⚫Как сделать КРАСИВУЮ КУХНЮ Своими Руками?

⚫Как сделать КРАСИВУЮ КУХНЮ Своими Руками?

how to make a beautiful comfortable kitchen
do it yourself and at the same time invest in reasonable budget in this video we detail
show the manufacture of the original practical kitchen and share
experimental solutions that we managed to successfully implement it for those
who sees us for the first time my wife and I risked building a frame house and
continue to fill it with interesting ideas on the topic of building your own
you will ever be hooked at home therefore our experience that we share in these
commercials will definitely be useful for you subscribe to our channel kitchen is the most
the main room on which besides the kettle also boils the main life in the house a
due to abundant household equipment devices
it is also technically complex and the most expensive premises in
home therefore when designing and making kitchen she needs to be given
as much attention as possible by the way about the full value of our kitchen and
rationality and making their own hands
I will tell at the end of this video as project for our home we are fully
made themselves and placement and you also thought of the sizes of kitchen in advance
we oriented all rooms in the house they decided to place the kitchen
on the east side of the house what are you at breakfast the morning sun
well awakened and about the size of 2 s half by 2 and 9 meters it is
just over 7 square meters total area and on this relatively small
we managed to not only place the area everything you need but also make a kitchen
easy to operate I note that our kitchen is partially open and
combined with a large open the space of the living room combines them
wide openings in which these are zoned the room shares a dining table
the dining table also works as additional work surface for
cooking dishes main work surface
straightforward with a length of the whole the length of the room along its edges we placed
sink and electric stove there is a golden rule when three
basic kitchen appliance such as fridge sink and stove
placed strictly along the triangle so their use will be maximized
functional and comfortable naturally we placed a refrigerator near the opening
to the way to it from the sofa with the living room was as short as possible to wash on
kitchen we summed up three branches of water supply this line of cold and hot water
as well as a branch of purified drinking water in order to save the filter for drinking
water to all the tap in the house we extended extra line in this thread i
posted four separate 10-inch flasks in which we place cartridges
purely for the purification of drinking water only about the engineering systems of our house yet
there will be a video so there I will talk about in more detail in the kitchen we also
brought one outlet of ventilation a copes with exhaust ventilation
cooker hood part of household appliances such as
dishwasher microwave we carved into the partition between the kitchen and
the corridor room is essentially a large part is in the closet that we
form the entrance corridor so they take the least useful
spaces in the kitchen itself width the dining table is 64
centimeter given its length in a hundred forty-five centimeters of this area
quite enough for comfortable accommodating a family of 4 people
for comfortable cooking the width of the main work surface we
expanded to 80 centimeters and adjoins a larger area
flush window sill corner window corner windows that we made
on your own is that element that designed to give the house an original
appearance but also to the interior of the kitchen he gives a special charm to cook food
or having lunch you can watch the outside by the world and in a temporary absence
high fence watching us passers-by and the only way from them
for what persons in the kitchen are blinds they also help muffle
lighting in hot summer days is essentially all the furniture in the kitchen is mortise
stationary she is screwed to the floor and walls it gives it stability and
solidity before making an easy remodeling of the kitchen is not
but it’s essentially such a task by us and not set well thought out
the layout of the kitchen will be functional throughout home life and meaningless rearrangements
and you don’t need a dining frame at all tables and countertops made of slats
section 40 by 40 millimeters simple butt butt promo heaps
wood glue pva and fixed eighty self-tapping screw with a similar
with a frame, I make almost all the furniture in the house and nowhere did he show slack
frame for wall cabinets made of slats with a cross section of 40 by 25 millimeters
which on both sides we sheathed drywall
basically we used leftovers and drywall trim after wall sheathing
so we managed to save a little for wear-resistant shelves in lockers
made of six millimeter plywood putty perfectly inner
the surface of the cabinets would not become rough putty seams and painted with acrylic
paint due to the fact that the frame of the cabinets
tightly screwed directly to the frame of the house their strength turned out so
high that they can withstand even a person’s weight therefore overload them by
the entire volume is unlikely to succeed in quality tabletop surfaces we
used porcelain stoneware a tile under which there were two
gypsum plasterboard glued together drywall we screwed to a wooden
countertop and on top of it with tile adhesive glued polished
porcelain tile with a thickness of 9 millimeters and external dimensions 60 on
60 centimeters porcelain tile is not afraid Moisture resistant to kitchen scratches
knife and ceramic roughness ware and at the same time porcelain
the countertop looks very stylish more practical and easy to manufacture
DIY worktop solutions just do not find with the more that such
the solution is relatively budgetary only flaw
porcelain tile its ends must be protected from chips for
kitchen we used the usual stainless sink which is embedded under
porcelain tile on one of the adjoining ends of the tile have already managed
break the mug and here appeared small chip
therefore do not bother with a sidebar sinks under the countertop and impose and
on top of the opening but get confused with fresco induction cooker in level
the countertop is still worth doing wet cleaning will be a pleasure
we sealed all the seams on the countertops with using gray polyurethane sealant
colors so tile has the ability expand from uneven heating after moving into a new home
one and a half years the kitchen was in such a completed condition
facades were replaced by a section of old curtains and there were no drawers at all, and now
the moment came when we decided to devote attention to the main room in the house protruding ends on the cabinets we are for
decorated black MDF strip the entire volume under
the main worktop we decided fill with drawers
using them is much more convenient than shelves with swing doors
as the volume of our boxes is enough great for them we needed
reliable guides with their choice to us the same youtube helped we found a review
suitable for us roller full extension guides and
fused to heavy from the same video we hit the largest supplier
furniture components company vuillard which also supplies stovetops
materials with their cutting services there we ordered blanks for retractable
boxes of laminated particleboard and MDF facades with gluing of a front film
assorted by the way is huge especially pleased the designer of the order we are about
it is a convenient program for remote ordering services and materials for us sizes
for the drawer and chose the material at the output, this program gives out dimensions
all blanks required for it workmanship and which is very nice right away
he considers the final price, that is, it is possible play around with different materials and find
affordable option through viewer pro we also selected material for
facades and getting the total amount caught up with our local furniture workshops
who lost in the era at a price Well, about the assortment, I am completely silent
delivery we ordered from the company though they ship by other carriers
packaged everything was fine and even with our by unloading everything remained intact quality
materials and cutting perfect and vuillard this is the company that you can safely
recommend initially we considered turquoise
color as an option for finishing facades but all the bright turquoise kitchen would have knocked out
