hey guys it's Jen welcome back to my channel and welcome back to another grocery haul and meal plan so today is Sunday it's about 9 o'clock in the morning and I decided to do Walmart grocery pick up this week because I was out of town for work last week and so yesterday was not very productive so it was nice to just kind of sit and make my grocery list and order it on the computer last night while I did my meal plan so I did spend about 140 dollars at Walmart and then I had to go to Harvey to get just a few things that Walmart didn't have so all in total I spent around one hundred and fifty dollars so let me show you what I got and then I was eating a meal plan so I needed quite a bit of produce because we were out of almost everything or it had gone bad not much actually went bad I only had a throw away a couple of of items of produce but I did get some bananas because we were totally out of those I also got a pineapple I need this for a recipe but I don't think I need the whole thing so I'll probably end up using half of it for the recipe and then cutting up the other half just to have on hand to eat we're out of apples also so typically I don't like it the Gala apples the 3 pound bag and then I just pre washed them and put them on a bowl on the counter and then the kids can grab them if they want a snack I did get some fresh dill for a recipe I was actually afraid that they weren't gonna have this because sometimes my Walmart is super hit and miss with the fresh herbs so they did have this that's gonna be for a cucumber salad and also for the cucumber salad I decided to get some of the mini cucumbers so got those and then a bag of the tricolor peppers so yellow red and orange I ordered 2 pounds of broccoli I don't think this is 2 pounds it doesn't feel like 2 pounds anyway but hopefully they weight it I don't know me I need that's the bad thing about doing grocery pickup is that you're not always sure you know how much you're going to get because you have to calculate it by weight but we'll make it work I also got some jalapenos for a recipe and 2 zucchini I'm gonna roast these up tonight with dinner I got two avocados both for well one for a new recipe I'm trying and then the other one is for tacos this week we were also running low on limes and I like to keep these in the refrigerator for recipes and drinks and I like to squeeze these also like in my sparkling water from high V I did get some peaches these are yellow Georgia peaches some of them are a little bit riper than others but I'll wash these and put them in the fruit bowl as well I did get two pounds of strawberries so those actually look pretty good the kids love those okay so cilantro I'm making tacos this week and so I really wanted some fresh cilantro I ordered it from Walmart and they didn't have it so they substituted this I also went to high V and hey V did not have any fresh cilantro either so I'm assuming that there's some kind of a shortage right now I'm not gonna make the tacos until later in the week so hopefully before then I can run to the store and find some I got two russet potatoes just a bag of shredded lettuce sometimes we use this in wraps or I like it on tacos too I got some tomatoes for sandwiches and then I went ahead and got two packages of grape tomatoes one of these is gonna be for a caprese salad and the other one I'll just wash to have on hand for snacking I grabbed some baby carrots I want to make some hummus today and then I also got some yellow onions I was all out of those so I just got a three pound bag of those I grabbed some great I can't remember how much I ordered but these were on sale this week for like 89 cents a pound which is super cheap a lot of times they're like around $3 a pound so I usually try to wash these up and then have them in the fridge sometimes I do like grape and cheese cups like with the sharp cheddar cheese so that's really good I cannot get these at my Walmart sprouts alfalfa sprouts so I had to get them at high V you're only a dollar ninety-nine there so I went there and grabbed those okay so feta cheese I usually like to get the chunk feta so that I can cut it up myself and use it for recipes but Walmart didn't have it so they substituted these two packages of crumbles I didn't catch it in time for her to take it off my order so now I end up with a bunch of feta but this has a best buy date of October so I can actually just put this out in the fridge in the garage and I don't have to use it right away as long as I don't open it so that's that and then I grab just a little container of sour cream because we still had some left over this is the almond milk that I like to get sometimes the kids use it on their cereal and I use it in my smoothies so this is the unsweetened vanilla flavored almond milk it's only 30 calories per cup I got some pizza sauce tub in the pantry some bread crumbs because I'm going to make meatballs this week Parmesan cheese I think we're all out of this but if not that I'll just go in the pantry okay so I got some romaine lettuce for salads this week and then I decided to order some turkey from the deli I've never done this before in the grocery pickup but this is just like regular smoked deli smoked turkey so grab that I got two bags of shredded cheese so I thought the pepper jack would be good to try on tacos and then I would just try to keep mozzarella cheese in the refrigerator because Conor actually likes it on quesadillas and like if we want to do a homemade pizza too and then one recipe this week then I want to try calls for sliced fresh mozzarella cheese and they have this red pepper and basil mozzarella flavored flavored mozzarella I've had this before from high V and so I thought I would get that for that recipe that looks good I got some sliced provolone because I'm going to do Italian beef sandwiches this week two blocks of the extra sharp Cracker Barrel actually ordered white sharp cheddar and I guess they didn't have it at Walmart so they substituted this which is fine I got some flour tortillas for tacos I decided to try the chi Chi's brand normally I've been getting the Mission ones and Adam so they're seem like thick and doughy so we're gonna try these and see if these are any better okay I got some black olives always like to keep those in the pantry and then sewing jasmine rice I have been liking to cook rice in the instant pot and I just follow the directions on the instant pot website so there's a couple recipes that call for rice this week so it means that I got some pepperoncini for the Italian beef and then I also grabbed a can of the Progresso tomato basil I bought these cheese crisp Stoppers at Costco and I wanted to try them on top of this seam I thought it would be good we were almost out of grape jelly so I grabbed a replacement of that this is the only kind of jelly that Conor likes his grape jelly for PB&J I grab some white vinegar we were out of kosher salt this is the kind of salt I always use for cooking so I grab that I also got a pork roast for a recipe that I'm going to it test out this week it's not I guess it's just part of the bread I got some bread we were totally out of bread for sandwiches and then we won't eat all these this week I'll probably end up freezing half but these are just the white sub rolls from Walmart and I like to like toast these when we're having Italian beef and have that on there this was also a substitution I had ordered just the Walmart brand of Texas toast and they substituted the pepperidge farm which is totally fine two boxes of the grape foreign waters that's the kids favorite flavor and then I got I actually ordered the cherry limeade Claire Americans sparkling water but they didn't have it so they substituted wild cherry and then this is my favorite brand of the bubbly sparkling water the blackberry it's really good with lime in it so I grabbed some of that I was also out of my laundry sanitizers I've been using this when I do like towels or sheets and then I also got two boxes of these glasses cleaner wipes Adam and I both wear glasses so these are super nice to keep on hand I also keep some in my purse that is everything I got let me show you the meal plan okay so tonight for dinner I'm gonna make steak and chicken kebabs I actually have some of the meat thawing out right here so I have some sirloin steak and some chicken breast and some naan bread that is from Trader Joe's that was all in the freezer and I wanted to he's part of that up so I'm gonna do that tonight with some rice and cucumber salad in the flatbread obviously tomorrow I'm doing the Pioneer Woman recipe for drip beef sandwiches this is better in my opinion than the traditional Italian beef recipe it does not use the packet of Italian dressing which I find to be like sometimes too strong and salty this actually uses like fresh rosemary and pepperoncini and beef broth so I'll link that recipe down below it's really good I also did it I think I did it in a freezer meal video before and then with that I'm gonna make caprese salad and then we'll just have chips and fruit on the side Tuesday okay so I have two bags of pasta I'm gonna try to say this arrabiata from Trader Joe's in my freezer that I need to use up so I'm gonna make that and then just make some meatballs to go on the side along with salad and garlic bread Wednesday I'm just gonna make beef tacos and then we'll have like fruit and chips and salsa with that Thursday I'm trying or testing out this recipe that sort of modified from a couple different recipes for a jalapeno pineapple pork that's a crock pot recipe and I'm gonna have rice and broccoli with that and on Fridays we always either go out or have pizza all right so that's it for this week's grocery haul a meal plan if you are planning out your meals for this week let me know in the comments below what you're cooking I always love reading those and thanks for watching I'll see you in my next video bye you


