Amazing LAKSAM, NASI DAGANG- Malay breakfast dishes in SELANGOR | Food and Travel Channel | Malaysia

Amazing LAKSAM, NASI DAGANG- Malay breakfast dishes in SELANGOR | Food and Travel Channel | Malaysia

Hi I’m Thomas and I’m Sheena and we’re
Chasing a Plate. Today it’s an exciting day we’re in Selangor in Shah Alam
and we’re meeting up with some of our subscribers and they brought us to this
amazing little eatery to try some traditional Kelantanese dishes.
We can’t wait, let’s eat! We’re about to tuck into this incredible
looking breakfast we’ve ordered laksam which is a traditional
noodle dish that’s eaten in Kelantan we’ve also got nasi dagang which is
one of our favourite dishes ever, more about the food later, but we’re here
with some of our subscribers who contacted us and said that they knew
that we hadn’t been able to try laksam when we were in Kelantan last and so
they wanted to bring us here we are so excited to be eating breakfast with
everyone, back to the food, so laksam is this noodle dish but the noodles are like these thick rice noodle rolls and Aunty has just cut the noodle rolls into bite-sized pieces and they’re sitting like little, almost like cinnamon scrolls in the bowl and then this beautiful thick, creamy fish gravy which is made from
sardine has been poured over the top and then we’ve got a little bit of sambal,
some vegetables, some cucumber, some herbs, so there’s torch ginger in there and also daun kesom. Daun kesom? Girls what’s daun kesom? Daun kesom is something to make some food delicious hahahaha that was the best explanation, basically just really tasty stuff is in here so I’m gonna get in because it looks absolutely
delicious and the rice noodle rolls, they are slippery and wobbly, mmm mmm mmm oh my gosh
that is just so good the broth is super creamy, it’s got a really strong fish flavour, an oily
fish flavour and then the vegetables are really crisp, really crunchy, I got a bit of cucumber it just cuts through the heaviness or the intensity of
the flavours that broth though, I just want to grab this extra broth that we’ve got here and
just slurp it right up it is so good. I have to try this laksam, anyone who has
been watching our videos will know that we went on a huge laksam hunt up in
Kelantan over Hari Raya but because it was the holiday everything was shut all
the fishermen were having a break all the shops were shut so we couldn’t find
it in a restaurant, we couldn’t find the fish so we could make it ourselves
so it was a real hunt but ultimately a failure so so good to finally be able to
try this dish if you haven’t seen our videos from up in Kelantan we’ll link
them up there because we had such a fun time we’re looking forward to heading
back up to the those states and Terengganu is really high on our list in
fact everywhere is high on our list so don’t forget to hit subscribe so you can
follow our journey through Malaysia oh this looks good the smell is
incredible the broth is very thick, much thicker than I was expecting and the
herbs the way it’s all been mixed up so the herbs and the the chilli and the
cucumber is all coated on everything I’ve just got one big noodle and some
broth or some sauce hmm there’s sardines in there and they’re
so strong but not I think sardines get a bad name because people especially
Westerners we know sardines as tinned sardines so in oil and just so strong, so
strong in flavour which I love but I can understand why some people don’t,
this is fresh sardine so it’s much more subtle it’s a very oily little fish and
you can taste that in there but it’s subtle it’s got just beautiful fishy
flavours, ocean flavours, the herbs, the chilies not too hot but it’s got a nice
nice little kick it’s sort of just coated the top of my mouth so it’s not
burning it’s not killing me, so I’m not sweating because of it but it’s added a
great little kick, there’s crunch from the cucumber and then that array of other
herbs is just, the flavours from those is one of the strongest flavours actually
the fish flavour’s sinking away and now the herb flavour is just strong. I’m gonna try just a bit of the, bit of the broth- wow, wow, that is so good
Sheena and I are gonna be fighting over this although the nasi dagang which is
one of our favourite dishes of all time is sitting right in front of Sheena and
I can see her shaking with desperation to get into it. Hahaha I totally am! nasi dagang is from the East coast states of Peninsular Malaysia and it is a
really popular dish there and I can absolutely see why this dish is a
marriage of flavours you have the rice which is made up of both normal
rice and sticky rice and then you’ve got some coconut here this is fresh coconut
and it looks quite powdery I’ve never seen the coconut look like
this before but they’ve pounded it after it’s been grated and then you’ve got
this beautiful fish it’s called tongkol which is the local tuna and when
you break it away it just flakes off in chunks, and it’s really meaty
and then we’ve got these beautiful fresh cucumbers and onion and chilli which has
been pickled that I think will add a real beautiful sweet vinegary kick I’m
just gonna get in because this looks absolutely mouth-watering, I’m gonna grab
a bit of everything, the fish is just so meaty, oh wow it’s heavenly it is just the perfect
combination of ingredients and flavours you’ve got the sourness or vinegariness from the pickled vege, the meatiness of the tuna which has got a
beautiful creamy coconut sauce, the coconut or toasted or fresh urgh toasted, grated, fresh coconut Thomas? Is that right? Yea and then toasted. Toasted and pounded fresh coconut
adds such a beautiful sweetness and then that rice has got such a great
texture like the stickiness of the pulut or sticky rice and then the
fresh rice which sort of has this really chewy kick. This is just the best breakfast ever! don’t forget always down below in the
description details on where we’re eating because this place is totally
worth the visit so check in the description if you want to know exact
