15 Dump Crockpot Chicken Freezer Meals!

15 Dump Crockpot Chicken Freezer Meals!

and welcome to another video I got 40 pounds of chicken I got a they come fresh order if you have not seen the video where I show you what it looks like and how I process it I will leave the link in destruction description box down below today I'm going to be showing you how to make 15 super easy freezer meals I think a couple of them repeat I'm not sure exactly how many recipes there are but these are some of the easiest recipes I'm gonna use my Zeke on fresh chicken put them in my plastic bags and stick them right in the freezer when they're ready most of these I am just going to dump in my crock pot or I could stick them in the oven or stick them on the grill easy peasy especially for a busy work night these are going to be lifesavers I have already put the date on my freezer bags and label them I did put instructions because burn myself I know how to make these all I know what they are and 99% of them I am just dumping in my crock pot and kind of putting them on low for 4 to 6 hours and I don't want the best to get over dried and checking on them if you want any specifics please leave a comment in the description down below but I am just gonna get right into it so I hope you join me and we will make these super easy freezer meals so let's get started all right and the first one is one of the easiest this is gonna be Italian marinated chicken really all you need is a bottle of Italian dressing believe it or not this is so good I got this huge one at Walmart if you did not see my Walmart haul right purchase most of my items for this freezer meals I believe the link in description box down below as well all I'm going to do is stick some chicken breast in here out of my Italian dressing this recipe is great in the crock-pot in the oven or especially on the grill so what I'm going to do is add my chicken first and if you want to know these are half gallon size freezer bag my family we usually will serve these with a side of vegetables and maybe a salad so this is meant to be a smaller portion of chicken and my boys honestly don't eat that much so super fresh chicken breast I just have my freezer bags in these bowls it's going to just makes it easier to pluck things in and to pour your freezer your components in there without it going all over so that should be another I have a small one right here so I am just gonna give my bottle a little shake mix that up now this is a huge thirty six ounce bottle you definitely could use a small one for this you just need enough that can coat that chicken a couple you won't even need it off with these two recipes extra so that I probably used 2/3 high in chicken I'm gonna get the air out all around – chickens ready to go NYX is the same concept this is just going to be barbecued chicken I can just throw the same thing in the crock-pot these will actually all maybe cook a little bit longer so that way they pull apart and make pulled pork herb sorry pulled chicken sandwiches or kiss me Azhar for nachos one thing I ran out on App Engine SP was to add a package of ranch seasoning so I'm gonna do one just BBQ because I know we like that and I'm going to be doing one with the BBQ in the ramp so I'm gonna put this in so I don't mix them up because this one's labeled barbecue ranch I'm gonna add my chicken breasts even though we are a family of five my two-year-old won't eat very much don't need it's almost like that family of four and like I said these we have a lot of sides with them and stuff so we'll have plenty to go with these ready now pick this up from Walmart as well I have not tried this brand but it had great reviews online so we are gonna try it out nice nice good okay so I'm just gonna dump this barbecue sauce right on there and this is also a really huge one this is two pounds ten ounces so I did not quite you saw maybe another two thirds on that and some air out coated and this one is our barbecue ranch dressing used to get the bottom rate that that is a technical term just smush still in there all right and two more ready to go all right yeah you ever wanted to make chicken alfredo but it doesn't sound good making all that afraid of sauce and cutting up the chicken whatever I have the easiest easiest time with this so this one's gonna be a sun-dried tomato uh photo and this one's going to be Alfredo chicken operator eh exact so what I'll do is I'll stick this in my crock pot let it the chicken cook and then I'll make some noodles and serve this over it's gonna be a super easy meal and especially since we are having it over noodles I don't even need that much chicken maybe I said two older ones are five and seven so even those guys don't eat that much okay and so here is my delicious alfredo sauce I actually found this in my pantry when I was making my freezer meal plan and thought perfect now I don't have to worry about the expiration and if you were ready to go for me right in there [Applause] now the beauty of these freezer meals is when you take them out of the freezer to thaw out that marinade is gonna soak in so you don't need to worry about it marinating record right now just throw it right into your freezer this is the sun-dried tomato alfredo sauce I've had this many times before it is delicious so when you pull that out goodbye those chickens gonna soak up all that marinade and just be delicious by the time it even goes in your crock pot and of course they'll sit longer in the crock pot and cook but if you do want to barbecue it or throw in the oven don't worry it still white fine I'll get all those these two are just playing alone in the crock-pot so there's two more we are up to six meals done this next one is a family favorite it is an apricot chicken sounds but it's just delicious so what I'm gonna do is I'm next again my chicken breast favorite and I love some leftovers on this you're gonna take some apricot preserves easy and use about half a jar here if I have enough chicken leftover I'm gonna make another one of these but for now I'm just making one because I have a lot of recipes this is only part 1 guys I have a lot more to do with this chicken so make sure you are subscribed that way you don't miss any more recipes especially if you like freezer meals is