Hey YouTube and welcome back to my channel Today we’re going to be talking about Italian food rules Because they exist If there’s anything I’ve learnt
in my four years of living in Italy It’s that food is a pretty big deal here It’s not necessarily a negative or positive thing but it’s just a known part of Italian culture and with food come the food rules
set into place by the Italians and I’m going to save you guys some time and embarrassment by telling you the biggest ones Well, what are in my opinion the biggest ones The first Italian food rule is that
food has an order and it’s eaten in that order A traditional Italian meal will have these components: Antipasti, which is like your appetiser Here you’re gonna find salami, ham,
crackers, bread sometimes which is followed by the primo piatto
which is pasta or risotto followed by the secondo piatto which tends to be meat beef, pork, chicken
beef, pork AND chicken all mixed together usually with a salad on the side followed by your dessert slash and or fruits Not every Italian eats like this every single day,
but a traditional Italian meal is like this so if you go to a restaurant and
you wanna have a full course Italian meal it’s going to come out to you in this order, in this way If it’s Christmas or Easter and you’re eating
at the house of your boyfriend’s grandparents It’s gonna be served in this way I’ve been told by other people by other people,
like, for example My American habit of starting with a salad or
eating a salad first is wrong The salad goes with the secondo piatto next to the meat You don’t eat meat before you eat the pasta, either and by the way, mortadella and pasta don’t go together Mortadella goes before It’s interesting to me because of course we come from
a culture where obviously you don’t eat dessert first But to know that there were all these other rules in between It just took a little bit of getting used to The second Italian food rule which is related to the first one is that not only is there an order of Italian food but this order should not be mixed. These different plates? They’re not mixed By now,
if you’ve been subscribed to my channel for a while We all know that primo and secondo piatto
don’t go together Pasta and meat don’t go together Chicken alfredo that you know and love? No I’ve never seen an Italian eating things of antipasti
with pasta or the primo piatto You don’t see Italians typically eating pasta and bread Al massimo they’ll do like the little scarpetta
after they’ve finished the pasta to eat the sugo of the pasta,
the sauce of the pasta with the bread but you’re not gonna see them eating pasta
and bread at the same time It goes in that order and the order is not mixed Strangely enough though, there isn’t really
consensus in Italy on this mixing, I guess because while the grand majority of Italians will tell me,
“Yeah, no, Tia, meat, pasta, no!” There are still some people that tell me, “Well, in my region we have this plate which has pasta and meat.” But for the record, you can’t go wrong
if you eat in this order and you don’t mix them K? The third Italian food rule is that you don’t eat on the go Remember my last video where I talked about how
you have to eat at the table in the house in Italy? If you thought eating on the couch was bad,
imagine eating outside of the house I took a while to adjust to this rule because where I come from,
people eat while driving to work People eat while driving to school I know a person that
could eat a bowl of cereal while driving That person was me That’s where I’m coming from So especially during university,
where you’re in such a rush to get to school You have no time to eat breakfast,
a sit-down breakfast at the freakin’ table Of course you’re gonna wanna eat on the go, I think So for the first few weeks of being
a commuter to school I would go to the bar I would get my brioche and my caffè per portare via I mean the first time I did it they were-
They kinda gave me a look But then they gave it to me and I continued to do it and anyways, I would bring my stuff on the metro
and I would eat it there and it’s not like anybody said anything to me,
but there were some looks like And I mean I guess I kind of get it I’ve been told that I guess it’s not seen as sanitary But I dunno, it’s not just on the metro Even if you were just walking on the street
and eating something You’ll notice that you’re the only one doing it Nobody else around you is doing that There are some like special street foods
in special regions of Italy But that’s another thing Street food is usually there
during a street food festival or an event for street food not during the regular morning
when you’re on your way to work or school People don’t usually eat on the way to work or school It was just a food rule that took some adjusting Hopefully you guys that are coming here
won’t need to adjust You’ll just know that you don’t eat on the go You eat at the table Of your house The fourth Italian food rule is the one that I don’t accept I reject this food rule I’ve come and I’ve adjusted to your culture like 99.9% But there are some things that per me, non va, non va And it’s the fact that cappuccino
can only be drank in the morning Drank? Drunken? Consumed Cappuccino can only be consumed in the morning You guys… What? Specifically, you can’t eat it after noon I’m just like… perché? Since I’ve said before the concept of
American hot chocolate doesn’t exactly exist here No, you guys, Nesquik is not the same
as American hot chocolate Especially during winter months,
I need a warm, heavy, milky drink to like- to have during the evening, to just like- Okay, do my American viewers
get what I’m saying here? Sometimes you just need
a hot chocolate or something like that And since I couldn’t find American hot chocolate here A cappuccio decaffeinato
was the closest thing I could get And so sometimes at 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 I will go to a place and get a cappuccio decaffeinato And people will freak out And I will post a picture and say “Oh look, it’s 9pm and
I’m drinking a cappuccio decaffeinato!” I don’t know. Tell me why. What is the health reason? ‘Cause I’m sure Italians have a health reason
as to why we can’t drink cappuccio after 12 What is the reason I can’t drink cappuccio after 12? I can’t promise you guys that I’m gonna stop doing it when you tell me but at least then I’d know I’ve actually been asked and they’re like “Tia, is it like- Do they not say anything to you in Milan?
Because in my town they would say something.” And I’m just like, “Y’all are weird.” Because at the end of the day,
a cappuccio costs more than a coffee A cappuccio is more than a coffee Sometimes you just don’t want a little espresso Or if you’re like me and you drink espresso or coffee after 2pm, you won’t be able to sleep at night So you want something else And um- I dunno I just can’t imagine a barista telling someone,
“No, don’t get this cappuccio! Get that!” Nah. That one. You guys can keep that. So I’m gonna leave it at those four That’s my list of important Italian food rules but I know these aren’t all of them So if you guys can, if you guys want Please feel free to tell me in the comments below
the Italian food rules that I missed or I didn’t mention Educate us If you have any clarifications on the things
that I said in the video, on the rules that I listed, feel free Also, if you’re not Italian and
you’ve come to live in Italy or be in Italy for a while Have you had any embarrassing moments involving Italian food rules that you didn’t know existed and you broke? Tell me! Tell us right there! I hope that you guys found this video informational,
maybe even entertaining Boh, non lo so As always, like and suscribe if you haven’t already
and I’ll see you guys in my next one