from the overall design of the house therefore decided to leave turquoise only
the inside of the boxes the boxes themselves gathered very simply practically like
children’s designer and what a night using eccentric couplers mini
type of the sum in our kitchen be 5 retractable
drawers the top two drawers has a height of 20 centimeters and they will be placed
all items that are needed in quick accessibility boxes located below
has a height of 35 centimeters and in them easy to fit the whole bulky
kitchenware edging of countertops and skirting we
made from 100 oak wide boards millimeters who betrayed black
rough texture using firing corner made of oak
special inserts that can fasten the liebe loop after firing the oak
we brush and brush with yacht varnish with matte texture corner inserts also
create a gap for free opening facades that are to each other
under 90 degrees almost throughout the house we use
wide wooden baseboard from and they have a number of advantages calmly
withstands kicks and protects walls from a wet mop although in the kitchen it’s
more decorative solution since most of the walls
faced with porcelain tile the same porcelain tile
lined with a small part of aprons and framing slab
roller guides attached to embedded elements which is clipped to
rack frame countertops equalize horizontally was convenient with
using laser level the amount of wood finishes in our
house and so much so see imitation tree on the facades we did not want to
as the facade finish, we chose pvc film medieval anthracite she has
matte texture and simulates roughly processed gray stone which
the color scheme fits perfectly into our interior reference to this material i
I’ll leave it in the description of the facade using the laser level a fixed
them with four screws swirling through the front panel of the drawer
seat for hinges for facades I behind the drill shaft using a special
cutters so as not to drill the facade through and through I controlled the recesses
prizes on the top edge on the doors i used to drink from a grievous find plan
smoothness responding small shock absorber placed inside the loop
but since all the cabinet doors we have opens vertically and their
significant weight offset additional shock absorber then effect
smooth to grips from such a loop is not felt and here you could save
and use a regular loop without tension for the whole range of upper cabinets we
used the elevator loop as usual furniture loop asked wrong
this loop has enough clearance powerful spring that can handle
with the rise of the light facade in our case and these narrow facades turned out
heavy for this loop therefore and here we added an additional
shock absorbers microwave opening I decided
decorate the frame from mdf and for this one of the facades ordered with a thickness of 10
millimeters for marking mdf I pasted masking tape will also protect tape
facade surface from scratching the sole I cut out the roughing hole
using a jigsaw leaving a gap up to finishing line of 1 2 millimeters
I leveled these couple of millimeters with edge milling cutter
bearing that guided aluminum profile screwed to the back
facades to make the frame flush with I screwed the tiles into the base under it
four supporting screws that aligned the frame using a template rail
secured from the inside using hot glue
and the adjoining seams with the tile touched aquarium silicone sealant
it has excellent adhesion and tightly locks the frame doorway and other cashing we decorate with
using burnt wooden elements here we used ordinary pine
a board which is cut into size then these blanks served on the machine the lower part of our wall is made of
aerated concrete with it, we raised the whole
wooden frame of the house from moisture but so like frame walls are much narrower
block failure so that around the perimeter a protrusion formed on the ground floor
window sill level which we also decorate wooden elements
l-shaped section on this element we decided to make a holder for
kitchen towel in two oak blanks we drilled a hole for
tube then glued to the main board in the elements framing the opening in the future
dining room lighting will be made table or and electro decoupling I in advance
make a deepening yes and these elements we also process fire burning them on
depth 1 2 mm if you still do not understand our fad
about the burnt board from her we all doors are made most
interior elements and even in children’s bedrooms and almost the entire facade also
will execute from a burnt board without any additional processing from
reasonable explanation we just like burnt rough wood texture and and
natural almost black color under friends in nature human surrounds
enough dark colors including black therefore, for perception in the interior
this is a normal calm color all the more what the black elements in the design look
very stylish on most burnt elements
cracks and flaws add special charm
but on horizontal surfaces especially near the kitchen sink in nyx
dirt can accumulate so on such elements flawed I cover up with
using homemade putty which made from the same varnish add
him charcoal dust and a little Aerosil and this is a cadaveric text supplement
which remove fluidity but can dispense with it
mix the ingredients to a consistency paste and with a rubber spatula
fill and smooth out irregularities after varnishing color all details
even out and will look natural although in the same via ri the choice of furniture
the pens are just huge but we wanted make them yourself so they
fit well into the overall style a also our pens will cost almost
free which also saves the budget for cut the oak slats in the kitchen
by lenght calibrate with an electric planer to section 20
25 millimeters with an edge radius cutter
make a notch to catch with your fingers naturally burn clean the room from curve matte yacht varnish pens got a stylish cost
almost zero and comfortable in use to position the handle
we also made a simple template Well, the work in the kitchen is practically
finished and a total of 5 retractable boxes amounted to 450 liters and this is already
enough to accommodate almost the entire cooking utensils
although there is also convenient accessibility the top row of cabinets the volume of which
is already 900 liters Well, for the avid plushkin champion a little 2
the top row of lockers that goes along the perimeter of the ceiling and their total volume
is already one and a half thousand liters total storage space reached
4000 liters of this is enough for storing not only kitchen utensils but
a serious stock of provisions though in our the house also has a comfortable basement for his wife
managed to load the kitchen at a maximum of 30 percent of unfinished work
it remains only to finish the lighting we We plan to make the backlight working
dining table lighting worktops a also make some
original ceiling chandelier by the way if you have ideas on
share kitchen lighting in comments will be immensely grateful
the cost of our entire kitchen including furniture decoration and filling household
appliances amounted to 2600 dollars Naturally, household appliances
most of this amount food at the moment it turned out
the most expensive room in the house the cost of our entire house is 120
square meters at the moment is 23 thousand dollars friends
I made such a kitchen for the first time of course there were difficulties
but still all conceived decisions I implemented well and now I will answer the most
the main question is whether to bother with DIY kitchen
if you have free time and desire to save a little and most
the main thing is you like to make your hands then making it yourself
the kitchen this is yours she will save a little
money and in the list of achievements will raise yours his but there is your time too valuable
from the very thought of handmade you already headache it will be easier for you
fully calculate all components in same program viewer pro order
wizards for final assembly and installation household appliances and this solution will be released for
you are more rational the materials for this video we shot in
for a couple of years and hope our experience will be useful to you and you will support
наше развитие лайком репостов и длинным комментариям и не забудь оценить это
видео вот здесь с вами был гена канал мой galaxy жизнь своими руками посмотри
другие наши видео их полезность и оценишь

