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  • There's a lot to eat out there, alright!  I find that the shade-grown dandelions are milder in flavor than the ones out in the full sun or ones that are stressed for water because of poor soils. Have a great spring full of foraged foods!

  • we like poke salad also. but we have many dandelions also.ive heard of lambs quarters. dont know what they look like so find out and please show me.also sour dock and other dock. the best health plant i know is mullein.

  • Great post!
    I enjoy the whole Dandelion,including the flower.
    I understand nothing better than homemade dandelion wine.
    do you all have kudzu like we do down here in the south?
    I have never tried it before but understand it too is considered edible.
    Growing up we use to joke if we ever could find a use for it we'd all get rich…not.
    I believe it was brought over here from Japan in order to prevent soil erosion.
    Have a good one!

  • Very useful, will have to see about that book. Love the comment about your lab exploding if the ball didn't get thrown. LOL. God Bless and take care.

  • Hey Eric & TCO – I was just down at the big box store pricing out a new WEED EATER !! If your looking for a free salad all summer let me know. I'll supply the dressing !!
    Keep the info and updates growing our way :-{}

  • Make sure your Chickweed isn't actually Scarlet Pimpernel :Q

  • I made some Garlic Mustard 'chips' last week!  Incredible.  Soak leaves in cold salt water for about 15 min. just to kill the spiders, etc.  They did not wilt but seemed fresher.  Drain and dry with paper towel blotting. Toss lightly with Olive Oil, and dry/bake on trays in a low, low oven for 10-15 minutes.  They are not good if they overcook.  Salt lightly with Kosher Salt.  You will love them dried and salted, or fresh, in a salad.  Lovely light garlic taste.  We have lots in the woods here, ripe now, in N.E. PA.

  • Really enjoyed this one Eric.
    Most of what you highlighted is growing nicely in the yard.
    Will have to try the garlic mustard, there are a couple of them out there that I have seen for the first time this year.

  • Violets and dandelions make great jelly!!  Purple dead nettle is edible and grows in your yard ahhh like crazy a bit strong but you might like it.

  • This is a great topic, but I suggest that you throw up a few warnings about safety. Not everything is edible, and we all make mistakes.

  • This is very informative and interesting, but shouldn't you first wash off the greens? To get dirt or contaminants off.

  • I wanna try to eat a few plants that are in my yard however I have sprayed bug spray and week killer and my pets use my backyard for there toilet lol so I need to locate an area which I'm still looking for! Thank you for the awesome information!

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