100 thoughts on “4 CRAZY ITALIAN FOOD RULES

  • I bet you didn't know that there are rules in Italy about how to eat… or maybe you did! Anyways here's my list of the craziest Italian food rules (in my opinion). If you want to help contribute subtitles to this video, here's the link 🙂 https://bit.ly/2qPDUoj

  • Ciao Tia, sono italiana e il fatto che “non puoi bere il cappuccino dopo le 12pm” è per il semplice fatto che viene vista come una bevanda mattutina. Ma certo che puoi mangiare il cappuccino il pomeriggio, lo faccio anche io! Ma probabilmente se vai in un bar ti guarderanno un po’ strano

  • I’m Italian and I agree with all the rules except for the last one. I am with you, one should be free to drink cappuccino at any time. It’s a silly “rule” in quotes because nobody said it’s a rule 😀
    While eating everywhere but at your table, we consider it not polite.

  • In piedmont, thanks to a hunting tradition, they eat meat first (because if you had meat to begin with, you don't want to miss it!).

    Sadly it is hard to find the traditional piedmont culture in Turin, because of mass immigration from other parts of Italy during the industrialization of the region.

  • Non beviamo il cappuccio di pomerggio/sera perchè contiene caffe, che dopo una certa ora non va bevuto perchè tiene svegli. Però si beve dopo pranzo quindi pure il cappuccino fino alle 3 circa è accettabile ma alle 9 di sera no

  • Ahahah you know what? I am italian i know the "rules" and i choose if and when i want to follow them or not. i just do what i want and eat or drink what i want when i want. Still i have read books about healty food ecc and i try to follow those rules i made for myself not the "standard" rules. It is not bad to eat salad before. Somepeople do that because salad is healthier than pasta. If you eat salad before you eat more salad and less pasta or other things afterwards👍✨ if someone tries to give you rules choose for youself if its really for healty reason you could most of the time follow them but if its just a fixation caused by costumes you can sing "i did it myyyyy waaaay"😂😂😂😂

