I mean, they’re popular and we have something like The Pita Pit. Which is… not similar Hello everyone! What is up, my name is Hayley, welcome to my YouTube channel. If you did not know, now you do! Hey you guys~ So it’s been a long time since I made a sit down with you where I’m going to talk, so that means time for me to do some spring cleaning hahaha, because it’s spring. YouTube has now made it to where you guys can do the Translation for me if you want to, on YouTube. Thank you, Youtube. Thank you to the people That have actually been doing it on some videos There’s like two videos that people did and I said “how did y’all do this? How did you get to have the time to do this? Thank you!” You guys have no idea how easy this makes my life when you guys translate the videos, so thank you so much, especially to the German people, thank you so much, that translated from English to German because It helps me so much, because so many of my viewers are German and I know that I speak Really fast sometimes or I say really crazy hardcore English words or slang that you guys wouldn’t understand So for the people that do it to German: Thank you So today’s video is going to be about seven German foods that put American foods to shame I think most of y’all already know what some of them are. Let’s start! The number one thing and I think this will be on everyone’s… I don’t know, it’s like this one and another one are neck-and-neck with each other But I’m going to put this one up as number one, because it’s an actual food and it’s not something that you drink But the number one thing is the bread here. The bread here takes the cake for almost anywhere in the world I think that I’ve ever been to there’s no comparison I mean the white bread that we have in America or even the bread at Panera that people think is amazing has nothing here with the shittiest of bakeries Ah, if you’ve never had a kürbiskernsemmel with a little bit of butter and salt You’re just not living your life, seriously! I’ve eaten more bread in maybe a year living in Germany than I have my whole entire life. Like the rest of the twenty something years that I lived in America, I’ve eaten more bread here in this one year, that’s why I’ve been gaining so much weight, ….and potatoes This includes Semmeln, pretzels… the pretz– !! I just want to say baked goods in general put anything in America to shame. To hell this white jiffy bread that we have, I don’t know even know what the name of it is I think it’s wonder bread, I’m pretty sure it’s wonder bread But that stuff, oh gosh, horrible. The next thing is going to be the beer and this is a no-brainer The beer here is amazing. I do not drink beer in the United States. I don’t drink a Blue Moon… I don’t drink a Budweiser I don’t drink a Miller Lite, I don’t drink a Coors Light, I don’t drink anything I don’t even drink Corona, and no, it’s not from the United States Whatever, but here, I can drink Tegernseer Tegernseer, Chiemseer, Giesinger, Augustiner, Paulaner, and I actually sometimes, you know I’m just craving a nice Hefty, hearty beer Just to let y’all know that Haley is down with it. The next one is going to be a Döner I’m always eating one. They’re amazing. We just have it in the united States, we haven’t gotten the Kebab thing down I mean They’re popular and we have something like The Pita Pit which is… not similar that’s like the only thing I can really compare to, I mean some places have kebabs Like in New York you’re going to have them, in Miami you’re gonna have them but in normal cities… like even smaller towns here have them. They’re just really a m a z i n g, I mean the meat is just so good I don’t know we just haven’t gotten it, we’re not to par with the German Kebabs. Käsespätzle, which is basically like… the equivalent would be macaroni and cheese for the United States, but… it’s not. Oh my god… It’s like little noodles or dumplings I don’t know, like it’s a dough that’s boiled and amazing and they have cheese and cream fried onions mostly on top, and it’s just so good Now, if it’s a macaroni cheese from your grandma’s who puts her foot in it and licks her finger and sticks it in there there with a little bit of love and like a half stick of butter or something, then, okay, that’s amazing That’s the stuff that you get in the box or the stuff that you get in like own cup… No. I think that in Germany what they’ve learned to do is that less is more In America we always like to have like the most of everything, the most seasoning the biggest portion of everything and here they’ve learned that you don’t really need a lot of seasoning or a lot of ingredients to make something really good That’s my personal opinion, I don’t know if it’s true or not but that’s just my personal opinion The Spezi, y’all… I know that my Spezi is amazing. No, we don’t have Spezi in the United States I know you guys are always perplexed, you guys can’t believe that we don’t have Spezi in the US I’ve been to a bunch of states you guys And I’ve never had Spezi, “you guys hey mix Fanta with Coke!”, it does not taste the same I don’t think it’s made with Coke or with Fanta here as most of you guys have told me it’s made with like an orange lemonade or an orange juice type thing, and there’s more cola ratio than half It’s like more than 50% Coke. The coke in the united states taste very different than the coke in Germany It’s really really sweet in the United States when I went back I could not drink a whole bottle of coke or even a small can of coke it was too sweet for me it just it Doesn’t taste the same, especially a Paulaner Spezi, you wouldn’t be able to get those anywhere mean in the US Curry Wurst… and you would think, in the land of hotdogs, of nasty ass hot dogs We would be able to master a Curry Wurst or have anything that’s similar to it Just think of like a bratwurst, like a sausage, a “brat-sausage” cut up with curry ketchup and curry powder and French fries, it’s so good You would think this would be such a wonderful selling item in the United States Especially at basketball, football, any type of sport event, this would be such a good high seller I mean this tastes amazing, but they haven’t really brought it over, which is… which is really confusing to me, America. They don’t know what happening, they don’t know what to do with their lives They’re not they need to get it together. I’m trying to be the food ambassador here I’m going to be the Martha Stewart of Germany… … wait… …No, that’s wrong We’re just going to leave this out of the video. The last and final point of things that Germany has beaten us, The U S A of Everything in They have beaten us in… Their potato salad is the bomb dot com, and I’ll say this over and over Even though, you guys have chewed my ass out before I already know that “now they don’t make just vinegar *whine* ” I know they make it with mayonnaise in other places and all this stuff, BUT, I’ve eaten the potato salad with mayonnaise now, and it tastes so much better than the potato salad in America. I, in the united states have NEVER, at any Barbecue, at any family function, at any thank’s giving, at any Christmas, at any birthday, at any holiday at any Martin Luther King Jr. barbeque that I’ve been to, I have never tasted potato salad that tastes like the ones in Germany. It’s so good you guys! Unless your grandma is German and she lives in the United States, and she’s making you a homemade recipe It will not taste the same if you’re buying it from a german restaurant Maybe it is the same, but I highly doubt that as well, because they’ve probably been americanized They’re just trying to please people and cater to people’s needs of the United States which means more fattening… … “food” …I’m so hungry I need to eat something… so Yes, I think that was it, as you guys can tell I’m hungry and I want to get something But I decided to do a video something a little bit different A little comparison again you guys, but yeah, I hope you guys have a wonderful day. Happy spring! Frühling! and I love you all, thank you for watching and bye bye!