like crock pot meals easy stuff ok and the next thing is you see me giddy now is it packet of onion soup mix now this just adds all the right seasoning and touches to this apricot mix it's sound strange but trust me it is amazing I tell you one of my favorite right guys you'll never believe it my camera cut off I didn't know I was making some apricot chick in there its mustard around the bag this is what it ended up looking like right now I'm moving on now I'm moving on teriyaki then I won't have to break because I need to go pick up my kids from school ok if you're actually chickens same thing sorry if my dog is banging at the back door to be let in this would be great hold on one second alright ok this would be great on the grill on a grill pan on the stove on the grill outside in the crock pot over some rice just about anything it's gonna be heated this is just gonna be some easy teriyaki chicken this would be great with some bell peppers breast left ok so I am just using where is it some of this very very charity I picked a little sodium one this time just cuz Taraki can have a water flow in it but I love this brand so I am just going to between it's plenty Bama to more teriyaki chickens okay I am going to take a quick break and get everything I have right now put away that way I can go pick up my kids from school and then I will be back to show you the rest all right my boys I was just going to show you the two that actually cut up my camera stop one is a Korean barbecue and I just used this Korean style barbecue sauce it was another one of those things I found in my pantry sorry if you hear my boys in the background is a 3mm nail and the last was this wing sauce Jamaican Jerk I thought both of these would be great either in the crock pot obviously baked or it would be really good bro so those are the two you miss super easy nothing else added just the sauce I have a little bit of the cream barbecue left so I wanted to keep that for a dipping sauce miss was this herb and garlic when my camera shut off it is just this herb and garlic marinade I found when I was shopping at Walmart online it was just over daughter so I thought try it out I honestly thought it would probably smell just like the Italian dressing but it doesn't smell smells way more garlicky it's smell is actually amazing and this will be wonderful wonderful grilled I mean in the crock-pot or in the oven as well but I'm excited for that one for sure neither let me see if I can move the camera up actually a little bit another family favorite is pesto ranch I use this pesto from Costco it's a but you can use any type of pesto even help me pesto does it matter you're gonna use about a quarter of a cup nice kind of eyeball things some use that pesto and a packet of ranch now this is amazing in your crock pot that chicken gets nice and tender and you can even add a little chicken stock if you want to make it more like a soup your consistency if you'd like it is great over pasta so first I'm just gonna I'm gonna see if this makes a different unmask this stuff first doesn't really matter what's it look like truck but it's all gonna come fine this my full family enjoys a really good recipe here so I missed again my chicken breasts [Applause] take it out the freezer out easy a really good one pets or ranch right there okay another super easy one now this is actually a first time to try for me and I'm making two so I really hope it's good but when I ordered these little this is the French onion let me make sure you can see that in the camera French onion would be stock condensed soup I know are these you had to order the two and I've no idea what I'm going to use it for if not just double a nice batch but this is a super easy so it is the French onion soup and some sour cream to me that it's gonna taste just like a stroke enough and if we love stroganoff so I'm excited this one sour cream freezes wonderfully so this is definitely going to be one for the crock-pot cuz you're gonna want it let it sit there so I'm gonna add my chicken breast and then I will add the sour cream my husband one stroganoff so he will probably really enjoy this one I think so we all enjoy it get low guys this is all I have left besides the ones that are diced at my boarding pass these are the last recipes in this video and show you so make sure like I said you are subscribe I'm gonna do about roughly about a cup here around 8 ounces make sure your subscribe to you can see when I upload the other videos the other videos I'm gonna be showing more freezer meals same kind of thing but with a few more ingredients so make sure you save those ok but look at how easy this is of course this does have little onions in it but it would be great if you wanted to add in some onions of your own I might do that when I actually make them turn splendid from the bottom of your cup but in acid but oh I can tell that some either I can smell the flavors about French onion soup with the sour cream you could definitely also do cream cheese you want them actually in my next video I'm making a chicken stroganoff and now how the recipe does call for cream cheese in the stroganoff recipe so I know that would be good here because I this is very similar okay so I have to mourn these done and this one and not in that short amount of time so let me go ahead and grab them all and I'll show you what it looks like so our meals 15 to be exact so we have the two Italian chickens the barbecue just for pulled barbecue chicken and the barbecue ranch here we have the apricot chicken the regular alfredo two of the teriyaki chickens two of the creamy French onions the sun-dried tomato Alfredo Korean barbecue Jamaican Jerk cute toddler not included pesto ranch and herb and garlic so that's one two three four five six seven eight nine ten eleven twelve different recipes fifteen meals are you excited Nick then yes you're gonna eat these yeah all right well thank you for joining me I hope I give you a little bit of inspiration to try some of these freezer mills yourself and if you would like to try they con check out my referral link in the description box down below and don't forget to subscribe to see more videos because I got more chicken okay say bye bye

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