10 American Foods That Should Be Banned

10 American Foods That Should Be Banned

There are foods that are healthy and there
are foods that are Instagrammable. While most people working in the American food industry
are in it for the sole reason of creating the best in the world of gastronomy, there
are also those who have an extremely horrible sense of taste toying with some dreadful food
experiments. There are also people who may still be stuck in the dark ages of food history.
If time travellers ever were to come back, it would probably be to make sure these foods
were never created…forget about John Connor. So let’s turn the spotlight on the top ten
American foods that should be banned. Koolickles – The Red Pickles of Mississippi
Delta The combination of sweet and sour flavors
in a dish is actually mouth-watering, but a kool-aid and pickles combo is another story.
This concoction sounds like the creation of a grade school student trying to one up the
neighbour kid’s lemonade stand. Or somebody might have experienced a sudden broken lightbulb
moment resulting in the mixing of kool-aid and pickles together with a generous helping
of sugar added. The most popular flavor of Koolickle is cherry. Apparently, this kool-aid
and pickle food experiment has become such a famous thing in Mississippi that people
have started creating their own flavor combinations. Seriously, they should keep this food away
from… well everybody. We wouldn’t want this Koolickle being mistaken for a hotdog
and traumatizing some poor soul forever. America should ban this horrible food. Put it up
on the ballot. What’s one more thing for us all to argue over? Crispy Snoots of St. Louis Crispy might be one of everyone’s favorite
food textures, but the snout is definitely one of the grossest parts of a pig. So how
did crispy snoots come to be? Did someone grill a whole pig and realize that the snout,
of all parts, is the best part? You see, a crispy snoot is exactly what it sounds like.
A cooked crispy pig’s snout. Some will deep fry theirs, saying that the best snoot should
be as crunchy as a potato chip. Crispy snoot comes from the nose and cheek area of the
pig – without the nostrils. Like that makes it sound tastier. I mean if they want to go
nose to nose with their food, why not just cook the entire thing. So, these particular
pig parts are grilled for long hours until they reach the desired crispiness.  The taste
is described to be a combination of bacon and pork rind, salty and of course crispy.
Other people might have just discarded these parts of the animal. But in parts of St. Louis
this remains a delicacy. Nobody even really knows its true origins. St. Louis is actually
recognized as America’s Top Grilling City and said to consume more barbeque sauce than
anywhere else in the country. So what went wrong? Maybe someone became jaded with the
usual grilled pork and wanted something more adventurous? But no matter how heavy you pour
sauce onto it, a snoot will always be a snoot. Maybe ban this offensive snoot from the plate
(and styrofoam takeout containers, too). Burgoo of Kentucky Burgoo is a vegetable and meat stew specialty
of Kentucky. But it has another atrocious name – roadkill soup. This is because animals
that were accidentally hit by vehicles (and found alongside the road) will make their
way into the boiling cauldron, be mixed up with other stuff, with the hope that it turn
out edible. The main ingredient can be a raccoon, opossum, deer, or, guess what, even a skunk.
So the most common recipe, once you’ve scoured the roads for wildlife accident scenes, is
as follows: pick three types of meat (whatever you are lucky enough find that day), and mix
the meat with vegetables like cabbage and potatoes. The three randomly found types of
meat may not co-exist well, so tomatoes and a lot of spices join the party to make the
taste tolerable. Everything is slow-boiled, which sometimes takes as long as 14 hours
until it turns into a homogenous liquid. Or in layman’s terms, a goop. Consider yourself
lucky if the animal that ends up in your bumper is a deer or a rabbit. What if it’s a skunk, a
porcupine, or an armadillo? You’ll end up cooking for longer hours. The dish actually
goes as far back as the 1700s in Europe, especially in Scotland, where it was referred to as the
sailor’s dish. A cheap stew type meal to be taken as sustenance for the sailors long
sea voyages. So it’s also kind of a survival food. How it came to be known and cooked up
in Kentucky, nobody knows. But now this popular Kentuckian soup is in decline because of health-related
risks from consuming burgoo. There should be no need to warn people, the food itself
should be a warning. Don’t eat roadkill, kids. Pemmican from Midwest and Mountain West While this food may be good for you, it’s