  • Like you I meal plan for the week. Usually on a Thursday so I can buy groceries on Friday after work. It makes life so much easier than having to worry about "what's for dinner " every day. This week is grilled chicken and veg, vegetarian chili, burritos, honey mustard chicken with salad, white bean soup.

  • So for dinner tomorrow night: K.C. style ribs, mashed sweet potatoes with a sweet spice topping made with Chinese five spice powder and stuffed pablanos.

  • I was gonna make a regular pot roast but now that you mention the drip beef, that sounds wayyy better!! 🤤🤤🤤

  • Sounds like a good meal week ahead! I’m planning Chicken Adobo /w rice, bean and cheese chalupas, baked beans w/weenies. Don’t know which days for what..but the chicken tomorrow for sure. I will do leftovers on the days I’m not cooking. I need to try your Italian beef sandwiches! ❤️🐾

  • Our meal plan starts on Saturday, and this is what we're having:
    SA: white chicken enchiladas
    SU: turkey club sandwiches, homemade fries
    M: scrambled eggs, sausage, hashbrowns
    TU: stuffed pepper casserole
    W: leftovers
    TH: pasta primavera w/chicken breast
    F: leftovers

    I always make something that reheats well in the microwave on Tuesdays & Thursdays and double the recipe so we can have leftovers on Wednesdays & Fridays.

