Angry Customer Gets Her Just Dessert (r/EntitledPeople & More)

Angry Customer Gets Her Just Dessert (r/EntitledPeople & More)

hey guys and welcome back to the Internet I hope you all had a fantastic 4th of July you know maybe if you were buying some fireworks you can relate to this meme when you fight the cashier for an hour to get a one dollar discount but I think it's time we get back into some stories starting with peeing on the floor no food for your coworkers so my first job was at a fast-food chain when I was 16 as the new and young guy I often got the bathroom cleaning duty which usually wasn't too bad at my location but one day as I was just about done I was pushing the mop across the floor when I very big tall and athletic dude walks in I politely warned him about the slippery floors and he just stared at me then he put his back to the wall across from the urinal dropped trou and peeta all over the newly cleaned floors he did this all while looking directly at me he smirked at me as he finished and walked out not even washing his hands by the way and headed towards the counter as I hung the bathroom closed sign I went to talk to my manager and explain what happened he was a good guy and told me that someone else would reclaim the bathroom and that I should go stock some cups up front this gave me the opportunity to witness what was about to happen so my manager walks up to the front counter just in time to take this guy's order the guy pulls out a sheet and proceeds to read off a large order from his company if I remember right it was for about 30 people and they were all customized you know like no mustard or extra pickles etc as he finished his order my manager said sir you will not be getting food from us today the guy gets enraged and he starts pounding the register with his hands and yelling about racism but my manager politely informs him that he cannot urinate all over our floors and expect to be treated with respect the guy starts whining that how particular everyone is and then he must have the food from our chain and there is not another chain for 10 miles my manager wished him good luck and pointed out that he has enough evidence on the security cameras to call the police the dude chose to leave but we all knew his day was gonna be a rough one you know I hope his day gets a lot worse in fact I hope his whole life gets a lot worse after this next we've got you bought a present for the puppy and not for my baby so my dad's dog Dennis passed away four months ago our family was grief-stricken and loved him deeply Dennis was like my dad's third child besides my step-brother and I a few days ago my dad and stepmom adopted a puppy from the local shelter I was ecstatic when I found out and went over to their place with lots of presents for the little guy chew toys balls beep and a puppy bed my step-brother and his wife were also there with their 18 month-old son she saw the puppies gifts and gave me a really annoyed look I asked if she was okay to which she replied well I just think it's a bit cruel to my child that you're parading all these toys in front of him and haven't even gotten anything for him keep in mind that it wasn't my nephew's birthday or any other special occasion I reminded her of this fact and she seemed shocked and said something like so white he's your nephew doesn't he deserve better treatment than a pet you could have gotten a few toys for him so I told her first of all your kid is 18 months old and is incapable of realizing that the puppy has been given a few toys and second of all just because I'm being nice to the puppy doesn't automatically mean I'm treating your son badly before she could reply I just got up said goodbye to my dad kiss the puppy and left I really don't think what I did wasn't anyway disrespectful to her family so I just don't understand her reaction hey you go to learn that two entitled people when you do something nice to somebody it means that you must be taking it away from somebody else it's all just a zero-sum game to them now we've got hot-headed neighbor so many of the stories on here are about hot-headed neighbors and mine is no different a family moved in next to us about a year ago and kept to themselves for the most part the husband was a strange one and very peculiar about his lawn he blew it off every morning and watched it religiously whenever any kid would set foot on it he would come out to warn them off I didn't care and told my kids to make sure not to go to his lawn then he started an annoying habit of putting his trash right on the corner of my lawn about a foot over the line I asked him numerous times not to do that but he smugly ignored my requests I thought he was a douche canoe but I wasn't going to cause a big stink about it until one day he pushed it too far he'd been working some minor home renovations for a couple weeks one morning I found a pile of construction trash sitting in the infamous corners it included some lumber with nails sticking out of it glass panels from old screen doors and other items the next day I got a notice from our HOA telling me that I would be fined if I didn't move it so I did just that i drugged the mountain of trash back across onto his property and called the management company to tell them that it wasn't my trash the next day I came out to find the trash had been moved back onto my lawn so I drug it back to his lawn and left a note on asking him nicely to not move it back to my property that afternoon I see him angrily dragging it back onto my lawn and I confronted him he starts to get smart telling me that it was only six inches on my lawn I mean it was completely on my lawn and it shouldn't be a big deal and that the city was going to pick it up in two days I told him that the glass and nails were a liability and that I didn't want it on my lawn he tries to belittle me and then proceeds to tell me that my lawn service is actually cutting part of his lawn and tries to take that angle I inform him that his fence and his perceived property line in the front yard is actually two feet on my property and that the property he is referring to is not his I explained that I would gladly hire a surveyor to conform the property lines and he could adjust this fence accordingly after he leaves I moved the trash back to the middle of his Drive he comes back out and I tell him that if he moves it back I was going to call the police for trespassing this is where his hot temper kicks in and he comes and shoves me pushes me down on the street and threatens to kick my bi if I go back on his property with the trash by this point I had enough and called the police they showed up to talk to me they go in to talk to him but he denies pushing me my wife intervenes it reminds me that we have footage on our ring camera the police review the footage and promptly arrest him his wife comes over to plead with us to drop the charges but we tell her that we won't they charged him with battery and disorderly conduct