details on where we’re eating, we’re now going to enjoy our teh tarik, enjoy this
food because it’s really really good and it’s getting way too cold,
I’m loving this are you guys enjoying your breakfast? Yea!! I think it’s got a thumbs up from everyone so let’s eat Sheena we’re just having a good chat to Aunty, who’s been here for how many years? Your stall- twenty years! Twenty years and she’s selling these amazing dishes so the laksam the nasi dagang, nasi lemak, is that all? Nasi berlauk, nasi kerabu there is so much amazing food
you have to come and eat here we’ll put directions to her eatery down below
in the description Woah that breakfast was good. So good and
now we’re going to find more food we love it, whenever we’re with locals and
subscribers on these food hunting missions it always turns into more food so
today has been filled with selfies and food hunting. We jumped in the car and
drove about thirty meters to this nasi campur or mixed rice restaurant, we’ve
totally beaten the lunch rush we’re the first people here and thank God for that
because there is so much amazing looking food there is all sorts, we’ve got curry fish head, there’s catfish cooked in some sort of spicy looking sauce, there i bawal fish so whole panfried fish there’s kambing or mutton/lamb curry, there’s vegetables, there’s just so much to get in and try some of our group has had to head off but the eating continues, now we didn’t want to be too greedy because we’re pretty stuffed from breakfast but we just had to try these two dishes we have got kambing masak korma which is a mutton curry of sorts and then pajeri
nanas which is a pineapple curry and it was actually cooked with brinjal or
eggplant the sauces look so rich and honestly I can smell the lamb from here
the beautiful spices are just wafting up into my nostrils and I have got to
get in, the kambing or the mutton is on the bone and I love meat on the bone I
reckon it just has so much more flavour than just a huge hunk of meat and you
can see you’ve got the the bone marrow so you can see that little bit of marrow
that we can suck out there I’m just gonna, actually I’m gonna get in and
try that bit there, mmm mmm mmm that piece of meat just fell off the bone there’s a little bit
of tendon there I’m gonna give that bone marrow in there a big
ole suck wow that just shot out of the bone, it was so creamy, this pineapple wow, we’ve never had pineapple curry before but we did try it in a recent video when we had nasi kukus, we’ll link the video up
there so I’m really desperate to give this a go, it looks absolutely scrumptious mmm beautiful coconut spicy sauce and that nanas or pineapple is so intensely sweet that is beautiful.
So good but we’re gonna dive in, not spend been too long talking about this one
because there’s been a lot of chatting and we just want to get on with eating
there is gonna be another stop after this. last stop of the day we think, this tour just keeps going and going I think we’re gonna try and get some dessert
here because we’ve had a lot of amazing savoury stuff so a little bit of sweet
would be good remember details as always down in the description so you too can
find these places it’s time to hit the desserts and boy have we got a selection
to choose from we’re at the bubur station, bubur is porridge but these are
sweet porridge so we’ve got a pulut hitam bubur which is a black sticky
rice porridge, we’ve got some mung bean porridge and we’ve got corn porridge
and I think that there’s a lot of coconut milk in some of these so I’m
excited to try them we’ve never had Malay bubur before so it’s time to get in it’s dessert time I’m really ready for
some sweets and this one I’ve seen this around before but I was never actually
sure what it is, it’s called ubi kayu and it’s tapioca so it’s a root
vegetable this is the actual vegetable that is covered in sugar and coconut and it’s very beautiful it looks like snow and ice so kind of looking at it it looks
like it’s gonna be cold but it’s not because it’s just the coconut and sugar
it’s got this nice snow look to it the the tapioca root is
I’ve just broken up some of it, it’s kind of potato in texture, like a boiled
potato, let’s just eat it hmm wow the texture is totally like potato there’s a little bit of crunch from the
sugar the coconut’s not too strong it’s kind of floral sort of banana-ry sweet, there’s a little bit of saltiness I think there might be some salt in here that’s really
really nice. I’m the designated porridge taster I’m gonna start with the
corn bubur, it looks real good, mmm oh the flavour of that coconut milk is so
sweet and creamy the corn has real bit and then there’s this tiny little sago
in there, that sort of pop in your mouth, that’s beautiful, I’m going to give this mung bean one a go mmm very earthy, sweet from coconut milk again, that’s a lot heavier I think because of the bean,
I’m moving to the bubur pulut hitam so black sticky rice and look at
that the colour of it is absolutely beautiful
it’s almost glistening anything with rice I’m a huge fan of and
that is just incredible. The rice flavour is very intense and then that creamy
coconut milk I can see why everyone raves about bubur we’re definitely
going to be eating more of these in the future. and that is another food hunting
day done and dusted absolutely love these days where you just go out and all
you do is hunt down amazing food, do you guys do this? Do you go out like we do
and just hunt for food and spend your weekends eating we’d love to know if you
do and where you love doing it awesome. These are my
favourite types of days, traveling, meeting locals, eating with them, having great
conversations, there’s just nothing like it thank you so much to our new friends who
took us around all their favourite spots we absolutely loved it, thank you, terima kasih! We hope we inspired you to eat and explorer like a traveller, not a
tourist, if you enjoyed this video please give it a thumbs up ,thank you so much
for watching and we’ll see you next time jumpa lagi!

