the rest of us

  • Man I wish, God da rn demonitization, it ruined a shiiiiiiii- lots of different channels because they can't say fuuuuuuuuu-fricking swear words, and it fuu- ricking sucks

  • Of all the successes, failures, and downfalls that he's had, in my eyes he will always be the Weird Al Yankovic of the internet. And I never missed a video, and I watched them all. I love them all, at least he is creative enough to help everybody laugh in a serious world.

  • God i miss him so much, i remember being a dumbass child and watching his videos, it was amazing and i loved it

  • They were funny the first time, but I grew out of them. They just aren't the same.

  • But I thought him being on a cross was to poke fun at some rappers who think they are least thats what I heard :v

  • I like his parodies, but honestly his parodies were more like mocking a celebrity and criticizing their work no matter how good or bad it is. I understand parodies includes insults as funny part, but his parodies were comprised of degrading the reputation of artists. Maybe thats why YouTube became harsh over him and pulled out his earnings.

  • I would love to still watch quality parodies if anyone still made good ones. Nothing better than getting a laugh out of the stupidity of most celebs. I personally think Barts channel died for 1 reason and 1 reason only. He quit making parodies and started making "legitimate" rap videos under the ridiculous stage name of Little Kloroxx. He has now become what he used to mock plus the music and videos are horrible. I kept waiting for him to say "sike" and admit that the rap videos were just another parody. But it's been almost a year and he's still making them so I guess that's it. You can't keep watching someone's parody channel if they quit making parodies 🙁

  • all he did in his parodies was make fun of the singer’s appearance and call the women artists whores.

    he could just stick to the new weird stories that go to the song’s music.

    and not make fun of all the artists…..

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