$136 Aldi Haul + Meal Plan 😁 Grocery Haul for a Family of 4 🛒 Grocery Haul and Meal Plan

$136 Aldi Haul + Meal Plan 😁 Grocery Haul for a Family of 4 🛒 Grocery Haul and Meal Plan

hey guys it's Jen welcome back to my channel and welcome back to another grocery haul and meal plan so today is Sunday it is about 9 a.m. and I am out getting groceries I'm at high V right now I do want to go here because they are having a huge sale on boneless skinless chicken breasts I believe it's like a dollar sixty-nine a pound or something like that so when I see that price I definitely stock up and then I have a vacuum sealer at home that I cut the chicken into like thinner cutlets and usually vacuum seal like four or five per bag that way I have them ready just for a meal for us during the week so want to get that and then I'm also going to get a Starbucks here I'm not sure if I'm gonna go to Walmart or Aldi I need to look at my list and see if I can get everything I need to out all day I think I might be able to but either way I will show you what I got when I get home okay so I did go to high V and Walmart but I got the bulk of my groceries at Aldi I spent around one hundred and thirty six dollars there I think but there were some things that I just had to go to Walmart to get like some different vinegars and stuff but they don't have at Aldi so I did get quite a bit of produce although this is not all of the produce I got this week because I did go to the farmers market yesterday so I'm actually going to be sharing that in a separate meal prep video so if you want to see that you can check that out I did get one pineapple I got this at Aldi I've been getting these every so often and then just cutting them up and having them in the fridge for us to eat for like a side for dinner or snacks or breakfast I got a bag of red onions I grab some of these little potatoes from Aldi these are nice because they're already washed up so you can just throw them in the oven with some olive oil or in the airfryer and roast them up as a side for dinner – had strawberries these were super cheap two pounds of strawberries for like a dollar 88 I think so I went ahead and got two packages probably one of these I'll cut up and freeze for smoothies I've been kind of experimenting with some different smoothie recipes for breakfast and I do like to have like frozen fruit in there so grab some bananas too and my plan is to cut some of these up with the strawberries and make like little like freezer packs of frozen fruit teas and my smoothies from Walmart I did get some poblano peppers so I have a recipe that I'm going to try this week for chicken stuffed poblano peppers so I'm looking forward to trying that so I grab four of those from Aldi I got some zucchini I'm gonna make like a summer vegetable bake as a side this week and it called for zucchini so I described three of those I grab some Tomatoes some celery I got some of these portobello mushroom caps Adams really the only one that likes mushrooms but I thought I could throw these on the girl tonight with dinner for him and then I also got a bag of the tricolor peppers so this comes with orange yellow and red there's a couple recipes that I want to use these in and I'm also going to make some mango salsa so that will be for that as well I got a bag of lemons I always like to keep lemons in the refrigerator for recipes or drinks or you know squeezing in water or anything like that I did I do have cilantro out on my deck but I don't have a lot right now so I did go ahead and buy a package of cilantro for recipes in the mango salsa hi be finally started selling arugula here in the food desert of Iowa so I was happy to see that so I grabbed that to use for salads and there's also like an arugula pizza recipe that I want to try it's a Pioneer Woman recipe so that will be for that I got three mangos I went ahead and got these at Aldi since I'm going to use these right away to make salsa I tried to find the righteous ones that I could I got some grapes some blackberries and some yellow squash I had to get these at Walmart because they didn't have any Aldi sometimes they do and sometimes they don't so that's for that vegetable Gretchen summer vegetable grant and dish that I'm gonna make okay so like for meats and cheeses and stuff I do like this kind of lunchmeat from Aldi so I went ahead and got two packages of Turkey in one package ham I also got a tub of the grated Parmesan cheese that's for a recipe and then I got some asparagus at the farmers market this weekend and I thought it would be good to do like a prosciutto wrapped asparagus as a side for dinner tonight so I got some of that this is Aldi is probably the best place at least in my area to buy prosciutto it's really expensive at päivi or even wal-mart like it Heidi one of these would probably cost you like $6.99 or $7.99 I think this is $4 at Aldi I got some provolone cheese because I am going to make some like Italian drip beef sandwiches one night this week I actually have that in the freezer from a previous meal that I did so I saw that out and we'll have that like on rolls with provolone cheese I got some fully Jack cheese sticks for the kids and then two balls of mozzarella either to use on that or pizza recipe or I can do like a caprese with basil and tomatoes I have basil out on my deck as well they had these at Aldi these cucumber and dill soft spreadable cheese so this is really good if you want to spread it on like actually a cucumber slice and like use a cucumber as a cracker and spread this on there it's it to me it's like a really good snack and it's low carb and pretty healthy so I got that they had these at Aldi I used to buy these a lot more but honestly they're not that healthy especially for the kids because they they do have kind of a lot of sugar in them I mean I know they're yoghurt but they still have like chocolate and candy and then but Elstree I got two of these this is the Chobani Jimmy's the choco Chunk cookie dunk so I got those I got a package of mini pepperonis from Walmart and then also from Walmart I got some of this case awawa shredded quesadilla cheese Connor really likes eat cheese quesadillas and this cheese is actually really good to have in case because I just use like a tortilla and you don't