  • ragazzi anche se chiediamo a gli americani di non mettere più ananas sulla pizza , è tutto inutile perché solo gli italiani capiscono il vero dolore che c'è nel rovinare del cibo così buono

  • Italian food rules:

    1) Learn to know food
    2) Learn to cook
    3) Learn What, when, how and how much to eat
    4) After understanding rules (1), (2), (3)… speak

  • Il cappuccino non rientra tra le bevande ma tra gli alimenti come il latte. È il tipico cibo della colazione come il latte. È ipercalorico e quindi se lo aggiungi al pranzo o ingrassi o vai al bagno in diarrea.

  • I drink cappuccino at 4pm, and for breakfast, i eat the tipical breakfast focaccia dip in cappuccino (i'm from liguria)

  • Il cappuccio non è che non puoi berlo dopo mezzogiorno, ma, visto che è leggero da digerire e ha un gusto più semplice per noi è strano prenderlo di pomeriggio. Comunque è capitato anche a me di prenderlo di pomeriggio quindi ti capisco, non come gli americani, ma ti capisco

  • Americans criticizing italian rules at the table or italian food consumption rules????? C'mon…. Dont be ridiculous. All the world knows that americans eat like pigs and so much like fat pigs….. Italian food habits are a global benchmark!!!!!

  • If you REALLY NEED a cappuccio decafeinato at 4:00 PM, follow my advice: prepare that thing at home! In ITALY there are some FOOD RULES, that MUST be followed! GOT IT?

  • Tia, cappuccino and caffè latte and other hot drinks with milk are usually consumed at breakfast. We grow up with that habit and it feels weird to have breakfast stuff after 12 or 13. Other two reasons – One, milk is not very good for digestion, it feels uncomfortable and heavy on the stomach to have a cappuccino after a good lunch especially on a hot summer day. Two, if you have a nice taste of food in our mouth after a meal do you want to mix it with milk taste? It feels like messing up things. I can recommend another Italian food rule: no chicken with pasta, no chicken with risotto and no chicken on pizza.

  • An ALFREDO SAUCE does NOT exist…americans invented it…and nastily too…ewww: https://www.alfredoallascrofa.com/?lang=en

  • Spanish has almost the same food rules. Being Spaniard I think it is so weird to eat on the go. We also see esting on the couch as a “bad” thing. Hahaha
    We slso have this meat before rice thing and no bread with pasta or rice. In Spain is said “pan con pan comida de tontos” bread with bread food for dumb people. (bc pasta is made with wheat as bread)

  • Cappuccino is for breakfast, that's why we don't drink it in the afternoon.
    And drinking milk and coffee so late in the day is gonna be a problem for your bowels, to put it elegantly 😉

  • Hi Tia! It's totally true, some these rules are really really annoying. Personally, I get cappuccino (or cappuccio as they call it in Milan) also after lunch, and I often eat on the go, but I guess it's because I live in Germany and I give zero fucks ahahah. But, generally speaking, I think the reason for cappuccino being drunk only in the morning is the following: cappuccino is much more coffee than espresso. I know, espresso is not as diluted, but in terms of quantity of coffeine, cappuccino is way heavier. So if you drink a non-decaf cappuccino after 5 you'll probably not going to be able to sleep. And since it's heavy, people don't really want it straight after lunch. So, I guess, that's the original reason. But still, I think it's pretty silly, because I know loads of italians (especially students) who are able to drink 4/5 cups of espresso during a whole day. Some people even drink espresso after dinner, as you might know. So, well, I have no clue. We are weird.

  • Hi dear Tia. No pineapple on top of pizza, no parmesan on top of fish and no cappuccino after a meal since it's too heavy. These are simple Italian rules. Just follow them and you'll be Italian just like us. Many compliments for your channel, it's very funny. Should Enrico and you want to visit Barcelona just contact me. Cheers.