the ratio of ingredients, wild game meat and animal fat, as one reason for its appearance
on this list. If you ever wanted to know the origin of the high-energy food bar, this might
be the answer. Pemmican is composed of ground meat jerky and fat, used by Native Americans
as a form of sustenance. The meat, usually moose, elk or deer, is pounded into oblivion.
It is then mixed with an equal amount of animal fat, and some mixed fruits and berries. This
one to one meat to fat ratio seems rather unappealing but may be the reason this food
provides a such a good source of energy that will keep you full for a long time. Word of
its benefits spread and it became a must have food for the explorers on early expeditions
to the Arctic and Antarctic regions. Pemmican actually lasts for three to five years at
room temperature! If refrigerated, it can last for up to 20 years! There is some debate
on how good or bad it actually tastes. In making good pemmican, the food’s storage life
and nutrients take priority over its taste. But well, it was invented way back before
refrigeration and food preservatives became a thing. It might not hurt to learn how to
whip up a batch of this survival superfood. If you’re ever stranded and down to your
last Snickers bar, this recipe may come in handy. Jars of Pickled Pigs’ Feet of The South Pickled Pigs’ Feet is a questionable food
item that looks like it came out of a mortician’s laboratory. Looks aside, the delicacy is said
to be highly nutritious. It is high in protein and low in fat. It’s also thought to be
beneficial for joint and skin health. But who decided that pickling pigs feet would
be a good idea? Many North Americans may be confused with some of Asia’s insect delicacies
but the tables may be turned on this one. An online post talked about it being, “mostly
a Southern thing. Pickled pigs feet and pickled eggs were even sold out of ice cream trucks.
When biting into it, juice from the pig feet would drip, making a mess. The smell is also
unsettling too.” Oof, there’s a rave review. Whoever invented this food might have cornered
the market on cold, slimy, and smelly stuff. When looking at other online reviews of this
foot based food, some people actually love it. Some said that the texture is similar
to hot dogs or bologna and the taste is similar to a ham in vinegar. But still, how can they
not be grossed out by just the name and look of it. While we’re sure some would disagree
– this is a delicacy that should definitely be banned from the shelves already. Scrapple – All Pig’s Scraps in Pennsylvania
Dutch Scrapple sounds like a nasty insult you would
say to somebody you hate but it is actually a traditional dish native to the Pennsylvania
Dutch. It’s also known as pork mush. All of the odds and ends – as in literal scraps
of pig: from tendons and brain to ears and snout, are boiled to a broth. Yep, everything.
Thus the name scrapple – from scrap or scrappy. Not a single part of the pig is wasted when
preparing scrapple. The meat and bones are then removed, and the broth is mixed with
cornmeal and flour, creating a pudding of sorts. It is then formed into a loaf, pan-fried
and served as a breakfast. The dish has a long history – which dates back to the Pre-Roman
era. It was brought to America by German immigrants in the 18th century and it doesn’t look
like it’s going to disappear anytime soon. Apparently, people from Pennsylvania Dutch
country love their scrapple. So much so that they even have a National Scrapple Day, held
every November 9th. It just might be the time to retire this dish and add it to the list
of foods that should be banned. Livermush – North Carolina’s Favorite Livermush is North Carolina’s very own version
of scrapple. The difference is while scrapple is made out of pig part scraps, it rarely
contains any liver and uses less of the cornmeal mixture. Livermush is mostly made of pig liver
and head parts and more cornmeal. The pig parts are made into a puree, mixed with spices
and cooked cornmeal mush. The mixture is then molded and sliced into loaves. The origin
of this dish is believed to have started during the Civil War. During this time of unrest
people were just trying to get by, gathering and cooking anything edible out of necessity
and desperation. Another theory is that it actually came about during the Great Depression
as a need to escape starvation. While most historians think that this mixture was actually
brought to America by the the first German settlers. So that explains the similarity
to the scrapple of Pennsylvania Dutch country. The livermush, despite its strangeness, is
actually well liked in North Carolina. In fact, they’ve also devoted a festival to
the dish called “Mush, Music, and Mutts.” Some believe that livermush just needs better
