– Good morning friends. We are going to do sheet pan
pancakes today, a whole bunch. Well what I'm gonna do is
I am home this weekend, home alone with five
kids ages 10 and under. Been joking just like the good old days. Travis and the older teens
are out of town for three days and so while they've been
gone, since little kids love to you know, mix and roll and bake, we've been working on getting some favorite recipes done for the freezer. Like yesterday I worked
on just, while we played and watched Toy Story, hey
baby, and did those fun, oh another nana, let me get
Benjamin another nana refill. This morning I wanted to do a
bunch of sheet pan pancakes. I'm going to mix up my
large family size batch of homemade pancake batter,
but I might save like half of it for when
everyone else gets home in a few days, or I might
just go ahead and make extra sheet pan pancakes
and we'll use those. That's the thing, I never make so much to where we don't use it. So here we go with the sheet pan pancakes. Oh also, if you're new
here my name's Jamerrill. Welcome to Large Family Table. I only know mega and lots, and my heart is to help you feed all your people, so let's feed all my people breakfast now. So we may end up using our
immersion blender today Amelia. I've used this for soups but
we may have a hand at mixing up large family pancakes with
our immersion blender. We rarely lose those mixer
legs, but what we'll do, we'll keep our eyes open
for it and I bet you it's gonna turn up in a day or two. But we'll just give it a go
with the immersion blender. It'll work. Another thing going on is
I don't have any sugar, like real sugar, but
what I do have is I have a whole bunch of powdered
sugar left from Christmas time and doing all those gingerbread
houses and homemade icing and such, so you can use
powdered sugar to replace granulated sugar, I mean
that's what powdered sugar is, just crunched up even more. So we're gonna be using
that in some different things we're doing today too. Okay and I have to actually
quickly wash a bowl that I used yesterday to
put our pizza dough in. So what we're gonna do,
it is preheating now, but the temperature when
we turned it on was 350 so start hitting that button
up and see what happens. – [Amelia] This? – Yes, this button. Keep going, see those numbers? We're gonna get it to 425, which is 425. Keep going, 385, 390, yay 425. So now it'll preheat the
oven to that temperature and that's the temperature
we need for our pancakes. Yay, yes and it added more time because when I first had you hit the
button it was only for 350. Okay so it's gonna be
for 425, and we will get, oh, giant, mega giant,
yay, and also let's see. I got messes up here, hello messes, I also have some parchment paper. If I have enough parchment paper left we will line our baking
sheet nice and proper with parchment paper,
makes for easy clean up. I think we have enough. If not, I've also just sprayed
it and it's worked out fine. Parchment paper is an added bonus. Okay it's gonna be lots of
fun because we get to crack a lot of eggs for these pancakes. – [Boy] Ooh. (soft guitar music) – I think we're ready. I would usually put cinnamon in this too, I don't have any cinnamon,
so what we have is we have all purpose flour, we have
salt, we have baking powder, we have eggs, we have powdered sugar. So the first thing that we're gonna do is we're gonna put in 12 cups of flour. So Amelia is gonna start there. Good job Liam, sit down. Gabriel is bringing us
milk and we're gonna all take turns, are you ready? Now also I, yet again
proving I'm just a mom cooking in my kitchen, I
don't do anything right ever, I don't care a thing about wet cups and dry cups when it comes to measuring. This cup that I'm about
to use is technically, I know now, a wet cup, but I
have been using this measuring container, I've been using
for like 15 years or so. It's served me well. So, we're gonna put in
12 cups total of flour. So that's four, put that in. Oh and that's perfect because each of you, I've got Amelia, Liam
and Daniel helping me, each of you can pour some in, okay? There's Amelias. So we've got four plus four and that is? – [All] Eight. – Eight, yes exactly. Daniel pour in that, and there
we go, we've got 12 cups. Okay next up, and I know
it's a lot, half a cup of baking powder, but then again,
we only know mega and lots. I am doing a homemade pancake batter, which obviously it takes a little longer but it's fun for kids to put in. You can use any pancake batter
to make sheet pan pancakes. You can use Bisquick to
make sheet pan pancakes. I'm just using what I
have, that's what we do. Okay so Daniel, you put