  • Non beviamo cappuccino alle 7 di sera, come non mangiamo uova e bacon alle 7 del mattino🤘
    Ciao bella! 😘

  • 1. Italian street food (just one of many)


    2. Ananas doesn't belong on pizza

    3. As for the cappuccino:

  • I’m Italian and I live in Finland and it breaks my heart when my boyfriend eats pasta and other stuff from the same plate 😅

  • It's just that cappuccino is a 'breakfast' food… For a gentle wakeup in the morning, while if you want a warm drink during the evening there is tisana.

  • We drink cappuccino only in the morning bc it’s a very heavy drink and we have all day to digest it. Otherwise, if we drink a cappuccino after lunch and before dinner we have to digest these three thing together and it’s hard for our stomach. We risk to get a stomach ache during the rest if the evening or even the night….and bc it’s weird…i mean do you get milk and cereal at 6 pm? Idts. Cappuccino belongs to breakfast, you’re welcome❤️

  • When does Italian people cook their food? That includes breakfast, lunch and dinner. And when do they eat their food? Can anyone please tell me? Cause I'm currently in Italy and having trouble adjusting my schedule with Italian proper cooking time. 😞

  • I'm italian,and the rule of cappuccino for me is strange!😂😂😂
    I know that this rules for you are craizy,but, is normal for the italian !
    I from south of italy, and the rules are too mutch for the american (at example NEVER , NEVER ,NEVER pizza with pinapple,NEVER pizza with fork and knife!)😂😂😂

  • GRAZIE! I try to tell my American friends that we DON"T have garlic bread with our pasta, because they're BOTH STARCHES…They look at me like I have 2 heads…but being born in Tuscany…I know! Another thing that made my father laugh is when I'd have a friend to the house, and we'd have pasta…my friends would ask for milk…that was a BIG NO-NO-NEVER NEVER-NUH-UH_UH!

  • I'm with you on the cappuccino! This rule makes no sense. Everything else makes for a better quality of life… Apparently il cappuccino non e un digestivo!

  • Io vivo in UK e ancora quando mangio in bus perché un giorno non ho tempo, per esempio, mi vergogno da morire xD

    You can't have a cappuccino in the afternoon because it's a typical colazione, so it's just odd that someone is having colazione in the afternoon or evening xD but I love it as well <3

  • Basically cappuccino is a morning beverage because we drink milk in the morning and not in the middle of the day. It's a habit related to our breakfast that is sweet so you commonly have hot beverage+cake/croissant/cereals. You can have it during afternoon instead of a hot chocolate/tea, no one would blame you if it's pretty cold outside. They will in summer.
    It's weird to have it during meals (we never dine with sweet food and we don't mix sweet and savory), and it's crazy to have it after dinner cause… cappuccino is a meal itself!

  • In realtà mangiare l’insalata per prima fa bene e io usavo farlo spesso fino ad un paio di annetti fa.

  • La ragione è che il cappuccio di sera puo rimanere sullo stomaco, e visto che devi andare a dormire è peggio che berlo di giorno. Ma in realtá, come per il pasto on the go, queste due regole non esistono o nn sono cosi fortemente sentite… sotto questo punto di vista nn ci fa strano, ognuno puo mangiare dove vuole e puo bere quello che vuole la sera. Qui in giappone l’on the go è quasi vietato

  • In Sicilia è normale mangiare alzati mentre si gira per i mercati a cercare altro cibo… anche perche la cultura culinariA della sicilia è basata sullo street food e bisogna sempre ricordare che Palermo è la terza citta al mondo per lo street food… tia verrai mai in Sicilia?

  • Se non ve ne foste accorti americani, noi ci teniamo al cibo, abbiamo una cultura sul cibo che non è solo pasta e pizza, voi non avete cultura sul cibo, avete prodotti confezionati chimici che fanno poco bene alla salute

  • L'unica volta in cui noi italiani mangiamo in piedi e in giro è quando usciamo con ke amiche e prendiamo patatine, gelato, piazzetta CEH

  • Un messaggio per gli americani che pensano di produrre cibo italiano alla "perfezione" :MA VADA VIA IL CÚ VA , se non sapete cucinare una pasta ARANGÈ come dice sempre mia nonne

  • Beh, diciamo che se mangi un pacchetto di patatine, un ghiacciolo, o merende del genere, in Italia non ti dicono niente, ma perché quella roba non fa male, cioè magari sono l'unica, ma se mangio una brioche mentre cammino poi vomito 😂

  • I LOVE youe accent!!! Well…I don't know why we drink capuccino only in the morning…è così e basta! 🙂

  • Il cappuccino è sostanzialmente un caffè latte….quindi significa colazione o comunque cibo mattutino. Ecco perché lo si prende entro mezzogiorno. Ma comunque non è una regola…fai quello che vuoi e se vai al bar te lo fanno pure alle tre del pomeriggio senza problemi.