  • The kabobs looked so yummy! I am loving Walmart grocery pickup too!
    We are having
    Pizza, salad, and pineapple
    BBQ chicken sandwiches, chips, veggies and dip
    Chicken tacos, chip and salsa and guacamole
    Spaghetti and garlic bread
    Leftovers or FFA(free for all lol)
    Grilled chicken thighs, salad, Mac and cheese
    Huevos Rancheros

  • Hi Jen. Great haul and meal plan. I'm making Pioneer Woman Mexican Rice Casserole for a picnic on Sunday and I'm taking salad with Queen's Cabinet Creamy Cilantro Lime Ranch Dressing. We're having Pulled Pork Sandwiches at our picnic for AA and I thought that would go well. RAGBRAI in town this weekend, lots going on. I'm the speaker Sunday and my brother from Mississippi is going to be there so it's a big deal, I'll have the diarrhea in the rear or of the mouth. Lord help us all….lol. Jen, can you help me? I'd love someone to show me how to make a Mexican Street Corn in a cup from real corn on the cob and also a fruit salsa with cinnamon sugar tortilla chips. The things I crave….lol.

  • For your pineapple: twist the top off and sit it on a plate inverted for 24 hrs before you use it. This allows all the juices to run through it so the whole thing is delicious!

  • Chicken sandwiches, pasta salad
    Stuffed green peppers (from my garden!), mashed potatoes, steamed carrots
    Tilapia, rice pilaf, green beans(from the garden)
    Grilled steak, baked potatoes, 7layer salad
    Pancakes, sausage, eggs
    Thursday’s are always leftovers/scrounge the frig night
    Friday’s are always pizza or dinner out

  • Jen I want to rewatch your washing and prepping produce video. Can you give me the name of it? Thanks so much.

  • Oh, I'm just heading out for groceries. We'll figure out the damage later. Not bad about $55 at Costco in food stuff and $80 at Winco for food. So, three people probably close to 2 weeks with meat I already have in the freezer and what I bought.

  • I love grape tomatoes and both my fruit market and regular grocery store didn’t have any. I ended up buying some tomato’s on the vine. Jen, have you seen In the Kitchen with Gina Young? She does some awesome videos . I tried one of her recipe last week. I will send you the recipe and a photo. I love your videos!

  • My menu started yesterday.
    TH- Salisbury meatballs with onion gravy over egg noodles, honey glazed carrots.
    F- Baked pork chops, baked potatoes, broccoli
    S- Taco salads
    SU- Chicken & dumplings, mashed potatoes, green beans & yeast rolls (The Lord's carbs)
    M- Chili cheese dogs, tater tots, veggies & ranch
    T- Cold cut subs, fruit salad
    W- French toast, bacon, eggs

  • Another great haul!! The steak and chicken kabobs looked great!
    Sat- porterhouse steaks on the grill, baked potatoes, salad, deviled eggs and brownies!
    Sunday- Spaghetti and five cheese homemade toast and salad
    Monday- Chili cheese dogs with green onions, chips, and cantaloupe and watermelon
    Tuesday- Leftovers
    Wednesday- Your recipe for beef tacos, cucumber salad and homemade cheesecake
    Thursday- Brats and sauerkraut on tortillas, corn on the cob, fruit cups
    Friday-homemade subway style sandwiches and chips with homemade chocolate chip cookies!
    Have a great week! Can’t wait on the next video!👍🐶💞

  • Are alfalfa sprouts like bean sprouts?! I love bean sprouts on my sandwiches and wraps. Another great haul and meal plan.

  • Hi Jenn, welcome home. The beef sandwich looked awesome! Nice haul once again never disappointing. Thank you. ❤️🙏

  • Loved it, and girl, the cilantro shortage must be global. I had to go to 3 Shops myself today to find it.
    Im having pizza, gambas al ajillo w/salad, onion soup, creamy chicken spaghetti, vegetable Quiche, morrocan Tagine. I will have some of the meals on my channel next week if anyone is interested 💕

  • So glad you’re back!! 👏🏻👏🏻been missing your videos when that pesky day job travel gets in the way 😉😂😂thank you for the continued inspiration, Jen!! ☮️💟🙏🏻

  • I just finish catching up to your videos and then this New one came up, yeay😍, friday night, a glass of wine and a New video. Perfect friday 💕

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