have to use any butter or anything just crisp it up in a skillet with a little bit of this cheese okay so at high V I did see that they had some new Chobani flip flavors so I got this for myself it's a strawberry cheesecake and I did get these for the kids before I realized I was getting these but whatever so this is the Chobani s'more s'mores flips which they like there's going to be a treat for them I grab some cottage cheese for a recipe this is my favorite brand of cottage cheese I can usually only find it at high V sometimes I can find it at Walmart but its AE brand which i think is a brand like local here in Iowa but it's the best cottage cheese in my opinion I got some guard vegetable cream cheese I usually keep this on hand for like when I'm making wraps for the kids for their lunches they are on summer break right now but they still go to like a summer camp and so they do get food there but depending on what it is sometimes they want to eat a packed lunch and so during the summer it's kind of the same thing I mean I'm still packing lunches for them off and on it's not like they it's not like they're home all day you know I can just eat whatever here I got some butter from Aldi cuz I was running low on that Ivy had their half gallons of milk on sale for 99 cents so I grabbed one of those and I also got a orange mango juice from Aldi I do keep margarine on hand just for like toast and grilled cheese and stuff like that I used to be one of those people that kept butter out on the counter like in a dish so it was soft but I just feel like we don't go through it fast enough so I don't know I buy this I know margarine is not the greatest for you but whatever it's just for toasts and stuff like that okay beans so I got four cans of garbanzo beans I was totally out of these in the fridge and the fridge in the pantry I like to make homemade hummus I also I'm going to make a curry recipe this week that is like a veggie curry and it calls for chickpeas so I grab four cans of those to stock up and then I also got two cans of just the regular green beans I keep those on hand just for a side for dinner I got some fast rising yeast for pizza crust some feta cheese Aldi is another good or in my opinion probably the best place around here to buy feta cheese I like to buy it in a block and crumble it myself it just tastes a lot better that way and then I grab some pepper jack cheese these are newer at Aldi I think they're they're kind of like those Philadelphia Cream Cheese that snack packs but this one is jalapeno cream cheese with pretzels and this one is strawberry cream cheese with graham crackers accurate like strawberry cream cheese so I figured she could probably take this in her lunch one day and then we could just out of her I could try this one as a snack all right so the main reason I went to hyvee was to get the chicken breasts that they had on sale so I went ahead and got three packages this is just boneless skinless chicken breast it was actually cheaper than I thought I thought it was a dollar 69 there's actually 148 a pound so it looks like I got about what 10 pounds here so what I will do is I will take these out of this original packaging trim them if there's some of the chicken breasts that are like thicker or larger I'll butterfly those and then I just like to put these in like Ziploc or not ziploc but like the freezer bags the vacuum sealed bags I couldn't think of a good think of the word and then I just portion them out so that we have chicken breast in the freezer which is really nice I got some semi-sweet chocolate chips from Aldi I'm going to make some pumpkin chocolate chip muffins I've made this recipe before and I can leave a link to the recipe down below but my kids really like to eat those for breakfast so I grabbed some of these you have in the pantry okay so I don't know anything about protein powder all I know is that if I make a smoothie I do like to have like a little bit of vanilla protein powder in there I typically use like almond or cashew milk I don't know if you guys know of a good vanilla protein powder like maybe that I could get on Amazon that doesn't have like a weird taste I would love to hear your thoughts on that I just got this at high V I'm sure I can probably get two servings out of this but it's Kido protein vanilla I have no idea I don't know I just like the vanilla flavor and a little bit of extra protein in this movie so I'm gonna try that I got some pistachios I don't likes to snack on these I got those at Aldi I got some peanut butter crackers for the kids these are super cheap they're like 69 cents or 89 cents or something like that and they're just a good snack to in the pantry for the kids or even Adam and I if we want to eat bear crackers they had flour tortillas on sale for $1 a package at high V I might have to put these in the freezer because I don't I think I still have some left in their refrigerator and I don't want them to go bad but that was a good price for those they also have their Totino's that party Pete on sale for 88 cents so I figured what the heck I'll grab a couple of those I just grabbed three of them this isn't really something that I buy on the regular I mean I remember buying these a lot in college and they're like super cheap and not that great pizza but you know it's kind of nostalgic to have one once in a while I got some red wine vinegar some apple cider vinegar and some balsamic vinegar Adam made his homemade barbecue sauce earlier this weekend and used up a bunch of vinegar in that I do actually have a video on how he makes that so I can link that down below if you're interested in watching it it's really good barbecue sauce and honestly we have not bought barbecue sauce in such a long time because he makes it homemade and then we just store it in jars in the fridge and it lasts a really long time so that I got some olive oil I got this at Aldi I was totally out of olive oil I really like to get my olive oil at Costco but I haven't been a Costco and I don't know when is the next time I'll get there so I grab that and then this is the white barbecue sauce so let me know if you guys have tried this before I've tried white barbecue sauce I think at maybe a restaurant somewhere when I was traveling for work in Georgia and