  • U forgot to say the secondo can be fish as well and NO a salad is NOT a side order on the same plate as the meat,fish etc. normally it will be a steamed vegetable…and NO ,in case any one wants to know,blue cheese dressing does not existe over there!

  • It's funny because you can't understand 🙂
    I'm a 30 years old man from Italy and in the region where I live we dip the Foccaccia into the Cappuccino.
    Even other Italians look at us like we're crazy!
    Well I say: come to Liguria, try it HERE and then we can talk about it.
    And also about the Pesto alla Genovese, for Christ's sake!!!
    You make my ass cry.
    It should be illegal to sell a thing for another, in facts you NEVER ate a proper italian pasta (unless you visited Italy, or had some italian bringing pasta directly from Italy) I hope you realize it!

  • Comunque abbiamo ottime cioccolaterie, che fanno cioccolata calda vera (non Nesquik). E' che non sono "bar" ma veri e propri negozi differenti. E più rari.

  • Il fatto di mangiare seduti è una “normalità” per noi nel senso che è abitudine… certamente ci è capitato di mangiare seduti sul divano o in piedi quando non c’è la possibilità di sedersi.
    Il cappuccino invece non è che non si PUÓ bere il pomeriggio è che viene considerato colazione e non è semplicissimo da digerire dopo un pasto

  • What about the Italian food staples that are always forgotten? Like seafood? The whole country is pretty much in the Mediterranean. Also, ragu or pasta Bolog ese has meat in it and literally stems from Bologna. It just might be made a bit different. In Napoli I think they got something similar too. Again, it may depend on regions

  • NO! My grandma tell me every time: LA FRUTTA DOPO MANGIATO FA MALE!
    it means: "The fruits after lunch are hurts"
    If the grammatical of this phrase are wrong tell me
    I'm studying english😂

  • We are not used to have a cappuccino after lunch because it is a breakfast drink! 😉 Would you eat porrige as an afternoon/ evening "snack"? 😛 however your videos showing the other point of view are sooo interesting!;)

  • sorry, I'm late. just want you to know that the rule about capuccino is not true. you can drink it whenever you want. I'm italian and for example in my typical day I drink a cappuccino in the morning before school and then in the afternoon I hang out with my friends, go to a bar, around 4pm, stay there like until 7pm and in the meanwhile chilling and talking with my friends I order 2 cappuccino. But just in winter 'cos it's cold. I really don't understand why people keep saying this rule about capuccino, it's so fake. maybe not everyone order 2 cappuccino at the bar like me, but I can guarantee you at least one, they do.

  • if you take cappuccino after lunch you take the famous CAGOTTO and cappuccino is specially for breakfast because you have to PUCCIARE the CORNETTO into the italian CAPPUCCINO in a CERAMIC CUP SEATED in a bar.
    If you need a coffee in the afternoon please take ESPRESSO because is better than american coffee or soup of beans (napolitans call like this american coffe)
    Ah but after five p.m. don't take espresso because if you take it you can't sleep well at night, if you want a coffee take a decaffeinato

  • ti hanno informato male, a proposito della carne con il primo piatto, te ne cito 2 il ragù e la pasta al forno con le polpette (di carne) per il resto mi dispiace per te ma non credo che mi insegnerai a mangiare all'americana

  • Hai ragione, meglio le vostre di regole: cibo spazzatura precotto seduti in poltrona davanti alla TV. All'ingrasso come i maiali da allevamento.

    OK!!! Le's go to eat!!!

  • Il cappuccino lo beviamo solo la mattina perché in teoria bisognerebbe berlo insieme ad una brioche e la brioche si mangia la mattina a colazione. Ecco perché

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