PR, starting with its name, to make it on a grand stage. They may need more than just
a new name. No matter how you try to spin it, making this dish sound appetizing will
be a hard sell. People from North Carolina might love it, but livermush sounds better
suited as a wilderness survival meal and not necessarily the focus of festivals and celebration. Akutaq – The Eskimo Ice Cream (Alaska) You scream, I scream, we all scream for ice
cream. That is if this all-time favorite dessert is made from cream, sugar, milk, and maybe
a mix of fruits and other sweet flavors. And that’s where the list of ingredients should
probably end. But certain Alaskans wanted to add some creativity and a helping of culture
to their ice cream. Akutaq aka Eskimo Ice Cream is a unique concoction first created
by the indigenous peoples of Alaska. Akutaq is a Yupik word meaning “mix them together”
and this is exactly what it is. A mixture of reindeer fat or tallow, seal oil, fresh
snow, berries, and ground fish. Sometimes, the person preparing it can add extras, such
as fat from a caribou’s small intestine. Just like going to Dairy Queen and asking for extra
chocolate sauce. All of these ingredients are then combined, smashed, and softened by
hand. Sometimes, hard ingredients are chewed to speed up the softening process. Not sure
that pre-chewed ingredients are always the best option. The dessert was invented by the
natives’ thousands of years ago and continues to thrive today. This might be an ideal food
for survival in the harsh Arctic environment but if you had your choice between this and
a double scoop of Chunky Monkey from Ben and Jerry’s, which would you choose? Rocky Mountain Oysters First, oysters don’t exist in the Rocky
Mountains, and second, the name sounds like a bad band name from a Sponge Bob episode.
Well the name may be deceiving because Rocky Mountain Oysters are actually a dish made
of…wait for it… bull testicles. Yeah. Ewww. People eat a lot of weird stuff but
this one is another level of disgustingness. Found in regions of Colorado and Montana,
the organs are peeled, coated with flour and spices and then deep fried. They’re often
served with lemon wedges and cocktail sauce as an appetizer. This dish was not created
out of practical survival needs but rather because it helps control breeding and also
improves muscle density making for better grade beef. Again, someone had to say out
loud to somebody else “Hey, I know what we should do with all of these extra bull
testicles…” But you know what, at least there’s no waste. In some areas of Asia,
parts of the reproductive organs from some animals are grounded and mixed into sexual
enhancement pills. It is rumored that Rocky Mountain Oysters are in another realm when
it comes to aphrodisiacs. So when you decide to stop at a road side diner in the Rocky
Mountain area make sure that crunchy appetizer you are chewing is not a ‘local’ oyster
– unless that’s what you’re looking for. Some first-timers said that the “oysters”
taste a little bit like a chicken with an aftertaste. (I don’t want to ask what the
aftertaste is). Seriously, people, this is one other American food that should be banned. Wild Rice Burger – Minnesota Just from the name, the Wild Rice Burger sounds
like some sort of exotic food. Something that not only piques your interest but also fills
your stomach. But wait, rice and burger? That doesn’t sound right. That’s double the
carbs isn’t it? Vegetarians might come running towards this meatless burger but there are
definitely a lot of other juicier alternatives than this bland one. This burger is made of
wild Minnesota rice, flour, eggs, a mixture of other vegetables and spices. Looking online
at several reviews of the said burger, there’s actually a lot of hype surrounding the Wild
Rice Burger. Some say that this might be the ultimate veggie burger. On the contrary, others
are complaining that it’s totally tasteless and it did not live up to its popularity.
There are actually a lot of current innovations on meatless meat that even meat-lovers might
mistake as the real deal. So this rice burger should retire from the meatless burger scene
already. It just gives a bad name to all other vegetarian burgers that deserve a sacred place
among the truly juicy burgers. Stick around and tap that screen to check
out one of our other great videos. And if you’re here for the first time, we’d love
it if you subscribe to our channel. Go ahead and swat that subscribe button and ding that
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  • You should change the title of this video to: '10 American foods that a food snob thinks should be banned'. I, for instance, was surprised ball-park nachos, caviar, and oysters didn't make the list. I find all three disgusting but wouldn't prevent you from eating them.