then I had a co-worker makes them once and I tried it it's kind of like a really unique flavor and Adam tried to make some last weekend and it was good but we didn't really have anything to like base it off of if it was the right taste so I saw this that hyvee it was a little bit pricey I think it was like 585 or something like that but this is the Lily's brand northern Alabama Alabama white barbecue sauce so we'll try that I did get some almond butter this is the vanilla flavored almond butter from Walmart I like to put like a scoop full of this in my smoothie it kind of makes it taste like if you do like the almond butter with a frozen banana and in strawberry it kind of makes it taste a little bit like peanut butter and jelly smoothie and I really like that so I grabbed that we were out of like the coarse ground dijon mustard so this is just the great value branding I thought at Walmart there's a recipe that I'm gonna make this week for like a vegetable couscous salad and I didn't want like the seasoned pearl couscous but this is all my Walmart had as far as like the larger pearl couscous so I went ahead and got two packages of those just for the pantry I got two cans of tomato sauce and two cans of diced tomatoes I do have a recipe that calls for diced tomatoes this week and then I usually get these unsweetened tea bottles I guess at Aldi for Adam to take to work it's just the regular unsweetened tea and then this is something I hadn't seen before but I thought the kids could try it for their lunches it's strawberry lemonade and coconut water and juice packs I got those at Aldi I grabbed two ketchup refills because we like to keep ketchup as a backup in the pantry we can never run out of ketchup has to be Heinz ketchup cuz that's the best non-negotiable a package of bugles this was sort of an impulse buy they had these at high V for $1 how can you pass up a bag of bugles for $1 one night this week we're in have taco salad so I got some Doritos and then I also got the baked barbecue chips from Aldi I got those last week and they were really good and I feel like they're a little bit healthier than a regular chip I got Adam his bang energy drinks so five of those they had these mark down at all these for two dollars off they're just like French rolls so I'm gonna use that for the roast beef sandwiches that we're having this week and then I also saw these white cheddar puffs that all be these are like two individual bags so these are great snack for the kids to have so I grabbed those and then I did get a bottle of wine at Aldi every so often I'll look through their wine and just see if they have anything interesting this is a rose a and it was I believe 1199 so should be decent we'll see I don't really I really care for a sweet wine sometimes Rose they can be sweet and sometimes it can drei I prefer if it's dry so hopefully this isn't a too sweet one and then I grabbed a case of these sparkling Frost Adam really likes these they're like sort of like flavored water but they have carbonation so I grabbed just like a flat of these how many 1 2 3 4 5 so what 15 of those I don't even know how I can't remember how much these were I want to say they're like 30 cents apiece I can't remember for myself I got some white peach sparkling Dasani water they actually have this at my Aldi I got some Diet Coke they have this at my Aldi – I got Murphy some rawhide treats I've already opened them and gave him one and then I wanted to try out this shampoo I saw this at Walmart it's a V no shampoo rosewater and chamomile blend that smells really good so I give that a try and then I just needed some makeup refills I'm a total drugstore makeup person I do not buy fancy makeup I do by Clinique foundation and moisturizer every once in a while but honestly it's just more convenient for me to get it from Walmart or Walgreens because we don't have a place here in town that sells clinic anymore so I did get this Revlon eye contour kit so eyeshadow I cannot find my pencil sharpener for like my eyeliners and stuff so I grabbed another one of those and done this is actually my favorite mascara and it's $4.99 it's Alma thickening mascara if you haven't tried this I would suggest give it a try I think it's awesome for five dollar mascara from you know the drugstore totally awesome it's my favorite kind okay so that is everything I got as far as the meal plan I will show you that so tonight I was planning or I was thinking about making sous vide sirloin steaks I'm not sure I'm gonna have enough time to do that now so we'll see but I do have a salad recipe that I want to make it's a mixed green with asparagus a solid recipe and then I was going to roast some potatoes with some rosemary tomorrow I have down to do tacos or taco salad so I do have some taco meat in the freezer that I froze previously so I can thaw that and then we can just have refried beans or fruit and chips and salsa with that I'm Tuesday I'm going to do those stuffed poblano peppers with ground chicken they're stuffed with ground chicken and I think mozzarella cheese and tomatoes and onions and cilantro so they'll sound really good and then I'm also going to make some mango salsa and then probably the kids will just have quesadillas I'm not sure if they'll eat the stuffed peppers on Wednesday I'm going to do mini meat loaves with green beans and penne pasta Thursday I'm going to thaw out that Italian beef or the drip beef sandwiches and then I have to make that veggie Gretchen with fruit and cottage cheese Friday we usually either go out or have pizza and then Saturday I usually don't plan for and then this is just a look at what I'm planning on meal prepping today like I said which will be in a separate video all right so thanks so much for watching this grocery haul and meal plan I hope that you got some inspiration for your own dinners this week let me know in the comments below what you are cooking for dinner this week I always love reading those and getting ideas from everyone and it seems like everyone always just has such good ideas and there are things that I haven't thought about making before so again thanks for watching and I will see you in my next video bye it's not a crowd you might see me to everybody everybody sing is about you it must be anyway