he also happens to be a prominent figure in the local school system my wife posted the video on social media and it went viral among the local parenthood groups the senior administrator for the school system called me to ask about the incident so I told him my side of the story he hasn't been back to work since the incident almost two months his job was just posted so I'm assuming they let him go where he quit I also hired a surveyor to come stake out my property lines it turns out that his fence in the back yard that he built without asking me is over three feet on my land I had my attorney sent him a formal request to relocate his fence which were required him to build a new 60-foot section of fence since I won't let him connect to mind moral of the story act like a douche canoe and lose your job your fence that you thought you had and lose some money for legal fees man this story just makes me want to get ring or maybe get a brand deal with ring if there's anyone over it ring security I'd love to do a brand deal with you guys got to keep those entitled people out now we've got lady demands I conjure a cup from thin air so I worked at a small McDonald's in 2009 I have a ton of these stories as it was the unfortunate area of town but this one is my favorite the woman peeps into the drive-thru and ask for an extra-large strawberry milkshake which is a size mcdonald's doesn't or didn't have although they do have a large which is a good leader this woman insists that give her an extra large.i inform her that I cannot conjure cups she demands her milkshake and goes to the window I take her money give her the large one and think the order is done no she throws this milkshake at me and demands an extra-large the manager wants to step in but I get crafty we had these buckets you would give to kids with happy meals I tell the runner to crank the machine to the brim I get my horde of strawberry cow sludge and cover that thing with cling wrap and focused drawing to it I hand this to the lady and just say we ran out of extra large cups she snatched it from me and peels out of the place she comes back a minute later covered in milkshake apparently she went over a speed bump going fifty and it went off like a grenade manager said he'd give her our biggest size large for free she goes on basically the same rant had to get this woman taken out of the place by the cops kicking and screaming about her milkshake oh how I love that after she just had a milkshake explosion in her car her biggest priority was getting a new one I I think I have a pretty good idea of the size this woman is all right now let's move on to one big story before the question of the day told you expect me to help you after you demanded to be compensated for not going to your own father's funeral you don't deserve anything and I'll only speak to you in any other language other than English so I've mentioned a little about my family they're a hot mess on both sides now my mom wasn't the greatest mom but she did take care of poppy my grandpa her dad and I'm grateful that I at least had him growing up as my role model some of my family expects too much and expects help when they do nothing to show that they actually deserve it the whole but we're family doesn't work on me anymore either recently an auntie of mine decided to get back into contact with me not sure if she actually missed me or just missed getting the money from my mom my auntie hasn't worked a day in her whole life and was basically paid by the government to pay her being unable to close her legs I know that sounds super harsh but she's very self entitled rude and a lazy jerk she even got her kids to sell cigarettes at school freakin school for money for herself I know this happened because my mom and she had a screaming match when my mom found out I used to visit my auntie and cousins all the time to where I actually felt that they were my brothers because we were so close however my auntie went too far when we moved to another state and expected my mom to pay for her to come visit us she wanted us to pay for her company she didn't see her dad because she missed him she did it for the money I tried to be as positive as I could for Poppy's sake but he didn't get to see his other daughters my mom has two other siblings but I had enough of my entitled aunt blame my mother for poppy getting cancer freakin cancer I wouldn't be surprised if she thought it was contagious like the flu because she was an early high school dropout had no book smarts or street smarts even though she lives in a very dangerous area the kind that once it gets night time you shouldn't leave because of muggers drug dealers gangs etc my oldest cousin was and still is very gifted and never forgets anything the two youngest however were really stupid the youngest is 1/4 Chinese and would actually go out of his way to call every agent he saw see words even though he is part Chinese as well that kind of stupid I'm usually a common collected person but once he started blaming my moms for Poppy's cancer I lost the plot I rarely snapped but when I do my face gets red with rage and shout which I rarely do this is what set me off so my dumb cousin says your mother caused his cancer you know if he didn't live there he'd be fine keep in mind this was 2014 and I was 18 at the time she was 26 my cousin was so much of a coward that she couldn't say to my face but on the phone I say are you freaking kidding me we made him comfortable here when he moved you guys could have taken him when we moved he didn't move with us straight away he decided to stay with us because we actually treated him like a person and I missed him I crazy you guys had the room to take him but you didn't want to spend the money on your own grandpa if anyone you lot should be ashamed it was silent for a moment then she mumbled something and hung up then the second youngest cousin kept ringing us and harassing us too I took care of it because my mom wanted to be there for poppy so he wasn't alone I took over all of the chores of the house and even cooked food for my mom to take into the hospital so she could at least eat a proper meal after about a month after he passed we still got harassing calls my mom was a mess I was too but my mom got so depressed that she didn't eat much and kept to herself I entitled and said that she was entitled to have a part of her dad's cremation sent to her even though she couldn't be bothered to say goodbye to him when she could even my auntie who has agoraphobia which is a fear of going outside came to say goodbye I have never yelled at my entitled and to this point so she was shocked in silent also I have a tendency of swearing like a sailor when I'm mad I say you've got to be kidding me you deserve Jack you are too lazy to say goodbye to poppy when he was dying in the hospital you have no one else to blame other than your freaking self grow the F up you self-entitled hypocritical beep silence but he got cancer because of