🌪COMPLETE DISASTER Clean with Me | 2019 PANTRY Organization, + Cooking | Color My Hair with ME!!

🌪COMPLETE DISASTER Clean with Me | 2019 PANTRY Organization, + Cooking | Color My Hair with ME!!

– [Jamerrill] Well, hello, friends. We meet again, in my messy kitchen. That’s where we always meet, right? So, you see, my counters
overflowed with stuff, upcoming video’s coming up with that, but quick preview, I got myself a new pan. Super exciting, yes, I get
excited about a new pan. There’s the dishes. There’s the reality of the
house, as we get started. Who knows what’s going on there? Oh, it’s just, it’s a mess. It’s a complete disaster. But we’re gonna get it picked up. Also, I’d like to thank HelloFresh for sponsoring today’s video. You can get started with eight free meals. That’s $80 off your first
month of HelloFresh. Go to hellofresh.com and enter promo code largefamilytable80. Oh my, where are we, now? That’s my pantry, friend. Can you believe that? It explodes. Like all of life, we
have our little systems. We have things organized in there. And then, you see what happens is, when I go and do those Sharp
Shopper discount hauls, and things get loaded in there. And then I had had two days, the two days before I did this cleaning, I was out, I had some
lunches with friends. I did send some shopping. I did some Vacation Bible
School planning at my church. I was running around like
a free and clear woman. And my family was at home working through those Sharp Shopper’s snacks. So I had to get the
boxes and everything out. How I like to do my organizing, and you’ve seen this before, I just try to pull as many
things out as possible. Another thing I did not care for was the new snow cone machine and the ice cream maker
had been put in the pantry, And I knew I needed to
find new homes for them. ‘Cause I just don’t have
room in this closet pantry for any kind of kitchen appliances. They must, actually, live in the kitchen. But I try to just put
like things together, get things organized. I put all the little puddings I got, pudding packs I got on
discount at Sharp Shopper in a hot dog basket, together. I was trying, there,
at that moment to leave the snow cone machine in there. But I do, finally, come
to my senses and say, “No, it cannot.” I give it a good sweep. I pulled all the big items out. I still have bags and bags
of confectioners sugar. If you need confectioners
sugar, come to my house. But there’s my 25-pound bag of rice, my big bag of oatmeal. And this is what the
panty looks like clean in my world. Woo hoo! Yes, I can close the door on that one. But, now, here’s the reality aftermath. These are the things in my hallway that I do not want to
go back to the panty. We had a busted box of tea and other odds and ends, and an empty box of K-Cups. I end up putting away. And all the packages,
there, are stacked up for Mr. Benjamin’s 2nd birthday. So, now, gonna start workin’
on tidying up this kitchen. Of course, yes, let Daniel
in for a bathroom break. And I work on, I don’t utilize the space
nor the cabinets on top of my refrigerator very well. But I decide, you know what? I can just move things around up, there, and wipe things off. And that’s where the ice cream
maker and the snow cone maker can live for now. The kids had been out at
piano and doing other things. But they are back, now. So you’ll see them running through. Here’s the next cabinet
we are going to tackle. So, again, pull it out. Pull it out, girlfriend. That’s right, I pull it out. And even though many of
these items are gonna go back into this cabinet, I find it helpful when I,
at least, pull things out, wipe down the shelves, wipe
down the items, especially. Because that’s our peanut butter cabinet. That is pretty important, okay? I get peanut butter,
kids get peanut butter. And, so, it can get on things. Things can spill, get
little crumbs in, there. Gotta keep that peanut
butter and honey accessible at all times. Yes, and amen. I also, have a lot of my mama
vitamins and kid vitamins, various supplements up, there. So I’m gonna pull all those out and wipe down that shelf, as well. And, then, on the top, I
