hey fans thanks so much for watching today I'm doing a cook and clean with me video it is an all-day video so my boys they had a joint birthday party and we had family coming into town from Minnesota from LA all over the place so I wanted to really clean the house so I'll be cleaning both upstairs and downstairs and I just wanted to show you guys what I did from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. so here I'm making some bread that's the first thing I'm doing because bread takes about 4 hours and I went ahead and I put all the ingredients that I needed away and you guys know I got to take care of that lint roller and do a load of laundry so I'm putting a laundry that I already did a load in the dryer and then I'm gonna do another load I like to stay caught up with laundry and I feel like laundry is never-ending so that's something I do like first thing in the morning and I'm cleaning jakey's high chair this is the best high chair it's so easy to clean and it rolls away I just love how it rolls it makes it easy to like clean and to just move around and here I'm putting some dishes away that's also some things that I like to do in the morning you know when everything is all done after eating breakfast and I'm refilling the dishes dish soap dispenser where there's some more of that delicious geranium scented dish soap and I'm just cleaning the sink right now so this is a cookin clean with me video I'm making egg salad and I'm just boiling hot water so I can you know boil some eggs later and I'm just putting random dishes and everything that I need away and then after I do that I am just wiping all the counters sound with my delicious smelling Myers geranium scented multi-surface spray you guys I was working with growth collaborative on my previous cleaning video but this video is not sponsored by them but I'm sure that you guys could still get that awesome kit so I'll still link it below but this video isn't sponsored but you guys got to try that geranium scented multi surface tray that stuff smells amazing and over here I am cleaning the verismo you guys we've had that furry smell for four years but it still makes really good coffee but it does have some issues with the scaling so now I am just wiping everything down putting all the parts back into the verissimo wiping the race mode down and then you guys I love to refill the reason why I just like to make sure that it's got all the coffee all of our guests and family needs and over here I'm just spraying down that table and you guys see how like that table got long it's because we have a leaf and we're gonna have so much family over so we just extended it and I love that table we've had it forever and I gotta clean the trash you guys now and I'm still using that geranium scented multi-surface rate I use it for everything because it smells so good and fresh I don't know what came into me but I was like let me organize the Tupperware area so that's what I'm doing but let me tell you guys after a day it gets disorganized again so sometimes I think like why did I do this I did it because I'm having family and in-laws over and I didn't want them thinking that I live like a pig I don't know so but I am glad that I organized it and it was cute for a day so here I got a package from Ana's company I purchased some diapers for Jacob so I'm just putting those diapers away in that package which were some blinds for our kitchen and I'm just tidying up the living room space by the way a lot of you guys mentioned we should get an area rug I so badly think we need an area rug and I so badly want one well we got three cats and mr. Bob one of them he likes to pee on carpet on rug that's why we ripped off all the carpet it used to be carpet in this area so I'm just kind of hesitant to get an area rug so I'm just hiding up like I showed you and then the water was boiling so I went ahead and I put some eggs in there to make some delicious hard-boiled eggs for a delicious egg salad by the way I have that egg salad recipe on cook with April so I went ahead and I recycled the carton of eggs and I'm just cleaning up that fireplace that fireplace gets really dirty and dusty so this is the downstairs bathroom just you know cleaning it all up wiping everything down disinfecting the toilet scrubbing the toilet down and now instead of like mopping I just did a Swiffer type of mop and because I recently didn't clean the house so this is more like just kind of spot cleaning it in the floor it wasn't even that dirty if you guys saw when I removed a little pad it wasn't that dirty but here I am just doing the same thing and I'm vacuuming first I like vacuuming the floors did I tell you guys I don't sweep the floors anymore I just straight-up vacuumed and I like our cordless vacuum it is a heaven-sent I think I got that for my birthday or Mother's Day like last year or two years ago I don't know when but I love it so so much you know that you're getting older or you love cleaning is when you request for things like related to cleaning as gifts the next thing I want on my list is a new steam vacuum so I went ahead and I checked if everything was good so there goes be eggs by the way I'm gonna link that pasta boiler because it is amazing so here I am doing my Swiffer sweeping and that stuff smells so good and my comfy shoes you guys know how I do you guys know I wipe down my shoes before I started cleaning the house you guys know that's just how I am and mr. Bob I don't know what happened he just stained the carpet so here I am just scrubbing that carpet and I'm using whatever spray to scrub all the stuff out and the piano it gets dusty so here I am just just wiping the piano down even though the next day it'll get dusty or in two hours wiping down the upstairs bathroom this is where the boys take their baths so I kind of call this the boys bathroom oh by the way I didn't show you guys myself cleaning my bedroom that's because I didn't really clean the bedroom our bedroom no one goes in there my it up but I'll show you guys a dedicated video on cleaning the bedroom so here I'm just slipper of sweeping upstairs where the boy's bed bathroom is and now I'm just peeling the eggs and you guys I got so lucky I added a little bit of baking soda in that water and it was so easy to peel eggs I'm not sure if you guys can see but like I could like I didn't have to remove so much of it like it was just so easy to peel off all right so let's make that egg salad I have to drink some coffee you guys I'm always drinking water coffee water coffee so like I mentioned the ingredients and everything I listed in my cook with April video I have a dedicated video on that but it's pretty much mayo mustard salt pepper cayenne pepper paprika sometimes I like to add a little garlic and I have a family member who doesn't like green onions so I scooped some for him and a separate container so that's his dedicated egg salad amount and then I love green onions so I went Craig Craig I used scissors to cut up Reed onions by the way I don't like using knives to cut up green onions it's just easier and then just mix all that together and I