  • I can't blame anyone for having poor taste just because they make and eat and love this stuff. After all, who here has not had a hot dog, sausage, or anything with "mechanically separated" meats?

  • This video is downright LAME. What the fck is wrong with using EVERY part of an animal you've slaughtered for food?! Ban it? I think not. I think whoever wants to ban it should go blow a goat.
    Seriously though, if we can get nutritional nourishment AND consume every single part of any animal we slaughter, that's absolutely fantastic. People scoff at things like brains, kidneys, liver, etc. I say, if you can do something with it that tastes good – DO IT! Waste not! I love to eat meat, some don't – and I get it – but if we're going to kill a living creature, we might as well make that sucker go as far as we possibly can. Again … waste not!

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  • While some of these are the "unclean meats" commanded against eating in the Bible, this is a silly video. None of the stated criteria comes close to meeting justification for implementation a ban.

  • I'm only on 6:50 and this is kinda racist, and by kinda, I mean very… I thought this was going to be foods that kill us…

  • Yes. Ban food. Then words. Then religion. Then all our other freedoms. People should be allowed to eat and live as they see fit so long as it doesn't harm someone. And by harm, I do not mean offend. Cause I don't care at all if you're offended or don't like what I said. Or ate. Also, Pemmican and Eskimo Ice cream don't sound too bad. Are you vegan? Cause most of these are meat dishes. I wouldn't eat the pig nose but that's because of my religion.

  • Scrapple is just cornmeal mush with ground up pig parts in it. I wouldn't eat it, but I'll eat the plain cornmeal mush, sans pig parts.

  • Just because you don't like something, or you think it sounds gross, that doesn't give you the right to ban it. That's the kind of thing restrictive religions and totalitarian fascist governments do. "Oh, I don't like this particular thing, so all of you are forbidden from doing it." Oh yeah?! Fuck you! The prohibition of alcohol didn't stop anyone from drinking, it opened up the black market for it. The prohibition of cannabis never once stopped anyone from smoking it, it just makes government look like the big douchebags they are. Prohibition of firearms would just make honest owners into outlaws overnight with the stroke of a pen. It's ludicrous. Look, If your religion says you can't eat pork, that means YOU aren't allowed to eat it, I can eat all the pork I want, on Friday, naked, with whores, while drinking whiskey and smoking bonghits all day. I don't have any ordained booga-booga man breathing down my neck waiting to punish me for exercising my freewill.

  • So, this isn't really "10 American foods that should be banned". It's just "10 American foods that are unusual and unappealing to picky eaters"

    Though now I know to try to make pemmican if the apocalypse occurs…and I survived 😁😂😁

  • Being vegan it makes me somewhat easier knowing theres so many places that utilize so much that others see as waste

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    But I don’t think it technically counts as food.
    More like plastic chalk

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  • I love koolaid pickles there so good a combination of sweet and sour my teacher use to sell them but the kids and teachers voted on to ban the. Koolaid pickles from school I was soooooo angry so everytime school was over my brother would come pick me up from the class (I stayed there till he came because he came late from the hospital) and she would always give me one for free they were so delicious 😋🥒she had blue and red

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    Kool pickles are good you just don't have a taste

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  • If St. Louis says it's good, then it's good, and you need to accept that, closed mind and all. Truth be told, there are many specialty meats that would be more popular, were they not so prohibitively expensive. PS: Steer clear of Philthydelphia and New Jersey. They have a delicious breakfast food made from pig's head called Scrapple. And it's as to die for as it is unhealthy!

  • Feeble-minded peeps who are "grossed out by the name" have less business being food critics than they have being brain surgeons. Stick to your McDonald's and Burger King crap, so you can eventually die from diets that are as fucked-up as your warped attitude!

  • The past tense of "ground" is "ground". "Grounded" means you're not going out anywhere for a specified time.

  • Rice Burger doesn't sound right? Does anything ever "sound right" with you? Perhaps not to a bittersweet vegan, who couldn't boil water without burning it, but to serious food people it sounds great. Too bad you, with your provincial attitudes and cynical disposition, are on the outside looking in! What a sad, sore loser…

  • I just hope your younger readers won't blindly assume you're some kind of a noble, erudite, world-class food critic, with all your cynicism and blind ignorance.

  • So why should pemmican be banned? Just because it uses simple nutritious ingredients? Your not supposed to make a meal out of it.

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  • Thanks, you just gave me a bunch of new foods to try. (Well only a few really, I've had a few of the items on this list)

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  • Ok number two actually sounds good and how dare you diss it because it’s a nose and not what matters the taste

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