your mother as a how freaking stupid are you you can't catch cancer you friggin mophead he smoked like a chimney since he was 14 and drank a lot of course it was going to affect him keep in mind that my puppy was born in 1942 and it was considered cool and some people even believed it had health benefits you can't talk to me like that I'm older than you I say really no grown adult with common sense believed that cancer is contagious you freaking wombat you want poppy come get him yourself you lazy beep my puppy already made his will and agreed for his three daughters to keep parts of his ashes if they wanted he even put me in his well for almost $1,500 because I was more like his daughter than grandchild and had never once disrespected him because I looked up to him I didn't want the money by the way I just wanted some of his clothes I know it sounds a little weird but I was going to miss him and even his sent his Stephen King collection because it had sentimental value to me as he introduced me to Stephen King as a teenager and I also wanted to keep his vinyl collection because we would do a dorky little dance with each other on some of our favorite songs I slammed the home phone down and took deep breaths because I was so riled up that I was shaking my mom looked at me completely shocked and asked what happened she had never seen me this angry in her life I was the patient one in the family and the first to try to defuse the situation my mom says what happened I've never heard you yell like that ever and your face is tomato red after I told her giving her a synopsis since entitled aunt is plain cruel in her wording she was upset but not surprised we got more calls after that and I told my mom that I'll get it and that she should just sit back down my dumb cousin was screaming once I answered how dare you talk to my mom like that instead of carrying on with this ridiculous idiotic fight I answered in Chinese she said it obviously confused thinking she dialed the wrong number she then rang again I answered in Chinese again once I hung up on her while she was yelling I told my mom that we should block their numbers and get a new number oh by the way the second youngest cousin has actually gone to jail for numerous things including battery and assault having sex with a minor he knocked up a 15 year old girl and I wish I could also testify sexual assault as well but my only proof is my PTSD I hope he rots in prison I decided to share this because of his death anniversary am I entitled auntie trying to get me to contact to start drama again I of course blocked her I still wrote her number down just in case she tried to harass my mom or others in our family that has also cut ties with her I don't care what you say to me but come after my mother and I'll hunt you down well it is sad and painful to know that people this stupid and evil are really out there but I like to think that maybe they won't survive too much longer all right the question of the day today is what's the strangest conversation you've accidentally eavesdropped on so I was in line for a roller coaster years ago when I overheard a 12 year old and her even younger sister talking – – nice strangers all standing in line behind me the 12 year old was talking about how she lives on a farm with her grandparents her little sister and her newborn kid she goes on and on about her young kid and how her grandparents homeschool her so she has time to raise and take care of her kid and how her little sister is helping – she goes on to describe how little and precious and sweet her kid is and how much she loves her I spend the entire time in line stunned and speechless and impressed by how engaged and unbothered the two strangers were during the whole conversation you've been asking to see pictures it wasn't until we got to the front of the line that I realized she meant kid as in baby goat yeah you know if there's one thing I hate the most about the English language it's how many times that there are reused words for different meanings I mean they do right for some good dad jokes every once in a while but they just get so obnoxious when you're trying to like form an actual conversation I overheard two guys on the subway in New York City discussing what was the perfect handgun caliber just whack someone there was a small dude who was adamant that the best gun was a 9-millimeter because that's what cops use then the big dude starts shaking his head negatively goes on to give a small speech about anatomy and ballistics then proceeds to state that a competent assassin would use a mere point 22 handgun since it's hard to track ammo is cheap and you can mag dump someone in the head without anyone knowing it's gunfire I think those guys were on their way to a hitman Convention yeah those are the kinds of people that you're just like I'm gonna slip away and I hope I never see them again a few kids were debating on what happened to poop after you flushed it on the train one believed it exploded on impact with the rails another debate of the possibility of it being shot out of the side like a cannon and another knew it was used to fuel the train I think the idea of mobile plumbing is just a little too absurd for these kids me and some co-workers were eating lunch outside on a patio and all the sudden two guys by and one goes well I was licking her butthole and I forgot I was allergic to peanuts so I spent all night in the hospital we started cracking up and the guy noticed and said what it happens way to play it off man I once sat on a balcony on the third floor at 2:00 a.m. listening to a guy on the ground level who discovered his girlfriend was cheating on him on the fourth floor he climbed a tree and saw her topless with a guy with her lights on I opened a beer and took a seat you said you were studying you don't study with your shirt off man how high of a tree do you have to climb to catch somebody cheating well sort of the opposite we would run laps around the perimeter drive over football field for PE and part of this Drive was right up next to a bunch of classrooms a lot of times teachers would have windows open my high school was an old Frankenstein of editions from the last 120 years so we still have windows that open and close so my friends and I made it a point to have the absolute weirdest conversations we could right next to any of these open windows in an effort to distract or confuse anyone who happened to be listening from inside I think my favorite starter anecdote was and I shamelessly stole this from whose line and that's how my colon ended up in my esophagus I was later told by one of the teachers who recognized me that their whole class stopped and confusedly looked at each other before laughing it off it was one of my proudest moments well that's all the stories I've got for today sorry the cat wasn't in the video she was kind of hiding behind me today so I'm just gonna finish this off with an extra fav video so thanks for watching forever

