Are Abs Made in the Kitchen? – Muscle Myth #4

Are Abs Made in the Kitchen? – Muscle Myth #4

You want that shredded six pack or those washboard
abs? Well, better start tinkering your diet, ’cause as we all know, “abs are made in the
kitchen!” Do we have to start eating healthier and eating less in order to get the six pack
we’ve always dreamt about? Well, hate to break it to you, but it’s not going to be that easy.
Now that’s not to say that you shouldn’t eat healthy at all. In fact, any fitness goal,
including the goal of getting washboard abs, will benefit from eating more home-cooked
whole meals and moderating processed foods. But if we’re strictly talking about making
abs in the kitchen, then eating healthy, and more importantly, eating less, is just simply
not enough. A more fitting statement would be, “abs are made in the gym but revealed
in the kitchen!” Let’s first look at why abs aren’t just made
in the kitchen. The concept of abs made in the kitchen implies that in order to get the
abs you want, you need to change your diet, and more importantly, eat less. Eating less
then helps you lose weight and ultimately lose that belly. Yes, eating less will help
you lose weight. It’s the basic principle of caloric balance. But, the weight you lose
is not going to be simply fat. Without regularly exercising, your body will need to break down
your muscle protein to feed other vital functions in your body, such as powering the brain,
due to the lack of nutrients your body is getting. Your abs, which is a muscle, is no
exception to this. Eating less will make your belly flatter but also make your actual ab
muscles smaller and weaker. Unfortunately, it’s not called “flat stomachs are made in
the kitchen.” We want those abs. Now that we have addressed the issue of why
abs aren’t just made in the kitchen, let’s look at what why abs are instead made in the
gym and then revealed in the kitchen. The bottom line of having any sort of well-defined
or shredded abs comes down to increasing muscular density and a decreasing body fat percentage
to the point where fat is no longer hiding your abs. In order to this, you will need
to exercise the rectus abdominis as well as control your eating. You’re going to have
to put in just as much work in the gym as you do on your diet. The reason being is,
just like any other muscle in your body, if you want it to look defined and stronger,
you need to work it out. Specifically for the abs, the more you work it out, the more
likely it is to see the outlines of all eight muscle bellies of your abs. On top of that,
working out the abs while eating less will signal the body to preserve as much muscle
protein in the abs as possible, effectively solving the problem of how we lose muscle
protein while eating less. And ladies, when it comes to working out, you have to stop
saying you don’t want to get bulky. With female testosterone levels so low, it’s just not
going to happen. You can also come check out our video here to find out why women SHOULD
lift weights on a regular basis. So ladies and gents, go out and start doing your fair
share of crunches and leg lifts if you truly want to have the abs you’ve always dreamt
about and even go for that mythical eight-pack! Not to mention all the health benefits, both
for your posture and overall mobility, that comes with having a strong and stable core.
What are your thoughts on abs being made in the kitchen? Let us know in the comment section

100 thoughts on “Are Abs Made in the Kitchen? – Muscle Myth #4

  • I love the way you put it, "made in the gym but revealed in the kitchen". That's exactly how I did it, you have to pump the ab muscle like any other muscle. Good job in explaining that.

  • what if i workout all day while having a break of 10 minutes between sets? Will i have better strenght results?

  • With this video you are sending wrong message about the statement – abs are made in the kitchen – this does not mean EATING LESS, like you mentioned in this video a couple of times – this does not mean EAT LESS (and the word "DIET" does not mean eat less), BUT EAT RIGHT. It is a BIG DIFFERENCE between statements EAT LESS/EAT RIGHT. If you EAT RIGHT, you can burn the extra unneeded fat (Which is covering your muscles) and with EATING RIGHT you can preserve your muscle mass. If you are NOT EATING RIGHT ( eating less is the worst you can do) you can still train as much as you can, if you will not burn those fat and preserve your muscles, you will never have abs. That is why we say abs are made in the kitchen – not eating less, but eating RIGHT, and of course training right.

  • this really depends on ur ages…. if ur a teen you should be a higher body weight so you can get more muscle mass when ur hormones are high like test. dont focus on having visable abs when you're young it WILL effect ur gains in the younger years of lifting.

  • Yo I just watched two videos and I subbed already
    But a question
    I can't go to the gym 🙁
    I do home cardio
    I do ab exercises
    I run 3 kilometers
    And Im following a diet
    Will that help me see my abs ?
    I'm 167 cm tall
    I weigh 63 kilometers
    Please help 🙂

  • I was wondering if you have a video about the theory of a "by week"? I hear you should take one full week off from lifting every few months. What does science have to say? Thank you for making this videos, they are very helpful!