have different baking items, and almond flour, and
peanut flour, and quinoa, and collagen, so many things that just need to be pulled down, wiped off, little bit reorganized, and, then, put back in place. There’s some various sugar substitutes that are going up, there. I can’t pronounce ’em all right. So I’m not gonna even try. (laughs) I have my emergency coffee
creamer should I run out, Stevia packets. These emergencies happen, especially, since I live so far from stores. I’m like, “I’m not going to “find myself without
coffee or coffee creamer. “No, I’m not.” There you go. At least it’s fresh, better than nothin’. And, now, there’s something for everyone with HelloFresh. From family recipes to calorie
smart and vegetarian meals, and fun menu series like “Hall of Fame,” and “Craft Burgers.” You can, also, add extra
meals to your weekly order as well as yummy sides and
desserts, like garlic bread and cookie dough. But, real quick, before
I dive into my HelloFresh cookin’ this evening, I had some drama, some
refrigerator drama mama. We had as shelf that had
fallen down a little bit, had a slow cooker in there
that needed to come out. I did not want to do a
full dedicated clean out. But I just did quick tidy up, and wiped things out. Now, you get to see a
preview of my new pan. Aren’t you excited? So I get some oil goin’ in my new pan. And, then, I get all the ground beef for our beef ragu spaghetti. And I always appreciate
the step-by-step recipes at then the premeasured ingredients. You’ll have everything you
need for a wow-worthy dinner on the table in just about 30 minutes. So I figured I could get this
goin’ while I work through and get different cleaning things done. So, I get my meat goin’. Now, I’m gonna get out all my vegetables, and all those premeasured ingredients I mentioned, get ’em
all out and organized. HelloFresh is, now,
from $6.99 per serving. Okay, last bag, there, gettin’ it all out. I just love noodles and all the form. And, so, I take any
opportunity HelloFresh gives me to have beef ragu spaghetti. This has zucchini in it which, actually, all my kids ate it. A few kids were like, “Hey,
there’s a pickle in, here.” But no one took it out. That’s where I say that, “they do have kid
tested and approved recipes.” Everyone really liked the
spice it up a little different with some zucchini in. It had a nice summer flair. So at this point, Travis
and the kids are outside. Because some of you asked, “Where’s your husband? “Where’s your kids?” “Do they help ya?” Well, as I mentioned, they had been out. And, then, they came home. And they saw I was filming in the kitchen. So since it’s summertime, they can just play outside.
(laughs) And that’s what they did
while I getting all of this on the stove. I will say, now, this is
somethin’ I’ve learned from YouTube viewers. I’ve chopped onions. I, very rarely, have
times where onions make my eyes cry and water. And, then, I had a video not too long ago, where my eyes were just a mess. But one of my viewers pointed out it’s because I had my glasses on. When I have my contacts in, yay, I have a layer of onion protection.
(laughs) So, now, we’re gonna go after this garlic. I’m gonna get all that chopped up as well, got the water ready, gettin’ the spaghetti in, using my kitchen knives to open packages and do all the things. And, now, I’m putting in some of those lovely premeasured
seasonings for me. I’m breakin’ up that
ground beef some more. And, so, with my ground beef, what I do, little lazy Jamerrill trick. I have my platter,
there, and some napkins. I’m, also, chatting away with kids. And I just scoop the meat out,
so it can just gently drain on the platter. And, then, I’m going to add some oil in and use the little bit
of grease that’s left. And we’re gonna cook the zucchini’s and the garlic and the onion and that. And I just give it a good stir, and I’m adding in those
seasonings with the veggies. And you’re gonna see, comin’ up. We’ve got some of our biggest messes, yet. And, I’m gonna get my
hair color on my hair. How do you like that?