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  • Please don't give Murphy rawhide. I have family in police work and they had a dog die from rawhide. It is very hard for them to digest and their dog had a ball of it in his stomach. The vet said, no rawhide for the dogs. You can ask your vet about it.

  • Food desert of Iowa? LOL! I love arugula for pizzas, steak salads, and on my avocado toast and sandwiches. Have you shown the herbs that you're growing? We don't have Aldi or Hy-Vee in my part of Northern California. Looks like you have some tasty meals ahead. :o) I prepped salsa chicken in my IP for salads. :o)

  • I'm super picky about protein powder. I like the Tera's Whey vanilla from Amazon. Doesn't have the weird after taste. 😄

  • I don't know why, but our Walmart has crazy spicy poblanos. We have to get them at a different store. We love poblanos!

  • Chimichurri Steak Bowls
    Pineapple pork chops w/ cauliflower tabbouleh
    Instant pot ribs w/ sautéed zucchini
    Butter chicken
    Grilled chicken w/ mango salsa

    All recipes from paleomg.com

  • The vanilla Vega Protein is by far my favorite protein powder. I don't like powders that have an aftertaste and this one doesn't! https://amzn.to/2Xb7ohP

  • Today I am roasting a chicken in my NuWave Oven and making mashed potato’s in my Instant Pot and salad. My girls love chicken, especially Sandy Cat, who turns 13 this coming Thursday! Enjoy your weekend Jen!

  • I agree Heinz is the best ketchup! I love your shopping hauls Jen, you give me a lot of inspiration, even for just one person and two sweet cats.

  • Yep…Alabama White BBQ sauce is delish with grilled chicken! I’m an Alabama gal transplanted in Georgia!

  • Hey there Jen, happy Saturday!! Another great haul as usual. I really need to get to Aldi. I've just been kinda lazy about going. The meal plan looks like yummy this week too! Thanks for sharing and tell Adam to have a happy father's day!!

  • We had stuffed burgers…jalapeño, smoked cheddar stuffing, and a little leftover chorizo chili on top! They were awesome!