  • Thanks for the recommendations, I've got 4 days in Berlin, so I've added some must eats to my stomach capacity budget. German bread is great! Lidl in Sweden now has german made bread that is baked in the store.

  • On the food side I think you could have left out the Mac&Cheese something I never came across after living 15 years in Germany . and replaced it with Frikadelen, beautiful spicy meat ball. With your CurryWurst you could have coupled that with Kartoffelsalat, thats the way to have a snack/meal. Nobody makes potato salad like the Germans and I've been to a few countries, the nearest is Spain with it's Russian Salad. By the way I see the heads healing up nicely after the operation and the hair will grow back.

  • For spezi use orange soda called " MIRANDA" (google it , it is available over here) and l found Farmer John polish sausage in an 8 pack ($10.00 !!!), almost like German Fleischwurst – makes great Currywurst

  • Every food on the planet is better than in USA in the USA they put all sorts of chemicals and sugar in basically everything perfectly perfect video as always

  • Everytime when i make vacation in the United Staates its hard to find good food ! You can find but It is very expensive ! And i have a questoin for the American people they read this ! In Germany are 33 pieces of sugar in one Liter Cola how much pieces are in the USA ??

  • you forgot the biggest thing: REAL germanblack forest ham versus what is sold in north america as "black forest ham".

  • On point, all of it! Mac&cheese = Chevrolet ; Kase spatz = Mercedes. Findet Mich unglaublich das currywurst geht net bei uns??? And baked goods for sure!

  • Love the way you talk to the camera, most usa youtubers think they have to scream to be heard or understood.

  • LOL just your beer choices tell me in what area of germany you live.

    What I am really jelous of when it comes to american food is barbeque and your food truck culture. Not that many good food trucks in munich.

  • With all respect for americans, I admire lots of things about your country, but food is just not your thing. Food is good all over Europe not only Germany. In the US bread tastes like plastic…wonder why you do not have a culture for tasty and healthy food. Although in Europe we drink and smoke a lot…if you smoke in the US, that's the end of the world.