(laughs) So, here, I’m realizing with my new pan, I, really, should have done
this recipe in the dutch oven. But I didn’t ’cause I love my new pan. But I realize, after I
get the tomato sauce in, I’m not going to have
enough room to, also, get that meat in there. So I just do a one-pot wonder, let that simmer a few minutes. I put the ground beef in with the drained spaghetti, and, then, put the rest of the sauce in. And, then, I really, really, really, really like this edition. This HelloFresh kit came with
these garlic butter packets. And the next step was for me to add those to this step in the process, and, then, stir it up. And it just was melted
garlic butter all over the beef ragu spaghetti. I’m telling you, we did not complain. So I’m givin’ that some big stirs. That’s my big IKEA pot that I love. Now, I’m gonna add on the
grated Parmesan cheese. And, then, I’m gonna put
the lid on this, and just, it’s removed from the heat. Lid on, I’m gonna let
it simmer a few minutes. I’m going after our homeschool room, dining room, everything room, here. You all ask if we have TVs. Of course, we have several. I have one on the stand, there, that kids can play games
on sittin’ at the table. And, here I am. I’m just gonna go through
and give it a quick sweep. I just ordered some new
homeschool stuff the other day. And I’ve got our big reading stack all lined up on the shelves. I’m excited about starting some fresh stuff, here, real soon. And several of you have been asking me for homeschool videos. But don’t worry, there’ll
be some more comin’ out, here, shortly. Okay, this is just it. I’m doin’ it. I’m gettin’ the hair color on my roots. Yes, yes, and amen. We’re gonna get, I like to get it all brushed out. And many of you have
asked for me to a video of me gettin’ my hair color on. So here you go. Get a little bit of everything. Disaster panty, spaghetti, hair color. Yes, that’s my L’Oreal Preference LB01. And, then, I mix my colors. But I, accidentally, I spill my bottle. And I was so prepared. Last time I went to WalMart, I got two packs of hair color so that I would have one for next month. But, oops, since I spilled, okay. I’m just gonna deal with it and use the second pack, instead. But now that I’ve got
the color all mixed up, I put my gloves on, being
all super professional. We’re gonna go after,
go after those roots. So I just divide my hair in sections. Now, I have been coloring
my hair for, probably, 23 years, or so, now. So I don’t need extra
mirrors or any other help, just like how I can put
my contacts in and out without even looking in a mirror.
(laughs) You just learn these things over time. So I am just goin’ after all my roots. And with my hair this color, it’s always easy to see
where the roots are. So all along the root line,
I’m just dividing my hair and gettin’ my color on. My grandkids will have a video library of all the things their grandmother did back in the olden days, even coloring
my hair on the internet, the family heritage,
(laughs) makin’ sure I got all those areas. Yes, yes. I put it up in a clip. And, then, I go after,
go after those edges. Now, servin’ up dinner. And there it is with all the delicious melted cheese. Wish I had a big plate of
it in real life, right now. (laughs) It was so good. Kids were super excited. We used to have spaghetti
once a week, at least. And, now, we might have it once a month. So it’s always a big favorite, big thrill when we get
the beef ragu spaghetti from HelloFresh. Remember, HelloFresh is America’s best value meal kit. And we have, certainly, been enjoying our HelloFresh deliveries. On this evening, I just
did the one-pot wonder. You can tell, no one minded at all. Thumbs up from Daniel. Even big boy Benjamin, now two years old. Oh, yum. Yes, noodles. Yummy.
(laughs) Workin’ on that self-eating, there. Good job. So, now, this is my cabinet
in my bedroom by my sink, my personal cabinet which,
also, means all the kids end up getting into it. So I have things stacked in layers. So, as always, what do we do when we clean and organize? We pull everything out. And, then, clean it out. And, start putting things back
in some semblance of order. So I’m pullin out bobby pins,
Q-tips, nail polish remover, teeth whitening strips, Band-Aids, tape.
(laughs) Several things, I decided,
in that cabinet could go in our hall bathroom cabinet. Got some makeup up there
I bought and never used, boxes of contacts. Wipin’ those shelves out. I am glad these cabinets
were in the house, though. I do like them. Some of you have asked me
where they bought them. I don’t know. We did not put them in. But I like having nice
cabinets in every bathroom. Okay, Insta-Dri, Sally Hansen’s Insta-Dri, wanted to be sure to show you. So many of you ask about my nails, what I put on my nails. I will say, “sometimes I
go and have my nails done every two or three months.” But in more recent times
I just continue to use my Sally Hansen quick dry. I started using Sally
Hansen quick dry back when Jayden was a baby,
almost 19 years ago, now. So been using it a long time. I usually have five to
10 different colors. And I keep whatever color I’m rockin’ for that week in my purse. And I just give myself quick
touch-up paint jobs on the go. Since Travis drives us a lot of places, then, he can drive and I
can do important things, like, do my nails. Thank you so much for HelloFresh
sponsoring today’s video. Remember, get started
with eight free meals, that’s $80 off your first
month of HelloFresh. Go to hellofresh.com and enter promo code, largefamilytable80. Click the first link in
the description, below to get that offer.

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