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  • @15:30 The kid with the one about it being used as fuel has the right idea – just not the right time. One day the railways will implement the idea. It's "recycling", right? Of course it's only as a supplement, since the passengers won't produce enough for the requirements of the engine. And the railways would have to build new engines to use the "other" fuel. Or refit the existing ones for that purpose. But in the end (bad choice of words?) it will reduce present fuel costs by whatever amount and maybe 50 years in the future? OK this idea sounds worse the more I think about it.

  • @3:05 Just hand her one of the chew toys and say "I'm sorry, this was for your son. Here you go, catch!" And toss it to the mother.

  • When my uncle had cancer I bought a plane ticket and flew a few miles over to see him even if I didn’t see him many times before and after he died I just bought a ticket again and flew the same day right out of my cousins marriage without sleeping between what caused me falling asleep in a desert nearly dehydrating cause it’s hot in a car and some people don’t even visit thair dad?

  • Strangest conversation I ever heard was on the bus and this guy came on the bus, looked at the man sitting behind me and goes "What the h3ll are doing alive?!" The guy behind me said "What?" The whole bus was staring and tense. The newcomer then goes "My friends told me you were dead." I'm sorry I had to get off at the next stop.

  • Lol congrats on getting your viewer numbers back up XD
    Aside from that, asshole people will never learn until they got served what they deserve. They never learn from the repeating history of the others before them who treated service workers badly while still asking for service. Customer is customer, normal or ignorant. Get your maturity up & behave sensibly like other people around you.