  • hello hayley my sweetheard we all love you too….hallo hayley du bezaubendende frau wir alle lieben dich …ich liebe deine videos und besonders dein denglisch , du bist fantastisch,wunderschön,lustig und ich hoffe du bleibst für immer in deutschland…i love you…and your german friend"mike,michael"too

  • thats true. first thing if you make vacation as german in the us you will miss the many typs of bread and brötchen. it seems americans only have white bread the taste like nothing 😀 sorry for my english.
    But its the same in many other countrys too. im not sure bute i heard germany is the country with most different typs of bread.
    if im for vacation in egypt, turkey, marokko, india…
    as a german you will miss very fast youre german bread 😉

  • another story about sweet cake. i was for vacation in the us at thanks giving. i was invited from a us family to stay and eat the typical thanks giving food. like mashed potatoes and turky. and for me its very different to german food. no brwon sauce. only cranberrys sauce that was sauer, much more sauer than german sauerbraten 😛
    and very less salt in the mashed potatoes and the turky.
    And after the meal we had some american cake. peacan pie and pumpkin pie. oh my g.. that was the sweetest thing i ever eat in my live! i thoought my teeth will fall of my mouth 😀 sorry guys it was to sweet i think i needed 3 glasses of water because i dont wanna be rude so i eat my cake 😉 but it was a hard job. because so much sugar inside the cake/pie

  • Meine liebste Tagesgericht Jägerschnitzel, Sie ist ähnlich Wienerschnitzel aber mit Pilzen und Pilze Sosse. Rotkohl und selbstverständlich Ärdappfelsalat (dH. Kartoffelsalat in der Schweiz, meine Heimat ist)! Wie Amerikaner sagen; "I am dying for a Jägerschnitzel! Und das ist KEIN Bier!

  • Well next time you could list american food that is better. Would you even need a full hand? I don't know, tell us please.

  • And i wondered that german coke is so sweet, in france or Great Britain the is less Sugar in the Coke, because there is a tax on Sugar

  • You have understand the soul of not only german of complete europes food… Take less ingredients which go together in harmony of very high quality and booom you have it… Guten Appetit 👍 less is often more as you said it.. that principle will not only go with food the older you get the more often you'll find this out.. Less is often more 😉

  • First of all ..Great video 🙂 and you are beautiful 🙂 …….when my American friends start talking about American foods.. I was like ..wait what….hold my beer…what are the American foods? please don't say pizza or sandwich (a lot of US say that pizza, spaghetti, and sandwich LOL ppl from NY… ..not joking)… oh yeah the rest of the world would say … McDonalds and KFC ..the most healthy foods of all time.. thank you, USA for your invention. LOL, you make our health insurance way more expensive with your foods… this is how I joke my American friends 🙂 cheer 🙂

  • Hey Hayley.. Spezi is very popular in Bavaria. Almost all other parts of Germany don't know what Spezi is.
    For all, its "Schwip Schwap" or "Mezzo Mix". But it taste a lot better then the Coca/Pepsi brands.

    @Hayley.. I just found your channel today and watched a lot of videos. But you should really try to make a journey to Hamburg, Berlin, Köln, Koblenz and even .. no forget about Dresden.
    Because Bavaria is the only part of Germany that has nothing to do with Germany beside the thing that we are beyond the same border. You will see that "Bretzel and Weisswurst" is just super common in Munich but here in Düsseldorf you have a hard time to find a single family that eat that on a regular day. For us, its a "Lets try how weisswurst taste" not a "Good morning my dear, here is your beer, your weisswurst and your Bretzel. Be quick, school starts soon".
    You already discovered that the "Schwabenland" (still love when you say/pronounce that) has its own kind of taste in terms of food. The same thing counts for every other mayor part of germany.
    And well.. you and me share the same love for food, so you definitly dont wanna miss that experience.
    As a little plus point to that you can discover our puplic transportation system, you could compare mayor cities to Munich and lots of other things that will become usefull for more videos.
    Order a "Pommes Spezial" in all of these Cities at their local Pommesbude (whatever that might be in english ^^).. and you will see that you never get the same thing twice 😀

  • We got good bread here in Denmark aswell. Well in all the Nordic contries for that matter. Then again we are right next to each others, so not so wierd i guess.

    Im close to the border, like 1 hours drive or so in car. Crossing to shop now and then 🙂

    Edit: Well we got beer too.
    Edit2: And Kebab aswell.
    Edit3: And hotdogs with more, get em from the mobile hotdog stands !
    Edit: And Potatosaled .. you need to cross some borders lol ! You know the contries near has alot of the same.

  • Haha, potato salad is our Christmas eve dinner, so of course it is amazing.. nobody eats crappy foods for Christmas.