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  • Hi guys, we finally got to try laksam thanks to our subscriber Foziah! A massive terima kasih banyak to Foziah for organising this amazing morning out! We loved spending time with you, Huda, Asha, Amy and Afiqah 😀 🙌 And as for all the food in this video- we want to eat all of it, all over again! Make sure you’ve subscribed to our channel: so you don’t miss out on more food videos! Thanks for watching, commenting, liking and sharing our content guys. Hope you enjoy this one! Cheers, Thomas & Sheena P.S YouTube is still stuffing up and only letting us respond to comments in fits and bursts so we're not ignoring you! We will get back to you asap 🙂 Keep the comments coming- we love hearing from you!

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  • finally! you guys managed to try laksam! btw, if you guys are going to terengganu, other then trying the most popular keropok lekor, nasi dagang, nasi minyak, ayam percik, and fried seafood there, please try laksa terengganu as well. in which there are two types of laksa terengganu, laksa kuah masak (red gravy) & laksa kuah putih ( white gravy- it taste about the same as laksam but they just use different types of noodles.). these laksa i mention wasn’t popular even to other malaysian. but i know it taste good. my favs is laksa kuah masak. other than that, you can also try air gelas besar/air gelas bapak at bukit besar (bapak = big in terengganu dialect) . they serve a very big size of juices. you also need to try the nasi lemak in terengganu, its a bit different than normal nasi lemak u’ve tried. the sambal is a much sweeter & they always serve it with tuna.

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    The bubur pulut hitam my fav too. It is best eaten with thick coconut milk cream/santan (bit of salt added). Pour a bit over the pulut n mix it. Ask for the santan next time u hv bubur pulut hitam. Enjoy yr JJCM.

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