  • I love how you present these Faq's in a concise informative presentation which is also very entertaining to watch.. Also, I am very appreciative of the content based on solid facts and science that should clear a lot of common misconceptions. Well done

  • i disagree. abs do made in the kitchen. without proper diet all the crunches are senseless. actually abs are toned in gym.

  • I can backup this video by saying that I have around 7% body fat and still dont have the 6 packs I always dream off , this is why im working them hard , in fact , I cant feel my abs from yesterdays workout , im dying 🙁 lol

  • abs are more genetics, i have friends that go to the gym everyday as well as go for consistent runs whilst tracking macros to the calorie and don't have a sixpack. i eat a lot of junk and don't track yet have abs

  • If abs actually were made in the kitchen you'd see malnourished African kids with a 6 pack, but I doubt that's the case…you need both low bf% and ab development imo

  • if you want a 8 pack you need the genetics it has been proven! 😉 sorry guys and girls stuck with the 6 pack hey it's not bad it's average so it's good…hehehe

  • This video should have touched on a couple quick things:

    1. Sodium intake should be kept low

    2. Cardio builds abs at an insane rate

  • I have some questions, though.

    I have SOP, which increases my testosterone. It's rather annoying btw, I have a lot of facial hair and body hair that "normal" women don't have. Does that mean that by working out, I have more chances of getting bulk?

    Also, what do you consider "bulk"? Cause I surely don't want to get a strong six pack, I just want hints of it. How can I avoid getting too strong?

    Thank you for your time!

  • I know few guys that never hit the gym but are very picky in what they eat, might be a coincidence but their abs are pretty neat

  • Seriously man. The knowledge your share is not only 100% correct, but presented in such a simple, easy to understand way. Keep it up!

  • i'm 19 and have had a six pack since i was 14 or 15. i have natural abs but obviously when i work out they get a lot more defined. i have never changed my diet or tried to eat better when i work out but i still have abs. in fact i often eat fast food since i'm in college and don't have access to home cooked meals anymore. and the only work outs i do that i know work on core the abs is sits ups, pull ups, and i believe bench press. is this due to genetics and are some people different? is there better workouts to work on abs? also i'm black

  • Love it. Already shared this out to my friends and also made your point to women that lifting heavy will not make you look bulky without some kind of help or if you go to the EXTREME!

  • I had a plan to lose weight first , then go for abs , thank God for this video 😀 I eat healthier , but don't particularly aim on protein and such , will this pull me back ? God bless.

  • Hey I would like to see and think this is important to make people aware off is about eating in callories and eating in volume. ex if ur eating 500grams but it has good macro's (rough example) a tripple cheeseburger it still cannot give you 1kg extra in bodyweight. where the same ammount of macro's in a homemade meal but which is 1kg can. Im sure u get the point let me know what u think about this.
    Love the vids keep it up <3

  • I had my coach in school measured me out and I have a 12.1% body fat. I guess i have a flat stomach but I cannot see much defined abs. I figured, just like this video is telling me, I need to work them out to see them. Question being, what is the most basic, best ab exercise I should do?

  • @picturefit, do a video about Basal metabolic Rate – the amount of calories burnt at rest – and how it correlates with daily caloric intake and caloric deficit to lose fat/gain muscle. Theres not really a good video about it so far.

  • So far I have definition down the middle of my stomach and on the sides, like 3 vertical lines, but none cutting across to make the "packs" yet.

  • however, you need training resistance more than power to get then defined right??
    Like; you are not going to have a defined six-pack only by making power abs?? (like L-sit…)

  • Am i going to get abs if im doing basic exercises like squats and deadlifts but no certain abs workout and cut after i build some muscle?

  • Such a fantastic channel. Always to the point, brief and precise. No lengthy bullshit and time waste. Keep up the good work bro.

  • I like pic fit and am a subscriber. But this is silly. 8 billion people including you and me have had abs since week six in utero.

  • What about this… So i an doing abs every other day with 3 sets of 9 excercises which I do witouth rest between excercises and 1 min rest between sets. But my abs are getting worse and worse while i try to eat healty and without junk food, enough protein and simmilar but anyway they are simply becoming less and less visible. What should i do. I dont really have problem with eating more becouse i am geneticly skinny so it's nit problem to eat

  • I honestly thought abs were made in the kitchen but what you are saying makes sense….bittersweet to see that I was wrong but are now enlightened.