  • I have a question about some meals and whether you have tried and liked them or not:
    Einmarinierter Hering which is basically fish in a creamy white sauce with pickles, onions and stuff
    "Tote Oma" or often referred called "tiegelwurst"
    And last but not least: "krautrouladen" which is ground meat wrapped in cabbage….
    Those are just dishes that scream germany and visiting my granny to me and I really want to know a foreigners opinion on them 😀

    Really enjoyed the video btw xx lots of love from middle germany

  • I am from Nürnberg and i love Käsespätzle (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=auBm-X18w48).
    It are "Spätzle" noodles, onions, ham and cheese seared in butter.

  • I love Weißwurst…..And with potato salad recipes can differ in Germany …hell ..just like the U.S..LOL…All taste good to me..I am not a picky eater…But my stomach is a ……..jerk…I am often sick….. Anything too greasy…makes me really sick..ugh.. .

  • Döner is turkish. There are about 4 million Turks (or turkish origin) living in Germany. The immigration started in the 60s. That´s why we have Döner, and a lot of Döner in Germany :))

  • What? Apparently you never lived in German-American settled areas in the US. Aldi is the a good place to start, but we have German food markets we get all our wurst. German restaurants in the US do NOT "Americanize" anything. Good grief. SMDH

  • Just came back from Munich, Spaten is good, Hofbrau is better but Augustiner is the best. OMG. Would have stayed just for the beer.

  • baked goods in Germany are so good??????
    Apart prezel, and brot what else they have??? The rest are from other countries.

    The pretzel is ok if you have high blood pressure, otherwise I cannot understand how people can eat it with such an excessive quantity of salt. I tried to remove the chunks of salt on the top, same saltiness. Eating that much salt, means that more water is going to be retained in your body. It's not good for the pressure, and also you cannot eat any when you're on cortizone.
    To tell the truth I cannot eat the German bread either, I buy either Ciabatta(Italian) or Baguette(French).
    Doner is turkish, and there are many many MANY Turks leaving here, the easiest thing for them as work is to open a Doner-kebap restaurant.

  • europeans using more herbs in there food.no mayonais and ketchup and grease shit thats why the food taste better han american food .you must try original bulgarian food.its amazing taste.

  • My girlfriend is american…2 things I cant handle: US bread must be similar to…sponges. AND the way you eat your friggin pasta. Mushy! Al dente is no thing in the US. WTF is wrong with you people? >< for the coke: They put phosphoric acid in that stuff, ask why…because its so damn sweet, it would make your puke. Bäh.

  • It's cool that some people translate your videos, but I don't think it's that important. You speak clearly and not too fast. I'm german and have never been in the situation watching your videos and needed subtitles.

  • Hayley, your video on German foods (and drinks) shows that – despite being back in Florida and in a familiar surrounding – you have been immersed so much into German foods and drinks, that you have withdrawal symptoms. As a very smart person, you also realize the differences in culture ( should I say Florida vs Bavaria?), and all your videos show that you are a person living within and between these two cultures.
    Me, I went through this stage a long time ago, living abroad (growing up in Germany, living mainly Asia with a longer stay in France), and then taking up residence South of PBI for various private reasons.
    The question that you will have to decide on one day is, where you want to be LONG-TERM when you grow wiser and more experienced.
    Food and drinks is such a vast area of preferences, likes and dislikes, knowns and unknowns, that my only advice is: The locals eat and drink it, and they do not die from it, so it cannot be that bad. It takes some courage (as well as disregarding inbuilt inhibitions) to try something new and completely alien, and then form your opinion.
    Food is what land and sea provide you with nourishment, and then through some media hype, certain ingredients / components are praised to heaven, which are quite normal for a majority of people. Food is perception, surrounded by well-feeling or dislike, but this your own PRIVATE opinion.
    Unfortunately in the USA, you have to live with a lot of sensitivities as well as allergies, that a lot of people will never have the opportunity to taste real fresh food, e.g. milk or fresh apple juice straight from the press. Food considered normal , e.g. in France, is considered "anathema" in the USA or even forbidden (e.g., Haeggis).
    Enjoy food, be adventerous and try "foreign" food in a foreign country, and do not restrict yourselves to just the food (including perceptions) of our upbringing.
    Yes, some foods are real "foreign" such as escargot, Fugu, Baloot or Beuschl, but people who consume do not die from it.