in this is again half a cup of baking powder,
put that in for me, okay we're gonna put in now
two and a half tablespoons of salt, okay, and
Amelia's gonna do this one, you can do the next thing, Liam. So there's one, good, and here's. – [Amelia] Two. – Two. I'm gently mixing all of
these dry ingredients together and then we're gonna add in our wet. Some people add everything
that's wet in a separate bowl and everything that's dry in another bowl and then they mix them all together. That way your baking powder and everything that's dry gets mixed well, but mommy doesn't always do that, we know this. So we're gonna let Liam do the sugar and then everybody's gonna do the eggs. This is team work making the dream work. And I've looked up the
equivalents for using powdered sugar in place
of granulated sugar and unless you get into
even larger amounts it didn't make much of a difference. It's cup for cup at this point. So, we are doing one full cup. You could also use Stevia,
use something else. Good, and then Liam you can gently just stir that around a little bit. Good job. Okay and then here's
another for Liam, yep. – Two, four, six, eight, ten, twelve. – You see how we did that Daniel? It's called skip counting. Liam go get us three
paper plates and that way each of you can have four eggs. Of course we are dragging this out, making it more complicated
than it needs to be. Momma can mix this up
fast, quick and in a hurry, but whenever you take time
to do it with your kids it takes longer but there can
be lots of learning involved. Work on cracking your eggs. Good, and then let it drip
and then put your shell, now hold it over the bowl,
stick your thumbs in it and spread, oh, and
drop it into the flour. No mamma dropped it. Okay come over here, put your thumbs in it and spread it apart. You want to watch momma do it? You got it? Perfect, now spread. See we don't want to get the shell in. Good job Daniel. With this, many times if
I'm doing chocolate chip pancakes or blueberry pancakes
or throwing some applesauce in there, I would add four
cups of whatever else it is that I'm adding in at this time. We do have some bananas, I've
thought of some different flavors we could do this time. What we are going to sprinkle
at least one of these sheet pan pancakes with is
I have a little over a cup of sugar free dark chocolate chips. It's what I got, so this is
what we're gonna sprinkle our pancakes with, but I'm
not gonna put it in the batter right now, I just think
it's pretty to sprinkle it with this type of pancake on top. Okay, okay, we need milk. We're gonna do four cups again and everybody gets a turn pouring it in. 12 cups total, we have three children. Each child is gonna pour in four cups. I'm letting go of you, pour it in. Good job Daniel. Okay Liam, you ready? Good, so we've got four plus four more, how many cups have we put in? – Eight. – [Jamerrill] And now Amelia
is gonna put in four more, woo! – It's like a flood. – It is like a flood, good job. It's probably gonna
take us a little longer with this little immersion blender. Again, great for soups, but
we're gonna just take turns and use it for what we're doing. Let's see I think I have to keep it held. Okay this is even faster, woo! It's doing it. It may spray you a little, I
may have use the next one down. So I'm gonna give it a momma mix and then it's gonna be your turn. With this, you are gonna have to hold the button when it's your turn, okay? Isn't that gonna be fun,
you get to push a button? Do not lift it up in the
air with the button pushed while you're mixing, that will paint our walls in pancake batter, okay? And we want to actually get some sheet pan pancakes out of this deal, don't we? – I hope you don't want a new paint job. – We don't need a new paint job. So hold it and then can
you push a button too? You might need to push a
button with your other hand. Let's try that, hold it and then with this hand push one button. Whoa, wow Benjamin keep going. – You can let go. – Okay, hands off. Good. Okay this looks pretty thin to me, and I'm sure it's because I haven't added any extra toppings into it,
so I'm gonna actually add, I'm gonna start with two
more cups of flour, okay? – [Benjamin] Can I do that? – And then we'll go from there. (soft music) You can eat some, but we want
them on the pancakes too. Look I just, oh I just put one on there. So sprinkle it on, here you go Amelia. (soft guitar music) Okay so while they are having
the time of their lives doing those chocolate chips,
my inspiration has landed, that's how lots of my cooking goes, to where I am gonna do
another big sheet pan of these pancakes and see