  • Bugles. :::sigh::: now I want Bugles mix. Bugles, pretzels, peanuts and whatever dry snacky stuff you like. Take all that (just a regular bag of Bugles) sprinkle a package of ranch dressing over it and just drizzle enough olive oil over it to make the powdered ranch to stick to stuff. Then carefully toss and mix it together. Haven't made it in years. Good haul.

  • Alabama white sauce is so easy to make. There are lots of recipes out there. It's wonderful on hushpuppies, as weird as that sounds. I use Unjury protein powder, which is available online at Unjury.com. it's made specially for those who have had bariatric surgery and it has no grit or odd texture. I like the vanilla in smoothies, but I use the unflavored to add to drinks when I don't feel like eating.

  • I love stuffed poblanos Jen! Your grocery hauls I enjoy because I buy a lot of the same ingredients. But I don’t eat enough greens. I got some turnip greens to try in the Instant Pot this week and I will add a little bacon and smoked sausage from Louisiana. I love cooking and watching others to get inspiration. You always give me good inspiration when you cook and meal plan. Hope you have a great weekend! Thank you so much for sharing!—-Tressa Daigle

  • Ok back again 😎 started watching this morning when I got the notification but fell back to sleep half way through the video. When I woke up I was on your happy hour video 😆

  • When freezing meats and know you want to marinate it once thawed have ever put the marinade in with it then freeze it? So once you pull it out its already marinating while thawing.

  • I have always loved your salad spinner! Yesterday I found a brand new Oxo spinner at a garage sale for $4, score!
    Thanks for being You, love your channel.

  • Hi Jen, please look up rawhide for dogs before you give those to Murphy! Our vet said it’s horrible for dogs, not trying to be a negative nancy, just trying to help

  • We are grilling out a lot this week if it doesn’t rain ☔️. I love cooking on the grill! Thanks for sharing your haul! Have a wonderful weekend!

  • I'm making chocolate chip pumpkin muffins this morning as I'm watching lol. I'm using Kodiak mix to bump up the nutritional value and using dark chocolate chips.

  • Another one rocks! Saturday-Chicken spaghetti
    Sunday-BBQ pork ribs, mashed potatoes, baked beans, corn on the cob(Father’s Day)
    Monday-tacos, watermelon
    Wednesday-Homemade chili cheeseburgers, chips, cantaloupe
    Thursday-Meatloaf, baked roasted potatoes, green beans, fruit salad
    Friday-BBQ jalapeño sausage wraps with cheddar jalapeños tortillas, ranch style beans, watermelon
    Saturday-Baked chicken with rice, broccoli (roasted), little potatoes, strawberry shortcake! Whew, I’m tired already!!! Have a great weekend! Kisses to Murph Dog👍🐶💞

  • I’m going to send you some Alabama white sauce! I’m a working mom (attorney) and love your channel. I get lots of inspiration because I also enjoy cooking and meal prep. I do not like cleaning though!!!!

  • Your lucky that your Aldi has decent produce, ours produce is awful, either rotten or doesn’t last 2 days. Great haul and meal plan.

  • You are so awesome! I am loving all these videos you've been uploading lately! I am a stay at home mom so I don't really meal prep but I do usually have a weekly "menu" to help me stay on top of things! Last night we had pesto shrimp with pasta and lemon garlic asparagus, today we are having chicken sauteed with mushrooms in the kikkoman stir fry sauce with a side of steamed broccoli and steamed rice, tomorrow we are having bacon wrapped pork tenderloin, probably dinner rolls and a salad, the day after we are having shepherd's pie, then Italian beef sandwiches, then wednesday we are having chicken alfredo with penne pasta and salad, and Thursday we are having lasagna with garlic toast and salad 😊

  • Hi Jen. I'm making Honey Lemon Chicken with pasta tonight. I'll have left overs of that for a day or so. Then I want to make Meatloaf, Garlic Mashed Potatoes. i think I'll do Cob Salad one night. I am going to look for the Pretzels with the cream cheese.

  • you are a great mom! yes those yogurt/cookie flips have sugar but you are offering as a snack (not like you are tossing them to them for a breakfast)…love your hauls, always inspires me to try something new

  • Olly protein powder! I’ve tried a ton of different protein powders and typically can’t stand them but the olly is delicious. I get it at target but I’m sure they sell it other places

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