  • "Kartoffelsalat" in Germany is not just one "prescribed" recipe. There are different ways to prepare potato salad. In the North you use different recipes than in the South. In Baden-Wuerttemberg, a potato salad has to talk ("schwaetzen", has to be "schlotzig").
    However, what we do not have in Germany, is potato salad based on red potatoes.
    Potato salad lends itself for may variations, some are more mayo-type based, some are more broth-influenced, some are more tart with diced pickles and apples and many more variations. Experiment and enjoy.

  • I mean da Kebap guys have blown up da World Trade Center… I fully understand that Dönner did not gain the popularity it has here.

  • Every year my Mother asks me what to eat on Christmas. Every year i respond with: "Keep the tradition of Kartoffelsalat (heavy homemade Mayo) , Roastbeef, Eier, Fleischwurst, Fleischsalat, Saure Gurken…". And then she decides for Duck for a variant… i strongly dislike duck 😉

  • Du musst Unbedingt Das Franzbrötchen Probieren, das Original kommt aus Nord Deutschland oder Hamburg

  • I hear bread in Europe in general is better, no one in the U. S. has to eat white bread though (the U. S. has wheat bread, Rye bread, Whole Grain (nut & seed breads)… I get the healthiest (aka tastiest) that I can get but, the issue is that you can't just go to the grocery store & buy true brown bread. You can make brown bread though, which I personally want to learn anyway but hadn't the time for yet. ).
    The bread you described sounds delicious!
    The Pita pit is disgusting, and I love Real Pitas! Obviously with the Beer, I'm not into Beer but I can appreciate a good hoppy Beer.
    The U. S. has Kebabs in stores & people make them at home, how do you measure how the people make Kebabs at home? What are the differences between German Kebabs & U. S. Kebabs?! You didn't explain, just said it's better in Germany.
    I am super picky about Mac & Cheese, I hate when there is too much cheese 🤢.
    I've heard of Spezi (is that really the translation?! 😳), yet to try it… pretty sure you're right about the U. S. not having it.
    U. S. is full of disgusting hot dogs 🤢, German Sausages are soooo yummy! I don't like Ketchup, but I'd be willing to try it. 6:02–6:09, well that was douchy!
    Well, mayo makes it more fattening & I've never had potato salad that didn't have mayo in it (aside from making my own) 🤔

  • Yeah German bakeries are amazing. The beer goes without saying. You really need to learn how to pronounce the German words properly though.

  • haha yeah and the germans all say they Hate Döner and yet in berlin i sometimes i have the wait an Hour in line to get a döner and currywurst, bockwurst in berlin we love it and don't Forget Schnitzel, Sauerkraut, potatoes Or Gulasch und Rotkraut

  • When I was in America, I was actually kinda shocked.
    I knew from the beginning on, that America tends to over do it in a lot of things.
    The food is mostly very oily and they also love to put a bomb of sugar into seriously everything.
    I mean, I have a friend from America who puts sugar over his spaghetti Bolognese.
    It was seriosuly a "culture shock" in some kind of way.
    The food is so different and very often I also didn't really liked the taste of the food, because it was just way to oily or sweet for me.
    And the coke is also something else.
    I thought that the coke in Germany is already enormously sweet, but the coke in America is seriosuly just brown water with sugar.
    Wasn't able to drink the coke from Germany before I went to America…well, also wasn't able to drink the coke from America.
    Also kinda started to miss the coke from Germany because of that.

    But what I personally seriously like, is the fact, that you get non-carbonated water litterly EVERYWHERE and you don't need to extra ask so you don't get mineral water!
    And the beaches.
    The people I met were so chilled and relaxed, so spontaneous…It was great!
    Met a lot of cool people and with some of them I'm still very close.

  • I don’t like regular white bread really I love French bread 🥖 I’d probably LOVE German breads… we have a Pita Pit but I don’t think it’s the same

  • Oh yeah! My best friend lives in USA and comes to visit me every year.
    And every year ( two decades!) I stand there , at thre airport with a Brezel in the hand to welcome her.

  • Everytime you talk about german bread im smiling because we in Austria have the same stuff! I know some other countries have too!

  • Käsespetzle seem to be a great hit, especially with female Americans, for some reason. I haven't met a female American yet who didn't swoon over that dish.
    Male Americans, not so much.
    I wonder where this divide comes from.

  • Käsespätzle sind ganz leicht selbst zu machen, man braucht nur eine Presse. Und mit Mehl Eier Wasser Salz und Pfeffer hat man einen sehr einfachen Teig und bekommt aus wenig Zutaten viel essen raus.

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