just put that in a container to refrigerate because I love egg salad cold so yeah it's gonna be nice and cold wipe down everything again and now we're in Jacobs room so I'm gonna just change his sheets new bedding is so nice I do this at least once a week if not more it all depends if you like you know spits up or something but he doesn't spit up that much anymore because he's almost 1 I also changed his changing pad that I change more than once a week like every other day pretty much and I'm just wiping everything down with mrs. Meyers geranium I probably sound like a broken record but that stuff smells amazing you guys try it try it so here I am I went into jiggies crib so I can wipe it down I was scared though because that ottoman was like moving and I almost fell so here I'm just organizing Jacobs closet I don't have a lot of stuff in Jacobs closet as far as clothing but I use it to store diapers and things like that and wipes and since family was coming over my mom is the type of person who wants to like look in the closets and stuff so like I did this for you mom like if you're watching I clean it up for you so I removed everything so I can just wipe down the dresser and I refill the diapers I've got socks over there in the little container bins are so cute and Here I am documen if you guys have not ever tried a cordless vacuum you guys your life will change definitely add it to your wish list definitely make a purchase if you guys want to or wait till Mother's Day you know ask somebody like hey can you get me this even if you're not a mom two children a mom two cats or dogs a parent just get you a cordless vacuum your life will change oh man Liam's room is like the craziest messiest so here I am just putting his stuffed animals away thank goodness his bed has like storage under right and then I took the stuff animals out again so that I can kind of like decorate his room he loves that like when he comes home from school he's like and so ever since he like just got so excited I've been doing it regularly okay you guys I got sweaty and hot family's almost over it was like around 1:00 p.m. I was like oh my gosh so I took a break I took a shower and I went ahead and I got ready and I'm just wearing leggings because that's what I wear at home and then I went back to cleaning Liam's room I had those little storage boxes you guys know what I do I just put random toys in there if it looks messy I just put it in there and I put it away and here I'm just cleaning Liam's kitchen area I'm just wiping down everything removing everything and then working down and just repeat you guys see the trend I have like water everywhere I'm always drinking my water you guys gotta stay hydrated I'm always thirsty here I'm organizing the books but did you guys see like Liam had so many books like he loves books that's I love that about him so much then the books are everywhere just absolutely everywhere see that's what I mean everywhere okay so I just threw the books on the floor and I decided to just organize that later but first I have to just wipe down his dresser and now you guys see all those books I'm putting it all the way into the bottom of his little storage unit and I kind of organized it based on like library books and then books that we actually own so that's the library book section and here I'm just vacuuming the stairs so that is a nice clean bedroom of Liam's I'm so happy it's so nice and fresh and then that's Jackie's bedroom jakey's bedroom it's nice and clean too and I don't think I've ever done like the nursery tour for Jacob so this is kind of like a mini nursery tour and sorry it's kind of like a shaky camera my tripod was not trying to move with me but I loved his little jungle theme is so adorable in that little the glider and the chair was Liam's all of the furniture was Liam's back then and then we just kind of transformed it for a jakey's like theme but I'm really glad we kept the old like furniture for Jacob in the crib and all that so here I am downstairs in the guest bedroom and I'm just vacuuming and I'm just wiping everything down I wanted that to be the last thing because I wanted it to be extra clean for a family when they arrived and then I had some time they had a delay on their flight so I was like oh my gosh I can organize so I decided to organize Liam and Jacobs like dresser so I also decided to like just look through all the clothes that didn't fit and donate them so for Jacob clothes I'm Dane donating but for Liam's clothes I don't donate because Liam's clothes can fit Jacob eventually so that's just me drinking my water folding the laundry don't you guys wish folding laundry was like this fast like the speed version because let me tell you this took forever but what I actually like to do what you guys don't see is I'm actually listening to book listening to a book I'm listening to high-performance habits I really like that book it's very helpful it kind of makes me think about how I should do things I just thought I'd share in case you guys wanted to listen to it too but like my favorite book that I have listened to at least three times you are a badass like when I listen to that book I'm like yes yes honey I just thought I'd share oh and then there's also the you are a badass at making money that look is pretty bomb too but I like the original you are a bomb ass better so here I am just hanging some of Jackie's jackets and sweaters that's pretty much the only thing I hang in his closet and then those things don't fit Jackie anymore so those I'm gonna donate and the bread is done you guys oh my goodness I was starving like starving I didn't eat lunch until late because I wanted to eat this delicious bread so I like doing an open-faced egg salad so that's just one piece of bread and then I put that delicious egg salad right on top I ate that and then after that I went ahead and I continued to do Liam's room so I just folded all of Liam's laundry Liam's room is the messy is also when it comes to clothes because he picks his own clothes and when he picks his clothes he will like pull out everything in the closet everything in his drawer and then put it back in and it it just gets really unorganized I decided I really need to store some of his clothes because he can't see all of his clothes and some of them don't fit so I just wanted to store that for a Jacob in the future let me know if you guys have sons do they like superheroes cuz Liam loves superheroes and dinosaurs and paw Patrol those are like his favorite things to wear and he only likes to wear clothes with characters on them it's been a theme ever since he turned 3 like if you guys notice you see Batman a lot as far as like his clothing and things that have phases like dinosaurs paw Patrol Ninja Turtles Superman construction vehicles dan you guys like this was a workout I was tired when I edited this video I was like dang girl how you do all this like I was knocked out that night I slept well so that's Liam's closet I'm just putting all the clothes away and family came over yay so that is my cleaning video


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