how far we get with the large family pancake recipe doing
sheet cake pancakes with it. I'm sure over the next few
days this will get eaten. I'm sure it will not be a problem. (soft music) Okay, so this is my smaller
stainless steel pan, totally normal sized,
so we're gonna convert my large family recipe to normal size. This recipe will make probably six normal size sheet pans
full because I've done two super mega and then this regular size. Now if you want to know
my exact sheet pans and the sizes I will have
those, just look down in the description below
under where it says show more and I will have the recipes,
I will have the sheet pans, I will have the variations,
will all be there for you. Since I am filming with
kids and in my real kitchen in the middle of real
life, or giving Benjamin a banana or whatever, you
got some chocolate chips, you're good, sometimes
I'll forget to say a step or I'll leave something
out or I don't know, it's just not quite right and proper how a cooking show should
be, always in the description will be everything when I can think it out without a kiddo in my
ear of under my armpit, then I have everything
written out for you there. Okay, so two full sheets, one half sheet of sheet pan pancakes, now
they'll go in the oven. So here is a look at the total that our super mega recipe made. Benjamin is about done
with all of this cooking. So we've got two full size sheets, Amelia's just tossing little
chocolate chips on here now, Daniel is collecting them and eating them, and then we've got a half sheet. So I put those in the oven
at 425 for 20 minutes; however, at 20 minutes
I'm going to check them. I've been asked recently
since I've been sharing some more fun sheet pan
things, just some mommas have said that what they
do, and I think this is an awesome suggestion,
they set a timer and halfway through the time they'll
switch out the sheet pans. And that's glorious because then both pans get done at the same time, awesome. What I usually end up doing
is at the end of the time I take one pan out and then
I'll move the bottom pan up for about 10 minutes or
so, it just depends on the time and the day, what else I'm doing. Right now I have some soup
that I want to get bulk cooked that I'm getting going,
and then I have some dishes that I want to stay on top of and then we'll be eating these sheet pan pancakes. So, several things going on. Like all mommas, we always
have stuff going on, but I wanted to give you
that tip that I've read several times in the
comments, is mommas just switch the pans halfway
through, that's awesome. Do that, and then if you forget, just move the bottom pan to the top for like 10 more minutes when you're done. Still works out all good at the end. (soft music) I had to serve Benjamin
the first sheet pan pancake because he just could not wait. But let me take this over and
show you how beautiful it is. Look you can see, I think,
you should be able to see those edges very well, it's a beautiful, it's a beautiful, beautiful thing. Smells good, we need smellovision. So what I'm going to do to
make this an extra fun party is I'm putting a little
bit of powdered sugar, oh yes I am, kid party,
and then we're gonna put a little bit of syrup, and then
everybody is gonna love this and then we are gonna get back outside before it really starts raining. So this is the full sheet
pan, and this is the reality. Oh yeah, Benjamin, woo, woo
everyone's feeling the sugar. So, this is what is left. Don't pick chocolate chips out buddy, you've got a few chocolate
chips on your plate. This is what's left,
and then out of the oven I just pulled this one and
then we have the half sheet so as these cool I will
slice them up and bag them and we'll have them for the coming days. I know they're gonna be gone as I was saying, fast, quick and in a hurry. And as far as clean up,
I'm packing these into some other bowls, but you
see when you have enough parchment paper it makes
clean up super easy. I hope you had a fun time
baking with us this morning. We are now gonna actually get
outside and play in the rain because it's a warm rain, it's gentle. As always, the full directions and recipe to make these easy sheet
pan pancakes will be down in the description below
and if you want to watch more of my super mega large family cooking right here are my top three
large family cooking videos. Keep on watching, talk with
you in those comments below. Bye bye.


  • Hey friends!! I hope you enjoy today's sheet pan pancakes video! Here's the full sheet pan pancakes recipe https://largefamilytable.com/sheet-pan-pancakes/

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