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  • Молодцы,так держать.по чаще выпускаите такие видео.жду не дождусь следующего видео!

  • Слушайте у вас же нет опыта по сборке мебели раннее?Делаете как на заводе!Чем зарабвтываете?Заказы какие?)

  • Умнички! Как всегда супер! Кухня просто загляденье, про функциональность вообще молчу. Почти полтора куба объема под рукой, вот так подарок хозяюшке, это сколько же всего туда можно положить))) Цена прям нормальная, учетом что там еще и техника включена это совсем не дорого, у нас в среднем просто кухня подобного плана примерно столько же стоит. Как всегда огромное спасибо за видео! Было крайне познавательно!

  • Не обращайте внимания, этот комментарий для массовки)))

  • Просто огонь, хотя бирюзовый цвет можно было и оставить. Я расплылась в конце, когда перечислялся объём ящиков…. таааааак много места АХАХАХХАХАХА

  • Обожаю смотреть ваши видео. Спасибо за то, что показываете всё достаточно подробно.
    Очень приятно смотреть на вашу семью!

  • А что за уровень (нивелир) у вас работает? Как он в плане точности?

  • Круто. Спасибо вам. Ваши видео очень сильно вдохновляют. Удачи, счастья и здоровья вам и вашим деткам. И каждый день приятных мелочей от которых радуется душа!

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