    Edit: Whose Line Is It Anyway was my laughing therapy fix. T'was just brilliant XD

  • Re the toilet on a train argument, I don't know what is on US trains but when I used to travel a lot by train in the UK and Europe, virtually every train (all in the UK and I think all in the few countries I visited) had signs in the toilet (restroom for American readers, not the actual loo lol) saying that flushing whilst in a station was not allowed. I'm pretty certain that it was because the waste got dumped on the track (I haven't used a train for some time. Maybe they have containers these days).

    If you want a laugh, there's an old song about this. I'm 99% certain it was by Flanders and Swan(Swann? Or another duo who did similar things) who were a very funny duo from the 40-50s, maybe longer (that's the trouble with recordings, you aren't always told when the record was made). They were a bit before my time, but are still well known. The song goes to a very famous tune (which of course I can't remember the name of off-hand) and the words started something like
    "Would passengers please refrain
    From flushing (the toilet?) while the train
    Is at a station…"
    I wish I could remember the whole thing because it is funny, and considered quite risque at the time.
    If I can find out what it is, I'll come back and let you know, but I'm currently on a boat in the middle of nowhere with a very touchy signal and will be for another week. Not complaining, I love the peace.
    If anyone knows what I'm rambling on about, please feel free to correct me!

  • I feel that this excerpt from the Daemon in Sacred Gold perfectly sums up how we all feel about EP's.

    What were the ancient gods thinking when they created you?

  • For some odd reason I wasn’t getting any of your videos in my sub feed at all once I got reminded about you’re all the way at the bottom of my subscriber list I was kind of confused why you were doing story videos again I looked and I subscribe to your new channel glad to see you finding your good spot in YouTube!

  • We had storms Thursday and Friday night so not much fireworks, they're making up for that time currently lol.

  • Why do they always ask not to have charges laid? You do something wrong, you pay the consequences. Even as kids we do. Don't eat your diner, no desert.
    Home late, your grounded for the weekend. Why do they think it's going to be any different as a adult?

  • I heard this from a friend way back in high school. She walked in to the hair salon only to hear her hairdresser say, "spread them farther apart…make it easier for me. She walked out then came right back in. She found out that he was talking about his appointments for the day.

  • HOA neighbor: he is bad neighbor. OP has kids. His kids are in danger from the neighbor's construction trash. This neighbor is a rotten person. Good riddance!

  • I am just picturing the strawberry milkshake, essentially, projectile vomiting, on this nasty woman!🤣🤮🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • I spend more time listening to your videos and giggling than with anybody else on here. Thanks for that!

  • What jackhole pees deliberately on the floor knowing that someone was going or just finished mopping the floor -oh, that guy and he got what he deserved – NOTHING !

  • I have a cat that looks like your cats twin.Lakota likes to hide on the bookcase by the doorway and as you go by he grabs your hand and hangs on and licks your fingers. If you try to pull away he bites you.Crazy cat

  • faye not being in the vid shows how much you look after her, i.e not forcing her to stay in one place, cats will be where the chose to be……..and even when faye aint in the video i still love watching all of them keep up the good work.

  • Did you say you were going to finish this off with an extra "Fake" video? You aren't even real! Noooooooooooooooooooo

  • I missed a couple of days. Thank you for entertainment 😂 I subscribed to your other channel. Love it 🥰

  • They are right about a .22 caliber handgun. With a suppressor on it, it is nearly silent. Plus, because they are inexpensive, even on the Black Market or Dark Web, you can literally destroy them after each use by disassembling them and throwing away the parts in different lakes and/or streams. A double-tap with a .22 will kill someone just as dead as a .50 caliber Desert Eagle.

  • sweet little sleepy kitty cat
    OK I gotta say it
    my mom treats her cat like a kid
    She's old now but her name is Crazy and she has a white belly
    My mom has had her for a long time and always talks about her and has lots of nicknames for her, and occasionally calls me by the cats name lol nbd
    but my Roomate has a super sweet cat who also has a white belly

    and I will say, the kitties with the white bellies are the sweetest (: and therefore, I love your cat and need to kiss her belly

    yeah, my moms not married and I probably won't either just die in a house full of cats

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